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Tony Pulis rejects Debuchy loan rumour

West Bromwich Albion manager, Tony Pulis, has categorically denied wanting to sign Mathieu Debuchy on loan for the second half of the season.

Reports at the weekend claimed a deal for the France international right-back was close to completion, but they appear to be wide of the mark.

Asked about the speculation, Pulis told local paper The Express and Star: “I’ve not said a word to Arsenal and Arsenal have not said a word to me, so that’s a definite no.”

Arsene Wenger has admitted that Debuchy could leave the club in January, although he also made clear his desire to see his compatriot stick around at the Emirates.

The defender is eager to play more first team football in the second half of the season as he fears missing out on Euro 2016 having lost his place at Arsenal to Hector Bellerin.

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Booooo hooooooo hooooooo poor old Mathieu

chopra gooner

Hope he stays and fights for his place. His experience is vital, he can also play CB, it’s better if he stays.

Mr. G

Yes, but he’s not fighting for his place is he? He’s sitting around throwing his toys out of his peak and sulking because he’s not automatically first choice even though Bellerin is better than him and has done nothing to justify being dropped for Debuchy to just walk back into the team.
Arsene needs to sit him down and tell him to start acting professional. Despite his attitude reflecting in his performances when he does play, he’s our only backup Arab (Chambers should never play there)

Mr. G

Right Back, not Arab. Curse auto correct!

Scott P

Yeah, I don’t think Chambers can be that no matter how much effort he puts in

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding.

Don’t worry, Wenger’s getting a backup Arab from Basle.

Santi's Smile

Hope he stays and starts on Saturday in an Arsenal FA Cup win.

Anonymous Physicist

Good. It makes no sense to let him go. He’s a much better option at RB than Chambers, and Chambers is also covering at DM at the moment. I understand why he wants to go and don’t really blame him, and I understand why Wenger might want to give him his wish: playing at his home Euros is the thing he most wants to accomplish in his career, and I can only respect him for that. As far as I’m concerned that’s a much better motivation than just playing for the largest wage available.. But the thing is: we would… Read more »


Can i just say that Debuchy had no chance of starting for france in euros. Sagna is playing well and regularly at man city and they have other options….so instead of moaning and wanting out. Try improving your performances when you do play, and show the boss in training you deserve the chance


At his age, this is probably one of the last major finals he has a chance of playing in. On top of that, it’s in his own country so you can’t really begrudge him for that.

The problem is that his gain is Arsenal’s loss as we miss out on a solid back up option if he leaves.

Ross Zhong

You could see he’s not that sharpe when he plays this season,so he definitely needs some first team games.And we got lots of candidates to cover RB,don’t forget about it. It’s best to loan him.


Sharpe will not be denied. Everyone knows that.


he’s too good for any side managed by tony pulis


Bit off topic but why is everyone assuming the Egyptian is coming in as cover for this player or that player? Isn’t there a possibility the boss could be seeing him as improvement on what we assume he’s to cover? If he was coming at 35 million would it change a bit on the perception given the fact we’ve all seen little or nothing on him? Reminds me of the Sagna transfer. Didn’t everyone think he was cover for Eboue? Competition for, yes, JUSTINE HOYTE! I read a comment on some post here where someone is already making a case… Read more »

Anonymous Physicist

I think people assume he’s coming in as cover because he’s coming from a relatively low profile club for a modest transfer fee. Also, Coquelin is very highly rated at the moment, so people expect that any player who is an improvement over Coquelin would have to be quite high profile. Personally, I expect him to be cover this month, but in competition for a starting spot after that. He seems to mostly play as an allround CM at the moment, but I would expect Wenger to want to give him a holding role, making him our long term replacement… Read more »

Aboriginal Arsenal

Can we let him go to West Ham and get Jenks back?

Lurd Ishanovic

Its better if he stays

Yankee Gooner

Tony passed Debuchy for the West Brom side?

* Hat, coat, soft shoe out the door

David C

I was going to say we have “To pass Debuchy to another side”.

You beat me to it, well played.


I’d like to think that if Arsenal do ever say a word to Tony Pulis, that word will be: “Arsehole”.

Ex-Priest Tobin

Keep him as cover for now then sell him in the summer and bring Jenks back. Appreciate what he did in covering CB for a while but his attitude stinks.


I understand why we might sell him (bit spineless tbh) but what possible benefit is there to loaning him out? Is he that disruptive at the moment?


I like the way Arsene deals with players surrounded by transfer speculation regardless of how good the player is. He doesn’t let them anywhere near the matchday squad. The fact that debuchy hasn’t made it shows that there is definitely something going on with him. I do hope he stays. All it takes is one injury to bellerin or an injury to sagna.


To be fair, any injury to Sagna wouldnt have the impact it would have had two years ago.


Obviously I was talking about his hopes if making it to the euros.


This is not a charity. We are top, the odds on favorite.

He should stay.


I thought us Arsenal fans were a reasonable lot, but the recent booing of sagna, the blaming of pulis for the gnabry issue and now slating debuchy is proving me wrong. Look at it from the perspective of the player, he ha not been deemed good enough to even start on off games where bellerin could have been rested instead bellerin has been played every game through the festive period. At this point with the euros around the corner he has no other option, either the manager doesn’t fancy him anymore or he is not good enough, whatever the reason… Read more »

Chimichanga Monreal (cuz that's way more fun to say)

I think we all understand why DeBuchy would want to move and don’t blame him for that. What we have a problem with is the public statements about his situation. He comes across as a whinger and lacking a good attitude.


Wenger gave him his chances this season, and Debuchy let him down every single time. The man has no bottle. He has no business at a top club.

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