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Jenkinson return edging closer?

Arsene Wenger has always been reticent to recall players sent out on season long loan deals. However, Arseblog News is wondering whether Mathieu Debuchy’s imminent departure might see the boss retrieve Carl Jenkinson from West Ham to provide cover for Hector Bellerin.

The 23-year-old, whose dad sang backing vocals on Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’, is currently undertaking a second spell at Upton Park but has fallen down the Hammers’ defensive pecking order after a rocky spell of form earlier in the season.

The right-back, capped once by England, impressed last year under Sam Allardyce but has spent a fair portion of the last seven weeks on the sidelines with new boss Slaven Bilic preferring to deploy centre-back James Tomkins at full-back.

Further to the above, West Ham are close to completing a £3.7 million deal for Leeds United’s right-back Sam Byram.

The 22-year-old, who has already made close to 150 appearances for the Elland Road outfit, is due to join in the coming days with chairman David Sullivan yesterday telling Sky Sports News:

“We hoped to sign Sam Byram in the summer when he was out of contract at Leeds but in the last few days it looked like he was going to Everton.

“We realised it was now or never so we had to pitch in and attempt to sign him.

“Hopefully that will go through in the next 24 hours. Everything is in agreement with him and the club.”

While Arsenal’s need to add depth in the right-back slot isn’t explicit – both Calum Chambers and Mathieu Flamini can play the role should Bellerin need a rest – recalling Jenkinson might be an interesting option if he’s unlikely to garner regular game time in the second half of the season.

We’ll see. If it does happen, it would be quite a ‘Turn around’ on the part of the boss.

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I say welcome the Corporal back.


That would solve two problems in one go. Let go of the guy who wants out (not our first choice anyway). Bring back a guy who should help replicate the competition for the LB position at RB as well.

In a season we would be playing 45 – 50 matches. Enough to keep both of them happy.

Cape Town Gooner

Only issue being, if he isn’t good enough to get games for West Ham, is he the guy to provide solid backup for Bellerin. I hope so; would love to see him succeed at Arsenal.

Danger Mouse

Every now and then I get a little bit worried that the best of Carls years have gone by.


I see what you did there.


Turn around, bright eyes…


But every now and then he scores a goal. Turnaround and watch him. Every now and then he is the man. And we need him here right now. We need him next to Bellerin. And if he gets the right support. He’ll be back in red in notime.


Bellerin couldn’t get into the Watford team the season before his breakthrough with us. Appreciate he was a bit younger, but some players’ performances elevate massively simply being around better players. His effort would also go up a notch playing for us I’d say, even if he clearly is very fond of West Ham. All for this- might cheer poor ol’ Ox up a bit too- those two and Welbeck could cause absolute havoc at London Colney.


Coq wasn’t good enough for Charlton either…

Cape Town Gooner

To be fair to Coq he was getting games at Charlton, they extended his loan and I remember Blogs posting to a Charlton forum where the the fans were pretty pissed about losing him to “sit on Arsenal’s bench”.


He was one of their best players…


Like News Hound alluded to the change of Managers has changed the fortune for Jenkinson, which is not unusual. Ofcourse WestHam are doing wonderfully well now. However despite my distaste for Sam, his teams could defend and for a full season Jenkinson was the main stray in his position. Like others have already said our Lonees performance for their temporary sides is not a nailed on indicator for their future role. Campbell as well – played reasonably well in some of the major leagues. However he had to be very patient to get a first team opportunity with us. Realistically… Read more »

Bergkamp's elbows

You just said almost exactly what I was about to write..

Bendtner's Ego

Then how did he feature so heavily for Big Sam last year? They had a pretty decent season. Alex Song, also isn’t playing under the new manager.

I think that sometimes loan players are very much the odd-man out under many managers, who prioritize developing their own assets.

Ancient Gooner

Jenkinson loves Arsenal. Get him back!


And we love Jenkinson!
and Eboue as well. Can we get him back? He will be good company for Gunnersaurus!!


West Ham paid aloan fee for Jenkinson so it would be against Premier League rules to terminate the loan halfway through. West Brom, by contrast, didn’t pay one for Gnabry. All that’s needed in his case is for both clubs to agree that the loan be cut short. Trouble is, despite never having used Gnabry nor ever being likely to, West Brom have so far refused. While I can well believe that Pulis would do this out of pure spite, that the chairman of a poor club would want to pay the wages of player who isn’t deemed good enough… Read more »

Anonymous Physicist

Interesting how this comment has quite a few thumbs up but no single other comment seems to acknowledge what seems like a fairly important fact (if it is indeed a fact). I guess everyone is too busy making Bonnie Tyler puns to accept having their party crashed. 😛


Which fact? That West Ham paid a loan fee for Jenkinson, or that West Brom didn’t for Gnabry? The fee for Jenkinson has been quite widely reported and was discussed on a fan site called Claret and Blue where a lot of fans were unhappy about it. I’m assuming that West Brom didn’t pay one for Gnabry simply because no fee has ever been mentioned anywhere. If one had been paid, you’d think that the local press, who’ve had much to say about the oddness of Gnabry never being used, and papers like the Telegraph, who reported last month that… Read more »


You thought deep.if true it’s just disgusting.


“We’ll see. If it does happen, it would be quite a ‘Turn around’ on the part of the boss.”

This is why I come back here.

Me So Hornsey

How did you do italics?


He asked her out. He was nice. And it’s italians, for chrissake.


I chanced my arm with some HTML


The battle between jenko and bellerin should be good next season with both pushing each other to be 1st choice RB

The coqs in the box

There is no battle. Bellerin is in a different class to jenkinson


Jenkinson now has a beard. Does that count?

Phil C

I wouldn’t say we ‘need him more than ever’, but we certainly could use him.
We need to ‘take it to the end of the line’ and he could certainly help.
I apologise in advance.


We’ll only be making it right, cos we’ll never be wrong together.

Cape Town Gooner

If Hector gets injured we’ll be “holding out for a hero” or we can “say goodbye” to any chance of us winning the league…


I just don’t want him to be lost in France….I’ll get me coat.


That’s not ‘in advance’!

Timothy Lumsden

Thanks mat. All the best. But love to see jenks back. Home grown gooner.


Corporal jenkins. Get back home son!


Come back Jen! Win the title with us and get urself a league medal too. Everyone wins.

MrBrain + Ozil's vision

If Debuchy eventually succeeded in leaving Arsenal, bringing back Corporal Jenks shouldn’t be an option but a priority.


A good player – but will he “ever be the boy he always wanted to be?”


I hope he brings his hat

Ox in the box


I am really happy about that. Arsenal just isn’t the same without the other (arguably better) half of Jenko/Ox banter axis.

Andy Mack

I’m not sure it’s possible to call a player back from a season loan.
We certainly can’t cancel it unilaterally.
If it is, then it will have to come to some agreement with WHU which is likely to mean we’ll pay them a fee to cancel early…


Which would likely be offset and then some by Debuchy’s departure…


If Debuchy leaves and Wenger doesn’t want to fill his spot with another transfer then yes bring Jenkinson back. Don’t think he’ll ever beat out Bellerin, but can provide good depth. If he returns not sure where that leaves Chambers and his role with the squad. Wenger has mentioned he sees him as a CD, but has been playing this year at DM. However, with Elneny brought in and Coquelin soon to return (not to mention Wilshere who can play in the deep lying Carzola/Ramsey position) I can’t see Chambers even making the bench later this season. Maybe that would… Read more »

Bergkamp's elbows

I don’t think Jenks will ‘kill’ Chambers as a player. To me, Chambers is not really a right back(although he can do a decent job there), he could be a good centre back in a few years, but he would be my first choice backup for le Coq. Flim flam doesn’t trust his legs any more, Arty is slowly easing his way down the pecking order with age, Jack would work his arse off in the dm role but in reality it is not his position. And with more game time in midfield, Chambers could develop very nicely there. He… Read more »

Bergkamp's elbows

Forgot to mention Elneny.. He looks like more of a box to box like player too, slightly more defensive than Ramsey. It will be interesting to see how all these midfielders’ game times and positional shuffling will develop if we have everyone fit.. *cough*


I hope we do recall Jenks (and Gnabry), but I think the loan fee will be the biggest stumbling block. The impression I get is that we’d rather have the money.

Ant Lester

I thought I read an interview where Debuchy said, with regards sitting on the bench;
“Every now and then I get a little bit lonely”.

Ancient Gooner

He is now!

Midfield Corporal

I’d bring him back and use him like we do with Gibbs (but in front of Hector) in the later stages of a game we’re trying to hold onto a lead. Plus he can whip in a good cross.

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

Jenks to come back in this transfer window, come off the bench to score a last minute screamer to win the North London Derby, celebrate by jumping into the fans for a group hug and cause a total eclipse of the White Hart Lane.

Santi Claws

Ahh the Bonnie Tyler yarn. Top top quality that was


Really? Backing vocal for total eclipse?


Said with a straight face I’m sure!

True Red

Even though the man himself denies it?


I don’t know what to do and I’m always in the dark…….

Yankee Gooner

I know that Chambers and Flamini can play RB, but if Debuchy does leave (and good riddance) and we don’t get proper cover, I’m afraid we’ll be living in a powder keg and giving off sparks!

Timothy Lumsden

Jenks is our street wise hercules


Not certain how much competition Jenko would provide. Bellerin has totally eclipsed him with his play this season.


Chambers is a better candidate for Rback. he played there with aplomp for Soton and it is his natural position. He is technically more astute and has better composure plus plays with his head up, Jenkinson cannot be fault for commitment but he tends to be loose on the ball and whips his crosses in blind. Elneny + Arteta to back up Flamini (or Ramsey Rosicky) + Coquelin and Santi to return will mean limited option for Chambers who has to step up into a new position should he play at CM/DM. So likely Chambers at RB. Jenkinson is an… Read more »


just heard debuchy has made a u-turn, stating he’d rather win the league and leave in the summer. Just to have a league medal is a once in a life time opportunity.


Last time I saw Jenks, he was at the basketball game in London sitting with his Arsenal pals. Still a Gooner!


Bit of an up and down story for the Jenks.
Trust in Arsene to reinvent this man.

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