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“Not bad,” says Iwobi

Fresh from scoring on his Premier League debut, man of the match, Alex Iwobi, faced the BT Sport cameras alongside Danny Welbeck.

Here’s what the duo had to say about the Gunners 2-0 win at Goodison Park, a result that temporarily closes the gap on league leaders Leicester to eight points.

On ending a tough week on a high note…

DW: It’s been a difficult couple of weeks with the results we’ve had. It was good to get back to winning ways and it’s something we can build on.

On scoring first…

DW: Yeah, obviously it makes a big difference going up rather than down a goal. To get the early goal was good for us and set the standard for the rest of the game.

On scoring on his Premier League debut…

AI: Yeah, it’s not bad. I enjoyed the moment. I’m happy that the team won, that’s the positive, that’s what we’re going to take into the next game.

On building partnerships with his teammates…

AI: I’m enjoying training with them [the first team], they’re always helping me out and giving me advice. I enjoy playing with them.

On not giving up on the title…

DW: The most important thing for us is to worry about ourselves. That’s the only thing we can do, we can’t affect other teams’ results. Worry about ourselves and do what we can do.

On a buzz returning to the team…

AI: We’re excited and confident in training. Even though we’ve had a difficult week we’re trying to put that to one side and focus on the league.

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He’s most definitely not talking about the ref. No yellow cards today, fucking unbelievable.


And not the commentary team neither. Fucking cunt going on about Sanchez not a penalty because he decided to stay on his feet and only falling later. But pretty sure he’d have been singing Vardy’s praises for going down at the slightest contact as being “clever”. Idiot.

Canon Fodder

You do know that you are allowed to express yourself without the need to insert expletives into your polemic; in fact it would read much better!

Dale Cooper

No it fucking wouldn’t!


Canon Fodder

It only goes to highlight the poverty of language, imagination and the art of conversation. Yes, you (and everyone else) are free to express yourself within your own limitations; it’s just a pity that we have to read it. The vagaries of democracy/free speech I suppose.


Yes, people are allowed use whatever language they want. We’re grown ups. We have comment rules that people are expected to abide by, but swearing is not one of them.




This is a football blog site, pretentious language won’t take you far here

Canon Fodder

As ‘blog as alluded to, I am allowed to express myself as deemed fit. It is the way I talk and write; that cannot be changed. It should not be considered pretentious or sanctimonious just because I choose not to use expletives.

dink arnold

You’ve got to be kidding me. It’s a pity we have to read your sanctimonious bullshit.

Lula da Gilberto

Fuck no it wouldnt


Seriously what was that shit? Unbelievable. He was stepped on/tripped as you obviously saw twice in the replay. Needs to re examine his announcing and maybe get some fucking glasses.


Alexis did not even have time to finish his fall before the second defender went through him. Baffling ref today o.O


It’s Clattenburg, that’s always what you get. The guy is a good ref on a technical level but he’s the most self-absorbed pompous asshat you’ll ever see. He literally can’t help himself. He always has to make the game about him.

Luckily this game we didn’t let him do it. But it’s a recurring problem. The shame is that he’s the best ref in the premier league despite his egomania.


He was actually fouled twice. The second tackle missed the ball too!


You know they are Mike dean type that you know are just plain shit and expect just that…but the worst type of refs are the Mark Clattenburg type.

He is like this not so hot chic
who thinks she’s extremely attractive
so she has a ridiculously huge ego. The worst.

Clattenburg should have gotten of his high horse and actually ref the match. Prick.


Clattenberg had one bad call first half with the penalty so i gave him the benefit of the doubt.
Then he basically refused to give us a foul in the 2nd half.


Elneny and Awobi …… Both new and both excellent.

Shim Shallstrom

Has anyone else noticed that El Neny keeps going over to try and take free kicks and corners? Come on boys, give the new a guy a go.


Only one Iwobi. May the goals be with you.

Arsene-al fan

He’s looking stronger each game, loved the way he held off the defender to score.

Arsenal hurts

remindes of young francesc. finally another bright forward prospect from academy. havent had that in a long long time. now lets just take care of him

Silent Stan's Content Mustache

Kid has potential, lots of it…

Me So Hornsey

Apart from his composure and passing, I really love his pace. Electric. Him and Wellbz negating the need for Theo entirely.


Who would have thought replacing a sprinter for a footballer would bring about such a mammoth difference.

Slick Rick

I’m really pleased for him. He does remind me of Cesc too. He’s definitely improving game by game. I hope Wenger keeps him in starting lineup.

Canon Fodder

Cesc’s main weakness has always been his paucity of pace. Iwobi is a faster and more direct version of Cesc.

Gooners & Roses

Mark Clattenburg on the other hand….


He’s really impressing As I’ve mention before if you do not enjoy development, Arsenal and Wenger will frustrate. Key is to get the balance right. Problem is if you don’t give the developing players opportunity they won’t improve If you do, there will be a period they need to adjust to the team and it could cost us. We saw that with Walcott and Ramsey. Indeed Koscielny and Montreal had tough first seasons. Ditto now Gabriel and Elneny. The one who took like a duck to water was Bellerin. To some extent Coquelin when many said he should get out… Read more »

Andy Mack

Even Bellerin had a few inconsistent games like all young players do (although he had much less than most youngsters do). It’ll be interesting to see if the ‘supporters’ get on Iwobis case when he does have a poor game, or hopefully the manager won’t over-play him to put him in that situation…


Hahaha “not bad” he says. I liked this kid already, I’m starting to love him!

Lord Nicki B

Potential and a great head on his shoulders. He could go a very very long way.

Per's Nimble Footwork

He’s not wearing those high shin pads? Brave kid.


Iwobi….the force is strong with this one!!!!

Theo's Radar

Elneny looked great and what an engine! First “classic Arsenal” performance of 2016!


Has pace but unlike someone has a brain, a first touch, very good passing ability and ball retention for someone so young. Also has great strength being so young…Not many weaknesses you can point out in his game, and everything else can only get better.
Also bringing back the Hleb pads helps

So Cal Arse Fan

Elneny was excellent…One or 2 touches and then a quick pass forward or wide. Very good pass selection and positioned well to halt their attack.


Iwobi looks great, he could afford to be a bit more decisive with his passing in the final third but he’s a real talent. Walcott and Ox need to look at his composure on the ball, they could learn a thing or two (or re-learn). Impressed with Welbeck and Elneny today as well

Lula da Gilberto

Ref had a stinker. Glad we did not let it affect us. And we played with a keeper who seemed to have broken his hip for the last 25minutes I think Ospina showed some real courage today. I suspect he might be more injured than Wenger lets on; that was a nasty challenge

Die Hard Gunner

Like I said before, this Kid augurs well for both Arsenal and Nigeria National Team.

Obi Wan Iwobi

Not to bad at all my son!


Gibbs made him look bad at one point when he pulled his run back. Not sure why he did that.

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