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Welbeck hoping for ‘flying’ return

Danny Welbeck says he’s hoping for a ‘flying’ return when he recovers from the knee injury that has kept him out since April.

The England international has so far spent seven and a half months on the sidelines and underwent surgery in September after initially picking up the problem in a 0-0 draw with Chelsea.

Reflecting on his spell on the treatment table, Welbeck admitted spending double sessions in the gym has proved a hard slog.

“It is difficult,” the 24-year-old told “It is my first injury that has kept me out for so long. I had my operation and once that is sorted you can be out for a few more months.

“For the first month, in a leg brace, not being able to do anything, on a machine six hours a day, it was very difficult. But you have to try and see the positives. Luckily I had my family around me, my friends came down to London and I had my brothers.

“It was good to have people around me and have that support. You wake up in the morning and know you have double sessions in the gym it is hard but you have to see the positive side and I have learnt a lot more being injured on how to look after your body and prevent injuries. I have to see the positive side and hopefully when I come back, I will be flying.”

Of all our injured players Welbeck has been out the longest; a source of real frustration for both the player and indeed the supporters who’ve only really had a glimpse of his potential in the 34 appearances he made last season.

With Euro 2016 on the horizon ‘Dat Guy’ really needs to get some games under his belt sooner rather than later if he’s to force his way back into England contention.

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Eduardo Stark

it will be very welcoming news to have him (and more players) back from injury.
however, it is always hard to displace one of our current line up as they did well.
hope that AW can manage this


I clearly remember just as the transfer window was closing in the summer and it was obvious that we were making no more signings, the feeling I had was “As soon as Welbeck is back after the international break he needs to start.” I was so disappointed to hear a few days later that he’d be out for a few more months as I was desperate to see him play up front. I still think that if no striker is bought, Welbeck will be the best option up front. He has Theo’s pace and movement, but also Giroud’s hold up/link… Read more »

David C

I don’t mind Welbeck covering the wings too. He gets up and down the pitch quite well and he’s very pacey. Hope he’s back soon.

Indian Gooner

I actually can’t wait for ‘Dat Guy’ to return back.
It would be mouthwatering to see a front line with alexis,Walcott and DAT Guy!
That pace with ozil orchestrating proceedings would surely be a treat to watch!
Get back soon Welbz!


Pace, power, height, strength. Good technique. Danny’s got all the ingredients to be a world class striker. It just needs to ‘click’ with him and he’ll be banging them left right and centre.


Yeah, for me he needs to be more adventurous. Take more shots, run at people. Do that, and the finishing will come. I think he’ll be world class

AN other

And with Wenger at the helm who has wondered for the careers of Coqulein, Bellerin, Kos, Ramsey, etc, sky is the limit for him.


Looking forward, as we all are, to see the return of Welbeck. And like most players, he’ll need a good run playing through the middle to see what he’s really capable of – and I do think he’s quality. Let’s hope he can achieve that on good form and not through the injuries of others.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Welbeck should spend this time watching videos of prolific goalscorers,on how they do it. Henry, Wright and others from elswhere and past like Batistuta, Nilsteroy, Raúl etc…the poachers like Trezeget how they position themselves etc….


You could say that for most of our players.

Alexis' Dirty Sanchez



I don’t get why people say “his finishing will improve” about any player. To me, that’s just wishful thinking. Yes, he’s got electrifying pace. Yes, he’s shown some glimpses of scoring capability for club and country. But before getting injured, be got a pretty significant run of games. I don’t know where one would look up such a stat, but I’d bet anything his goals-per-minute is far inferior to Giroud. Even though Girourd is quite slow and ponderous by comparison, he’s a great target man, and has always found the back of the net with pretty decent consistency. To rate… Read more »

True Red

Danny offers different things to the team than Olivier. His pace means we can play differently when he’s in the team. Having them both means we can change how we set up depending on the opposition. I’m not putting Olivier down, just offering an opinion on why we’ve missed Danny


Of course finishing can be improved….since you are from new York, let me use NBA basketball as an analogy… A player may have career 40 percent field goal. However, if he practice hard enough during off season, there is no reason why he could not boost it to 50 percent.


Of course finishing can improve. Look at someone like Adebayor, when first joined his finishing in the first season was terrible, he was able to get in the right positions but couldn’t score. Gradually his finishing improved enough for him to score 30 goals


I am almost forgot he plays for Arsenal.


Nice to meet you Almostforgotheplaysfor Arsenal


What is it with us and injured knees?!?

Andy Mack

It’s what happens when the refs let the opposition kick seven shades of shit out of our players every week.


Wenger wont buy an attacker in Jan’ as he’s got Welbeck returning in the new year; and a fit Welback; Walcott and Giroud all vying for that top spot will be an exciting prospect! An emergent Joel Campbell as a realistic first-team attacking option also adds to the mix and strengthens the case for not buying an attacker in the window. On current form he’d be my preferred choice on the right, ahead of both the Ox and Walcott; having acquired this status with the obvious caveat that both have just returned from injury. The question is will he buy… Read more »

Boombastic Shaggy

He’s 25!


Always said he’s the closest we have to a “complete striker”. He improves his finishing and then he’ll be world class. His finishing ability is poor tbh.


Nousmouse it’s Wilshere! Jeez


I think more than Theo, Welbeck is the natural alternate to Giroud up top. Theo like Alexis are quasi-strikers. He still offers something up top. BUt Welbeck if he improvesoffers the perfect balance of Giroud’s physicality and height with Walcott’s speed. There is a reason why Wenger has accumulated a number of players at 23yrs+. Its the age they come good. Look at Walcott (We were told he had no footballing brain before his break out at 23yrs) or Ramsey, or Coquelin and now Campbell (Fabregas and Nasri before) Welbeck has had his progression delayed but I see no reason… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

You’ve all missed the crucial part of what he said, “…hopefully when I come back, I will be flying.”. Typical of Arsenal’s injury estimates, Wellbeck thinks he’ll be back for our next Champions League away game.

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