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Cech: I see how much they respect Rosicky

Petr Cech says he’s confident that Tomas Rosicky will be back on the pitch soon for Arsenal, and in spite of some rumblings to the contrary, believes his Czech international teammate will stay at the club.

Rosicky, who turned 35 last week, has been sidelined due to knee surgery, and had expressed disappointment at the lack of playing time towards the end of last season. However, the former Chelsea goalkeeper is confident the midfielder will remain at the club and they can team up domestically also and says he’s a crucial member of the squad.

“I believe he will stay in Arsenal,” he said ahead of this week’s international fixtures. “He is a very important part of the team due to his experience and what he can bring into the game.

“It was hard for me to judge his position in the past when I was in Chelsea. But now I can see how much his teammates respect him.

“He is one of the longest serving, he has his position in the squad. Everyone knows that whenever he plays, he will help the team. Tomas is continuing with his convalescence really well. He will be able to jump straight into the team relatively soon.”

Good news.

Cech also spoke about being left out of the Champions League line-ups for David Ospina, his start to the season, and much more.

You can read a full translation of the interview by Reddit user Lathaen, right here.

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Im ready for Rocky 35


Fairly impressed with Cechs linguistics there.. top use of the word ‘convalescence’ in his interview.

Goone's Farm

He is a clever man our Cech, but I think the interview he did was in Czech and later translated to English, as Blogs points out at the end. Still, Czech linguistics on point!

Mate Kiddleton

He’s still only 29 in football years.


Why say ‘former Chelsea keeper’ instead of ‘the Arsenal keeper’?


I like it. It shows his career progression, moving from relegation battlers to a big club.


He will be the same super Tom until he loses a yard.
Cliche I know but look at Falcao, Torres, Kaka.. blunted when they lost their zip. Tom hasn’t lost it.

Nasri's missing chinbone

Don’t think it’s a question of pace. Super Tom hasn’t lost his desire. That’s why he still makes a difference. All about his body language and effort level. Always has an impact in games.

Didn’t he also have a savage knee injury early on in his Arsenal career? You wouldn’t identify it if you lined him up next to the others in an identity parade. Neither would you select him as over-priced, over-rated and over-paid in that line up.

Total fucking hero.


I kaka never had zip….he was just bad ass

Little Mozart

I miss TR7. He almost always has a bit of magic to give in each game.


I never followed the Chelsea blogs because well why would i? but i wonder if Cech was this well spoken and on point with his nurturing of not just the people making the headlines but the ones that seem almost forgotten for a split second. The fact he’s come out talking bout Rosicky shows this guy knows how to keep a squad from tearing itself apart from little cracks. Thinking about it now look at Chelsea   no one to help hold it together


He seems like such a top bloke, always felt he was at the wrong club in Chelsea. He fits right in at our club, we have such a likeable bunch of players.


Always exempted Cech from the bile I felt for Chelsea in general for some reason. Never thought he’d be on our side one day, yet here we are.


Quite true. Even during the blues days I have always secretly admire Cech


rosicky scoring the winner in the final game of the season to clinch us the title……

Glory hunter

I’ll happily accept the 1st goal of a 4 goal rout


I doubt Cech used the world “convalescence” 😉

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Of course not. The word he used would have been “rekonvalescence”

Le Jim

Because God help Jose if he ever had to use a player from his academy.


To think that cu*t Mourinho had the nerve to refer to us as a “chequebook” team. They bought a 25milllion euro left-back in Baba Rahman a few days later and haven’t even bothered using him yet. Typical rich kids.

Valencia's Backpass

Using academy players is too risky. This is the Premier League! Much wiser to bring in keeper who has been warming the bench in Serie B.

Clock-End Mike

Far too risky. Mourinho knows better than to try giving his back-up players a chance.

Le Prof should never thave tried to bring Bellerin in at right back. And as for recalling Coquelin back from loan, that’s just panicking. A specialist in… er… what?


the thing about tommy7 is that when he is on the pitch, i know that there is at least one player i don’t have to worry about. his ethic, desire and professionalism are set at a higher standard than just about anyone playing the game today. we attract a lot of class guys. it just really, really, really sucks that the little mozart got hit with the arsenal curse of injuries. he also had a fair bit to do with cech coming to us. he and arteta will be coaching the young guns one day.

Rosicky's Kneecap

That superb goal against Sp*rs two seasons ago….



In other news it appears our goal machine is scoring even in wheel chairs. this duracell never runs out. i feel for the poor brazilian defence, david luiz not included


He is a kind of winter-season guy in recent years so I am no worry for him at all


Love Tomas!


Have you ever laid awake at night and thought “yeah,but is his heart still blue?” not in a betrayal sense but in sort of a “he’s got a chelsea crest in his wallet he looks at” sort of way


In a word, NO.


If you don’t like rosicky then you are struggling in life.


Tomas is an institution;epitome of ageing wine that becomes better with added
days,runner and runner of the show!

I still fondly remembered how he outran one of the Dortmund’s wingers(name forgoten) at Emirate. Can’t wait for his return!


Whenever Tomas comes on, usually from the bench, he brings an urgency into the team that no-one else seems to be able to do. As someone else said, with the amount of time he has been out of the game, he is still has 29 year old legs. Several games lately we could really have done with his verve and experience so lets look forward to him being back in the squad soon. In the past we have let some players go when Wenger had that stupid 1 year only contracts rule for over 30 year olds. He let Pires… Read more »


just a real shame he was so injury prone and I wish we saw more that WC long range shooting!


Cech must be reacquainting him self with strange concepts like “Respect” and “Dignity”


Rosicky really is lovely to watch. The man knows how to get the energy levels up

Merlin's Panini

I miss his pirouettes. He does it so often there should be a youtube compilation dedicated to them.


And his cheeky sneak attack slide tackles. He’s always been dependable and class.

Osmond Mtetwa

like AW said “who doesn’t like Rosicky, we all love him”


Fantastic runs with the ball vs sp*r

Prince Joe

Roscisky is my man of the round leather game of all season, he is a loyal and an obedient, ever ready to obey simple instruction from the boss in other to achieve greatness. He is an asset to his club and country, a legend indeed. l salute you.


Really liked Rosicky, since he’s been gone, every game you just knew he was going to do that no look pass.

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