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Wilshere can see light at the end of the tunnel

While some of you might think the kind of light Jack Wilshere sees is one that he should go into, his suffering put to a merciful end, the Arsenal midfielder says it’s a light at the end of the tunnel after another long absence through injury.

Wilshere has yet to play this season after suffering a broken leg in training, and complications from the surgery required to fix it, but with a reported setback dismissed by the manager last week, he’s nearing a return to action.

Asked by the official site how his rehabilitation was going, he said, “It’s going well. I’m back on the pitch and I’m just trying to build my fitness up because everyone knows how tough it is to play in the Premier League. I’m working on it and I’m slowly getting there.

“Sometimes it’s been difficult to stay positive, especially after the injuries that I’ve had which have been frustrating, but as the injury goes, you get closer to full fitness and you see the light at the end of the tunnel, then you start to think about coming back and getting involved in the team.”

Fingers crosses there are no more hiccups along the way, and Jack can bring something to this team before the end of the season.

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Need Wilshere on the right desperately. Help with build up play from the back and play long balls like he does for England. Develop a rhythm with Bellerin overlapping (imagine those reverse balls). He can also be closer to Ozil, Giroud and the penalty area playing from the right. Theres just so much to his game

Cape Town Gunner

Great points you make Brendan. I love Jack and it gets a bit tiring seeing so many Arsenal fans giving him such a hard time. As if he wants to be in this situation.

Mr. White

Love Jack. Rate him over Ramsey personally. Can’t wait for him to play alongside the Coq and behind Ozil. If we can just have one season without any injuries to our first team, we will cruise the league.

Third Plebeian

Desperately? Players always seem to get better and better the longer they’re out injured. I’m not sure how much longer we’ll be dining out on 2013 and that game against Barcelona. I remember months of frustrating performances prior to his latest big injury.


If only he’d scored a few absolute screamers, been man of the match in every game for his country for about 9 months and arguably been man of the match in the handful he played back end of last season..
This guy is obscenely talented. I’d argue with him (though I agree injuries often improve the perception of players) people have actually forgotten just how good he is rather than overstating it. Can’t wait for him to be back.

Kenyan Gooner

How about Coqilshere pairing?

Bould's Eyeliner

sounds like an obscene hobbit village. I would visit that village. And be merry.

ringo xiii

Don’t you mean ShereCoq?

coq's wils here

You mean coq’s wils here?


Good news! Let’s hope he can prove his long term durability. We could do with some creativity from deep. We’ve missed his and Rosicky’s quickening of our play as well.

Crash Fistfight

Seems like if we want the quickening neither of them can be fit at the same time. In other words: there can be only one.


oh my

Crash Fistfight

Sorry, I couldn’t help it.

Mesut Aussie

What a champion! Good on ya jack. Can’t wait to see him one-twoing into the box and slotting home winners…


That was a beautiful display between Giroux and Wilshere. The finish was full of confidence that is currently missing with some of our players.


Giroud also did well there also…I suffer from a lack of confidence in my auto correct as well.


Great! And a video to remind us what he can do. It’s just that the video is old. Norwich got relegated, then bounced back up and has played half a season and we are still showing that video. I don’t mean to put down Wilshere’s fans and I wish him a speedy recovery and a good comeback, but I hardly think he is going to play a part if we are going for the title. Nevertheless, a good option from the bench..


It’s hard to believe that match against Barcelona at the Emirates when he was dominant and by far one of the best players on the pitch was probably 6 years ago. Would be great to have a healthy Jack back in the squad, but unless he is fully fit (doubtful) and there are a string of injuries (possible as always) I can’t see him having much opportunity to play at this point in the season.

Petits Handbag

And Chesney in goal, with Djourou in front of him. Those three were immense that night.
Promise does not always deliver.

Julio Baptista's humble alter ego

I really miss Johan Djourou 🙁

Sir Hugh Massingberd Massingberd

We have been seriously missing creativity in the middle without Santi, I think Jack could be that link quite well.


Can we name that flick “The Giroud”, or has it already been done?


I really like Jack, Arsenal boy through and through. But I worry with players like him, Walcott, Gibbs, Welbz etc, whether we can rely on the ‘british core’ anymore. They aren’t robust enough. You cannot plan a campaign and think ‘if they stay fit we can challenge’. Because they have never stayed fit. We over played them when they were young because of the stadium move, and now I worry they are all perma-broken. I don’t deny their quality, just their durability.


I’ve come to the same conclusion, playing too much first team football before 20 when you are still growing gives you problems later as it disturbs your bodies natural development. As much as it pains me to say I think the best for wilshere would be to go to a less physical league like Italy or spain where he will have a better chance of staying fit.


The problem is that they’re just not good enough, end of story. But because they’re English and get so much attention, we’re extremely hesitant to move on. Walcott is an extremely limited player, yet for no apparent reason other than PR we’ve given him two expensive contract extensions. Ramsey has shown no sign of having either the technical ability or the tactical discipline to play in the middle, but instead of telling him to shut up and play on the right, we’ve given in to his pressure to play there. Wilshere has a lot of technical ability but has never… Read more »


Would love to see him get a run next to Coquelin in the middle when he’s fit.


His movement for that goal against Norwich is so accomplished. Brings the ball from defence and follows it all the way to the goal at the other end. Definition of box to box.


For me hes still the only British player we have that genuinely adds to the first eleven. Love everything about his game & slots seemingly in after every long term injury.

Just hope he is completely over the injurys when Cazorla needs replacing in a year or two.


Wilshere is the one arsenal player that I would trust to do a job in the middle in the absence of Cazorla. He’s more reliable in possession than Ramsey. I really had high hopes for him but it seems like he’s going down the same route as Diaby.


He would seem to be the best player to cover santi’s spot next to le coq – such a shame our squad is so injury prone!!! Although I am not a fan of Theo and his one goal in 17 matches!!!


Just like Diaby.

Mach iii

Go play on the highway with a blind fold on.


To be fair to Alexstratz:

Jack Wilshere apperances:

2008–09 1
2009–10 1
2010–11 35
2011–12 0
2012–13 25
2013–14 24
2014–15 14
2015–16 0

Abou Diaby appearances:

2005–06 12
2006–07 12
2007–08 15
2008–09 24
2009–10 29
2010–11 16
2011–12 4
2012–13 11
2013–14 1
2014–15 0

Those numbers look pretty similar. No Arsenal fan I know wants Jack to be another Diaby, but lets be honest, it looks like that’s the path he’s going down.


To me it seems Jack’s injuries are different. They’re big ones, then he’s good until another happens due to physical contact. The tackle that caused this one was terrible. The trick is changing his luck or incidences there. I have no solution to offer or I would. I so wish I did. Diaby had the big one by some disgusting waste of boots, then everything seemed a series of small knock-ons, muscles and soft tissues, most likely because of whatever it was that got bio-mechanically messed up. Oh, and that other cunt Barton going in on his knee and ankle… Read more »


2011 – 2015 Diaby 17
2011 – 2015 Jack 63
Are you sure “similar”???
Get back Jack!!! COYG!

Chimichanga Monreal (cuz that's way more fun to say)

Nice cherry picking of the numbers to make Jack look better. They have nearly identical average number of appearances per season (about 12.5 each). That’s about 33% of the 38 game season. Even if you take out ’08 – ’10 for Jack (the two 1 appearance seasons) his average only goes up to 16.5 or 44% of the games — note that is only 10% better than Diaby. Not stellar by any means. So yes, fair comparison.

Danish Gooner

My God is he dying,i knew it was bad but this bad !!!


It is a train jack ..
Get of the rails.

I kid , i really hope he can put all these injuries behind him , because he is a hell of a player when in form.
Judging by arses some would rather have him put down Jack is proper Arsenal i want him back and hope the time out also has made him more mature so that those off the field antics won’t be an issue no more.


If there’s one silver lining regarding this injury is that it was a broken leg and not more ankle issues, meaning he’s had even more time to rest and strengthen those brittle ankles. Really want him to have an injury free season, towards the end of last season when he came back into the team he was fantastic, coupled with his performances for England and you could see he was really pushing on. Hopefully he comes back and makes a difference again.

P.s more goals like the Norwich & WBA ones would be lovely Jack


Actually, More goals of any kind and Jack back on the pitch would be lovely – I’m not picky right now!

Jack Wheelchair

The more our season ebbs away, the better Wilshere seems. He was playing rubbish for most of last season!

Gudag Bedil

Hey you can be Jack’s stunt double


How uplifting!
Dedicated man with unique talent struggles with horrible injury curse.
Meanwhile, some (I won’t name call here) hides in the safety of anonymity and insults him while he’s talking about how close he is to recovery and how hard it’s been.

I suppose while your Nan is recovering from a fall you tell her how rubbish her pudding was last year and she should be shipped on.


Nan’s don’t make shit puddings, do they??


Depends on how ungrateful the grandchild, I’d imagine.


This is very true. We remember that goal against Norwich or the game against Barcelona, we don’t remember all the times he wasted a promising attack by trying to dribble through 4 players and ended up on the ground complaining to the referee while the other team countered.

Midfield Corporal

I hope for everyone’s sake he can stay fit for a decent spell, but 100 league appearances so far means we have to plan not to have him available and treat it as a bonus if he is. I can see him complementing Le Coq nicely, similar to Santi, affecting play from a deep position, whereas Ramsey has to charge up field to make things happen.

The coqs in the box

You surely mean charge up field to not make things happen

USA Gunner

Is “the light” heaven? Is he really that close to death…?


After the Southampton disappointment, this article got me to smile, and feel a bit of optimism building again. Love Jack at his best and love that goal!

Gudag Bedil

Personally I see him as Santi’s successor. Good on the ball and have great range of passing. Tiki taka thingy when playing against packed defense, got a bit of Rosicky too (sadly the injury too). Yes I would love to see you play again mate.


I will never, ever, ever get bored of watching that goal, or hearing the crowd reaction when seeing the replay. The best goal I’ve ever seen live, I was about three rows back behind that goal and it was well worth the £25.50 ticket price! Bargain


Serious question : what do we think of Tottenham?

Martin Finley

Such a glorious talent, would likely have been rated up there with the likes of Sanchez, Hazard and Bale if not for all the injuries ruining his progression.

But I fear injuries might continue to follow him throughout his career due to the combination of him being both prone to injury and having a very Gung Ho All In playstyle.

Anyways, hope he hits the ground running and help us lift the title in May.


I wouldn’t hate to see a Coq-Jack in the midfield

Elneny's smile

That goal is porn.

Timorous Me

Well, now I have “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out” in my head.


If Wilshere is fully fit, then we really have a chance. Aaron is wearing out i think. Not saying that he’s not able to fill in while Santi is away, but as time goes you just could understand that we lack that creativity down the middle. He was excellent at first. Hope Jack returns.


Timothy Lumsden

Can’t wait to see Jack return. Just loved that Swansea goal in the fa cup. Was lucky enough to be at that game. Everything looked so ace for him.


Seeing that video makes me feel sad. It made me realise we Santi back all the more

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