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Fears over Ox after Masch clash

The Mirror are reporting that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain could be sideline for some time after picking up an injury against Barcelona on Tuesday night.

The midfielder overran the ball, allowing Javier Mascherano a chance to clear, before the two players collided leaving them both in a heap on the ground. Oxlade-Chamberlain limped on, and came out for the second period but lasted just minutes before being replaced by Theo Walcott.

He reportedly left the ground on crutches, with fears that he might have suffered knee ligament damage. If that is the case, he would become the third Arsenal player to deal with that kind of injury this season after Francis Coquelin and Santi Cazorla.

Having been given a chance again in the first team it would be a blow for Oxlade-Chamberlain to miss yet another significant period through injury. His Arsenal career thus far has been punctuated with these periods out of the game, and there’s no doubt that being unable to play regularly has had an effect on his development as a player.

We’ll wait for official confirmation on this, but it wouldn’t surprise us if this was one which is a bit more serious than it looks.

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He’s also been linked with a move to West Ham.


In the same way that I was linked with Cheryl Cole.
Do yourself a favour, ignore the gossip columns.


Hammers are also buying Sturridge and Benteke don’t you know, be a proper force next season. Hmm…


Well fuck, do feel sorry for him. He had just got back into the first team.

If the injury is as bad as feared though, I’d like to see Welbeck on the right instead of Walcott.


I’d actually rather Welbeck up front, Walcott right and have them interchange with Sanchez. Would give us the attacking fluidity we had earlier in the season but have now lost

Mach iii

I’d LOVE to see Walcott hang up his boots end of this season.. Or at the very least move clubs.

Welbeck is superior in absolutely all characteristics of the game.

Thierry Bergkamp

Haha that’s a bit drastic


Theo Walcott in my opinion should be nowhere near our first team if anything a sub at best. You can only play him as a striker against certain teams, and that’s it really, out wide he is too much of a liability because he doesn’t track back at all, in fact he doesn’t do anything defensively at all.. Nor does he understand how to play the position – he never knows when to motor into the acres of space in front of him, which blows my mind considering that is his only weapon is his pace Too frequently games pass… Read more »

Mach iii

I agree. He only knows how to make runs. He is incapable of holding the ball up, and his dribbling is dismal.. He can’t go on a run like welbeck, Alexis, Wilshire, bellerin, pretty much any of them can… We are minus a player when he’s on the field. I read an article on Arshavin, where they say the problem with Russian players is that they get complacent once they’ve hit success – I think that’s what happened to Wilshire 10 years ago. He had one relatively good season when he was playing for a big contract. I don’t see… Read more »

Mach iii

I mean Walcott 10 years ago… Sorry it’d the beers…


Spot on. Watching him at home to Chelsea on the rw was so frustrating. I was almost disgusted at the lack or effort or knowledge of positional play especially without the ball. Ie closing down angles. Surely they do it in training.


I wish him all the best. I don’t think he should have been starting for us but he’s got talent and won’t be able to develop it on the treatment table.


Just curious to know why you don’t think he should be starting for us? Yeah he’s been off his game this season after picking up an injury after the community shield, but he has bags of talent that can only be nurtured through a run in the first team. Been obvious for some time that we can go and buy 1 superstar a season, if that, so we need to promote through the academy and hope some of them become special players. Real gave done it with Jese, did it with Morata. Juve developed Dybala, Bayern trying with Coman, City… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

Few points here:

Morata was sold because he was never going to get any game time at Real.
Dybala was purchased from Palermo.
Coman is a Juve player so he hasn’t come from Bayern’s academy.

Otherwise, all present and correct.


@AGunner might wanna do the research on your facts there !


Juve developed Dybala?
As in the Dybala they bought not that long ago (possibly even last season)?

Runty Wilson

Interestingly although still culpable for the miss I thought this was quite insightful about the rest of his performance:


Why does this keep happening where players get this type of injury and then stay on the field? Cazorla first now Ox.

What a miserable season for Ox poor guy.


Come on be reasonable. One cannot possibly know what sort of injury one has until the proper scans have been done. Nowadays this is especially true as, as pointed out by Blogs, there is always something wrong with nearly every player: a niggle here a pain there. It becomes hard to tell the difference


Sprinters seem to be particularly vulnerable – oh Bellerin! – and there’s a theory that catching a stud in artificial grass, because it doesn’t tear like the real stuff, puts a lot of strain on the ligaments causing them to twist and, in bad cases, tear. Still, we’re not the only club with this sort of pitch (and really rough pitches are obviously worse), nor the only one with pacey players who fly into twisty-type tackles. Couldn’t agree more about the madness of a player who is obviously in pain and not moving freely coming back for the second half.… Read more »


Sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s a real injury or just a sore knock. Santi said so himself. He just didn’t realize it.

I’ve no business in The same paragraph as these athletes, but I’ve played a second half with cracked rib on two occasions not realizing it was that bad. When the adrenaline and endorphins are up it is harder to recognize the pain.


Mascherano didn’t even intend to tackle him; someone whispered the word ‘taxman’ behind him and he got spooked

Jack's little finger

Too bad for the guy… Tho as someone said above, don’t think he should be starting for us…. especially in that specific Barca game.

Hope he gets well soon.


This’ll please the moaning c**t sat behind me at the emirates who seems to keep hold of his season ticket just to tell Chamberlain and Giroud how shit they are game after game. Even went as far as hoping for a “six month injury” as Ox went off. Class.


You either sit near me or theres more than one of them lol


I was just thinking the same thing!


Get well soon Ox. Thank heavens we are fully covered in that position. Campbell deserves some more Premier League mins

You Know Theo

I can’t be alone in thinking that we should be seriously considering moving the Ox on in the summer. He’s not showed any signs of progress for two years. Rightly or wrongly I suspect if he wasn’t well liked and English wouldn’t have had the opportunities he has done, or the patience from the fans.

Goone's Farm

If Bendtner was kept untill he was 26 and Abou till 29, I think we could afford to give Ox a little more time. It would be criminally unfair otherwise.


Give him time; he’s clearly got bags of talent. There weren’t many Arsenal fans clamouring for us to keep Aaron Ramsey three/four years ago, and now we’re talking about him as one of our most important players and a potential future captain. And rightly so.

Theo you know

Circumstances are maybe a bit different – do we need to give him time when we have the financial resources to go out and buy a player who is already performing at a much higher level? What’s the point in waiting two years to see if Ox gets there? I would like to see us be a bit more ruthless. Potentially loan him out like Scz.

dr Strange

Ramsey is not, and never will be, captain material and that has nothing to do with his ability as a player.

Mr. G

He’s had a poor season but he adds pace and depth. Shame that his potential has been pretty much ruined by injuries so far.


A big shame as i think Wenger was ready to give him a good run of games.

For poos and giggles (and a win hopefully) I’d like to see Campbell, Welbeck and Sanchez as our front 3 on Sunday.

Thierry Bergkamp

I expected Ox to take his game to a new level this season, how wrong was I. 1 more season, if it dosesn’t work out, offload him

Getso gunner

Too bad for Alex

bims lay

Too bad indeed!…..gutted for the lad, especially as he was just beginning to win in his personal battle to play himself back to form. i wish him speedy recovery. ….andwhile we are on the Ox?, i need to get couple of things off my chest for the record….. (1) BooHoo! to all these stupid chatter on the internet that ox is going to be offloaded to westham in the summer. Utter rubbish. nonsense. Arsene is not the kind of manager that turns his back on his men, especially when they are down. His critics view it as a flaw, while… Read more »

Ger Scully

It’s a strange one. TV replays show that the impetus of Mascherano caused Ox’s right ankle to buckle and the way he was limping afterwards suggested the ankle too. 4-6 weeks if it is the ankle. 4-6 months if it’s the knee. 4-6 on the truthometer if it’s being reported by John Cross.

Gooners & Roses

Similar like the one he got in Aston Villa game. Both incidents started by him overran the ball.
I’m all for commitment, but players also need to know when not to go into full blooded challenge.


Twice now he’s injured himself badly by overrunning the ball and ploughing into an opposition player – other time was in the 3-1 home defeat against villa in 2013


Given that he overruns the ball and runs into a player in 50% of the games he plays, it’s actually not all that high a ratio.

I like the kid and he’s got bags of potential but he seems incapable of working certain things out of his game, that being the most obviously and frustrating of them. As is when you see him go on a counterattack with the ball with support on both sides you basically expect him to mess it up because he does 90% of the time.

Danish Gooner

I feel sorry for Oxlade but lets be serious he brings absolutely nothing to the table and par Flamini he is the only one we can afford to get injured for a long period.


I disagree, D Gooner. The Ox was excellent until his injury apart from his missed chance on goal. He shored up his flank defensively, and moved the ball positively and intelligently in attack. Look what happened when he was subbed.

dr Strange

That´s a bit harsh. With a good run of games, some mental training and som confidence Ox would be amazing. He´s got it all but injuries has seriously fucked up his career.

Danish Gooner

Now lets get Santi back and start our quest for the double.


Sad, but frankly its good news for Arsenal. He is nothing but dead weight in the team.
Walcott contributes at least some assists and goals. Ox nothing.
Campbell is positionally aware and better defensively. Ox sleeps on the pitch.
Welbeck is also an option.
Overall, sad for the kid, sorry adult, but happy for the team.


Sorry but….


Crash Fistfight

No need to shout.

Agree wholeheartedly, though.


I am sorry for him but it’s really good for us. And for that miss on Tuesday, it’s just a fucking discgrace. On the right Campbell has deserved more than anyone to continue his development. None of his runouts lately have been anywhere near as bad as those of Walcott or Ox. With him we look more stable, he makes good decisions with the ball and works himself to the ground defensively. Also has good vision, he proved himself in that game vs Olympiakos with that amazing assist for Giroud. If he had started against Barcelona, we might be having… Read more »


I think ox has more potential than Theo who is basically a well paid super sub – even then he often struggles!!


not really fair , theo at least has some end product.


When the Ox colluded with Mascherano it was obvious that he had to come off immediately. He stayed in and limped through the rest of the half. At halftime I and all of my mates agreed that he would be replaced at half time as the injury looked bad. Amazingly he came out for the second half, limping again. He either told Wenger that it was just a knock that he could run off or one of the medical staff got it completely. Ridiculous.


– colluded + collided


If memory serves, his last serious injury was again the result of miss-control and he went lunging into a tackle to try and win it back. Some players just don’t seem to be learning and pushing ahead.


Ox needs a spell away from the EPL. I sometimes think some time in the wilderness would help get the head right. La liga maybe?


That is quite unfortunate for him if he has to be away for a considerable amount of time. Quite honestly he has not yet impressed me this season. I hope he does not end up like Wallcut who we are still waiting for his career to kick off after almost ten years in the club.


Hope Ox recovers quickly and atleast we have Joel Campbell to play there 🙂


Feel sorry for him but its yet another avoidable injury..His touch was poor but no one deserves to miss probably a year of football for a bad touch. That miss however…i joke i joke

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