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Will Wellington get a chance at Arsenal after impressive loan spell?

Given that he is 23 years old, it seems rather inaccurate to describe Wellington as a starlet, with the winger having reached an age where, in most cases, a concrete decision has to be made about a player’s long-term future.

Wellington’s situation is rather different, however, as, although the winger has been affiliated with Arsenal for many years, this is his first season playing in England after he endured an arduous wait for a work permit.

The Brazilian has been rather impressive for Bolton Wanderers in the Championship, and is a frequent threat to opposing defenders with his daring trickery and searing pace.

After spending much time on loan in Spain, Wellington has demonstrated this campaign that he can cope with the rigours of English football, in the second tier at least. The question now centres on whether he will be afforded an opportunity to prove his worth in the Arsenal first-team.

At first glance it is difficult to envisage him getting much of a look in. Arsenal are well stocked for wide options on the right flank, with Theo Walcott, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Joel Campbell and Serge Gnabry all natural wingers, whilst the likes of Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere and Danny Welbeck have also been used out wide.

On the left there is perhaps an opening for a player to be an understudy to Alexis Sanchez, but many of the aforementioned players are also capable of operating on that side of the pitch, suggesting that, unless there are some unexpected departures in the summer, Wellington will have his work cut out to force his way into the Arsenal squad.

Having waited so long for even a slither of an opportunity, however, Wellington is unlikely to give up easily. A stellar conclusion to the campaign may just convince Arsene Wenger and his coaching staff to give the former Fluminense player a chance in the first-team.

Bolton currently find themselves in a battle to avoid relegation, and at present it is looking unlikely that they will preserve their Championship status. Wellington, though, will be giving everything he can to ensure that he is a Premier League player with Arsenal next season.

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Let’s hope he doesn’t get the boot.


He’s more experienced than the OX and is like a mix of the OX and Neymar very very very skillful. Personally I think he should be given a chance and send the OX out on loan next season. Gnabry and Wellington to replace the OX next season while the OX goes on loan and get valuable experience that’ll help him and build his confidence he;s been terrible this season.


Well spoken Kend, in addition he didn’t feel sort of situations the like of Jack, Joel and Coq beend through we have youngsters who are starvation for what Ox thinks is a birth right…I say give it to serge, iwobi or Jeff


Can’t agree more. I feel Ox is right for the Championship right now. Needs to swallow a hell lot of pride and get back to basics. I think Aaron did that a few years back.


Wait…send one of the young stars of the Premier League down to the Championship? A guy that has been so impressive that he’s forced his way into the starting 11 of one of the biggest clubs in the world?

Arctic Marauder

Ox should be loaned out, but I think Premier League clubs will come sniffing. Lower-mid PL is his level right now and his confidence is hurting at top PL-level..Fear a new Denilson coming in him.


Wellington will be the next Joel Campbell


One difference I see between him and other players we currently have playing wide are, most of them prefer (Theo, Ramsey) or expected (Ox) to play in the middle.

He is a different option and I do hope he will get a chance with us next season to be Campbell/Coq but not because of injury situation!

Harish P

His dribbling is down right ridiculous at times, and I mean that positively. His end product has really been there for Bolton though, so maybe he would at least deserve a summer of friendlies with us to see where he can really show up as an Arsenal squad player next season.

Harish P

*HASN’T been there for Bolton

Ger Scully

He’ll have to Beef up or he’ll get the Boot.

I’m not even sorry.


Love the article… however… everyone (with the exception of Campbell) you listed above Wellington on the depth chart are serious injury risks. I think the addition of his pace and ability would be a boon for the Gunners. Throw him in the mix and see what happens…


Enjoyed the article.

However, everyone you mentioned above who is higher on the depth chart (save Campbell) carries significant injury risk. I think Wellington’s pace and ability would be a boon for the Gunners. Throw him in the mix and see what happens…

Mexican Gunner

Am I having a kind of deja vú? Or did you write an alike comment before?

Seeing Sounds

I think we’re in the Matrix and just spotted a glitch.


You can never rule anything out anymore with the likes of Coquelin and Campbell surprising us. Wellington certainly has the speed, dribbling, control, and skill required to play for us.


Having watched some of his video, he is certainly going to be a beta option to our profligate Ox if given a chance by wenger during summer activities!


Not another “starlet”
When are going to sign some superstars
Get your chequebook out wenger


Dammit. Let hope he does the Coq or a Campbell. All we don’t is to sell him and then he does the Afobe. Good luck to him though. Yes he needs to beef up.

Mr. White

Really enjoy all of your articles jeorge. I would love to see you do your next one on Toral please


He’ll make it. If he just remembers these simple words: “A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man”.


I saw a random video of his trickery and was astonished. He is better than I thought:


I’m sorry I don’t see it. Nothing against the lad but if it 23 he’s making (small) waves in the championship after many far from successful loan moves he isn’t going to make it. Arsenal have many good wingers (Walcott, chamberlain, Sanchez, welbeck, cambell, iwobi, and more). If he is going to make it her need to exeed those good players and be an exceptional player (ok Sanchez is up there). I say let him go and hopefully he has a decent career, but it won’t be winning lots of titles. Sorry if it sounds negative but think we have… Read more »


Iwobi isn’t really a winger?


You might want to watch him play for Bolton before you give your opinion on what you see or don’t see for the lad’s future.


Give him a chance to prove himself in the 1st team. Really feel like there’s big potential to be unleashed here.

Lurd Ishanovic

I doubt if wenger will give him a chance. As long as those english boys are still there. Even if they are playing ton of shit, wenger will still keep faith in them


With all due respect to the boy, why are Bolton getting relegated then?

Goone's Farm

Because they are in big financial trouble and their team isn’t exactly loaded with quality to begin with, even without having players unsettled by the financial situation. I mean their main striker is Emile Heskey, not really ideal is it?


He is only one player in a team of 11 players; a tree can’t make a forest!
Even if you put Wayne Rooney or Danny Welbeck in Bolton’s eleven, they’re unlikely to escape being relegated.


No, not another Starlet. We have too many of them and lack World class players in the team. There has to be a balance which we don’t have at the moment. Take ozil and alexis out, we struggle.
We have the money to buy players, enough of these projects. Barca, bvb and bayern get the balance right.

Ex-Priest Tobin

Probably better than the overrated English muppets in our team. Can’t fathom how Ox has displaced Campbell.


Plenty of ridiculous comments here. Of course Wellington should be given a look in but to suggest Ox should be loaned out to the championship is the height of idiocy. We are in need of more trickery always and at 23 (Like Welbeck, Coquelin, Ramsey, Walcott etc) this is an age where a player either transitions into fulfilling potential or does not. That said, Ox is a beast when it comes to forward play. He needs a bit more guile with some decision making but his pace and close control are superb for an English lad. To think Wellington would… Read more »


If Theo can play, then so too Silva.

Jamie Vardinho

Sell Walcott and send Chamberlain and Granbry on loan (not to the Championship), should free up some space.

Let Wellington Silva and Campbell battle it out for that spot, and give Iwobi a sub spot as he can operate across the midfield front 3.

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