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Ozil hails mature Gunners | Alexis angry

Mesut Ozil says Arsenal’s growing collective maturity is helping him take games by the scruff of the net more regularly.

The German midfielder has been in fine fettle in recent weeks assisting goals in six consecutive games to take his season’s tally to ten. His form has had supporters purring and previously critical pundits changing their tune with the likes of Thierry Henry admitting, “he’s finally delivering.”

Identifying a willingness to learn from past defeats and increased squad depth Ozil underlined why he feels the Gunners have shown a marked improvement and how it’s helping him personally.

“I think as a team you can see that we’ve become more mature,” he told Arsenal Player. “We’ve learnt from our mistakes and you can see on the pitch that we’re more steady.

“We’ve had some setbacks this season but we’ve learnt from them and it shows on the pitch that my teammates are looking for me even more and I’m able to control the game better.

“You can see that we function well as a team. It doesn’t matter who plays from the start, we’re always there. You need a big squad if you are to be successful and that’s why things are working well.

“When you look at the past seasons, we’ve always been a technically-strong team but when we played against big teams, we dropped points. In the second half of last season and in this year so far, we’ve proved ourselves against the biggest teams.

“You learn from your mistakes and we can measure ourselves with the best. That distinguishes us as a team.”

Elsewhere, Alexis Sanchez appears to have come through Chile’s latest World Cup qualifier against Uruguay unscathed, however, the 3-0 defeat in Montevideo has left a sour taste in the striker’s mouth.

Taking to Instagram Sanchez was scathing about Uruguay’s lack of grace in victory stating: “You need to know how to win and how to lose and I speak when I win and when I lose.

“But what annoys me about past and present and other Uruguayan players … is that they speak without acknowledging that they’ve lost.

“Today we lost and I congratulate them … it’s goodbye from the champions of the Americas.”

Save that anger for Tony Pulis Alexis…

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What did Suarez do now?

sanogo's missed kick

Haha, my first thought as well.


Probably bit the Chile mascot or one of Alexis’ dogs.


The man who doesn’t like to lose. His name – ALEXIS!


Cohesion starting to shine.

And no news that Alexis is crocked. Though would prefer him from the bench, especially if Ramsey, Bellerin and the Ox are back, he must be knackered.


Just the travel would for most people!

David C

rest him for Champion’s league midweek. I say let him start the game, score 3 goals, but maybe take him off after 60 mins so the Ox can get a run out.


“Today we lost and I congratulate them … it’s goodbye from the champions of the Americas.”
hahhhaah get rekt Uruguayens


I watched the Chile – Uruguay game and it was a brawl from start to finish. Both sides played dirty, specially the Uruguayans who have a history of being thugish cunts. But Chile were well beaten and I’m mostly thankful that Alexis wasn’t injured by that wanker Godin.


Am I the only one who feels that Godin has a very punchable face

Parisian Weetabix

whaaaa Godin looks like a wealthy stable owner from the early 20th century.


“Thierry Henry admitting, “he’s finally delivering.””

I LOVE the “finally”….. as if the two first years were s***… as if a historical record is broken in 5 games… I wish Monsieur “use your hand” Henry may be as demanding for other players of other clubs. I doubt he is.


Surely you meant

Monsieur “runs the length of the pitch with the ball to score against Spurs, then runs back to celebrate like a boss in front of their fans” Henry.


Monsieur ‘Absolutely awesome best player to grace the premier league, record goal scorer, sp*rs destroyer’ Henry, I think that’s what you meant to say


Or is that Monsieur “Sky have told me I have to fall in line with the rest of their talentless selection of halfwit pundits and who pays the piper calls the tune”.
Just because years ago he was a great player doesn’t mean he’s not a venal prick.


It did annoy me when he chimed in with the rest of the cundits to have a pop at Giroud. He shouldn’t do that.


“Today we lost and I congratulate them … it’s goodbye from the champions of the Americas.”

Alexis is a confirmed savage.

Rip Van's Winkel

Özil Özil Özil Özil Özil. I feel very mature, because I found out how to type
a capital O with an umlaut.

Parisian Weetabix

Mate we all know you copied and pasted.

Rip Van's Winkel

Mate, if önly I was as clever as yöu; but it’s a simple keyböard pröcedure.


Cunts played him for 90 mins too. : (

Ronnie Pickering

Uruguay are right dirty bastards aren’t they . Always have been . The team not the people obviously

Le Jim

I want to have a threeway – hug – with both of them.

On another note, how did treating sexi lexi ‘with caution’ lead to two 90 minutes in a row??


They absolutely forbade him from running a 2.5 hour marathon immediately after the game ended.


I hail you, mesut. Been one of my favourite players ever since he ripped my country apart (Australia vs Germany 2010). You guys have no idea how happy it makes me to see him in an arsenal jersey

David C

Unrelated, but should we give our French players a rest this weekend? Kos was really poor against England, but that picture that blogs posted sure explains why.



Finsbury Park Gooner

lol ‘scruff of the net’

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