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Neville approach for Wilshere rejected by Arsenal

This is a bit out of left field but…

Arseblog News has learned that Arsene Wenger has rejected the idea of sending Jack Wilshere on loan to Valencia for the rest of the season after an approach by head coach Gary Neville.

The former Manchester United defender, contracted at the Mestalla until the summer, is open to bolstering his ailing squad during the January transfer window having not won a game in La Liga since taking the reins in December.

It’s believed the loan opportunity is partly motivated by a desire on Neville’s part to help the player return to fitness ahead of Euro 2016.

Neville remains part the England coaching setup and shares the player’s concern that a lack of game time at the Emirates in the coming months could scupper his chances of being selected by Roy Hodgson.

Wilshere is yet to play for Arsenal this season due to a freak injury picked up in training just days before the Community Shield win against Chelsea. The club initially opted against surgery on his broken fibula before accepting in September that he required the insertion of a metal plate. He was expected to be back in action by the end of December but is still recovering.

While Arsene Wenger remains optimistic that Wilshere will be fit by the end of February the 24-year-old still has his work cut out forcing his way back up the midfield pecking order. The player stressed in November that he’s intent on doing exactly that.

Obviously, we’re desperate to see Jack make a full recovery as soon as possible because we know that on his day, as he’s proved in the past, he’s a player capable of winning games for Arsenal.

It’s possible the boss has dismissed the idea of sharing Wilshere with anyone else for this single reason. All the more so, given we’re challenging for the title.

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Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

Neville’s request should be answered with one word of two letters, beginning with ’n’, written on toilet paper and sent second class.

Cyril Washbrook

I assume you mean “ñu”, the Spanish word for “gnu” or “wildebeest”. This sounds like an ingenious plan: the cryptic return message is likely to cause him no end of confusion, distracting him for long enough to make him completely forget his interest in Wilshere.

Crash Fistfight

ñu doesn’t start with an n, so that can’t be right.


What is gnu?
Rhod Gilbert reference




The Knights who say Ni?


Not a minute. ..Wilshere stays put.

Wenger the fashion icon

No pooometer on this?


In light of recent stories, can we rename it the Epooue-Meter?

Little Mozart

Jack is too important to us all. I can’t imagine he would want a loan move anyway.

MrBrain + Ozil's vision

I couldn’t fathom how Wilshere going to Valencia could be a career booster or an easy ride for him towards the Euros. Neville is not thinking straight at the moment… Too much draws has probably clouded his judgement.


Are you saying there was a time he thought straight then? From where I sit he always was and always will be a moron.



Juan Cornetto



Wilshere could come back for one game of the season and have an instrumental effect on the team. He’s a terrific player, no doubt – arguably the best English midfielder currently and I’d rather wait on him to come back in Feb/Mar/Apr/May for one game than see us miss out on seeing him at all.

Cristiano Josaiah

You’re right Man. We want him stay he is one of us en we are not ready to lose Jack for any price!


Am I the only one who thinks him going on loan might be a good thing? Even if he does get back to fitness, to get back to the level where he plays in competitive matches for us is going to take a while, and even then, he has to prove he’s better than those ahead of him. If he has a chance of playing for Valencia sooner than he does for us, any additional match fitness can only benefit us come start of next season. Add to that that the Spanish league has a reputation for being less physical,… Read more »


If only this was About Diaby they wanted to take on loan: Yes.


I’m inclined to agree. While I still Jack can be an important player, he’s going to struggle for match fitness and game time when he returns. Currently he has Ramsey ahead of him, then when Cazorla and Coquelin return he’ll be behind them. Even on the wing he’ll have Alexis, Walcott, Campbell and eventually Welbeck probably ahead of him. Maybe he should get some game time in a less physical league to build his confidence again.


I agree too. So many of our players go on loan to unsuitable clubs where they rot on the bench because the coaches are Neanderthals and the style of football quite different from ours – Bellerin was thought useless by the then manager of Watford; Coquelin played only twice during his season at Freiburg, both times on the wing; poor Gnabry, who’s not even training with the first team, has lost a whole year of his career due to someone’s peculiar belief that Pulis would allow him to play. But Neville is a decent manager who knows and appreciates Wilshere… Read more »

good ol' 1 nil to Woolwich

This one is really tempting isn’t it? It would be nice to have Wilshere as part of the team competing. With him having a nice little EPL medal at season’s end. On the flip side, playing in Spain may just be a tonic for him. I believe Wilshere has the intelligence to learn from what he sees too. He looks a player whose strong point is his technique, there is an abundance of that in La Liga


I don’t think we could take the risk, we don’t know when Cazorla is back, Rosicky is fairly injury prone and Ramsey has his hamstring issues. We’ll get more injuries down the line so Wilshere is basically guaranteed playing time here, he should stay put


Good point mate. As much as we would like to see Wilshere get game time and Fitness back in a less physical league, he’s not fit right now. If he were fully fit, Arsene would’ve given it more thought I feel. Maybe best for Jack to train, play the odd game and gain strength back with time. Ankle injuries usually take a long time to heal, and even with world class physics and doctors, Jack’s had a lot of repeat injuries. In the short term, he’d be gutted not to go to the euros but that might be a blessing… Read more »


This whole idea of loan has to be some kind of a joke. Wilshere regardless of whether he plays for us or not is too good to be dropped by England when he is fit.
In the longterm I see wilshere either going all diaby on us or pulling off a Ramsey like recovery. Eitherways wilshere is a gamble we must take. Wilshere is a big time match winner and is a great luxury to have.


Neville; the cheeky bastard.


I wouldn’t mind it. To get his fitness back and to make to the euros.

Most people think he starts for us but there’s no way that should happen, Wilshere coming out of such an injury will be rusty, too risky for us.

And does he get into the midfield two with Coquelin Ramsey Cazorla Elneny? (Not sure he’ll be back before Santi too)

on the Right we have Campbell, Theo, Welbeck, Rosicky

Don’t see him getting much game time.


Wilshere can be a superstar if he stays fit. Elneny we haven’t even seen yet, and you’re saying he’s ahead of Jack? I don’t get it.

Of course Wilshere will get game time, Wenger rated him as the best player he’s ever seen at 16 years old, and we all know Arsene doesn’t quickly give up on players he sees potential in.


We are pushing for a league double and can’t loan out our core team player. On his day he is as good as any midfielder in the world. While pushing for tittle we will need him.
We are not letting Wilshere Rambo AS and Ozil go out at any circumstances. We are not Arsenal of old.


Hand’s off, Gary.


If even loaned, can anyone give assurance he will not be benched.


I don’t know why neville is bothered. He will be sacked in march anyway.

sixteen swans over ainola

The scary thing is it’s such an outrageously good idea from the perspective of another club playing in the top league of another country.

The answer, while remaining an emphatic “no” of the ‘fuck right off’ kind, as the kids say these days … “respect”.


Ill get crushed by down votes, but thers a whiff of the diabys to Jack.

If we got a huge offer for him, I’d think about it for sure…


i own voted after the 1st sentence…
i ddnt read the rest


down voted*


Can just picture Wilshere parading the copa del Rey at the end of the season, shouting from the bus ‘what do we think of Villareal’…..


Besides the league, Arsenal are still in the Champions League and FA Cup. Hence Arsene needs as big a squad as possible. Fingers crossed Jack might be able to help out after his return from injury.


Please do you really want to rob Jack of a PL winners medal, CL winners medal and a 3rd FA Cup winners medal?


I was reading down the comments for this one before making it myself.

How could we possibly miss out on him as MC for multiple bus top parades??!

Wenger in and out

Has Neville won a match yet at Valencia?
He can’t even help himself over there


I think he should go on a loan. If Carzola and Coquelin comes back to form, Wilshere will see no action. I know alot of Arsenal fans who will agree with me. So, send him on loan Arsene..

John C

I think Wilshere and Chamberlain would both benefit with a loan over there


Neville is only trying to remind the English press he still is, in fact, alive.


If he’s fit, play him, if he’s not, why send him on loan? Sounds like the sort of plan that only Neviller would come up with.


Some of you think we should agree to he loan? Seriously? With our track record of injuries you really think it’s a good idea to send a potential first team midfielder on loan? And to what end? So he can be fit for the euros where he will a) get injured again or b) Come back tired and probably get injured immediately after. For my money the best thing that can happen is Wilshire gets fit, hardly plays for Arsenal, is not selected for the euros and has a full pre season with us to be ready for next season.… Read more »

Aboriginal Arsenal

It’s a bit early for April fools.


Wilshere is the don. He stays. When he is right he is the best young talent in England. That night in the CL against Barcelona is all the film you need on him to see what this lad is all about.

Greh Greysh

The hype surrounding Wilshere has certainly faded, which is good. He needs to get a good run of games together and find his best position. I very much doubt he’ll displace Santi or Ramsey in the middle, and he’s ineffectual on the flanks. It’s a very peculiar situation…At the moment I don’t see him going to the Euros, or Welbeck for that matter.

No. 8

A fit Wilshere goes to the Euros. End of discussion.


It’s an idea that would have merit if we didn’t have an injury crisis in midfield and if we weren’t scrapping for the title. Can’t blame Neville for asking, but the answer has to be no, once Jack is match fit we are going to need minutes from him.

Eduardo Stark

Blogs & Hound,
I’m not sure why this article is always on top of the news page (mobile phone user), even though it’s several days already (there’s more update stories too). Any chance you accidentally pin it?


Yep, thanks!

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