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Wenger: Coquelin back in full training

Arsene Wenger has revealed good news on the injury front revealing three long-term absentees are close to a first team return.

Francis Coquelin, out for three months with a knee problem, has returned to full training today, Tomas Rosicky will feature for the under-21s tomorrow evening and Danny Welbeck is due to partake in his first full session of the season next week.

Mesut Ozil, who sat out last weekend’s game at Stoke, and Alexis Sanchez, sidelined by hamstring problem for nearly eight weeks, are also expected to feature in the squad against Chelsea.

Speaking at his weekly press conference, Wenger revealed: “Compared to last week we have no big problems for the squad.

“The good news it that Ozil certainly will be available. Sanchez has the next two days to be decisive, but this time I think he’ll make it.

He added: “Coquelin is back in full training ahead of schedule, Welbeck will be in full training next week; that’s positive news.

“Rosicky will play tomorrow night with the u-21s. We have a few players coming back at an important period now.”

Ozil and Sanchez aside, it remains to be seen how quickly the returning players are integrated into the playing squad. Either way, it’s a real bonus at a time of year when the games come thick and fast.

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This is fuckin’ excellent.


That’s it. We’re winning the league.


I just hope they all remain fit.

I am in no way a doctor, or have any medical training, but he seems to of healed seriously quickly. Hopefully not too quickly will.

Still, it is great news to have Dat Guy, and Rozzer back in training as well.

Ox in the box

That was really fast. Now we have a proof, Coq is a freaking terminator. To come back so quickly from ligament damage? As someone who had an ACL rupture I can hardly believe it.


Apparently the Coq has a brief refractory period.

New guy

…but no doubt can’t wait to get stuck in again


ACL and MCL are two vastly different injuries. ACL requires complete restructuring, but MCL can be strengthened much easier. Still a beast though.

Hope your knee is fine, by the way 😉


Coq didn’t have ACL tear, “just” an MCL tear, which can heal, doesn’t always require surgery, unlike ACL and PCLs.



But what’s the news on Wilshere? :S


I want nothing more than Jack to come back and help us to the title with a string of man of the match performances. Ironically the usually so fickle media appear to be the only people (including many of our own fans!) that haven’t forgotten just how outrageously good he can/ will be..

He's better than Zidane

I think at this point Wilshere can be considered a powerup item.

Anonymous Physicist

Since full training to match day squad seems to take 2-3 weeks usually (for long-term absentees), this sounds like we can expect Rosicky in the squad against Burnley, Coquelin against Bournemouth and Welbeck against Leicester.

Thierry Bergkamp

Has actually made my day!


Great news! With so many players coming back, one can be nothing but positive about our season. COYG

2015-2016 = the season we've been waiting for

Would love to see Coq and Elneny holding the midfield in front of the Back 4 against teams like Barcelona. That should give our creative players the freedom and confidence to create problems for Barcelona’s defense.

When we go to City, this is what I hope for:
—-Le Coq–Elneny—


sanogo's missed kick

What does Giroud have to do to get some love?


Score a sitter!


Get some rest probably.


Campbell for Ramsey and Giroud up front imo.

Helder sceltor

And you have seen the Egyptian play? Talking bollox




You haven’t seen him play neither. Equally a bunch of bollox.

Daniella No. 9

One of my best friends is a Liverpool fan. I was at Anfield last season as Elneny single-handedly sent the Reds down to the Europa league (they came in needing a win, and would’ve gotten it if he hadn’t been on the pitch).

He’s pretty much a Coquelin/Schneiderlin, except with an absolute monster of a right foot.

Le Jim

I honestly just fucking fist pumped!

It really feels like with all these players to come back, or bench – at least – will be basically doubled in quality.

Also hope Mesut and Lexi fuck up Chelsea this weekend!

Eduardo Stark

The Dark Coq Rises

sanogo's missed kick

You sir, are all that’s good about the Internet!


A new Coq
Coq strikes back
Return of the Coq
The Coq Awakens


Exciting to see the Coq has risen again and is ready to get back in the hole sooner than expected.


We need all the ammunition we can get for the title run in. Glad they are getting back


Best thing about these returning players is the quality of them, gone are the days on waiting for Eboue to get fit again to solve our RB problem (not saying we have one just an example!). Top of the league with our top scorer from last season out for 2 months, our 2 first choice midfielders out for months, not to mention the back ups for those players have been out since the beginning of the season, good end to the season ahead i believe

Cape Town Gunner

Superb news. Not that the tie against Barcelona is as important as the decisive period in the BPL, I am still very glad that he will be back for that because his presence would give us a fighting chance.

Still really need Santi back though.


I missed Coq. And am not gay



Arsene's zip

Kaine doth protest too much 😉


Oh you’re not gay? Was just about to look you up on Grindr until you said that. Thanks.


Wonderful news to hear.. Now lets win on sunday and take premier league by storm.. I am f***ing exited about sundays game and a lil bit nervous. I hope all the players will take this game by heart and put final nail on chelsea’s coffin. I hate tottenham because i am an arsenal fan and i hate chelsea because i am a human being..i just hate this garbage club chelsea with passion.


Which means he could even play on Sunday? Since only been out for a month or so…his fitness level wouldn’t be a problem



Bergkamp's elbows

We don’t want to thrust the Coq into it too quickly, or we could risk premature e’jack’ulation.

Arsenal Fan

Wow, great news!!


How is Coq ahead of schedule when he got the injury on 21st of November and today is 21st of January, exacatly 3 months, as the length of his injury was confirmed to be 3 months. Or maybe it was 4 months and the din’t wannt to scare use. Anyway great to have the coq back with alexis and welbz will be a massive boost, especially in the CL and the difficult away games we have we have a new option now to play coq and elneny together which would be great to see.


It’s ahead of schedule since 21st November to 21st January is exactly 2 months. That’s a whole month early. Which is fucking excellent.


21st of November to 21st of January is exactly 3 months? How did you pull that one off?


I guess November 21st to January 21st cuts across three months even though its only two months between the dates. It’s an understandable mistake.


My mistake sorry .

Parisian Weetabix



right then, Chelsea are in trouble then!


They’ve been in trouble for a while now mate. Their back four are ageing, fat, and slow to react. They are out of breath after 65 minutes. That’s why newly promoted teams humiliate them at home. Sanchez and Ozil back against the chaps is good because they can get some match fitness before Barcelona. But it’s not a prerequisite for us to beat them. They team we took to Liverpool CAN beat this Chelsea team


As soon as I read this on Sky I ran over here to be sure 🙂 Such great news to start the day. Our two most “World Class” players back and the Coq is just about fully up and running. #COYG

Post January Blip

Mega LANS!

Getso gunner

Very great news

Bergkamp's elbows

Gagging for it.


We’ll have our big Coq in time for Valentines Day 😉


Great the news. But wtf is jack? Is he still alive??


Can a Thursday be better?
I thought he wont even be fit for Barcelona!


How long between ‘back in full training’ and playing for arsenal usually? Would be nice if we can play welbeck, coquelin and rosicky in the FA cup tie next week!


Depends how long you’ve been out to begin with, but with long-term injuries it’s typically 2-3 weeks in full training before you’re ready to start games.

If Rosicky is starting for the under21s it’s a possibility, definitely not for the other two.


That’s awesome. Wenger usually has a 2-3 week period of ‘full training’ before they’re picked so maybe we get Coquelin back for the Leicester game. Ozil and Alexis for Chelsea is very promising. Hopefully they’re back on form immediately but realistically we mightn’t see the best of them in that game


Oh, it’s like having Christmas again. Ahead of schedule? Like that!


Great to have our coq back in action, he is big stronger and alway reliable


Great news all around. I feel bad for Wilshere though. Because considering the fact that Arsene probably had an idea that the Coq was close to full training before signing Elneny, perhaps it is safe to assume that he was actually bought to fill the void left by Jack.
I might be reading too much meaning into nothing. Overall, it feels good to have more quality bodies available for selection. This is our year!

Lord Bendtner

Found out yesterday that I failed my USMLE Step 1, but at least there’s this


LANS. Welcome back Francis. We missed you ?

Bob Davis

What does LANS stand for?


“Like A New Signing”.


Lets keep the positivity coming we now make more than any cub in football in match day revenue, we have now overtaken chelsea in the money league we not only generate more revenue but its sets to go up by a lot and chelsea will slip down cause of their lack of anticipation in the champions league next season… we are only slightly behind city in revenue… top of the league with all our best players coming back from injury times are good 🙂

Marcus Theobald

Coq must be really hard… To have recovered so quickly

Man Manny

“Like cold water to a thirsty soul, so is good news from afar.”
Kudos though to the gallant soldiers that have fought to keep us in the title race inspite of the
injury crisis.

Costa gooner

The coquelin is back…
Ozil is up
And Sanchez ready to do the cut backs
Rosicky is there to play those short passes
Coz we are Arsenal


Right. I’m feeling Coquy now.


According to – they are normally quite accurate. Jack is our only injury! I guess they have forgotten about Santi.


They’re not usually accurate, they know as much as we do.


Superb news. Despite our away form dipping we’re still top of the league with a depleted squad. With Ozil, Sanchez and Coq back for the run in we have a great chance for the title. We have to start by beating Chelsea.


Get the Coq in!!!!

D Shehuist

Arsenal to the rest of the EPL (and Barca) : Be afraid, be very afraid.


Bow to the coq! You know you want to!

Thierry Walcott

Our Coq returned prematurely. We’re now looking forward the title’s delivery in a few months…

I’d get my coat but it’s summer out here in SA.


Sorry to piss on peoples joy but I expect him to be rusty for a good few games and then get slated for it. The usual bullshit.


Very good news. Fantastic to have 1st choice players back for the crucial period. COYG!

sixteen swans over ainola

There are two things that are more-than-just-positive here. 1. That we are definitely not rushing our players back as we have done in the past. That is, playing them when there is still a risk of a setback. AW knows just how important Alexis is to us – especially for the second half of the season. Something of the same goes for Wilshere who’s only going to be considered ‘ready’ when he truly is. The same goes for Rosicky – who’ll only get a spot if it’s safe to do so – hence the U21 game tomorrow. 2. That we’re… Read more »




The promised LANS, they are close brothers and sisters! Rejoice!


I keep hearing of people talking about playing Coq and Elneny together for big games. So, when we do that, who are we going to drop from Cazorla, Ramsey, Ozil and Sanchez. I’m not sure the FA will allow Arsenal to field more than 11 players at any point just because we are playing a ‘big match’.

Belfast Gooner

Taking the home game against Barca as an example – Santi wont be back yet. Sanchez out on the left, Ozil in his usual position, Elneney and Coq holding. Ramsey or Joel on the right and Theo up front. Not knocking Giroud at all but this is how we set-up against Bayern at home.Giroud can come on and score the winner!

Rastus Arum

Le Coq’s quick recovery is a huge blessing,though Flamini has deputised well to a certain percentage,sometimes he is overran and we ended losing points where we would got all. Liverpool is an example.Mathew can not reach the level of Le Coq.


Ahead of schedule? Ahead of schedule? What is this sorcery?! All we need now is Cazorla.

Al Gilmore

The fact we are top of the league having had so many genuine first team players missing for so long with injuries certainly put paid to the parrotted myth that we have a weak squad. And I am not having this “oh but it’s a weak league this season so therefore it is easier to be top of it” Actually no, the reason that the league seems so tops turvy is because it is stronger all the way down with only really Villa being truly cut adrift. Certainly I have never known a league where even the bottom teams have… Read more »


Jack will come and win us the matches v/s Barca. People spit a lot of venom against Wilshere but he is a gem and will certainly shine.

Nothing like winning the league at Tomas’s last season and beating the shit out of Barca and mark my words this team is capable of both.


It’s the fickle fans we have unfortunately. Can’t except that some players are more injury prone than others or are going through bad patches of form. If it ain’t giroud, it’s Wilshire it’s not him OX etc etc

Vladimir Petrovic.

3 new signings!

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