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Wenger: No recall for Gnabry

Despite Arsenal’s injury problems, with 6 players who can play on the right side of midfield out of action, Arsene Wenger has no plans to recall Serge Gnabry.

The 20 year was loaned to West Brom for the season, and that’s where Arsene Wenger wants him to stay. He’s challenged the German to prove Tony Pulis wrong after the Baggies manager criticised him earlier this week.

“Serge has come here to play games but he just hasn’t been for me, at the moment, at that level to play the games,” said Pulis.

“He’s come from academy football and not played much league football. Does academy football really prepare players for league football? And we’re talking about Premier League football here.

“As a manager you pick a team that’s going to win a game of football. You pick your best team, you don’t leave people out because you don’t like them, because of this, that and the other.”

Asked about the possibility of bringing him back, the Arsenal manager, said “Serge Gnabry is on loan for a season and we cannot get him back, before the transfer period anyway.

“Loans between Premier League clubs are season-long loans. I have heard that Tony Pulis is not happy with him.

“He [Gnabry] has to change his opinion because I think Serge has the quality to play in the Premier League and it’s good that he faces this type of challenge, to change Tony Pulis round, and I hope he is putting the effort in.”

Returning to Arsenal to fill-in might be even considered an easy option, because when those ahead of him in the pecking order return, he won’t be playing for us either.

It’s a challenge, let’s see if he’s up for it.

Listen to this week’s Arsecast discussing the injury problems and a threat to the world itself.

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Really hope that adversity will bring the best out of him and he will come back to us mentally stronger

Rip Van's Winkel

Does that mean he’s got amnesia?


sorry, what was the question?

Muthu Palaniappan

with 6 players who can okay on the right side of midfield out of action

can play*

autocorrect eh ?


I guess it’s the league rules that has tied the hands of either club to do anything with Gnabry’s situation.

By the time we get to the Jan transfer widow our right side may not be a concern any longer!

Hope both Campbell and Gnabry step-up, to force a change in the pecking order!


The league rules say that a year-long loan between two Premiership clubs can be broken, so long as there was no loan fee involved, but only if West Brom agree. What worries me is that Pulis won’t agree. I have a horrible suspicion that he has already refused to release Gnabry, not because he has any intention of using him but for precisely the opposite reason – he’s enjoying not using him and being in a position to spite and thwart Wenger and Arsenal. We sent Gnabry there to get experience, so why would Wenger be saying he’s got to… Read more »


I think you’re looking too much into this. Irrespective of Pulis’ feelings on Wenger, at the very least no manager would ever not play a player who could contribute positively to his team just to get one over on someone else. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that Serge has simply regressed since his almost-breakthrough season with us- he’s young, it happens. I agree with Wenger, will show what he’s made of as- if we’re honest- he should really be able to displace one of that West Brom team.


If Pulis thinks he’s too poor even to sit on the bench, why doesn’t he release him? If he had nothing but West Brom’s and Arsenal’s best interests at heart, he’d allow Gnabry to leave and spend the second half of the season at a lower-league club more suited to his level, thus saving West Brom from the burden of his wages. You imply that Pulis is acting rationally here but manager who was thinking rationally would leap at the opportunity to terminate a loan deal that had proved disappointing; a decent one with a modicum of concern for the… Read more »


I donno, I genuinely hate Pulis. I hate him so very much, and I know a lot of the Arsenal fans feel the same, if not all of us. I am pretty sure Arsene doesn’t like him either. Nor do I suspect Pulis particularly likes Arsene, or the Arsenal fans. I could easily see Pulis not liking a player just because he came from Arsenal and is said to be a promising talent by Arsene. So the question is; is Pulis stupid enough to totally write off a player who potentially could be a quality acquisition for his squad and… Read more »

Woolwich Peripatetic

I think you’ll find that in general, managers get along better than people think. The loan system is a pretty good guide to who is on speaking terms with whom.

Jimbo Jones

I think you may be a little off-point. Pulis could no doubt use someone of Gnabry’s talent performing. If Pulis isn’t playing him it’s because his form is not currently at the required level for whatever reason – not getting a run, lack of commitment or fitness? He’s not exactly looking in peak condition. Wenger is spot on, he needs to prove Pulis wrong and show what he can do – we certainly saw glimpses of it prior to his injury – reality is if he can’t force himself into the WBA team he is going to struggle with us.… Read more »


Aye. I think this is just Pulis’ talk to kick Gnabry in the arse and get a bit of a fire into him. Gnabry has surely got the technicals to do it, but we all know Pulis likes workhorses. It’s not likely he’s going to allow disappearing for a bit of a match at all. So I don’t see it as Pulis writing him off- he’s giving him a call to arms challenge. And Wenger is backing him up on it. He may be ridiculous, but I can’t believe he’d be daft enough to kill his chances of future talent… Read more »

La Défense

Totally agree. The statements seem like a pre-arranged tactic from both managers to motivate Gnabry. Such a tactic wouldn’t be used if both Pulis and Wenger think Gnabry’s too sensitive.


Blimey, you think Wenger and Pulis are having regular chats on the phone about Gnabry’s state of mind and the best way to further his development? (Yeah, really likely seeing as they’re on such matey terms.) You think Pulis is a sensitive, caring sort of bloke who’s been closely observing Gnabry and reflecting long and hard on what would be the best approach to nurture his talent? (Can’t say sensitivity is a word that springs readily to mind in the context of Pulis; nor is caring; nor is youth development, it not being a field in which he’s excelled at… Read more »


Seems logical as our right hand side crisis is only for 3 weeks or so until Chamberlain comes back. But considering that Pulis won’t play him as much as he needs to play, he should be recalled to be sent to another club in Winter window.
But that’s not really going to happen.


Wenger don’t be that rude!
Save gnabry from that cap-wearing prick,pulis or foolish whatever.


Pulis’s comments about Gnabry were almost identical to what was said by Wenger after the Wednesday game. Is that considered damaging to his confidence? Doubt it.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Gnabry has played a number of 1st team games for Arsenal and I don’t remember him making a fool of himself. I suspect Pubis is basing a lot of this on his theory that a young player can’t do what men do on the pitch. Being a Proper Football Man as F365 would describe him I am sure he is a believer in the old “You’ll never win anything with kids” axiom. I wonder if he’s even seen Gnabry at training.

Pubis is a fuckwit hiding in a fuckwit’s body.


A fuckwit indeed and a thoroughly nasty piece of work. Of course he’s entitled to think Gnabry is rubbish or unsuited to the Pulis brand of football – in which case why take him in the first place and why not let him come home? Perhaps Barnsley’s manager found Crowley useless and unsuitable to league 1 but, in contrast to Pulis, he has released him with some gracious and encouraging words: ‘we’ve really enjoyed working with him. He’s probably one of the best, or the best, or most talented 18-year-olds I’ve ever seen. For me, it was fantastic to work… Read more »


In hindsight it seems strange that we loaned a player to a Pulis club, considering the difference in styles. Has Arsene had loan deals with him before?


Every young Arsenal player should be forced to spend at least 6 months playing under Tony Pulis. It will give them humility and make them realise how lucky they are to be at the Arsenal.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Except they wouldn’t actually get to play, would they?


I can just hear Pubis’ first words when an Arsenal loanee arrives for his first day’s traning – “All right, lad, forget everything you’ve been taught so far.”


I hope Campbell takes his chance otherwise I fear he might end up like Carlos vela. Hopefully not cause he has quality. I feel a good performance maybe an assist or even a goal will do his confidence a lot of good. Also I think it’ll wake Chamberlain up because somehow I feel he’s gotten too comfortable and that’s why he’s sulking. But with Campbell maybe putting a good performance will make him realize if he doesn’t wake up and work harder he might find himself further down the pecking order. Anyway hope Campbell has a good game and arsenal… Read more »


I think Vela is doing alright for himself in Spain though. Some just don’t suit England (Reyes, Falcao, Santos?)

John C

Carlos Vela was a party animal and was getting pissed most nights of the week, it was never a lack of talent and i dare say Gnabry is similarly unprofessional otherwise he wouldn’t have been sent out on loan.

Paul my Dickov

Shaaaaad you were the chosen one! It was said you would heal our injuries!


He does heal them. It’s preventing them in the first place that’s the tough part.


What the hell is Wenger doing loaning players to a manager like Pulis? Pulis’s idea of a good player is completely different to a manager like Wenger.
Before his knee injury, Gnabry put in some mature performances for Arsenal particularly against Swansea and Spurs. Gnabry should not be anywhere near a manager like Pulis.


can not believe im actually saying this but i do agree with the lord of the Orcs. As seen by some of the youngsters performance in the league cup, the intensity of pro men footy can not be matched in academies. How many youngsters have done really well in the youth teams but have sunk to the lower lgs or out of the game all together when they come in to 1st team footy. I think a young player already playing 1st team footy has way more fight and experience than a academy player of the same age. Amazing that… Read more »

One Gus

The trouble with that argument is that Gnabry has already played first team football for us and performed very well. But I don’t believe the conspiracy theories either. My best guess? Pulis is simply an arse.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

You’re comparing u-21s to u19s or younger. That’s where you’re going wrong. It’s the players on loan who are the next crop to hopefully break into the team. Somehow we seem to have sent almost all of them out on loan at the same time. Gnabry has played well in more quality 1st team games for Arsenal than Pubis has managed in with any of his teams in his entire career.


Since returning from injury, he has not been able to exhibit quite the same amount of hunger nor the same out put as before.

Could be just an issue of time but he has to first show he has the mettle and gumption to push into the WBA squad.

Campbell could be ahead of him at this point. there are others pushing at the door in Akpom (particularly) and Jeff so Gnabry has got to step up.

Zorro in the Box

There’s a lot of bile about Tony Pulis here, and understandably given Stoke and Ramsey history and subsequent comments. But I think Wenger’s being quite gracious and he has a point – we don’t want a player who can’t prove that he can compete, no matter the manager. While Pulis may not have the style we like he’s a good football manager – talent is talent wherever it is. Jack Wilshere, Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez etc – they would all have been appreciated regardless of the style. Big Sam and Pulis wouldn’t turn their nose up at someone who isn’t… Read more »


We need to apply Occam’s razor here. There are two options:
1) Gnabry has suddenly become crap.
2) Tony Pulis is an ignorant, goblin-faced twat.

Not a hard call really….


Hopefully Serge can pull it together, get some games in, and on the last day of his loan, two foot slide Pubis right in the face, causing a guy-in-the-bathroom-in-Poltergeist kind of shit…..

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