Thursday, December 1, 2022

Gibbs happy with goal, disappointed with result

Kieran Gibbs says he’s happy with his first Premier League goal since March 2012, but that the team are disappointed not to have beaten Sp*rs at the Emirates this evening.

The left-back’s goal, having come on in the 74th minute, rescued a point for a below par Arsenal side – the chance to go 2 points clear at the top of the table evading them.

Speaking about missing that opportunity, he said, “We are disappointed obviously, with Manchester City dropping points we had a good opportunity.

“It was important not to lose this game but now the international break, we can recover for a few players and they can come back fit and we can push on after.

“The last time I scored was against Anderlecht away last season but in the Premier League it was a few years ago.”

With few attacking options on the bench (only youngster Alex Iwobi), Gibbs always felt like he might get the nod.

“It has been difficult for the boss with options so in the last few games I have been coming on and I knew, looking across the bench that, probably, even though I’m a defender I’m one of the more offensive players on the bench.

“I was happy to come on in a big game like that and get a goal. The boss has been struggling with options especially in midfield and up front, so I think a few of the boys were tired having played last weekend, midweek and today.

“It was a chance for me to bring on some fresh legs and do everything I can to try and help the boys.”

It was a nice moment for a player who has found himself on the fringes this season, proof perhaps that the squad is important, even with so many players out injured.

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Parisian Weetabix

*especially with so many players out injured, surely?

Mein Bergkampf

Exactly. If you’d said before the Bayern home game you’ll get three points from Bayern and 7 from Swansea, Everton and Sp*rs with a depleted squad, I’d have definitely taken that. The league cup is of almost no importance to us now we have the trophy monkey off our back and we knocked Sp*rs out. Actually glad for an interlull to get some shape back to this wounded, battle-weary squad.


I love Gibbo, hope he stays for next season as well. I am sure Monreal must be frustrating him but Gibbs has the talent to be no.


Great to see him score! A true gooner and an extremely valuable player in this squad

Danger Mouse

Well done Kieran Gibbs. Huge goal in a huge game. Considering how limited our bench was well done Wenger for making it happen.

Goone's Farm

Fuck it I’m not too worried about us. Compared to last season so far’s we’ve been better, except for the Cl of course. We’re joint top in the league when we were 8th or 6th at this point last year, we progressed for an extra round in the Reserves Cup (against Spu*rs no less) and we seem to be much more solid at the back. If this is the messy part of our season and the rest is where we really take off and make a good run, I’ll gladly take it. Hope the boys will be well rested to… Read more »


And that’s the thing, despite them out playing us in terms of ‘effort’, we could have easily beaten them. We created a lot of chances. Giroud as per usual has his critics but he has scored 7 goals in 7 games now including one against a very good Bayern side where he was largely isolated. Still these numpties like to repeat sweet nothings. He was a bit too anxious to score IMO. Had he been a bit more sanguine, he would have put one of his many chances he fashioned out away. Also funny to see how some critics are… Read more »


Meanwhile we have media endorsed Klopp playing rock and roll football and still coming away with a loss to Palace at Anfield. So much for the latest second coming. Its like the media line now that Spurs are in the right direction. Which direction is that? After numerous media endorsed hot shot gaffers, they are still a pale shadow of us never really ever making consecutive CL let alone dining at the top table. Do the media take joy in not making any sense? Chelsea we were told early on (after just one game) were the team to beat because… Read more »


My first thought was that Santi was bonking … Low blood sugar. That is strictly based on the symptoms. I have tried it many times, it ain’t fun and takes time to get over. For me it was an hour or two. Cold sweat, dizziness, etc. Rather peculiar for a professional athlete but certainly not unheard of. It is a real balancing act in endurance sports. Recuperate well you reds!


My only worry is Santi. I mentioned that Wenger if anything should (likely is) on the look out for someone who can play his role for us (and maybe cover a bit of Coquelin) This is a priority for us as if he goes missing, we will struggle to keep possession. Santi is the other half of Coqzorla. Whilst many like to over Coq polish (and to be fair to him he deserves praise), most do not understand how equally important Santi has been in the middle for us. Against Liverpool, we struggled with two unfamiliar Cbacks coming in. That… Read more »

Arsene's zip


Anonymous Physicist

Short term, Arteta can fill in for Cazorla pretty well. Long term, his obvious successor would be Wilshere, if he can ever get some prolonged fitness going.

Canuck Gunner

Maybe we can turn Gibbs into a winger. He is certainly capable to cover left back or left midfield. Could allow us to give Alexis the occasional rest.

Lightening Pace

Dude, he was a winger in his academy years, Wenger converted him to LB 😉

Arsene's zip

Alexis? Rest? Pah.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Our bench used to put the fear of God up our opponents but injuries have decimated it.
If we can just maintain our pace with the leaders until we get the likes of Rambo, Jack, Theo, the Ox and Welbz back then we can really win this thing!


who offer Hazard?


who *needs Hazard?


Humble guy, and he deserves a turn in the spotlight after his divine intervention today.


my favourite part, aside from the goal itself, is gibbs refusing to go down and celebrate when giroud slid in on his knees. gibbs stayed on his feet and waved giroud to get up and get back to center. there was still at least 10 minutes to play and a chance to win it. giroud is really annoying sometimes.

monkey knees

Real pro, is keiron.


Our best chance to win the league in years!

Chelsea – Effectively out of the race in November.
ManU – Shit and playing shit.
Liverpool – Heavy metal whack job at helm… will take time to gel.

Only team we have to beat is City!


Proud of the result, not the performance, but a tiring midweek decimation and injuries took their toll. Could you imagine being able to sub Wilshere on for cazorla at half time? Bellerin and oxlaide on the right and this game wouldn’t have even been close.


Anyone know when Ramsey will be back?

Gervinho's forehead

Think he is back after this international break


The result is the best thing out of a pretty bad game. Ozil is a really world class player, like Cech. And guys, for all we like Giroud, he’s not a title winning no. 9, he’s ok as a sub. Hope Walcott comes back soon and stays fit!


mateeeee! stop with the title winning no.9 bullshit. Football, especially striker, is all based on confidence. if he keeps his confidence, he can be a WC striker. Just look at Vardy, is he a title winning no.9? on the flip side, loook at costa (that cunt), he was high in confidence last season and he won the title for Chelsea. Look at him now, i would take Giroud over every other striker except Aguero. Calm ya farm mate.


If anything Giroud showed why he IS the right man for the job. Positioning, hold-up play, control, strength, technique and a shitload of passion. He was angry about the misses and when it comes down to it centimeters away from giving Sp’rs the loss they always deserve. I really don’t think you can compare Giroud to Walcott. It is not fair to either player as they are so different. Over the moon to have them both.

Naija Gunner

Another round of the Gibbo pls. He’s been one of my fav players ever since. A loyal Arsenal Fan and Player. Common u gunners we can win this…just BELIEVE!

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