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Ozil: No truth in Real Madrid speculation

Mesut Ozil has killed off suggestions he could be lured back to Real Madrid by Zinedine Zidane making clear he’s only thinking about Arsenal.

Asked about his relationship with Zidane, who earlier this season took over from Rafa Benitez as the head coach at the Bernabeu, the German international touched on the Frenchman’s stellar playing career and praised his helpfulness off the pitch.

“Zidane was an amazing player,” Ozil told “He did not just play football, but lived for the game. I got to know him after his active career as someone who is always willing to lend a hand.

Wary that such admiration could be twisted by the press, the German clarified that his comments were not a ‘come-and-get-me plea’.

“But that does not say anything about my future,” he continued. “I am only thinking about Arsenal. There is no truth in the speculation linking me with a return to Spain.

“I have watched a lot of games involving Zidane. He was one of the most clever players in the world.

“He was able to read the game and direct play without any unnecessary tricks and showboating. That’s what makes him so special.”

The German, who took to Twitter last week to dismiss rumours he would quit the Emirates if Arsene Wenger remained at the helm, also praised his current manager’s influence and quality.

“Arsene Wenger played a very important role in me choosing Arsenal. He wanted absolutely to get me to London. Everyone knows what an exceptional coach he is. He is always hungry for success, has a wealth of experience and has a lot of time for the players.”

Ozil also spoke about what he’s done off the pitch to achieve such a marked upturn in his performances this season.

“After the injury last season I decided to switch some things and do them differently. Now everything is coming together positively, I completed a full pre-season with the team and made the most of it and that changed a lot. Since I’ve been up and running I’m again having fun playing football.

“During my injury I realised how much I miss football and I wanted to avoid at all costs another period spent watching from the sidelines.

“That’s why I changed my diet. I used to allow myself Coca-Cola, now I drink a lot more water. Today I eat significantly less bread than a few years ago. I’m also in the weight room a lot more and I’ve put on muscle mass and feel in top shape. Good fitness prevents injuries.”

Asked about his ambition for the future, the World Cup winner again touched on the importance of staying fit and outlined his desire to lift more silverware.

“I have already seen a lot [in my career] and played in Germany, Spain and England. Nevertheless, I definitely want to win some titles that are missing; the English Premier League and the Champions League. During my injury, I also realised how important health is, and know in the future to appreciate being fit all the more.

“In football you can never say never,” he said when asked about a future return to Spain or Germany.

“Currently, however, I focus exclusively on the current Premier League season, and then to the European Championship. What happens in the next or the next season, we will see.”

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Buzzy Gurkha

Can Ozil hold wenger hostage and ask for a #decent striker


Ozil is such a class footballer, will he stick around? I honestly don’t know. These comments are always nice to read, but that’s all they are, they don’t really hold and true value. if Ozil does leave it will look so bad for Arsenal that top level pro as good as him has come and gone within a couple of seasons due to us not winning any major honours – keeping Ozil at Arsenal is so so important for our future success on and off the pitch. But if we continue to blow League titles, FA cups, and get knocked… Read more »


Some of our players must eat a lot of bread


…and gallons of Coca-Cola


Or smoke a couple cigs…


Well that’s refreshing. Killing off potential rumors before they begin.


Just when I thought I couldn’t love him even more.


Özil is not only a great player,but seems a great individual as well.We have the classiest players.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Wenger is always hungry for success. This really good to hear.


Is that why he’s so skinny? Not enough of success lol oh that joke hurt me


Can’t say I found those last two sentences reassuring. Sounds like he’s willing to give Arsenal one more season, hopefully.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Agree, you are a good Wizard of Ozil’s mind. Wenger, activate Plan B please !

Man Manny

RVP tried to get Arsene to buy better players but I guess he went about it the wrong way. On the other hand, Ozil can subtly get Arsene to, at least, improve our strike force. The Benzema rumours are out again today; Granit Xhaka has been on for sometime now.


RVP listened to the little boy inside him, and now his career is all but over

the only sam is nelson

“all but”

well I’m glad he’s got a job dishing out cones at training sessions, then


“He was able to read the game and direct play without any unnecessary tricks and showboating. That’s what makes him so special.”

Makes me think of a certain two footed genius we have been sorely missing!

Tarquin Farquar


the only sam is nelson

Stephen Morrow taught Denilson all he knew


genuine lol


Must be TGSTEL. And he’s available again.


Thank you media speculator twats. Because of you and the interlull, it allows us to talk about bread. Here are the lyrics to If by Bread. Bread- IF lyrics If a picture paints a thousand words, Then why can’t I paint you? The words will never show the you I’ve come to know. If a face could launch a thousand ships, Then where am I to go? There’s no one home but you, You’re all that’s left me to. And when my love for life is running dry, You come and pour yourself on me. If a man could be… Read more »


Mezza, already well on the way to becoming an Arsenal legend.


Great to see that you are focusing on your club
Now please start playing well because you and alexis have been absolutely garbage for the past few weeks.
Add kos to that list too

Toure motors

Your home planet is looking for you….


And I always thought aliens would be smarter :/


Unfortunately aliens are just like us; you can get intelligent ones, and the not-so intelligent ones.

This one miscued his trajectory and landed on Earth instead of the planet ARSE 810G. Hence the confusion.

Hope this clears a few things up for you. Feel free to ask any questions.


Are you sure he wasn’t aiming for the planet SHIT-WHL61?


What! No they’re not. Aliens are like completely different to us dude. They’ve got bug eyes, weird ears and everything. Get real.


certain it’s not


I think it all comes down to our transfer activity. If we strengthen the squad then we should be fine, if not then Özil and Alexis might choose the path of RvP and Cesc (or Judas and Cunt).


We need reinforcements into 3 positions (It seems we always need this every summer) 1) Striker. This is dependent on Walcott. I feel he is at 27yrs not going to get any better and his form seems so erratic. His pace will start to wear with age so it may be a good time to realise a sale now both for player and for us. This will free up some of the wage billl. If/should he be let go, we could well do with someone with a bit more nuace and creativity up top. The question is who. I’d fancy… Read more »


I definitely don’t want to see Chamberlain in the right-back position thank you very much 🙂

Bendtner's Ego

I laughed when you said Chambers’ best position is Right Back.

Even Callum has said his best position is center back during a car banter video with Ox.


“Even Callum has said his best position is center back during a car banter video with Ox.”

If this sentence doesn’t sum up the state of affairs at arsenal right now, then I’m an orc.


This team will have much to benefit from a player like ibrahimovic. I’ve never had such a strong gut feeling about it. Arsene,Cech,Ozil,Sanchez,Cazorla and Ibrahimovic be a force in Europe.


Who wants to convince us Ozil is staying? Ozil or Blogs?


Ozil, Sanchez and Bellerin will all be gone within the next three years. Reading this page never ceases to make me laugh. The naïve posters here who still think that we are a football club which is actually interested in winning trophies above all just don’t get it. WE ARE A MONEY-MAKING BUSINESS – AND THE PLAYERS ALL KNOW IT. Now that he gets the picture, my guess is that Ozil is already looking for a way out. If all goes well for him then he’ll soon find himself at a club which will give him a substantial pay increase… Read more »

Stewart Robson's therapist

Bundle of laughs, you are.

the only sam is nelson

you’re half right – the owner is interested in Arsenal FC as a dividend machine. but where you are wrong, I think, is where AW fits into this system. Perhaps he attracts players like Ozil, Sanchez and others who are drawn to the opportunity to play for a coach who will allow them to express themselves, and they know isn’t under threat of being sacked, which would jeopardise their position at the club. Or, perhaps they are attracted to a club that will pay them less than other teams, has a manager they think isn’t any good, and won’t win… Read more »


Ozil came to Arsenal because he wasn’t wanted any more by Real Madrid. We were the least worst option available for a quick last-minute transfer. Ditto Sanchez at Barca.

The likes of Bellerin love Arsenal because it’s a great club to develop while not under the massive pressure of a Barca or Real Madrid. But just like Rvp, Nasri and Fabregas, Hector knows that he’ll never win the two big competitions under the “fourth is a trophy” culture at Ashburton Grove.

That’s why he’ll go.

Ex-Priest Tobin

Ozil’s cowardice in front of goal is a big problem for the team. Wenger was clearly banking on Ozil developing into more of a goal threat when he signed him and it clearly hasn’t happened. Wouldn’t mind trading Ozil for an attacking midfielder with better scoring boots to be honest.


Yeah, what a coward –

Cowardly 19 assists too.


“Zidane was an amazing player.” But he is average as a manager. End of story, next silly rumor please.

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