Thursday, February 29, 2024

Arsenal confirm July 2017 jaunt Down Under

Arsenal have revealed that they will play a couple of games in Sydney’s ANZ Stadium in July 2017 as part of a multi-year tourism partnership with the New South Wales (NSW) Government.

The Daily Telegraph broke the story on Tuesday claiming the Gunners will face Sydney FC and the Western Sydney Wanderers. The former have now confirmed the match.

Arsenal’s chief commercial officer, Vinai Venkatesham, said of the commercial deal: “We are excited to enter into this partnership with the NSW Government and Destination NSW. As well as being our first partnership agreement in Australia, the deal is unique in combining a tourism partnership with pre-season matches.

“We look forward to working with our new partner to promote NSW, before bringing our first team to Sydney for two games in 2017 in front of our passionate Australian fans.”

Good news for all the fervent Oz-based Gunners!

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Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Great news for Aussie Gooners, to any who read this I hope you get a chance to see the team in action.

aus gooner

this news is all time. will make for a busy offseason + jetlag, but its great we’ll get a chance to see them. No one in the UK should take it for granted!!

Mesut Aussie

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,

YOU FUCK’N BEUATY!!!!!!!!!!!

Can’t wait to take le prof for a beer.


Le Prof doesn’t give a XXXX about beer. Get him a decent Oz Chardonnay…


Mate, this news has me fervent as fuck

The Only Olivier is Giroud

I’ll pay $$$ to see Arséne throwing a few shrimps on the barbie!


They’re called “prawns” mate


Great for the Australian fans, glad for you.

Rubbish for jetlag and recovery from that. So not so great for the team and our chances for that season.


If Chelsea, ManU, Spurs, Liverpool, Manc, Real Madrid, Roma etc can come here and play pre season it would suggest the jetlag isnt a problem. For me no different to a trip to malasia or indonesia etc.
Share the beauty that is Arsenal with the world I say.
For me this is my opportunity to see the team I have loved my entire football supporting life. It will be the 4th greatest day of my life… only eclipsed by the births of my 3 arsenal supporting kids!


Chelsea and Man U came at the start of this season?

That wouldn’t be good proof. If they won the PL I would be more convinced.

But enjoy it, should be great.

Eduardo Stark

Long trip like this is justifiable as long as the whole pre-season program itself is well arranged. I welcome this news. Were they bad for our following season? Probably not.

Have attended the game at Jakarta, but missed the Singapore this summer. Maybe it’s time for me to make a hop to Aussie. And travel along NZ. Maybe quit the job altogether as well, hehe.

Kenyan Gooner

Fatgooner alert.

Cyril Washbrook

One of the advantages of going to Australia is that the July weather in Sydney will be much more charitable than the tropical weather in places like Singapore, Indonesia, Japan or Vietnam (to use examples from the past few pre-seasons). So the football and the overall experience of being out and about shouldn’t be as tiring.


They won’t get jetlag if they fly Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Ivan Drago

Is jetlag really that big of a problem? I’ve flown to Australia twice and after a day or two felt fine, and that was in shitty cheap seats with a few stopovers


Yes! A dream in reality.

Le Jim

Keen to see Arsene lying seductively on an Australian beach this time!


Weird to think that if AW doesn’t sign a new contract (which in 2017, after 21 years at the helm, isn’t out of the question) then these could be our first pre season games for our new manager…

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

It will be good for the Australians to see what a great team looks like. So far, they’ve only seen the likes of Newcastle, Manchester United and Chelsea. An important step up in their football education as a nation.

Because we don’t have TV or the internet down here we have never seen anything but live football. I know that was meant to be a joke about the shit teams that have come before, but fuck it was a bit patronising!

Gunner Hawk

Exciting news… Shame they are only playing at ANZ stadium… Disappointed that the Victorian Goverment didn’t try to lure the Arsenal down to play in Melbourne, then again the AFL will be in mid season, so the G’s surface may not be suitable and AAMI Stadium’s seating capacity would be far too small… Either way I’ll be seeing them play, even if it has to be against Sydney FC and WSW!

Boshielny: minister of defence

Yessss finaly I can see my team, straya will keep you nice n warm for the next season lads.

Ringa ding ding

Frothing at the mouth

Naija Gunner

Hope the Ausies have lots of super sexy ladies for the boss and the lads to cater for them while on tour!


Are you @unnecessarilystupid

Me So Hornsey

Great move for club marketing to visit Oz but have Arsenal not been to the USA yet? I’d be surprised we haven’t considering who our majority shareholder is but I can’t recall we have.

Seeing it is seen as the fastest growing sport over there at present and the huge marketing potential it brings, it would seem a curious decision not to go there by now.

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