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Dan Crowley return from Barnsley confirmed

Arsenal and Barnsley have confirmed that Dan Crowley has returned to London after his loan spell with the League One side was cut short.

Reports emerged earlier this week that the Tykes had been unimpressed with the 18 year old, despite the fact he’d made 13 appearances in all competitions, including 8 starts.

Speaking to the official Barnsley site, their head coach Lee Johnson spoke highly of the young midfielder, saying, “I think Dan’s had a fantastic time here. We’ve really enjoyed working with him. He’s the most talented 18-year-old I’ve ever seen.

“For me, I’m really appreciative to Arsenal. I have nothing but positive words for him as a lad and as a player.”

Which doesn’t sound like somebody unconvinced of his talent – but perhaps there might be an issue with his physical readiness for League One football. It doesn’t appear to be an issue with his ability.

For their part, an Arsenal statement said Crowley ” …returns to the club having benefitted significantly from the experience of competitive league action.”

It’ll be interesting to see if he’s going to play any part in the first team on the back of that.

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Interesting that the loan has been cut short. we might see him popping up on the right, though plays central more naturally!


Living in Shrewsbury I heard rave reviews from locals about Crowley when they played Barnsley away. Apparently he was running the show and an absolute cut above, Johnson took him off and then Shrewsbury came from behind to win and the fans voted him Man of the Match despite only playing an hour or so. Think there may have been some questions over his endurance, but Johnson said he took him off because he wasn’t offering enough defensively. Do wonder how much this is a mutually agreed decision, does seem odd that they’d let him go even if he isn’t… Read more »

Anonymous Physicist

My best guess is that he has a personal reason for wanting to come back to London. Something like a sick family member. I doubt it’s just to sit on our bench for the next three games, although he is probably a better option than those who played last Tuesday.

Phil Collins' first touch

His family live in Coventry, I’m pretty sure.


Correct. One of the few great talents to emerge from this great city.

Of course there’s Clive Owen and Panjabi MC too but I don’t think they’d get into Arsenal’s first team.

Crowley's Dad

Musician Ghostpoet lived in Coventry for quite some time, he’s recently been nominated for another Mercury. Shame he supports Liverpool.


Good to hear of talent coming out of Coventry.

Better than being sent to Coventry.


Neville Staples is a Covntry great. Superb footwork and you’d certainly hear him shout on the pitch. I don’t know, with some of these kids it’s just Too Much Too Young.
Where’s my coat?

Anonymous Physicist

Fair enough. But then the question remains: why did he come back? It doesn’t seem to be to play on the right, as he had already been recalled when Wenger said we have Campbell and Iwobi to play there, and the club was pretty clear about why they recalled Coquelin last year. It also doesn’t sound as if Barnsley didn’t want him. So what is it then?


it’s to cover central positions. if mesut or santi go down, we have no one.
on the wings we have iwobi.


I think it might be down to his attitude. Young players usually think they’re the shit when they come from a big club obviously he started brightly but I think things got Harder and maybe instead of buckling down and working hard he started sulking and maybe showing an attitude but something happened we’re not being told the full story bIt whatever it is he needs to work harder and prove himself

Stewart Robson's therapist

Idle speculation with no foundation in fact whatsoever. Or, to put it in earthier terms, slagging off our youngsters for no actual reason.


Here, looks like you need a few of these.

,,,,, …..


There’s also the possibility that he’s gone completely footballer, and has cocked something totally up off pitch.
I mean: Being a footballer is not good for neither your physical health, nor your head (Nicklas Bendtner, I’m looking at you!!).
Still. This is all speculation. Hope he progresses well…

Stewart Robson's therapist

We lost in midweek, so the press decide to try and manipulate disappointed Arsenal fans by putting a negative spin on every subsequent story relating to the club. There has been no indication whatsoever that Crowley was a failure at Barnsley, in fact if you read what the Barnsley fans were saying on Twitter they were pretty gutted to see him go. Moreover, the media suggestions (led by that vindictive, nasty little berk Neil Ashton of course) that our academy is therefore not fit for purpose are utterly absurd, the recent emergence of Hector Bellerin and Francis Coquelin as first… Read more »


One of the best comments I’ve seen on here. Well done sir!


First the secret son of Pele the Jeff Returns now Messi half brother pops up. Feeling much more positive about our chances.


What Stewart says. This reminds me of some years back I read a gloating, bias article (may have been Ashton) about how a league 2 player had rejected us in favour of Wigan because ‘they had more ambition’. This came at the time we were being criticised heavily for not signing big name players (pre-Ozil), even though were playing CL year in, year out. Worked out well for them all eh?;) Utter garbage written by a thick, vindictive, worthless little cunt.


Wasn’t the Coq recalled around the same time last year? Not being over-speculative or getting too far ahead of myself or anything, but doesn’t this mean that Crowly is GOING TO BE THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD?!?!?!?!


Aaand that is not how you spell his name


I got too excited sorry

Walter Raleigh

I think people are overthinking this. It seems pretty clear to me we recalled him. The manager wouldn’t have said he was gutted to lose him if Barnsley were the ones who cut his loan short. My guess is the recent spate of injuries have caused it. I look to see him at Arsenal til the new year, at which point he may get a loan to a club in the championship. That’s just my speculation, but it’s better than saying he got recalled for personal/disciplinary reasons.


Exciting prospect. Could be the next Wilshere in development.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

If we get somebody in in January (if we still have a need) and decide to loan him out again I’d like to see him offered to Barnsley again (and we will then see if they really liked him or not), What wonders can Wenger perform on him now he is back with his newly-won Barnsley experience?


Isn’t a bit strange that all the loans are cut short due to “unimpressive-ness”. Odd.. with all the injuries and that and after some youngsters not playing as they should in a League Cup game.

Or aliens!

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