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Hull want permanent Hayden deal

Hull City are hoping to sign Isaac Hayden on a permanent basis, in what is becoming one of the strangest loan deals to involve an Arsenal player.

The 20 year joined The Tigers at the start of the season, but only started six games in the Championship, leading to reports at the end of December that he was going to be sent back to London to finalise another move to an unnamed club.

“Isaac wants to play and I haven’t been able to play him enough,” said manager Steve Bruce.

“I’m disappointed and sad that we’re losing him because I do believe he could have played a big part in the second half of the season but he wants to play now.”

A few days later, the potential move he was going to make fell through, and he remained at the KC Stadium with Bruce saying, “It’s not done and dusted with Isaac – as far as we’re concerned he stays with us. We’ve got an agreement with Arsenal that if a club can guarantee him first-team football then the boy wants to play.”

Now, Bruce wants to sign him outright, telling the Hull Daily Mail, “I’ve already been on to Arsenal because I’d love to make it permanent if I could.

“I’d make it permanent tomorrow if that was possible. I desperately want to hang on to him. In an ideal world he’d want to be playing every week but he’s started last weekend and again.

“He’s a very good young player, who’s progressing all the time.”

It remains to be seen if Arsenal are willing to sanction a deal of that nature, but by the end of this week Hayden will probably have sold his left half to Brighton, his right to Charlton, and his image rights to some pervy photographer who makes him dress up as a fireman.

It’s all very odd.

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As long as they don’t try to shaft us.

Like a BOSScielny

Don’t sell Isaac. He’s the natural successor to the Boss at CB


The few times I’ve seen him I’ve thought he’s certainly better Suited to his ‘real’ position in midfield. Good range of passing and positioning. He was great in the coc against Southampton at cb but given how hard it is to find a true defensive midfielder I’d probably rather him stay there.

Andy Mack

Yes he’s a very calm, sensible and energetic DM who can cover at CB if necessary.
IMO we should keep him in the 1st team next year and only then decide his future.


Given the players ahead of him, I’d say him moving on is probably a good choice for his career.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Nope, the BFG has two Arsenal years (max) ahead of him. Kos and Gabriel will start games. If any of them is injured, Hayden will play. Plus, Hayden will have FA cup and Caitol One.

Goone's Farm

I cant tell for sure but I think he’s being used at DM for Hull. One of Livermore or Huddlestone were keeping him out of the team according to Bruce and they’re both midfielders. He also scored a goal from open play in their 6-0 win against Charlton recently, saw a video of it and from how the move went down I highly doubt he was used as CB.

Andy Mack

Yes he’s principally a DM who can play at CB.
Meyler, Huddlestone and Livermore are all decent PL MFs, so a 20 year old getting over 350 minutes game time from those guys is pretty decent going.


Bruce maybe not playin him so much, as to keep his price down. If he started every game and got better his price goes up and up. He knows he has a gem that will improve….and make them a tidy profit. Just dangling a carrot with the start the other day?! Just a theory.


BFG could have a lot more than 2 years left, he’s not exactly gonna lose his pace! Unless he has a sudden terry-like lapse in forgetting how to do defending he could play on for a few years yet.


Isaac and Jon Toral have both been excellent on loan this season, and both are young players who’ve had to deal with injury problems at a critical time in their development. I’d be very disappointed if we sold either of them at this stage as I think they’re both starting to show potential. Le Coq and Joel have both come good after a few loans so I’d really like these two to be given some more time.

Anonymous Physicist

We may also have some space in our squad next season. Rosicky, Flamini and Arteta are supposedly all out of contract and I don’t think we need to replace them by senior players, as the only reason we’ve been short on numbers this season is because we didn’t do anything to compensate for the three 6+ month injuries we started the season with. I think in the summer we should try to sign one player of the caliber of Ozil/Alexis/Cech and beyond that add one or two of our young loanees to our first team squad. I wonder who the… Read more »

Andy Mack

Zelalem is still some way from PL football. A.M-N, Hayden, Akpom and probably Wellington are the next in line depending which area of the field we need to cover. Hayden has the benefit that he’s a DM that can cover as CB and covering as FB wouldn’t be beyond him.

Anonymous Physicist

That actually sounds like a disadvantag for Hayden to me, considering that in Chambers we already have a CB who can cover at DM and RB. While Chambers is our fourth choice CB and third choice DM I don’t see much place for Hayden.

Mayor of Woolwich

This situation reminds me of Jack’s situation at Bolting. Please come back home Isaac.

Mayor of Woolwich


Fuck you autocorrect.


Come on Brucie, make up your mind

Mississippi Gunner

I feel like AW will want to keep Hayden. Bruce can have him on loan for a few seasons and by the time he returns he’ll be a 23 year old beast of a CB. Yet another homegrown English talent from the Arsenal academy


I like the buy back option.


Permanent? Bruce has barely given him the chance to play. This weekend gone, was one of his first starts in a while.

Harish P

Hope he gets his chance here. With it looking likely that Chambers shall develop as a DM now, it would be good to have a new CB successor. If he’s better for midfield, we may get openings with space potentially being made by Flamini, Arteta, and Rosicky’s future (as much as I love them all) coming closer to an end with Arsenal. Isaac is a solid player who keeps improving, he has the Arsenal philosophy ingrained in him, and is a bit of a natural leader with good technical talent. He deserves a chance with Arsenal. Him and Toral are… Read more »


The situation he finds himself in is hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic in the extreme

Ike's Mood



He should be given a run for us first, even if it’s just on the bench. Flamini and Arteta will both probably leave in the summer

Anonymous Physicist

Well, yes, but we’ve already replaced them with Coquelin and Elneny, as I’m assuming Elneny is mostly going to play DM. Third choice DM isn’t really a fulltime position any more than third choice fullback, unless you have a second choice without fitness, as is currently the case with Arteta. With 7 dedicated defenders, 2 DMs and Chambers who can play either I don’t think we have any vacancies in those positions, as adding any more would just lead to someone getting no playing time at all (yes, even with injuries and the league cup). Hayden would rarely make the… Read more »

Walcott's left footed curl

I don’t see it as THAT strange. Bruce likes Hayden, but has two superior players ahead of him so he can’t play him. Arsenal want him to get games, so they talk to Bruce (with whom the club seems to have a good relationship) and get him back in order to loan him to a different club where he’ll get more playing time. However, Steve Bruce realize that Hayden is a good player who will benefit his team and therefore wants to buy him. It’s a sign that we should hold on to the lad.

Andy Mack

I think Bruce also expected a long ban for Livermore following his positive cocaine test.


IMO, we need to keep Hayden, Toral and Silva and integrate them into next season.

I wonder how the Bolton situation will affect Silva? If they cancel his contract or go under next month, he won’t be allowed to go on loan so would have to stay at arsenal.

Andy Mack

Why wouldn’t he be allowed to go on another loan?

Timothy Lumsden

It’s all a bit mental. Let’s get him back and give the lad a start against burnley. That’s what these talented loanee players need. A massive chance.


The strangest thing about this is that there is a Flamingo Land in Hull. Clearly a big draw for any young player.


We seriously better not sell Isaac Hayden, I’ll be really p*ssed. I’ve been talking him up as the future for Arsenal in that Cdm role for 2-3 years now(Since that Arsenal U19’s team w/ him Bellerin & Akpom made it to the Champions League youth semi finals that year). Whenever he plays as a Cdm his teams keep clean sheets & that’s not a coincidence and something that I think just now Steve Bruce is starting to figure out. He’s got everything for that Cdm role & I would understand one more year on loan for him at Hull next… Read more »

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