Friday, February 23, 2024

Report: Arsenal 1-1 Sp*rs (inc goal & highlights)

Arsenal: Cech, Debuchy, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Coquelin, Cazorla, Ozil, Campbell, Alexis, Giroud

Subs: Ospina, Arteta Chambers, Flamini, Gibbs, Gabriel, Iwobi,

A late goal from substitute Kieran Gibbs salvaged a point as an under-par Arsenal drew 1-1 with Sp*rs at the Emirates this afternoon.

The only change from the team that started in Munich was the return of Laurent Koscielny at centre-half, while Mathieu Debuchy and Joel Campbell started on the right had side.

The game began brightly with both sides showing attacking intent, even as early as the 4th minute there was an end to end quality to proceedings. There was bite in midfield from both sides, and some creativity, Joel Campbell just unable to control an excellent pass from Alexis inside the Sp*rs area.

It settled down into a typically frenetic, if nervy derby, without too much to bother either goalkeeper. Spurs had to defend a couple of dangerous crosses from Monreal and Alexis, while at the other end a long ball to the heart of the Arsenal defence caused some momentary danger.

The visitors had the best chance of the game in the 25th minute, Erik Dier heading wide at the back post from an Erikssen free kick, the Arsenal marking was poor. By the half hour mark, Spurs had had 4 attempts on goals with the Gunners yet to register one.

If that was evidence of something it was hard to say, but when Harry Kane opened the scoring int  the 33rd minute you couldn’t say it was a surprise. Koscielny tried to play offside, stepped up, Kane beat the offside trap and finished from close range, clipping the ball over Petr Cech.

There were some off the ball handbags between Giroud and Vertonghen, yet still not much in the way of attacking threat from Arsenal. Santi Cazorla looked a million miles off the pace, and when Campbell found Alexis in the box the Chilean couldn’t quite sort his feet out for an effort on goal. It summed up the first period for Arsene Wenger’s team.

Indeed Cech had to save from Kane just before half-time, and at the break it was impossible not to say that they deserved the lead, which is still a horrible thing to say.

There was a change at the break when Mathieu Flamini came on for the off-colour Cazorla, and Arsenal needed something to spark them into life. It almost came from Campbell who made Hugo Lloris work for the first time, cutting in from the right and shooting low towards the far post. The keeper palmed the ball away to safety.

The Sp*rs lead was almost doubled in the 50th minute when an Erikssen shot deflected off Flamini and flew just beyond the far post with Cech beaten. Arsenal almost equalised a few moments later when Campbell won a free kick out on the right. Ozil took it, floated it in, Giroud was having his shirt pulled but he got free and flicked a header off the top of the bar with Lloris rooted to his line.

Cech was almost caught in possession out of his area, before Koscielny headed wide from a deep free kick, and the equaliser was inches away when Giroud headed just wide from an Ozil corner in the 60th minute. He really should have scored.

At the other end there was danger with Cech saving from Erikssen and Kane shooting wide, and with nobody really obvious on the bench to bring on it was increasingly difficult to see how Arsenal might get the goal they needed.

It felt more like the Sp*rs lead would be extended, Cech denied Alderweireld with a point-blank save, Kane shot wide after a Mertesacker mistake, prompting Arsene Wenger to make his second change – Kieran Gibbs replacing Joel Campbell with 15 minutes to go. That meant Alexis moving to the right with the England man ahead of Monreal.

It turned out to be an inspired substitution as the left-back equalised just moments later. Mesut Ozil crossed it from the right, found Gibbs at the back post, he scrambled it in with Lloris unable to keep it out. 1-1.

Mikel Arteta then replaced Debuchy with Flamini moving to right back. Giroud fired over on the half-volley from a corner, and the Frenchman saw a header pushed around the post by the Tottenham keeper. Sp*rs defended a dangerous Ozil free kick, but the game played itself out to a draw, just like this game at home last season.

Under the circumstances a point feels like a good one. We didn’t play well, but dug in and got something from the game.

Now an Interlull to recharge the batteries.

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Cech won us a point today

Bob's Mexican Cousin

And Gibbs

Bob's Mexican Cousin

And ozil, he should’ve had 3 assists today

Aussie gooner

I rate cech as high as anyone, but I don’t think you can say he won us a point today at all. None of the saves he pulled off were extraordinary. And judging him by his high standards, I think he could have done better with their goal. If he doesn’t go down, he saves it

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Don’t agree mate, he pulled an awesome point blank save in the 2nd half

Crash Fistfight

I agree entirely. If anything, the team lost 2 points by how shit we defended at times.

In the circumstances I think that’s a good point. It’s just a shame that we keep on running into poor form and/or having a raft of injuries every time we play that lot recently – think we could’ve won it with a fresher side.


With Bellerin and Ramsey, plus a bit more freshness in the legs and Giroud heading better, we would have won.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Disagree. Kane was lucky as the shot went into the ground and therefore bounced over Cech’s leg. If he hits it true then the keeper saves it.


I had to watch my recording of it to confirm what you say.

Well spotted!!

Now to press delete…


His distribution is so much better than we have had for years don’t forget!


I’m gonna give u a thumb down so that others will see how ungrateful you are and give you more thumbdowns. And then your comment will be hidden cos there will be an overload of thumbdowns.

Silent Stan's Content Mustache

Vertonghen is a cunt.

Hopefully our boys get a bit rejuvenated in these couple of weeks, most looked exhausted. Plus we will hopefully get Ramsey, Ox and Theo back.


Ozil is on fire right now. Cech has saved us many points.


That was the spuds chance to beat us. The only way is further up!


Giroud should have won it for us

Aussie gooner

Considering we finished the game with flamini at RB, Gibbs at LW, an unfit arteta at CM. not a bad point at all.

Would have been nice to for kos to not have that lapse for their goal though

Time to get some players back


True that! Long season to go & still tied with City on top of the league.

Fellow Aussie Gooner

Fair point fellow Aussie.

Surprised you are up. I have two engineering exams today. A win would have pumped my blood for the exams.

Aussie gooner

I’ve got an exam today too.
Arsenal > uni


Surely you’ve recorded it and watched it at a sensible time?! Like I did.. (5am instead of 3am) haha
Ahh the joys of time zone differences in our prison island home


And we had to play the whole first half with a injured Santi Cazorla, I’ve never seen him play that badly. We would annihilate them with our strongest team.

David C

I think Theo was missed quite a bit, especially considering their high line at the back.

I really think Gibbs should be considered as an option when Sanchez needs a break too. Like Bellerin, he started as a winger and is pretty confident on the ball.

broken heart of Dein

dont blame it on kos, why in hell mertesaker was that high up the pitch anyway, left so much space for boss to cover.

NZ Gooner

See I thought Mert was pushing up to mark Eriksen (I think). Eriksen was free and in between the lines, as they say, so if Mert had dropped back and covered Kane then Eriksen would have received the ball in acres of space and run dangerously at the defence so Mert did what he could to prevent that danger. Kos was marking no one and was in the middle of the pitch. To be honest it looks like he was just drifting and not paying any attention until the ball was played and then he tried to push up. He… Read more »


Petr Cech…What a player!


Disappointing, but by no means a catastrophe.


Good result considering our entire right side is out injured!! Now there is a break and hope at least Bellerin comes back after that..! We will do alright then!

I don't comment here often

You don’t often get the opportunity to play like shit for large portions of a match and come away with a point. Considering the injuries and getting hammered by Bayern in midweek, it’s pretty ok. The last time I had that level of anxiety in a match was the 5-1 at Anfield. After the interlull we should be getting players back as well.

Also I’m convinced Mesut Ozil is the best player in the league.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Three goals against Spurs this season, two by Flamini and one by Gibbs. Go figure.


Well done, Gibbs, forgotten man, great effort. Not sure we deserved it totally, they played well and it was a great match, but I’ll take being joint top of the table with three easier games to come after the international break, before we play City. And with lots of good players to return soon.


Two goals from Arsenal academy kids, we are doing something right there.

Shame one is a Sp*rs player/tw*t.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Kane was at our academy at what age and for how long ?


11, I think. 1 year!


There are pictures of him in an Arsenal shirt celebrating the Invincible season.

Coq au Vin

Age 8. Then he was let go. Then he went to sp*rs and they let him go too. Then they had a look around and saw nothing but shit and called him back a couple years later… They’re still shit!

Ex-Priest Tobin

Gibbs, you bloody legend.

Toast with Butter and Jam

I really miss our injured players

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Lets recall Gnabry and hope he pulls a Coq

Toast with Butter and Jam

If he pulled his Coq then he’d be injured as well

bims lay



Sounds like I’m injured at least twice a day then.


1. We looked knackered, absolutely knackered. CL is harsh esp. considering we fluffed it and all that energy against Bayern for nowt.
2. A point is a great result all things considered.
3. Ozil’s crosses are becoming Beckhamesque. He is assist king. That’s the record of all time for EPL assist now?
4. Gibbs freshened it up. He’s looking solid. A great patient player and Nacho’s successor I hope.
5. Who is that squeaky twat of a commentator who loves Tottenham?


Considering the number of injuries we have had,not a bad point at all. I thought Debuchy was much better tonight and Gibbs well..

Here’s hoping some players recover during the interlull.

Gervinho's forehead

We are going to look good post international break. A few decent backs up on the bench I hope.

Cracking result

Gervinho's forehead

We are going to look good post international break. A few decent backs up on the bench and can then switch thjngs up.

Decent result given the circumstances.

On a side note, the atmosphere was awesome today. Great support!


Loved the subs…Flam, Gibbs, Arteta…proper Gunners that know what the nld means!
Love Le Prof…

Clock-End Mike

Cazorla subbed at half-time was very obvious, but rarely does le Prof make subs that early except when someone can’t continue. The other subs worked well too. Tactically astute.

Isn’t le Prof showing more willingness to change things than in recent years? More like he did in his first 5-10 years, in fact?


Heard from Arsene that Cazorla felt dizzy. So he was removed at half time. Any more news on that ?

Yrreiht Yrneh

Didn’t the boss say Santi was feeling dizzy at half time and that he played with ” half consciousness”?


Great point. But we have a ridiculous amount of injuries. Again. Its so repetitive despite all Wenger’s excuses. Bringing on Arteta when you are chasing a win to go top of premier league is just ridiculous. Leicester keeping up with the big boys!?


I think the injury problem will be solved by bringing in at least one industrial strength forward player…thought we did well today COYG!


The commentator on Danish television Jan Mølby said seconds before Gibbs scored “Gibbs kan du godt give en chance. Han scorer aldrig”. Which means “you can allow to give Gibbs a chance. He never scores”. Thank you Gibbs for shutting The the biggest idiot on Danish television up. And btw he’s also a Liverpool cunt.


Brilliant! Almost woke the dead celebrating that goal. One of Arsene’s rare game-changing decisions and my favourite goal of the season so far. AT 70mins, NO-ONE THOUGHT WE’D GET A RESULT. Get in!


Fuck off Gary Neville. Usually love the guy as a pundit, think he’s the best in the game, but today he was pissing me right off.

Not once did he mention our injuries as being a huge reason for why our front 4 weren’t tracking back. They were DEAD! They’ve had to play so much football recently due to us having a billion injuries.

Making a little joke about Gibbs, Flamini and Arteta being the 3 subs coming on, erm who the fuck else is there???

Danger Mouse

Don’t get the whole ‘Gary Neville is a great pundit’ thing. Whats so good about him ? He’s better than Michael Owen but then again so is a one eyed goose. Neville has some average insights with a slight Man U bias. As Shakespeare once said ‘ being better than Danny Murphy doth not a great pundit make’….

King Kolo

Bit churlish. Who is a great pundit? Actually think Neville loves Wenger, repeatedly says if United can’t win it he wants Arsenal to. Can’t ask for more than that from the gantry…


Gary Neville IS a great pundit. Says it as it is.


This is why I’m sick of all this lazy non-Arsenal media chatter about us winning the title. They’ve got Thierry parroting that shit as well now. As if our rivals aren’t packing nearly half a billion quids-worth of player in their squads, and we don’t have our traditional injury crisis to deal with. But they want to praise us and mock us in the same breath. Fuck all those pundits using the lack of quality of other teams to big up our title chances. Fuck them!


Well said mate!


I thought we had the better chances to win the game in the end, a bit annoyed Giroud isn’t more clinical but that’s what you get for having two very good options for CF and not a world class one.

I’m not too disappointed though. If we’d have drawn against Swansea last week and won today I don’t think people would have moaned too much.

Great timing for the international break, a bit shit we’ll lose some players but overall should be an easier schedule for them.

Also, obligatory Harry Kane is a mouthbreathing cunt.


Tactical masterstroke from the boss again today, truly facilitating what is beautiful in man.

Unyoke the ox

Today was a game where someone like jack in place of Santi would have worked well.

Glad we’ve got a few coming back and Santi hopefully won’t get even more knackered away with Spain.


I forgot we have Jack Wilshere on the books..same goes for Welbeck until I saw him, hooded, spectating the game. We need those in games like this. Hopefully they’ll come back fit and stay fit…hopefully


If Santi’s feeling ill hopefully he won’t be going anywhere


Saved by the interlull hope all our players come back well after it. We really weren’t up for it today

Lone Star Gunner

Loved how the goal rolled up Lloris’ body and head and in. Must’ve felt awful for him, not that I care about that.

I have to say I was terrified about Debuchy given his recent form but he stepped up and had a good game. Props to him and Gibbs both for being ready when called upon.


A draw is not bad in the grand scheme of things. I was expecting City to win so the fact that we’re still level on top is a positive.
On another note, Özil is playing at a different level now. His set piece delivery was hardly believable and yet another Özzist


We didn’t win today because of Giroud. No excuses, he was very poor today. The sooner Walcott and Welbeck comes back the better. Notice ever since Giroud returned to the starting 11, Alexis has stopped scoring?? Don’t tell me he brings more than just goals or whatever. He just cost us a chance to go 2 points top. We got outplayed for most of the game. Bright side is we’ll be able to beat them at whl if we have our injured players back. As for Campbell, i’m sorry i see nothing in him that makes me think he’ll do… Read more »


Giroud is a great player to have. Rarely injured (look at city or Chelsea strikers) and is OK with sitting on the bench as he has shown. Most days he gets at least one goal from those two chances… he has about 4 times more goals than Rooney in half the games played.

Wenger has a large Coq

Some people just can’t see the bright side of anything


What is the bright side in Giroud missing more than 2 easy chances?? Please do tell.

King Kolo

Campbell is limited. But given the ability he has Sanchez must be absolutely shattered at the moment. We’re missing Theo up there – he’s such a great runner off the ball, makes a massive difference, Welbeck too. When Giroud is a bit tired he misses chances, doesn’t quite leave it all on the pitch.


Exactly. This would’ve been a perfect game for Theo. Our front three is so fluid when we have Theo/Welbeck and Ramsey playing.
We’re too predictable with Giroud playing upfront. I knew spuds CBs wouldn’t have a problem with handling him.


you know nothing

Crash Fistfight

*John Snow


In fairness, Tim Stillman agrees. He has a column a few months back making the same point: Sanchez plays a lot better with Theo (or probably Welbeck in fairness) up top than Giroud.


I doubt Walcott or Welbeck – both of whom I do like -would have gotten their heads anywhere near those opportunities.


Thats how Champions grind results in the toughest of times. Good choice in taking off Cazorla with their pressing game affecting him, he was knackered. However, I don’t understand what Gabriel has done not to be starting these kind of games… Kane was through on goal so many times.


A good point. They were fitter than us and pressed better. Bad day for the chief press breaker cazorla to have a bad day. I can’t remember him ever getting subbed because his touch was off. Hope he isn’t injured. Wenger made an astute substitution, even more impressive because it was a defensive one, with Flamini. Showed that he was responding to the game and us being overrun in midfield. Coquelin broke the pressure with skills a few times. What price a better midfielder than Flamini, eh. Not the day to talk about the size and quality of the squad,… Read more »

Canon Fodder

Carzola was feel ill/dizzy during the first half hence him being subbed at half-time

Le Jim

Decent point all in all.

Campbell really needs to learn to use his right foot, and what’s happened to our Sanchez? Gibbs and Debuchy very impressive today I thought.

Let’s get our injured boys back now. COYG


Mesut F*cking Ozil.


1. Much better from Debuchy. Hope injury isn’t too bad.
2. Another day and at least two of those Giroud headers go in.
3. Alexis needs some rest.
4. I think Campbell is playing as well as we can expect. would love to see him get a little more time on the left. On the right he is always forced to go inside. Out left I think he might get to use his pace a little more and deliver some quality crosses.
5. Monreal and Coq are just so good.

Crash Fistfight

Most of the players out there looked exhausted – Cazorla especially so. Even Alexis wasn’t chasing the ball at times! The fact that three players came on, played in random positions and still made us look better is telling. Also, I didn’t have English commentary so I’m assuming everyone’s heard Gary Neville or some other twat blame Koscielny, then deciding it’s their own opinion that Koscielny was completely at fault for the goal. Personally I think the defending was pretty poor all round – Debuchy gets drawn out wide, Mertesacker follows him leaving a huge space between him and Koscielny… Read more »


I think Kos is one of the best, but when it comes down to it he saw it unfold in front of him. He just made the wrong decision. In that situation Kane is his mark and in trying to play the trap took himself out of the play. It happens. We recovered a derby point on a somewhat off day in less than ideal squad health times. Tangent that if you like, but my glass is half-full today.


We were not up to our usual verve and they crowded us off for much of the game. We were too slow (sometimes static) with the movement. That said, precious point that keeps us level with City says it all. Not sure what the pundits have to complain about us as we are doing it despite injury list. Gibbs- I was wondering what Le Prof was doing having him on but the fresh legs brought about the equaliser for us! Well done the gaffer. Some fools are slating Per for the Kane goal when reality is it was Koscielny’s fault.… Read more »


Campbell was poor, end of story!! How many times did he give the ball away
Kane did have a better game than Giroud. FACT! Giroud had more than 3 “gifts” and missed all of them.

Abou Diaby Institute of Medical Science and Technology

Everyone looked tired and jaded and Alexis has been more and more tactically suffocated and shackled by the opposition

The international break comes at a good time I think. We need bodies back

Alexis plays well when he has someone versatile like Walcott and Welbeck to play with. Its no coincidence that 85 percent of the time he doesn’t score, giroud plays.


Any ideas when likes of Ramsey and Theo are back?

Lone Star Gunner

Agree with you all on Ozil. He got a brilliant assist today but could’ve had 3 or 4. Halfway to the record!


Wenger must absolutely be praised for his subs today!
Flam on for Cazorla really set up our second half. I angrily must half agree with one of the commentators from the Bayern game, where if our opponent presses us well like Bayern and Sp*rs partially today, Santi struggles badly under those conditions.
Gibbs provided fresh legs that were badly needed. Welcome back to Arteta too. If only Rosicky was back a week earlier he wouldve plundered in another goal against the scum!

Crash Fistfight

So this explains some things – straight from Arsene:

“The game could have gone both ways. We were a bit unlucky as well because we played the first half with Santi Cazorla who was half conscious.

I changed him at half-time. I don’t know what happened to him. He felt perfectly alright earlier, but when we went to go back out they said he felt dizzy.”

Ox in the box

Really? I hope everything is ok with him, I love our little spanish magician :/

Luis Boa Muerte

That’s worrying, I did think he looked literally a little off-colour in a couple of close-ups


Like I said in a previous post, should have played with Gibbs from the left at the beginning. He can defend better, even from a more advanced position and help Monreal double up. Alexis is looking too tired to track back at the moment and I think the Chilean knows it himself. He’s trying to save himself going forward. Unfortunately this is impacting on our defending as a whole. Also on the otherside Campbell, although works hard doesn’t get back to cover Debuchy/Bellerin. We are missing Bellerin/Walcott and Ramsey for me. Debuchy did well on the whole and Campbell was… Read more »


I couldn’t agree more, especially on your second point. Spurs wouldn’t have dared to press so high if Bellerin or Walcott were playing. We just had no pace in the lineup.


Tough game for Giroud. He worked really hard and had a few chances, but couldn’t get it over the line. I would usually put money on him scoring those headers.


I thought Giroud had an absolute nightmare (his hissy fit was due to that imo) but he could have scored three.
Small margins…I hope he fills in the small gaps…CO you HFB!

John C

Good point but our lack of rotation almost caught up with us today as Sanchez and Cazorla looked particularly knackered. As i’ve said before going into a season and expecting Walcott, Wilshere, Rosicky and the Ox to provide squad depth was madness considering their injury records, Ramsey and Arteta’s are also quiet injury prone and they all play in midfield, that puts incredible pressure on the other players.

In the end Giroud should have scored with at least one of his chances but with Sanchez off form our goal threat is greatly reduced.


Well yes it’s better to win but it just goes to show we only need to play well for 15 minutes to match sp**s over the 90. Har har har


If anybody had told Me at the start of the season that after 12 games, we would be 15 points ahead of Chelsea, 9 ahead of Liverpool,ahead of manu and joint top of the league I would have taken it. Make no mistake about it, this was a good point to earn considering the midweek exertions against bayern. It is not easy to produce an energetic performance week in and week out. Credit to our lads, they really played their hearts out. Special credit to our assist maestro Ozil and solid Cech. They have made a difference this season and… Read more »


Well battled by the team. The players looked tired from the beginning. Good matches by Coq, Cech, Monreal and Mertesacker who saved the team many times. Campbell looked ineffective the whole match, hope some alternatives are back after the interlull. Coq showed some really nice dribbling, at times I thought that Cazorla was still on the pitch. An ok point after all.


+ Debuchy looked solid first time this season. A run of matches is what he needs.


Shit performance by an Arsenal side which looked tired and deflated after that mid-week hammering. We were lucky to get a point but could have won it if we had had a real world-class striker instead of Giroud. Have we learnt anything new? No. We are an average side which will probably finish third. Anybody who thinks we’ll win the title is clearly bonkers. This is a strange league season where the is no really great outstanding side at the top. But Wenger never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity, so we’ll fail to take advantage yet again. And… Read more »


People already forgot that the same team beat Manu and bayern this season. Need Walcott back as Giroud is too slow for the counter-attack style that worked so well back then. Also doesn’t help to have so many offensive players injured that you must play Campbell 3 matches in a row + Bellerin out who is also a threat at counter.


Fats….you say….”We are an average side which will probably finish third”……. this is poor maths by average side would finish mid-table would it not?
(I thought this was more interesting than commenting on your negativity – I will leave that to others…)

Dale Cooper

Average = Third.

Canon Fodder

10 players out including six first team players. Chelsea and Liverpool lost and we drew after being mullered by Bayern away. At the start of the day I would have accepted a draw. Fatgooner, we are joint top with City who drew against the worst team in the league. Remember that Spurs have not lost since the opening day and so you should try and highlight the positives.


What he said!!


Cannon Fodder, you sound just like somebody straight out of Arsenal’s PR department. Yes, Spuds have only lost one PL game all season blah, blah, blah, but that’s not the point. The point is that we were outplayed at home for 45 minutes by a side which may not even finish in the top four in May. Despite what the league table says we are not in a title race and we will not win the title come next year. We are yet another average Arsene side which is just a shade above mediocrity. That’s why I’m so negative. I… Read more »


Joint top of the league. Due in the next 7 matches to play the bottom three, two other bottom half teams, City at home and Southampton away.

Lets see where we are at Christmas and go from there. I think something is different this season but we’ll only know at the end of the season for sure. In the meantime I’ll keep supporting my club. How about you?


And would you look up what mediocrity means.

Ozil, Sanchez, Cech, Bellerin, Kos, Monreal, Santi, Giroud, Walcott, Coq all have stats that are not mediocre. Top of the league is not mediocrity.


If we win the league fatgooner will say it is because it is a s@$t league

Crash Fistfight

It probably is a shit league atm, but if we won it I couldn’t care less if there were 19 teams the equivalent of Bournemouth in it. Who cares – it’s not as if you can choose which league your team plays in is it?


Yawn. You cut and paste this each time.


For me the bottom line is:
We are joint top of the Premiership and Hector and Aaron should be fit for our next game in the march to the title!
Especially as the Spuds look better than City, United, Liverpool and Chelski…so as long as we finish above the Spuds it’s ours!!

And we have done that a few times before!! 😉


Shit performance for 75mins…But as always the very best side and the very best performance from spurs still pales in comparison with our b team.


That’s better!!!!…

Luis Boa Muerte

I think this game and vs Bayern has really shown the limitations of Coqzorla as a partnership. They both cover each other’s weaknesses which is good in theory, but when a team battles with real intensity and / or skill it leaves each with too much to do and we lose the midfield battle as a consequence. Coquelin trying to do all the ball winning himself and Cazorla struggling to distribute effectively under so much pressure. I do think both Cazorla’s defensive game and Coquelin’s distribution have improved over last season but still not quite enough. Cazorla in particular is… Read more »


Wilshere is maybe the player you are looking for?

Luis Boa Muerte

Mayyybe, I rate him more in a more attacking role though, coming in off the wing wing from the right, especially with Bellerin overlapping. If he’s fit he could be an option there though, when fit.


Unfortunately we all know where to find Jack 🙁


I’ve never been so proud of a performance by the Arsenal. The guys fought to the last despite the circumstances. No other team will play this well with a full team of starters out injured. I was scared when I saw the bench but having witnessed the fighting spirit of the team I must say I was very impressed. Giroud personifies the essence of this team. The guy never gives up. And who else noticed that we are now the most dangerous team from set pieces?

Die Hard Gooner

per poor. I dont know why he isnt on the bench. ozil as always class. coq is a fighter and no more of that nonsense about his technical ability. santi was off the pace. whenever he is poor we are poor. Giroud missed a sitter but I still like him. spurs were better but we had the chances to nick it. draw is a fair result. Probably the first time I am glad it is int. break next week.

Die Hard Gooner

how I forgot cech I will never know. with the way he is playing right now 11 mil is looking like a free transfer.


We should offer to pay Maureen’s fines going forward! 🙂

Mate Kiddleton

Nah fuck him. Wouldn’t pee on him if he was on fire


Fair one…

Real laudgunner

Campbell is really really irritating, not a single CROSS, spurs simply cannot handle Giroud. I’m really missing Walcott and Chamberlain. All in all it was a good point earned which would come in handy later in the league cos Spurs are really looking like real deal,I have to admit.

Luis Boa Muerte

Nah they’re just the same as they have been for the last 5 years, all pace and energy, no finesse or steel. We’re just not particularly well set up to deal with that at the moment..


Not true. Campbell had a cross in the first half to Alexis that got caught under his feet that he couldn’t shoot, although Alexis was offside anyway. How many crosses did Debuchy have? I think we would’ve seen more from the right side if Spurs would’ve had to worry about the Bellerin overlap. Campbell gets a lot of stick but I thought he did okay. Not as good as Ramsey would have, though.


Well it’s never a good result if we don’t win against shit but in the current context, this result is acceptable.


It was demoralising to see Gibbs coming on when we needed a goal. And how exhilarating it was to see Gibbs put the ball into the net. It is nice to see us nicking a point especially with all the injuries. Hope Santi is okay though. And please tie up Alexis in a room somewhere so that he gets a weekend’s rest. He looks like he is running on fumes. Good point but slightly deflating as there was a good chance to go at the top. Hope we come back stronger and with some players after the break. #COYG #… Read more »


We play West Brom then Norwich after the break. Good way to build momentum back assuming we don’t underestimate either team. Should… Or could be top of the league after that

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