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Arsenal enjoy 10% revenue boost

Arsenal have overtaken Chelsea in Deloitte’s Football Money League thanks to a £26.2 million increase in commercial revenue during 2014/15.

The Gunners enjoyed a 10% increase in overall revenue last season (up to £331.3m from £300.5m) pushing them up to seventh in the European rich list standings one place above Sunday’s opponents.

Real Madrid (£439m / €577m) lead the table ahead of Barcelona (£426.6m / €560.8m) who usurp Manchester United (£395.2m / €519.5m) to second.

Manchester City, sixth, are the only other Premier League representative above the Gunners.

As Deloitte explain, the increase in Arsenal’s revenue is predominantly down to the new and revised commercial deals with Puma and Emirates which, “helped boost the Gunners’ commercial revenue to over £100m for the first time, and represents a 66% increase over the last two seasons.”

Interestingly, although perhaps not surprisingly, the £100.4 million reaped from matchday revenue is higher than any other club in European football, despite the fact we played two fewer games at the Emirates last season compared to the year before.


Broadcast revenue, £127.6 million, remains the club’s primary revenue stream comprising 39% of the total. With more money set to pour into the Premier League from new TV deals Deloitte predict that the Gunners will contend for a top five place in their Money League standing in the coming years.

Deloitte also reveal: “A record nine Premier League clubs are ranked within this year’s top 20, one more than in last year’s edition, helped by a 10% strengthening of sterling versus the euro. Premier League clubs now dominate the top 30, with 17 of those clubs having played in the Premier League during the 2014/15 season.”

You can read Deloitte’s full report, here.


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Considering the amount of work that’s gone into making those numbers, this is a great achievement!


Onwards and upwards. COYG.

sixteen swans over ainola

We could overtake both Bayern Munich and PSG next year (2016-17) as new commercial deals kick in and the considerable rise in Premier League money makes its impact. How nice would that be?


I’m conflicted. While I want Arsenal to have more money this also means the other PL teams have more money and I don’t really want to see them richer than foreign teams. It also gives England’s PFMs the opportunity to crow about PL clubs earn their money, as if commercial deals were the result of morality (rather than being built on a variety of factors including many not so pleasant ones going back to the British Empire). I’d much prefer to see the likes of PSG and Bayern stomping all over Chelsea. Still, not to worry too much. Signs point… Read more »

sixteen swans over ainola

It’s too early to tell just what the impact of new PL money will be. In the short term there’ll be the kind of spending power we’ve already seen with the likes of Stoke, West Ham, and Palace. And yes, it will translate into a more expensive transfer market. But remember, the PL product remains more-or-less the same and will compete with the Bundesliga and La Liga in exactly the same way. Which is why only the top four or so PL clubs will (continue) to benefit most from increased commercial revenue. This is especially good for us because as… Read more »

Le Jim

Arsene also seems particularly imports to me because, although I’m no money man, it seems that we can’t afford to risk a fall down the premier league table (such as United’s) at such a financially crucial time, regardless of how good the squad that Arsene leaves behind is.


I believe i read somewhere that Arsenal deal in euro, so I don’t think the pound/euro rate would matter in terms of our spending power versus other European clubs?

Crash Fistfight

Considering PSG flagrantly flout the FFP ‘rules’ and their commercial revenue is a result of a BS sponsorship that isn’t based in reality (as is Man City’s) I assume that will have no bearing on the two clubs’ comparative abilities to buy players and pay their wages.

Good for us, though.


Manchester City is the only Premier League representative above the Gunners?

What about Manchester United in 3rd?


Never mind just saw “other” now.

*Puts coat over own head


I made the same mistake, fortunately read your post first


Let’s see what happens with all that money. I was never big on counting or ‘spending’ money that i don’t own. Will it be reinvested into the club, will it be taken out by the owners? Those are the questions we might want the answers to… I’m really curious how our scouting and player purchasing will be affected by new academy directors philosophy. He said he wants more players to be bought that would be on par or better than what we have so that Wenger can start working with them straight away. Regardless, my support for the club is… Read more »


Chelsea will fall behind even more down to the fact that they aint getting champions league football next year


Anyone got any data on where we were in the financial table before Wenger came along?


How have Man City got such high revenues? They’ve only got a 10 year history?

Crash Fistfight

Made-up sponsorship deals with the owner’s uncle.

Danger Mouse

Good news. I wonder could they lend me a tenner. I’m a bit tight this week.

AN other

Once the new tv money starts rolling in. I can see top 4 being all English clubs In couple of ears time. However, all Man U and Arsenal revenues are actually try reflection of where the money is coming from. Chelsea, City, PSG and spainish clubs incomes look dodgy to me.

Never mind, atleast we will be flying high for years to come.

Serge Blanco

To all intents and purposes the top we end of the football hierarchy is divided into several levels. RM, Barca and Man Utd are the top table, capable of consistently high spending transfer window after transfer window. Next come PSG and probably Bayern whereas ourselves, City and Chelsea can spend big, but even City cannot go big all of the time. The big question mark over FFP abuse is City and PSG as neither have even a decade of success whereas Chelsea have been successful for over a decade so have developed into a big club albeit built by the… Read more »


From the numbers, it looks like we compete healthily in both the matchday and broadcasting revenues – we lead all of Europe in match-day revenues and make more than 3rd placed Manchester United in broadcasting revenues (we obviously can’t compete with the spanish teams in that regard). HOWEVER, and this is a huge however, it has become apparent that we lag behind DESPERATELY in the commercial sphere. We made 138MM euros last year in commercial revenue. That is almost HALF of what fifth place Bayern Munich make and more than 100MM euros less than what our nearest EPL competition (MU)… Read more »


Sadly it’s because United have been winning titles in the last decade which increases over seas popularity/sales.

They also have the largest fan base in the world. We can’t click our fingers and get more money.

Only way we can get as high as United is spend our money on the best players that people want to see and win more titles, then the cash rolls in and more supporters are inspired to watch.

You will notice the teams at the top are all clubs that win a lot.

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