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Trio of January fixtures rearranged

Arsenal’s January matches against Liverpool, Stoke City and Chelsea have been chosen for live broadcast by Sky Sports and BT Sports.

Each game has been pushed back a day. In addition to the trips to Anfield, and the Britannia and the hosting of Jose Mourinho’s* Blues, the Gunners will face Newcastle on the 2nd January and at least one FA Cup game.

Rearranged fixtures

Liverpool v Arsenal
Wednesday, January 13, 2016 (originally Tuesday, January 12)
Kick-off: 8pm
Live on: BT Sport

Stoke City v Arsenal
Sunday, January 17, 2016 (originally Saturday, January 16)
Kick-off: 4.15pm
Live on: Sky Sports

Arsenal v Chelsea
Sunday, January 24, 2016 (originally Saturday, January 23)
Kick-off: 4pm
Live on: Sky Sports

*If the sociopathic prick still has a job.

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Dodgerz Oyoh

Why always us?

Petits Handbag

A trip to Anfield then the Goblins Chambers four days later.
Expect to see a lot of “WHY HAVEN’T WE SIGNED ANYONE” comments.


John curry is a fucking cunt!

Tom Thumb

I hope you meant to say Terry


My autocorect hates John Terry.


John Curry is a fucking tent??!


Took me a second, but that is fucking brilliant, mate! Conjured up an image of settling in at the campground, then seeing this big blue tent next to mine with John Terry’s ugly mug on it, and happily burning it to the ground.


Has he been fired yet?

I really can’t decide if it would be better to see the back of that Special (ego) one now. Or hope that his team continue to struggle in the bottom half, Wenger’s* team spanks him and in the humiliation either he is fired or resigns (I don’t expect him to resign because it would be more lucrative for him to be fired)!

*It’s ours and Wenger’s team but the shit-head has made it his life’s mission to insult Wenger!

You Know Theo

I don’t like big(ish) games during the week – such as Liverpool


I have to wait a whole extra day to sample the delights of Stoke? Bloody Sky.


This sucks for Australian viewers. Oh well, has to be done.

David C

are we in Europa already? Why are the Arsenal games almost always moved to Sundays? Seems like it’s happening to our team a lot more than the other big teams…

Santi's Smile

Arsenal’s matches are moved because they are practically guaranteed to be entertaining. The Gunners play the most attractive football in the PL and everyone knows it, including broadcasters.


Would have loved having the Chel$ki match on the Sunday, as that would mean I could go watch some non-league football on the Saturday – except I can’t go any more. Not after finding out I have to spend fifteen fucking thousand dollars on a new roof.

Dan D

Fuck what day they fall on, just get on with it, play the games and win them.

That’s part of the problem with Arsenal at times – mentality. Seems to have transfered itself to the fan base.

Oh and Mourinho – hateful cunt of a man.

Coq au Vin

Avram Grant will be Fulham’s B side manager by then.


The asterisk caveat behind the Special Needs One’s name is fantastic.
I’m sure he’ll have A job, just maybe not the Chelsea manager’s job. He’s supposedly a talented linguist, so maybe he can be a tour guide?

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