Sunday, April 21, 2024

Flamini in bed with Taylor Swift (and others)

Last month it emerged that Mathieu Flamini was more than a pointy midfielder. In fact, he was an investor in a company which might just save the world.

GF Biomedical is the first in the world to mass produce Levulinic Acid; a substance that can apparently replace oil in all its forms. Soon, the world will be a cleaner, more environmentally friendly place, and Flamini will control 98% of the wealth.

Being brutally honest, we reckon he’s going to become some kind of power-mad despot, but in the meantime he’s been nominated for an award by NME.

In their very first ‘People of the year’ awards, he’s been put up against the likes of Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Noel Gallagher, JJ Abrams and … er … The Libertines, with the editor of the magazine saying, “The selection process was fraught and heated, and involved a series of intense meetings that would make the papal election procedure look snappy.

“But we got there in the end, and the 12 people on the list are all influential and inspiring modern day heroes.”

The full list can be found here.

Flamini has won Serie A with AC Milan, and some FA Cups with Arsenal, but a prestigious gong from the New Musical Express would certainly be the highlight of his career so far.

Listen to this week’s Arsecast: Warning – contains laughing at Mourinho

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Weird, could understand if he was in music that he should be on the NME list.

Surely there must be an Arsenal fan(s) on the committee – the promise of his business won’t happen for several years and there must be others that have done big stuff this year outside music.

But great for him and look forward to him putting some money back into the club.


Putting an Arsenal player into the list is sound commercial sense for the NME if they are going to conduct an online poll to determine the winner.

We never lose online polls, so they are guaranteed to have millions of Arsenal fans visiting their site.

Le Jim



good point , well made…
just sayin’.. but i think you might have one too many doubles in that there username


More importantly vote for Gabriel here as best Brazilian in Europe.


In bed with Taylor Swift? Don’t tell Mesut – he’ll get jealous


I hear Mesut knows, he assisted with the hook up


Well played, sir.


He will make the Flam score.

Naija Gunner

Good luck to him on the awards.


Flamini to become Arsenal owner and fund the move for Messi


Hear , hear!!


of course Noel Gallagher is on that list…there’s an article about him every 3 days! (not saying that’s a bad thing as i love Oasis and Noel ahahaha)

Arsene's zip

To say that Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Noel Gallagher, JJ Abrams and The Libertines are “modern day heroes” is a sad indictment of our generation.

Flamster, on the other hand….


If I could “double thumbs up” your post I would mate.


Inflamini material…


Next thing you know Taylor Swift is releasing a song about losing to Flamster…

A Yank In King Arsene's West Stand

This. Is. The. Best.


Well its clear Taylor writes only most of her lyrics …. 🙂


Well said sir couldnt have pur it better hats off etc goooners…..


“and you would hide away and find your peace of mind, to receive an incisive Ozil pass much cooler than mine”


NME – The indie music magazine with Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift on the cover.

Rip Van's Winkel

That’s not where the mic is, Taylor…


Fucking hell though what a pack of cunts he’s up against!!!


damn…i was expecting something juicy when i saw the headline

Le Jim

I love the Flam as much as the next Gooner, but having seen Star Wars twice now, with many more viewings to come, JJ Abrams would have my vote 😉


How do you people even know Taylor Swift lyrics SMH


This attention grabbing headline is all rather tabloid newspaper for the masses. I came here expecting news worthy of a gentleman.


Now all we need to do now is to get Flamini to do some proper defending.

Mark Hughes

Just went through the whole NME 2016 voting system… He’s not on there and now I’m very disappointed.

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