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Arteta on Ozil, Alexis and his future

Mikel Arteta says that Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez provide Arsenal with the creative spark they need to win games, and that while he sees his management in his future, he still wants to make a contribution to this Arsenal side.

The Arsenal captain has had a difficult season so far, obviously behind Francis Coquelin in the pecking order, and suffering from a recent injury which has kept him out of some games he might have taken part in.

Speaking to Match of the Day magazine, the Spaniard said of the Gunners two most expensive signings, “They are probably the most creative players in the team along with Santi Cazorla. They are the guys who can make the difference for us at any moment.

“Even if we’re not playing well, you know that they can always provide a spark and win a game for us. We need players right at the top level playing with consistency and these two give us that.

“We need to find the right balance in the team to give these players freedom on the pitch to affect the result.”

Arteta has been working behind the scenes to prepare himself for the next stage in his career, coaching Arsenal and Wales U16s to gain his qualifications, but he says he’s not ready yet to hang up his boots.

“I’m currently doing my coaching badges and I’m really enjoying it,” he said, “but I’m totally focused on my football career and this is still my priority. However, this doesn’t mean that I can’t prepare for what’s coming over the next few years and my life after playing.

“It’s great that I’ve had the chance to play under some great managers. Hopefully I can take things that I like, and things that I don’t like, and use that knowledge.

“Who knows what will happen in the future?”

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Gooner Russ

He’s a good guy


I have always liked Arteta, he gets a lot of unwarranted stick from the fans at times. When we signed him from Everton we desperately needed him, and the fans wanted him to sign too. He’s been fairly solid for us over the years – and partial sacrificed his own playing style for the good of the team, and I think that’s not something to be sniffed at. He still is a great player with the ball at his feet, but the problem is at times he just doesn’t have the legs any more for the pace of the Premier… Read more »


I imagine him, as a coach, running his hand through his hair which, of course, remains unruffled. Cool, Calm and Artetard*.

Mein Bergkampf

He’s already starting his coaching badges? He’s only 33. Could have another 3-4 seasons at proffesional level. He hasn’t even been linked with moves to USA or Qatar yet! Perhaps he knows something about that injury we don’t.


he hasnt played 90 mins for nearly a whole year. still a great influence when he can and i hope he stays in some capacity next season.


As much as I like and adore him and his influence (or perhaps it is more accurate to say we, Arsenal fans) he is not a really big name in marketing perspective. For the most part of his career, he was the leading player of a medicore team but after he signed for us, he was transformed into Mr. Reliable for the anchor role in which he did perfectly well and his qualities are obvious for those who follow him and the team closely. However, outside our supporters even people who are supposed to be more knowledgeable about football tend… Read more »


He’s been getting recurring injuries for the last 2+ seasons to the same area, which was keeping him out more and more frequently for longer and longer. Finally last winter, he had surgery in an attempt to resolve it, and wasn’t confident until this summer (when he finally signed an extension) that he would be fit enough to continue playing. And then of course, as it’s happened, he got injured again this season. In short, his playing career may be clattering to an early end. The squad and manager had been urging him for years to consider management in the… Read more »

Dale Cooper

Are you his biographer?


He is still a good player and a great influence for the team imo….whatever will be…cheers Mik!


Good player, always 100% committed and 100% professional.

I’d like to see him stay with the club beyond his playing career, seems to, in my opinion, have brought a calmness with him since he signed for us.

Kenyan Gooner

Mikel Arteta: Captain and future manager of Arsenal Football Club. #OneMikelArteta.


Hair hair!


Mouthpiece captain…..should have bought a DM that would actually, you know, compete for a first team place…


Class comments from a class act.

I know he’ll probably step right into coaching and managing when he hangs up his boots at Arsenal, but if on the off chance he does want to extend his playing career for a couple of seasons in MLS, I’d absolutely love it if he played for the Whitecaps.


I’ll miss you Mikel. You joined us when we were going through hard times, and were a major part in turning us around. Best of luck for the future.

Santi's Smile

Will always appreciate Arteta’s impact. Came in when Arsenal were in a relative low and helped guide them through a difficult stretch. Only wish he had become a Gunner sooner.

Pires Charming

Cheers on the name mate!


All i want is for this man to retire with a premier league winners’ medal (with Arsenal ofcourse)…i’m no softie, honest, but i would sob uncontrollably if it happened…..

Damn it, i’m emotional already…….

Gooners' Goon

Just as there’s a good ring to Arsene,Arsenal Manager; so also is Arteta, Arsenal Manager. You see, everything about this club of ours is pure class.


I know this isn’t the right place but I just wanted to ask: why wasn’t there an Arseblog tribute for the victims of terrorism in Nigeria, Beirut, Iraq and Syria? Just saying.


If a piece was written every time an act of atrocity was committed there would be no room to write about football.

An attack against France is different because of their proximity to us and their similar culture and way of life. It doesn’t mean that there’s no sympathy with other countries.


Football is a global game though. Something cultures everywhere share. I’m not accusing Arseblog of not caring. This is a blog about Arsenal at the end of the day. I completely disagree with your justification. But we’ll leave it at that.


I’m not justifying anything. I didn’t write the article. Just offering a possible (and pretty bloody obvious) explanation to your question.


Paris is 2 hours away on the train.. a lot closer to our doorstep than the places you mention. We have a lot more history with France than Nigeria, Lebanon, Iraq and Syria. That is why the news in Europe are reporting more on European news. I wonder if Iraq or Lebanese newspapers are having 6 page spreads about Paris.. I doubt it. Am I bothered, no? Not to mention this is the bloodiest event to happen in France since World War 2 so kind of a big deal..

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