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Pulis: ‘Brilliant’ Gnabry has been unlucky with injuries

Blimey…we’re giving a lot of airtime to Tony Pulis today.

Earlier we reported the West Bromwich Albion manager has categorically denied any interest in taking Mathieu Debuchy on loan.

The Baggies cap-loving coach has also provided an update on suggestions Serge Gnabry could return to Arsenal prematurely, explaining why the young German hasn’t had much game time at the Hawthorns.

“I’m not going to get involved in that [confirming Gnabry’s exit] because the clubs are still talking,” Pulis told the Birmingham Mail. 

“Serge has been brilliant. He’s not played as many games as he would have wanted to play. But he’s been good to have around the place.

“He was very unfortunate because he came here injured and I think people forget that. Once he was fit, fitting him into that team and what we were trying to do was difficult and then he picked up another injury so he’s had a bit of a topsy-turvy start.

“For the kid, if you speak to him, he wants to play week in week out. It’s very difficult to guarantee someone that week in week out.

“He picked up an injury before he came and he was a little bit weighty, a bit heavy and it took us a while to get him into that mode.”

While the weight issue is a little concerning, it’s positive to hear that Gnabry has been working hard at West Brom and that his effort isn’t being questioned by Pulis – a disciplinarian who’s not known to suffer fools, even if he does enjoy nakedly headbutting them. Enjoy that image while you eat your lunch.

Fingers crossed he shouldn’t have any problems finding a new club when he gets back to London Colney. Indeed, Brighton & Hove Albion already appear pretty interested. 

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A loan move to a championship side would be best for him at this stage, preferably towards the latter part of the window.

Toby Moss

Not sure which is more frustrating, a talented prospect not developing due to constant injuries, or lack of ability/attitude.

Obviously too soon to be writing Gnabry off though.


Nice of tony to say. Might give gnabry a little more confindence.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Perhaps but if Tony Pulis shuts up, this will do everybody a bit of good.


feeling nausea seeing the word “nice” being associated with this pulis guy who staunchly defended ryan shawcross for that horrific tackle on ramsey.

dink arnold

That’s th third time I’ve been impressed with Pulis this season I know we all are supposed to hate “Pubis“ here at Arsenal but maybe he aint all that bad Back in September when Albion were playing Southampton there was a penalty shout and Pulis seemed annoyed at the ref, but later remarked “I’ve looked at it and I think Callum’s feet actually go up from under him and I don’t think the player has touched him,” he said. “I’ll be having a chat with Callum on Monday. I don’t like to see that. “The referee and the linesman made… Read more »


What ever the reason that Gnabry didn’t play, it was strange to see someone like Gnabry – young winger with potential being loaned by Pulis. I admit I didn’t know about Pulis’s (or want to) but he is not known for developing wingers, is he?


He doesn’t really develop players in general. He’s not really brought many young players through in memory. However, he is fond of wingers; proper wideman that hug the touchline rather than inverted wingers.


If he’s right about Gnabry being a bit weighty it could make sense. Wingers also have more defensive duties these days and Pulis would certainly be the right man to push Gnabry to develop that side of his play.


I say we keep him and let him train with the first team(let’s not forget he was almost getting fully integrated into the first team before his knee injury), depending on his form and that of the others, I’ve got no doubt that he’ll get games even if they’re not full games, this should help build him up both physically and mentally fitness-wise and come summer we will take time to make the best choice for him should he still require to go on loan to keep making progress. Besides we need everyone of our brilliant talents that’s available for… Read more »


I bet even when he’s “naked”, Pulis still wears that bloody hat


Gnabry is good enough to play for arsenal. if ox and Campbell are playing, the i don’t see why he can’t play for us.


Really not happy with the Ox’s play recently. Just can’t seem to finish and imo, tries to dribble through too many people. Looks pretty in the beginning and then eventually lose the ball. I like Campbell far more , especially because of his two-way play. I also would really like to see Chambers used much more in the DM position. I believe that is going to be a really good position for him in the future. Really like his play there the last time out.


The same could be said of Sanchez trying to dribble past too many players but and lose possession. Which can happen sometimes, but people on here think OX should cut that out of his game and be a more defensive minded player like Campbell even though they both play different styles of football. Joel is ahead of him at the moment I agree due to this work rate of the ball which the OX just doesn’t have atm


Don’t you ever, EVER, put an image of a naked Tony Pulis into my head again.


Pulis has no idea….

Jack Wheelchair

Gnabry?…..he likes a burger.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Yeah, loan the guy, this Wenger regimen I hear about doesn’t do it for all, lol.

Glenn Helder

Rare to hear positive words coming from Tony ‘Mons’ Pubis’ mouth.

I think Gnabry could have a bright future, so let’s hope he goes somewhere that’ll help him reach the potential we know he has.


Hi Glenn. It’s me. Mum.

Ronnie Pickering

Gnabry will develop into an excellent little player . Would happily have him back in the squad for the run in .

sixteen swans over ainola

From yesterday’s Birmingham Mail.

A bit more information; a bit more speculation.


” what we were trying to do” The key line here, because he would never fit in with what you were trying to do as a football style. But I’m glad he’s confirmed Serge had a good training habit. I wasn’t happy with arseblog’s blog yesterday speculating that maybe he had a discipline/work ethic problem based on an absolutely nothing statement, largely because I’ve noticed arseblog do that before particularly with young players (almost as an extreme counter-reaction to the extreme reaction of fans wanting a youth player to be included in the squad). I’ve seen it done before with… Read more »


Gnabry should come back to Arsenals squad to compete with Chamberlain and Campbell for one of the wide roles. Before his injury Gnabry looked better than Chamberlain particularly with his defensive awareness whilst playing on the wing. Gnabry had some very good performances prior to his injury, especially the games against Swansea and Spurs. I say being him back into the squad to compete for a first team spot.


Don’t be daft! Like somebody above says, he needs to go on loan to a Championship club where he’ll play every week and hopefully develop. I still think that there’s a decent player waiting to get out, but he needs to stay injury free nad off the hamburgers (yeah, I know, look who’s talking).

How about sending him to Chelsea next season?


‘How about sending him to Chelsea next season?’

Hahaha! Love it.

Chimichanga Monreal (cuz that's way more fun to say)

Can’t believe I just gave Fatgooner a thumbs up. Gotta be a first for me. 😉 And who doesn’t like hamburgers!!

das Pauly bear

This might sound a bit mean on Joel C. But I think when fit serge is a better player.


Must be ‘Adopt an Orc’ Day. 😉


The problem is that we sent him on loan in the first place…he should have been kept here to regain match fitness and get his confidence back in the u21s…then he could have been loaned out this January

As it stands i think gettin him here ASAP and playing him in the reserves whilst he trains w the 1st team is a must…a decision to loan him out again should be made on the deadline day for loans…this way we send him back in good shape physically and mentally or can decide to keep him depending on our squad needs


Naked Tony Pulis Headbutt.
Has anyone googled that yet?
Put me off my dinner.


Pulis being pleasant. If Gnabry was good enough, he would force his way into the reckoning. I mentioned when he returned, Gnabry looked a bit heavy. I can’t say what his mental fortitude has been but he needed to prepare himself both physically and otherwise for his loan. He has a much harder time now forcing his way into the first squad with Alexi but also Campbell and Ox as genuine alternatives in the set up. Plus there is a line of hopefuls from the hungry Akpom to Iwobi, The Jeff, Benacer etc. On the plus side, he is still… Read more »


Meanwhile Everton just done in City for first leg. not sure why Mickey Mouse League cup needs two legs but all the better for us, keeps City’s tired legs running. City fielded close to a full team which puts to rest this myth that we are the only wants that do not rotate much. Plus puts in stark terms the fact that even with all the resource spent, City have tight options in a number of positions. They only have Bony to back up Aguero who has been rushed in and out of squad from injury to their detriment. they… Read more »


To me it seems that since Pulis had done the stupid thing and said publicly that Gnabry wasn’t fit enough, he tries to take it back now in order to push him for a transfer. I can imagine Wenger asking him to do that – Wenger cares that Gnabry gets some playing time elsewhere.

Makes sense since Pulis is a proven total idiot.

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