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Szczesny: I want Arsenal to be champions

Wojciech Szczesny says he’s hoping Arsenal can win the title this season, even if it makes him look like ‘a bit of idiot’.

The Polish international is currently on loan with Roma, but is obviously following what’s going on back in London by the miracle of television. With Petr Cech one of the team’s top performers, he quipped that an Arsenal title win might make him look bad, but that he’s hopeful his temporarily ex-teammates can go the distance.

“I watch all Arsenal games, of course,” he said. “And I hope they will be champions, honestly. I spoke to Theo Walcott yesterday and told him they have to win it, but it’s gonna make me look like some kind of idiot.

“They never won it when I was there and now, ‘Oh look, Szczesny is gone so it’s obvious what the problem was’. I’m joking, but maybe it’s true after all. I was there for four seasons, there were other goalkeepers before me and they didn’t win the title either.

“Of course it stings a bit, but I won’t say it hurts because I’m an Arsenal fan and when I watch the games I always want them to win.

“I really hope they will be champions.”

That makes all of us.

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Bergkamp's elbows

Good old Chezney. Eccentric as they come. Would love to see him blossom late into Cech’s understudy.

On a side note, I watched the FA Cup final again today, just for a laugh, and fuck me Cazorla is integral. Sublime.

Seeing Sounds

Cazorla was definitely underappreciated. I always rated him highly but ever more so now that he is gone. That FA cup free-kick was history in the making


Just because on the day it didn’t look like it was going to come from anywhere. Santi stepped up in that moment and it was beautiful. Awesome.


Oh how i miss our little magician…

Keepin it MonReal

I really like this guy. Hope he’s back next year to learn from Cech. He’s a true gunner and I don’t want anything other than for him to succeed at the arsenal


Not sure this qualifies as news. If nothing else his timing is suspiciously off but I guess he’s still hoping for a return to the Emirates.

Petits Handbag

He might get his wish when his loan ends and he’s contractually obliged to do come back.
Could make a goal scorer of him/anyone/someone just put the ball in the bloody net!!!


I’ve got nothing against the guy – & I would be happy if he was able to rebuild his career at Arsenal – but this just seems like it was calculated to win fan support. But hey, if it works, good luck to him.

Tony g

Or…that’s just the type of thing he would say on any day, because he’s a funny and laid back guy


Sure, which goes back to my original comment: not sure why this qualifies as news.


Being on field regularly will make him much better than being 2nd to the best goalkeeper in the world. I don’t think Wojciech is gonna play next season at Arsenal with Petr Cech still going strong.


Thanks for that Woljciech. “They”??? Does he not mean us “us”? He is still our player. Ian Wright, Charlie Nicholas and Thierry Henry still call Arsenal “us”.


He doesn’t get a medal if we win; perhaps that’s why.

Alexis is Back

I want Arsenal to win the title and even I won’t mind if it makes me look like an idiot.


In fairness, most keepers don’t look great in comparison to Cech, but I love his honesty.


Lay off the fags and come back to challenge cech szezza!!


Nice to hear, Shez. Me too.


Yeah we live in hope more than expectation and reading blogs blog today about the inability to score goals doesn’t exactly fill me with optimism – truth hurts!!!

Tony g

I like Szczesny, and I really do hope he overtakes cech someday…but I do wonder how many points cech has saves us this season that Szczesny wouldn’t have


But if Arsenal can’t be champions…

Baring a giant turnaround on our part, they deserve it.

Mississippi Gunner

Me too Shez. also this is unpopular but jack Wilshere needs to change the way he plays, stop charging into a mass of defenders and sticking his leg out to nick a ball, or he’s going to spend a career out injured. this is coming from a guy who has Jack’s #10 jersey so I’m not even trying to hate. I just want the guy to have a career at Arsenal

Ozil's Eyes On Wenger's Hot Thighs

Meanwhile, ESPN want to know why Chelsea don’t want Terry anymore. Can anyone help?



Parlour's pay packet

You get the impression the club treats our players well. Former players and the chaos on loan never have a bad word to say.


Seriously I think Wilshere needs to look up to Cazorla for his plays and movement. Not that he’s movement is poor, but he should analyse how Santi wins the ball back with his interception and not through hard tackle. It does nobody any good.

Timothy Lumsden

Suppose when the best goalkeeper in the premier league gets signed your Dick is going to shrink a bit


the time for Szczesny is right to get back. He is a true gunner indeed. Identification and loyalty are virtues that are easily forgotten nowadays with clubs filled with mercenaries traded by hundred millions

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