Monday, July 4, 2022

Reports: Wilshere suffers another injury setback

Jack Wilshere has reportedly suffered yet another setback as he recovers from a broken leg, and it’s casting doubt over a return to first team action this season.

Although the news has not yet been made official, sources we trust say that the midfielder’s long-awaited comeback for the Gunners won’t happen as soon as we would have liked – with eight games of this campaign still remaining.

The 24-year-old, who has been blighted by ankle and fibula injuries throughout his career, suffered a fractured leg just days before the current campaign after an accidental collision in training.

He went under the knife in September and hasn’t been seen since…a total of 237 days and counting.

Despite Roy Hodgson leaving the door open for Wilshere, the latest problem means his participation in England’s EURO 2016 campaign in France is also touch and go.

It’s a blow for both club and country, but all the more so for the player himself. Arseblog News wishes Jack all the best, and fingers crossed it’s not as bad as feared.

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Wasn’t really expecting him to feature this season anyway. Just hope he recovers in time for the preseason and remains injury free next season, does look unlikely I have to admit.

As many have said, we’ll probably need to view him as a bonus player in our squad now, and plan it without him in mind.


Agreed, if there’s one player that we can carry in the squad its Jack. However, lets please move Flamini on(hoping that moving Rosicky and Arteta goes without saying). Imagine having another DM that’s equally good to sub/replace Coq (replacing/subbing coq! sounds so wrong) when he’s on a yellow/suspended/injured. A lot of people say we need Rozza and Arteta for experience. We do have Cech, Santi, BFG, Koscielny and Giroud for that.

Fosk Goooc

This Flamini who you want to move on, is he the midfielder with the best points per game ratio of any midfield player we have this season. Who won every cup tie he has played this season alongside Ramsey? The one who since he lost his place in the team 10 games ago, we have now won three times since? Having only lost 2 in the 17 games before. Makes sense.


Right, we definitely missed flamini when all those scoring chances went astray. The same flamini whose experience doesn’t substitute for his lack of pace, which he tries to make up for with two-footed lunges. The same flamini that is probably going to become less and less effective as he’s in his 30s. The same flamini in place of whom we can definitely find an upgrade in the transfer market if only we show the ambition. Makes sense to me, how about you?

Fosk Goooc

Bits. I don’t think we are going to offer him a new contract and I fully understand that. I just think he should be able to leave at the end of the season with his head held high having done sterling work for us this season. He is what he says on the tin. He is not Liam Brady or even Francis Coquelin. He came in as 3rd choice central midfielder, formed a relationship with Ramsey, and we went on our best run of form of the season. And it was prolonged. He was exactly what we want from our… Read more »


Haha, thanks for making something up now catching my obvious sarcasm about scoring chances, but I’ll elaborate for your sake. What I was referring to was that you’re giving him too much credit for the points per game ratio. It’s our offensive line that must be faulted more for a drop in points in recent games, nothing to do with flamini. Glad we agree that Giroud and Walcott needed to do more. Also, you call him our 3rd choice central midfielder. He’s our 2nd choice defensive midfielder. If we get another DM as second choice and keep flam around for… Read more »

Fosk Goooc

What we need is not injuring opposition players (obviously). Just someone who puts himself about. Maybe.



About options in the transfer market; I can think of Tielemans, Ruben Perez, and Julian Weigl on top of my head. What I also feel is that instead of looking at this situation as filling a position where we’re using flamini as our 2nd choice DM, we should look at it as an opportunity to blood in a young DM with the potential to atleast match coq. Give him a few games in the cup games and sub minutes in the league where possible.

Thierry Bergkamp

As football fans, one thing we should have all learnt by now is, don’t read too much into stats


Jeez mate give him a break!

Wrong choice of words, but you catch my drift.

He could be amazing, have a bit of faith!

I only comment on the loo

All the best, Jack!

Arsene-al fan

Rosicky, Wilshere, Arteta – essentially nothing from them this season.
Welbeck, Santi both missed/missing big chunks of the season.
Walcott, Alexis, Coquelin, Cech, Ox and Ramsey out for significant time.

If we’d have had them fit we’d be walking the league. I thought we’d improved but not seeing any improvement now. Bad luck or still something wrong with our training/protection/rehab?

Thierry Bergkamp

Same old every year. What needs to happen is get rid of all these injury prone players, Jack especially

Mustrum Ridcully

Is it injury prone players or something not quite right with the medical set up? I suspect the latter.


Can you please explain how a different medical set up could’ve prevented a broken leg?

Bob Davis

Harsh, but I think the management should have known we’re an injury prone squad and brought in some players.

Same old Arsenal


How many squad players did Leicester City use in getting to where they are so far? We have a bigger squad than they have.

Something is really wrong with our medical team, training methods/fitness programs.

David C

I know Leicester had a guaranteed day or two off every week. I’m wondering if it’s not the methods we are using but the fact we are over training them.


Remember that Leicester have only competed in the league this year. Arsenal have had games in the Champions League and more games so their bodies are stressed a lot more. Do you think this contributes to the incidence of injuries?


I think it’s more about the type of players we have. When you are financially restricted, you have to sacrifice some attributes on the players you’re bringing in. Leicester went for players who are stronger physically than technically, and play a style of football that complements that decision. We were financially restricted (admittedly to a much lesser degree than Leicester) until a couple of years ago and the majority of the current squad were signed during that period. We, rightly or wrongly, compromised physicality for technical ability. Less physically robust players are more likely to be injured in collisions etc.… Read more »


I can’t help but think about “The Breakdown” that Adrian Clarke did a while back (last season?) on the official AFC site, where whoever he was interviewing talked about how Arsenal were the only/one of a few clubs with the Desso training pitches, which he described as being a hard surface. If I remember correctly he said United were getting a Desso pitch soon, and look at their injury record this season. While I do think some of our players are more injury prone than average, I can’t help but worry that our “world class training facilities” might do more… Read more »


We’ve had the same issue with injuries for approximately ten years. In that time, the players have changed, the stadium has changed, the medical and fitness staff have changed. Common denominator?


I’d like to think it has more to do with Arsenal’s style of play. There is no way you’ll pplay the Arsenal style and not attract injuries especially from rugby teams like West Brom. Put Arsenal in the Premiership and you’ll have the same injury problems.


I mean put Barcelona in the Premiership and they will have the same injury problems.


What I mean is if you put Barcelona in the Premiership, you will have the same injury problems.


Wow. I am lost for words. I he kept suffering impact injuries but this guy is turning into the next Diaby.


And everything is back to normal at Arsenal Football Club.

I can’t even cry anymore.

Indian Gooner

A huge blow for Wilshere, this.
Such a great talent. I just hope and pray that it doesn’t go to waste like that of Diaby.
Why has our club become so fucking cursed, I really don’t know?

Beezus Fuffoon

Are we just unlucky? It really makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Get well soon, Jack!


Wow. Just… Wow.


I was at the Emirates Cup years back when we played Real Madrid on the Sunday. I remember Wilshere deservedly winning man of the match in both games, those were pretty much the first we’d seen of this much-hyped teenager. Honestly? I thought he’d win the Ballon D’or by the time he was 25. I spent the next year wishing I’d put a tenner on it, he almost single-handedly destroyed Madrid in that game. Fast forward however many years and it’s a career blighted by injuries. You have to feel we’re getting into Abou Diaby territory here, a gifted player… Read more »

Dan Hunter

Flamini can save the world and buy out Kroenke while he’s at it!

bims lay

I agree with you on keeping Rosicky and I share your sentimental reasons for keeping him, but he offers a lot more…. Rosicky is a playmaker, a magician on the ball, a zidane, ozil type of player if you wish, and those types of players lends well to aging. he might lose some pace as he grows older, but he dosent need ‘blistering’ pace to be effective, he just compensates by making the ball do more work for him…..and that is possible because, as he ages, his ball playing, tactical vision, attacking nouance and the ‘killer pass’ instinct never goes… Read more »


I agree on keeping Rosicky if we don’t win the league this season. I wouldn’t let Rosicky go empty handed.
Arteta can be pay as you play contract and a full time coach.
The only place where we need a major upgrade would be replacing Flamini, signing a striker and a good RB or CB.

someone's something

Our British core is crumbling.

Mr. G

The ‘British Core’ was never all that great, but it’s such a shame about Wilshere because out of all of them he’s the one that really could be a world class player, and a member of a squad that regularly competes for the PL and CL.

At 24 it’s not too late for him and I really hope he’ll one day become injury free, but I agree about viewing him as a bonus player. We shoudln’t get rid of him yet, but we can’t build a squad with him in mind either.

Someone's Something

I think everyone except for Jenkinson has the potential to make it. But they really need to get their acts together.

Mr. G

Are you kidding?!

Only Jack has that potential. The rest of them would most likely already be at mid-table clubs if Wenger wasn’t still here.

Mark Hughes

Maybe next time they should just put the broken limb in a cast and let it heal naturally.




Could be good that he isn’t hurried to the euros and instead gets a whole preseason with some fitness work.

Red Fred

Ok glass half full time. He won’t come back early to play for England. Give him proper time to recover and be fully fit for the next campaign coz were gonna need him then.


I bet his favorite movie is ‘Groundhog Day’


Hopefully, ’cause in the end he’ll figure out how to solve it all just like Bill!


It’s Diaby all over again, and it must be heart-breaking for him.

das Pauly bear

Ah Jack. Just go take the coaching badges mate. I feel for this with daiby. Two great players but it’s not going to happen

Two footed flamstamp

Why does everything bad happens to this club?
Bad luck is one thing but now a days it feels like it’s more self inflicted than anything else.


I don’t normally post comments, but when I do, they are saying that I’m speechless…


So sad that Jack’s whole career is becoming one big setback. It’s gone way past the point where I no longer expect him to be anywhere near fit unless I actually see him on the pitch (and even then…).

Ex-Priest Tobin

Just sell him, he is botched goods.

Luis Boa Muerte

This poster has a defective sympathy mechanism


Perhaps that’s why he was defrocked?


That comment is a shocker Ex-Priest and everyone that thumbed that up!


This is the second full season that Jack will have missed though injury, meaning he has played less than 100 games for the club in the last 5 years. He might be a very good player on the occasions he can play, but through no fault of his own he cannot be relied on. I think the club seriously have to consider whether to move him on.


Jack ‘Diaby’ Wilshere

Arsenal hurts

thats what u get being handled by our docs n trainers.
but really! its become so cliche that the comments on that like “who could have guessed that?” “…gotta feel for the guy” have also became cliches. n jack wilshere
he is a metaphore of our club always promising a break through always breaking our hearts n keep us hoping for the coming year.
get another doctor jack. take your time. dont rush it just be back when you really are. we all love you boy 🙂


Poor bastard.

Arsenal hurts

ok im on moderation list again? is it that my comments are wrong? so argue it n tell why! or is it that its the truth n u cant handle that? if so just keep up the whatever youre doing if its helpin u feel betta


It’s because of your typing – read the comment policy, use real English and not text speak. Thank you.

Arsenal hurts

So you delete comments just because I type “u n i” and not “you and I” who thought life had to be that hard? :/


Oh dear!

Yuck Fu

Yeah I’m on Team Bloggs here – text speak is really 90’s and just pickles my onions.


If you don’t want to abide by the rules, that’s entirely your decision. They’re the same for everyone, so don’t complain when your comments aren’t posted.

Arsenal hurts

OK Mr. Blogs. I’ve been a bad student. My parents were’nt there when I needed someone to teach me the importance of typing the yo’ of you.
Nervously laughs. Cries. Crawls back into his hole. A grumpy Arsene Wenger appears and slams his door. Stan nods contentfully.

Arsenal hurts

I’m again on moderation? Really what did I do wrong now? did I miss dot or something! Fuck, really? :))


Contentfully? Maybe Blogs doesn’t like it when you make up words. I certainly don’t.


You should write a blog for over ten years and then you can use whatever letters and words you like


Wonder how many would read a blog in text speak…


Text-speak may be quick and easy for lazy commentators, but it is hard to read. I’m with Blogs on this.

Big Rob

Even when he plays I’m always worried every time a tackle goes in, a real shame , great player, come back stronger next season

lovely arse

I miss Jack.


Wilshere broke out to the team when he was around 18, six long years ago and counting….Is there a way to find out how much “football time” he’s missed during that period. I’d venture to say that must be close to 3 1/2 seasons gone to the drain and especially at that crucial age of 18-23.

Wilshere's good fibula

Fuck it. As soon as the new jersey comes out for next season I’ll buy it and have “Wilshere” printed on it. Come on son. I believe you can do it!


I’m not gonna be liked, but truly, what has “Jack” done that is so impressive to make you regret him? Being n°10 at the beginning of last seaon intead of Özil and spoiled our start of the campaign? Being always injured (and i’m sad for him) and never able to show at least three months in a row what he is supposed to be: a great talent?
As far as Arsenal is concerned (i don’t watch the games of England), i can’t miss him.


oh man… really? is there no justice? is there no fair and reasonable god out there? Grrrrrr! it’s time for drugs, hardcore drugs… and other stuff




Surprised this is not getting the thumbs down that other move him on posts get. Humor trumps cruelty or people don’t know their literature


Good player that never plays. Time to sell perhaps.

Kenyan Gooner

Xhaka can fit in.


Feel very bad for Jack, can’t be easy going through all this all over again. I really do wish the club would make a sustained effort to address the injury issue. It’s not just a question of bad luck!

Dave A.

Diaby Hierachy still strong within him

Little Mozart

You have to feel for Jack. He’s such a talented player and I really believe he has what it takes to be a legend for our club. I just hope he has the mental fortitude to make it through this, because I just can’t imagine anybody being able to handle so many setbacks.


Very bad news for Jack, so sorry to hear.

Anonymous Kumquat

Is he definitely still alive?


I agree too many injuries for this club time for a new medical staff.


He could have been an iniesta.
He is a special talent.
Bellerin and coquelin are good but he is special
just like fabregas.
I believe he could have been the finest player england has ever produced.
What a shame

Dixon's Awesome Own Goal

Agree with this. Special talent. Unfortunately I fear we might see him officially retire in the summer. Hope he comes back but this long out for what was supposed to be a straight break does not bode well.


Uugh ?☹️?

Crystal Balls

But Gabriel did this

Yankee Gooner

Shut him down for the summer; swaddled him in horse placenta; turn him loose at Summer’s end; collect hardware.


Exactly what I was thinking. Some sort of Cronenberg-esque goo pod looked after by Jeff Goldblum

Yankee Gooner

We’d lowball Jeff Goldblum and end up with Steve Gutenberg #movieswithpodsjokes


How come this is the only place I see this story? You guys at Arseblog that well informed? Not that it matters, Jack wasn’t going to play this season anyway. It’ll be a miracle if he does at all

Oooh aaah Ray Parlour!

Gutted, so gutted. I missed him more than ever against Barca and now this. Hopefully he’ll come back stronger from this bad period, but his style of play only tends to invite clumsy dickheads into taking him out and it worries me. Big loss to England too, now we’re really fucked lol.


Jack, Theo, Ox, and Flamini
Good riddance…


Just so harsh, yes they have more money than us but they have worked far harder than 99% of us to achieve their goal and they may never reach it now. And you say that…

Arsenal hurts

walcott works harder than us? theyre getting paid playing their favorite game which surprisingly theyre not even good at


You changed my “worked” to “works” and pictured “us” doing many hours per week working hard compared to Theo’s half days.
If you read my post as “they have WORKED harder than us” then you will see my point is that these players (about to fail in their life goals – sad imo) have worked harder than most us from a young age to achieve something that is disappearing for them. Hence me saying the comments are harsh.


Go fuck yourself zero.
Fucking troll.


What the fuck man! It’s so effing disappointing! I hope he comes back stronger next year.


Horrible feeling that he’ll have to retire. It’s been several times now that his bones haven’t healed as expected after surgery. Not the sort of thing that can be solved.


Brilliant player and proper Arsenal man too, have really missed his energy over the last couple of seasons and really hope he makes it back to the first team in good shape. Need to be patient over this one and not make stupid comments on the internet etc


I have to ask why am I being moderated as well? – I didn’t think I’d done anything wrong 🙁


John Terry is still a cunt but it dont help jacks cause

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