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Former Gunners facing the chop

It’s been a bad news day for a couple of former Gunners, who could well find themselves without a club sooner rather than later.

Nicklas Bendtner and Emmanuel Eboue have had little success since leaving the Emirates, although the latter did have a decent spell with Galatasaray before plummeting out of favour.

He was given a chance at Premier League redemption with Sunderland, who signed him until the end of the season back on March 9th. Today, however, he was handed a one year ban by FIFA for failing to make payments to a former agent and refusing to pay a fine that had been imposed upon him.

That led Sunderland to releasing a statement today which read, “Sunderland AFC has been advised by the Football Association that Emmanuel Eboué has been placed under an immediate suspension from football and all football-related activity for a period of one year, by Fifa.

“The suspension relates to a monetary dispute which precedes his time at Sunderland AFC and was not something that the club was made aware of by the player. Eboué signed a contract with Sunderland AFC until the end of the current season and the club has therefore given notice of its intention to terminate the contract.

“The player has two weeks in which to appeal this decision.”

The ban can be overturned if he makes the required payments, so the door isn’t fully closed it seems, but it remains to be seen if he’s willing to do that.

Meanwhile, The Greatest Striker That Ever Lived, Nicklas Bendnter, is out of favour at Wolfsburg, with the German club set to terminate his contract.

The Dane has been training alone for a number of weeks after some disciplinary issues, and today Wolfsburg’s Sporting Director Klaus Aloffs, said, “We have attempted to hold talks with his advisers and have discussed a solution. I think that there will be a decision soon.

“We have decided that he does not have to come in for now. The fact that he has been training on his own recently was not something we wanted to carry on.”

His Instagram game is still strong, which is something, but one might wonder if he’s as focused on football as he is on #sexgames.

We really dont Care what people think. We hot and young, And full of Fun. #sexgames #cruelintentions ???

A photo posted by Nicklas Bendtner (@bendtner3) on

There is some good news regarding the trio in the picture above. Andrei Arshavin has recently signed for FC Kairat in Kazakhstan on a one year deal.

He’s also set to star as Cato in a Russian language remake of the Pink Panther, which is bizarrely due to be directed by John Woo.

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That shit about John Woo and Arshavin is true.


From the title it sounded as if ISIS had got hold of them.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

What division do they play in?


I initially though this was about circumcision….


Bendtner. Seriously. What a gobshite

Rambling Pete

When you think of how talented you have to be to play for a team like Arsenal, it’s frustrating to see guys like this not make the most of a chance any one of us would have loved. They take it for granted, whereas for us it would feel like the best thing in the world. In my amateur days I was a good player, a flying winger with real pace and I could score goals too. I had a bit of a cultured left foot and I would have given my eye teeth to play for Arsenal. In fact,… Read more »


The timing of these is wonderful. Keep on rambling, Pete.

Third Plebeian

I died.


Rambling Pete, please tell me you have a blog of some sort? I need more of your ramblings than your arseblog comments have to offer!!


We could have said “Pizon” instead of Vladimir Petrovic and, sir, you wouldn’t been quicker.

the only sam is nelson

We have the Arsenal Gent on a Friday and frankly we need rambling pete on a Sunday if only to take our minds off what the weekend has done to the collective gooner psyche


Do you think not playing for Arsenal was based on your mental state Pete?

Toast with Butter and Jam

F*kin hell I’ve missed you Pete

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Bendtner is a legend. Rich and famous while also being a worthless dickhead. Well played. That instagram post is epic.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Actually I take that back, I wouldn’t assume he’s rich. He probably lives comfortably enough while he’s playing and earning a paycheck. Doesn’t strike me as someone who’s thought much about life beyond that thought.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

He will play in porn movies after his career. That’s my guess at the present time.

Third Plebeian

That instagram post is epic. I love how she’s holding ALL the technology. TGSTEL obviously wants us to know how connected and cool they are. They know about social media, unlike uncool people who have no virtual friends to which they can share thoughts such as “just got a mocha frappuccino at my fav cafe!” or “bad hair day lol.”

They walk on their beds with trainers, unlike people who care about things! Bllleeeuuuuugghhh!

Kevin Murtagh

Arshavin to start in a John Woo Pink Panther remake? April fools day is tomorrow Blogs… Unless it’s a mystery about stolen pies, that I could believe


So what happens when Spurs win the title


Good to see Rambling Pete here again we really missed u


I can’t believe some Arsenal fans thought the Great Dane would become a world class striker!

Tasmanian Jesus

What do you mean ‘some’?
Didn’t everyone?


What do you mean ‘arsenal fans’? Didn’t everyone?


I think the more surprising thing is that Arsenal’s psychoanalysis did not pick up that Bendtner would, in all probability, fail. The man has had at least 3 major career crises followed by chances to reignite his career at the top level and he still goes on like a man child.


I think they did, wasn’t there even a wenger interview where he said bendtner has self belief off the charts?

Petits Handbag

These three used to start Premier League and Champions League games for us.
And we still finished in the top 4. How the Fuck did that happen??

Third Plebeian

Because for a spell, they were all three quite good. Even Bendtner had a good season / half-season I believe?


The first CL match I ever went to, Bendtner scored a hat trick against Porto as we won 5-0. That was also the only time I ever hoped for Arsenal to miss a penalty, because I picked Arsenal to win 4-0 with Bendtner scoring first and was set to win 600 pounds until we got that PK in the 93rd minute.


Ahh, Bendtner and Arshavin. I bet these two jerkoffs would score more goals than Giroud and Walcott with Ozils setups.


Bendtner is the embodiment of the expression nicking a living. *

*Disclamer, do not the nick in nicking, as it may also be used as a pun, seeing as the player is infact called Nicklas Bendtner.


On the anniversary of Rockies death, reading about these three cock jugglers just about sums up how the game has changed in the last 20 years.

Third Plebeian

Cock jugglers. Heh.


I can hear the cabbies of Wolfsburg draw a sigh of relief.

John C

A couple of years back a friend and i stopped Bendtner getting flattened after he jumped a cloak room queue in a club, in hindsight it was a mistake, things could have been so different.

John C

Should I feel guilty that I halted that potential humility lesson? am I in part responsible for the monster that is Bendtners ego?


Bendtner is bigger than wolfsburgh. They clearly don’t know who they are dealing with.


Spurs would win epl

Dan Hunter

This interlull will be the death of me…


Random Bendtner story:

When I lived in London, my house mate worked in a nice hotel in Chelsea. One day, early 2012. Bendtner came into the hotel with a girl, as standard procedure he gave Nick (first name basis of course) a form to fill out which he then put for the ‘reason for staying at the hotel’ – ‘sex’, just that.

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