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Mertesacker puts emphasis on collective and experience

Per Mertesacker is Arsenal’s on-field captain, the club’s vice-captain to Mikel Arteta, and one of the most experienced players in the squad.

With the Gunners looking for a first league title since 2004, the BFG has stressed the need for the squad to remain unified, and that personal issues don’t get in the way.
Speaking to the official site in their ‘Big Interview’, he said of his role on the pitch and training ground, “You want to keep the confidence at a certain level. When it’s not going well, you have to keep your focus.

“You have to make sure that no one is drifting away from the group and thinking too much about themselves. That’s what I mean when I talk about taking care of the team. In those difficult situations, you have to be vocal and on the ball to make sure that everyone is training well and performing well.

“We have different characters and the young, talented players sometimes look up to the more experienced guys. In that case, I have a role to play. I do it in an honest way.

“Things that I learnt and grabbed during my career that I think are important would include being genuine to all the lads and treating everyone equally and differently. That’s something I try to do in the dressing room.

“There’s no hidden secret – I just try to contribute.”

Nor is it the sole preserve of those with the armband on seniority to speak when things need to be said.

“Sharing the responsibility is one of the keys,” he continued. “That’s how we approach it. It’s not only the captain or the vice-captain who stands up and speaks. That’s not the case. We think we are very good in sharing responsibility, in sharing these moments.”

He also pointed to Petr Cech, lauded by Theo Walcott after the Stoke game, as somebody from whom they could learn a great deal.

“He has huge experience. He has won a lot of titles, including the Premier League. He knows how to deal with situations and how to stay consistent. He knows how to win things and, to get information, advice and opinions from him makes us stronger.

“I realise that this is very important for a squad that is on the one hand young and talented and on the other hand has experienced players who still want to learn a lot about the game. Petr is vocal.

“He wants to speak, he wants to share that information and what a win-win situation that will be for us over the next few years.”

Could these guys and this attitude be the difference between winning the league and not? And the way he talks about the importance of squad harmony could certainly explain some decisions the manager will make before the end of this transfer window.

Hat-tip @iv_agera

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Top chaps Petr n Per!!


For me Cech was summed up after the West Ham game when he honestly discussed his errors and that he was “trying to make something happen”… For a goalkeeper to think that way is just unbelievable, and exceptional.

“Together part II – how Arsenal won the champions league” – look forward to reading it!


IF we win the league, it would not be unreasonable to argue that Petr Cech is Wenger’s best ever signing. “Henry?! Vieira!?” I hear you cry. Yes they were Invincible, yes they won us loads of titles. But has anyone’s impact on the team been more palpable or immediate than Cech’s this year? What a fucking signing.


Henry and vieira were added to what in hindsight was an amazing team, and they developed at the club.

The fact we took a fantastic keeper from one of our main rivals (formerly) is just the icing on the cake.


With Cech’s influence, younger players like The Jeff and Zelalem can now learn a thing or two on the Arsenal Way.
Talking of The Jeff, did you see his recent goal in the Under 21s against Swansea? Two flicks, two defenders left for dead and a hypnotized keeper who could only aid punch the ball goal-wards! Zelalem is also doing well in his loan spell. Very much like Ozil.
The future can only be bright at this rate!

New guy

Wow! I mean, just WOW!


you get a thumb just for ‘FORMERLY’


Taking Sol Campbell was delicious too


Remind me……Who signed this genius?

Cliff Bastin

“You have to make sure that no one is drifting away from the group and thinking too much about themselves. ”



Hahaha, I was just scrolling down to write something to this very effect.

Ancient Gooner

I have really felt sorry for Debuchy and I understand his problem but for each day that passes he just looks more and more like a cunt?


Nice Website. Pls can we be having newsletters from this site directly to our mail? pls let’s look into that

Bould's Eyeliner

We’re looking. We’re looking real hard. Can’t say we see anything though.

The Car2n Goon

We don’t need newsletters but, notifications when someone responds to your comment/s could be grand…

Danger Mouse

The younger guys looking up to Per and Petr is hardly surprising as they’re both six and a half foot tall… Ba dum tish….. By the way, where’s Fatgooner gone ? I miss his doom laden apocolytic commentary.


It’s the difference between Mourinho and Wenger. How do you drop Cech from a team? Can you not see class? And appreciate it? He’s ego just strengthened a rival (former) and now we are on a rebuilding mission. Frankly, while winning the league this year would be totally awesome, I would assume that building a confident, well-balanced team to be more critical. Stability is one of the many things that Cech brings to the team. I think in that book that Wenger is yet to release, he’ll right a whole chapter on how he got one over Mourinho! How that… Read more »


*write bollocks!


I think Maureen being over ruled about Cech coming to Arsenal was the beginning of the end..for the cunt.


Underrated player for us. Koscielny has been brilliant for us but last few games he has made elementary mistakes and poor passes yet he escapes criticism for most parts because fans tend not to be level headed. Meanwhile Per has been immense against Liverpool and Stoke, no mention. That said, collective is the key. No point harping on about world class players like Hazard if they are not doing the business where Campbell would put in a shift and do the dirty work plus add creativity. Dick Law thank you very much. Arsene doesn’t sign world class players which is… Read more »


Off topic and controversial but…I am starting to think that if we don’t NEED to use Ox and Theo much for the rest of the season then will will be Champions. (Hard hat in place)…


Since we already have 3 worthy gentlemen wearing the Captain’s armband (depending on who’s healthy!), perhaps we can make a Team Dad armband for Cech, since, according to another article on this 100% true news site, he helps the lads with random life issues as well!


I think if The Arsenal win the title this year these senior players will have played a major part in setting and developing the mindset needed. Champion teams are made of champion individuals taking their fair share of individual and collective team responsibility.

Also, some of Cech’s advice on personal grooming and presenting oneself to the female sex will be a goldmine to the younger members of the squad (eg. the how to’s of wearing protective headgear whilst on walks in the park with female company….).

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