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Bellerin misses Bayern trip with injury

Arsenal injury problems continue to grow with news that Hector Bellerin will miss tomorrow’s game with Bayern Munich having picked up a groin injury.

The Spaniard put in an eye-catching shift against Swansea City at the weekend but appears to have paid the price.

In his pre-game press conference on Tuesday evening Arsene Wenger played down the seriousness of the injury stating it is a ‘small problem’.

Mathieu Debuchy, who last featured against Sheffield Wednesday in the Capital One Cup, will deputise in the Allianz Arena as the Gunners look to avoid a defeat that could do serious damage to their Champions League hopes.

In other (very exciting) news, Jeff ‘#TheJeff’ Reine-Adelaide is in the squad tomorrow night.

The 17-year-old midfielder has been away with France at the under-17 World Cup in Chile in recent weeks but has been called upon in the absence of Theo Walcott, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere, Danny Welbeck and Tomas Rosicky.

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*cough cough* Ahem,



I hope Gabriel plays, he will be a better support to Debuchy than Per, we need some pace on that side of the pitch.

@chambers Fan

play calum chambers with gabriel…


I was feeling good about our defence before this news, a decent 1-0 win. But all hope is lost with me if Debuchy and Mert are BOTH on the right. We are truly fucked. Guardiola must be over the moon and probably calling up Costa and Lewandowski right now, telling them to just attack that side for 90 mins.

Bould's Eyeliner

Can’t say much about Debuchy given his recent appearances, but I don’t think anyone underrates Per nearly as much as the press and fans do. Pace is a tool, so is positioning, experience, technique etc. I’d much rather Per was commanding our box as he always does, despite any lack of pace. He knows Bayern inside and out, given his international experience as well.


You can assess him on the basis of his performances he has had till now.
It wouldn’t be a positive one, probably.
Anyway I wrote it here, it’s up to Wenger to rotate as much as possible (why was he waiting with changes vs. Swansea when 2-0 & 3-0 up?), every 20 mins here & there is massive to players.
Especially with ours limited resources. We’re getting now those muscle injuries because of overplaying I think. Who’s next? Nacho?

Phil Collins' first touch

Not to mention Per’s main weakness is when we’re dominating the ball and playing a high line… I do not foresee that happening tomorrow somehow

Jack Wilshere's fibula

Your right. Too many FIFA players who think speed is the be all and end all, even for a defender. Vision, positioning, and reading of the game far more important. As a centre half you always have the advantage. If you read the game well, it doesn’t matter if you run like a turtle


Either Debuchy steps up and shows his quality of old or dump Gibbs or Gabriel out to the right…maybe even Super Flame!

I think Debuchy will show good for the first time this season…he has to, no?


Well then, Monsieur Debuchy has his chance.

No bigger occasion then a Champions League match away against arguably the best team in the world – where we cannot afford to lose.

The gauntlet hath been throwneth downeth. So, what say you Debuchy? doth thou haveth the testicels?


Let us hope that Dubuchy has a good game and our fellows in midfield and attack smasheth their foe. COYGunnereths! 🙂


One of Arsenal’s strength Bayern would be worried about is pace and we seem to have lost the top three speedsters – Bellarin, Walcott and Ramsey!


Alex oxlade-ramsey you mean?


My bad!


Do you honestly consider Ramsey a speedster?

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Come on ! Debuchy has been frecnh international for years and even pushed Sagna to the bench. Let’s hope that he does not show low form in Munich but those who are denying his quality are showing the low form of their brains.


debuchy’s loss of form is due to his loss of pace. he is slow now where he used to have a decent pace


One whole side decimated: Walcott, Chamberlain, Ramsey, and now Bellerin. So it will be Debuchy and Campbell against Costa and Robben….
we’re fucked


That’s one way of looking at it….I’m going down the more positive path…:-)


Positive twist ?? As in Bayern will make love to our right flanc on wednesday?

As long as we power through it and don’t let them penetrate us .



Santi's Smile

All credit to Hector for making himself such a vital player offensively and defensively. Wonder if this small injury will delay his inevitable call up to Spain’s senior squad. If he is back for the NLD and can enjoy the Interlull with feet up in London, missing this match may not be the worst thing for him or for the squad with practically 3/4 of the season still to go.


Okay turn the private plane back.

Me So Hornsey

Costa versus Debuchy

And there was me thinking slasher movie weekend was over.


Good. Too much first teamer is also bad thing when facing Pepsi Cola team.




Huh? is that code? Are you red squirrel?

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

That Arsene used too many first team players in that Capitol One cup against Sheffield Wednesday. We got eliminated and lost important players. It was a lose-lose outcome.


This comment made me laugh more & more the more I read it, thanks


I think its the “Jack Wilshere was overplayed at a young age” thing. I think he’s just rested.


this hit me much more than it should… but he is a big miss and I have no faith in Debuchy right now.

Let’s hope he’ll be back for the NLD


I am actually very very happy that hector is out. It seems to me that all of this is planned by the backroom staff. Theo and Ox not turning up at internationals is the best news for the season ahead. Hector not being overplayed as well. Like wenger said this is “a challenge for me and the players who come in, if all goes well we might end up with a big squad”. Oh this is the Arsene wenger i have been waiting for. He is literally doing everything he can to win the PL. He is protecting our pacey… Read more »

occam's hatchet

Good luck, Mathieu Debuchy. Make us remember why we signed you.

bims lay


From what we’ve seen of Debuchy so far this season, i don’t think anyone would honestly not harbour some apprehension?…..especially against Bayern of all teams?….a Bayern team at home and up for revenge?…..well its time for Debuchy to step up and show us why he deserves to play for arsenal. No excuse!

Burn Baby Burn

He’s not been great, but instead of slagging him off, give him some quality support and maybe he’ll surprise us.

A kick in the Debuchy

I agree. No need to kick him while Hector’s down.


So, we wait for Hector to get up, and the kick Debuchy,….:)


Is this all you can conjure – BOOOM Bellerin injured

Oh f***.

Welbeck's flat-top fade

is that a subtle Lord of the Rings reference?

Bould's Eyeliner

Don’t think it’s very subtle. We’re going to be in Helm’s DEEEEEEEEEP tomorrow.

Naija Gunner

No! I think it’s the Lord Of The Rings Torturous Bad Omen.
Now am really sad and scared of our squad’s depth.


Yea that pretty much makes our right side useless in attack. Campbell and Debauchery are not great going forward and have no chemistry built.

Maybe we will be pleasantly surprised though


To be fair, though, everyone including me thought Campbell would be a disaster last week and it turned out pretty well. Maybe Debuchy will do the same.

Maybe that straw will support my body weight for another match.


Given a run of games Debouchy is a quality RB so I think we should relax. The next game is spuds, then an international break. No big deal.

Come on the Gunners!


Spuds is a big game. Bigger than the Bayern game in my opinion.


we won @ the lane once already this season with debuchy in the team


Those who thumbed the above post seriously need help to comprehend football in general and the state of the quad in particular. He told the truth! JEEZ


I’m starting to think there’s a curse on the right.

gooner balls

What’s making you suspicious Michael?

Phil Collins' first touch

But… But….

Ozil's eyes

Is there any justice in the world


Chelsea are at 15 and Mourinho is under fire from all directions. There is justice in the world.

Arse Sutra

Time for debuchy to step up …
These are the glorious nights he signed up for!!!!!
And it would be better if he had a kick-ass haircut
like the one he had at Newcastle …


Dammit, you’ve done it Arseblog! I’ve never seen The Jeff play but I have never been more excited about a new player. I’m expecting him to be Viera, Bergkamp, Henry AND Messi rolled into one. Anything less will be disappointing…

John C

Prepare to be disappointed

Jack Danny

No bloody way ! Debuwhat ? Shiiiiiiiiiiittttt !!!!!


How dare you give yourself a Thumps Up, how dare you Danny?

The 49ners

what’s with us and the injury gods?? How do we appease them!!

Woolwich Peripatetic

Do whatever Mourinho is doing? Surely that bloke is trying to get all his under-performing players injured so that playing the kids is a win-win for him – but sadly the form gods are shitting on his parade.


Through propitiation!


Such a big blow.
Hope Debuchy can show his real class,otherwise we are literally fucked.

Gudang Pelor



Ribery will find you at night and violate your innocence.


Ok Debuchy, you wanted your chance, you now have your chance. Ball is in your court mate….make history.


I don’t know what that has to do with anything in this thread, but dogs are great so it’s a big thumbs up from me.


To be honest I think we should rest nacho as well. N.L.D is more important on Sunday. I still think we can sneak a result anyway…
Hopefully they don’t pass “Debuchy on the right hand” side too often…


Hell yeeah


Our Hector is broke…….launch the Jeff!!!!!!


Douglas Costa is a very dangerous player.
We need Debuchy to have the game of his life.
A lucky “1 nil To The Arsenal” will do nicely.
Come On You Gooners


It’s funny how things change. Debuchy the guy who kept Sagna out the French national team now should be so lucky to deputise our u21 right back

Martin The Merciless

I’d imagine this will be Debuchys chance to do one of 2 things: 1. Show he is capable of providing competition to Hector. 2. Put in a performance on the big stage that will alert another champions league club to his position at Arsenal and seal him a decent move in January. If this is what’s going through his head then I think we can expect an energetic and enthusiastic approach, both elements of his game that were severely lacking v Wednesday. Personally I was always a big fan and it’s obviously not his fault that we discovered a world… Read more »

David Hillier's luggage

How much is Debuchy in the window?
The one one with the waggly tail

Neil #2

Debuchy to step up and take his chance just like Joel Campbell did, with a MOM performance. My prediction.

Al Gilmore

Big blow but hopefully ‘small problem’ means a game or two out not a Welbeck or Wilshere job. Debuchy played well before his shoulder injury that allowed Bellerin to get his chance. At the time people went nuts that we ‘only had Bellerin as cover’ and there were multiple posts about the folly of letting Jenks go out on loan’. Now -perhaps even those self – same people are wringing their hands because we ‘only’ have Debuchy as cover for Bellerin. How fickle we are true. Debuchy looked very rusty indeed in his previous couple of appearances – slow on… Read more »


The right side of our team may well be cursed……… GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN JOEL!


OH NO! Why Bellerin? Why anyone now? Okay. I still believe! #COYG

Nwanga ifesinachi

hmm this is strange to me, he finished the game against Swansea city well and health despite throwing himself to the post to clean that offside goal.
anyway I trust prof Wenger to choose the perfect people to give us the points tomorrow. am talking about between per and paulista

New guy

That was an unbelievable block. I’m glad it is a “small groin problem” rather than “cracked ribs” for example.


I like the way we are reacting to having to pick France’s right back like Gus Caesar is back on the scene

Assistant özil

Damn you blogs. You predicted this on the arsecast before Halloween.
Something along the lines of “the evil that’s Mathiew Debouchy at right back”


If Debuchy really wants to be at the Euros next year then he has to bring his A Game tomorrow and give Wenger a small selection headache going forward. He should know we cannot let him leave in January so he has to find a way to get back into the team and tomorrow is the perfect stage for hi to make his case. On the other hand, Debuchy is a more experienced defender and his experience could come in handy against the trickery of Douglas C@$+@ who was a handful for Bellerin at the Emirates. we have done it… Read more »


Debuchy is how the French spell ‘bad positioning.’ Hope he’s watched some game footage of his poor performances this year.


As I see it, there’s 4 ways to look at it: 1. Mope about Debuchy, he plays terribly (sad then sad again) 2. Mope about Debuchy, he plays well (sad then happy) 3. Stay blindingly optimistic about Debuchy, he plays terribly (happy then sad) 4. Stay blindingly optimistic about Debuchy, he plays well (happy then happy) Thing is if you choose 1 or 2, you are guaranteed mopy sadness and have a 50% chance to be happy later. If you choose 3 or 4, you are guaranteed temporary faith and comfort, and only a 1 in 2 chance of subsequent… Read more »


Well, that’s four ways to look at life itself. Kudos, Chakravo.


Nooooooooooooooooooo, I’m getting a sinking feeling… To be honest let’s not worry about CL just focus on premier league and FA cup…. As our squad is down to the bare bones.


Considering that the Dutch Diver is back from injury Arsenal will be in for a wild night in Munich.


Let’s just injure him again, then. If he dives, let it be into an empty swimming pool with razor blades all over the floor.


wtf! fuck meeeeeee we’re fuuuuccked! oh mehn this is my worst nightmare come true…….. get well soon brov!


How can ‘the Flash’ get injured ? The Avengers must have called him.. Or is the Justice League??? Whoever it is, please tell them we need him back for the NLD. Saving the world can wait while we play the Spurs.
On a more serious note, hope it is indeed a small problem and Debuchy shows us why we brought him to this club to replace Sagna. We had too much of a good run recently to let our shoulders drop. Let’s win tomorrow. #COYG# ya gunners ya


Before Bellerin got a sniff of first team, DeBuchy was putting in good enough performances. Maybe with a run of games, he can get back to that level.

Bellerin’s injury looks to be a result of that slam against the post (precaution from Wenger for Sunday’s game. )


wait it’s a joke right? it’s gotta be a joke!
mehn I’m freaking the hell outta my mind.
ehm….. can we play Gabriel there?……..
this can’t be happening


Dream scenario: Team plays excellently and keep a clean sheet, with Debuchy restoring some form and confidence with a goalline block and an assist to Giroud. Score early, sit back, hit in the break. Be leading 2 or 3 nil with 10 minutes to play so we can bring on the Jeff, who will score before the end.

Reality however, may go differently.


From bad to worse.


debuchy wants to play in euro 2016. he can’t afford a bad performance in the champions league so trust he’ll come through.


Well shit. Time to earn your keep Mathieu.

(Does appear that Wenger is actually resting Bellerin for the EPL. Interesting. He may see this as the best shot in years to win the title, even if it means sacrificing a bit in Europe.)


This is the worst news I’ve heard since Phil Collins announced his comeback.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Possibly the worst player to miss this game considering just how poor Debouchy has been.
I’d even consider Chambers there ahead of him.




I hope that bayern are as focussed on our potential defensive weakness as it seems most of our fans are. Reading these posts one could be forgiven for forgetting we have players like mesut ozil, alexis Sanchez, Santi cazorla and giroud who are playing. Not to mention that the coq is still solid ;). We have brilliant attacking qualities and will still be aiming for counter attacking football. It will be hard without Bellerin and he is my little favourite right now, but maybe the lack of pace might stop us with those trademark arsenal kamikaze events. Like everyone’s saying,… Read more »

When Diaby kicked racism out of football...

So maybe you could ease off the most intense training sessions in the EPL right about NOW, Wenger?

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