Monday, July 4, 2022

Player Ratings – Testers needed

Our player ratings are one of the most popular features on the site, and ahead of next season, we’re hoping to implement something different and pretty cool.

The company behind it need some help testing out a new app, here’s what they have to say. If you’re interested and you have one of the devices listed below, fire over an email to them and they’ll get back to you.


in collaboration with Arseblog and other leading bloggers, we’re launching a new football app in August (just in time for the new Premier League season). But before that, we need your help.

We need some volunteers to help us ensure that our app is fun and intuitive. You get a sneak peek before anyone else, and all you need to do is spend a quarter of an hour on your smartphone (we’ll also find other ways of saying ‘thank you’ upon launch). And you’ll be helping a fellow Gooner in the process!

All you need to do is own a smartphone from the list below, have Chrome installed as your browser, and watch the games.

Can you help out (either for the next game or in the coming months)? If so, please send an email to:

LIMIT REACHED – Many thanks.

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Please let us know if you own one of the following smartphones and have Chrome installed:

● HTC One, M8 or M9
● LG G2 or G3
● Motorola G or X
● Nexus 5/5X or 6/6P
● Samsung Galaxy S5 or S6
● Sony Xperia C4, Z Ultra, Z1 Compact, Z2/Z3 or Z3 Compact

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Time to get my testes hat on.


Tester. Now I look like a right ball bag 😉


they call it beret….


I have never regretted getting an iphone more than just now.


There should be testes for windows phones too, no?

Pony Tulips

Hey blogs! I have moved from android to iphone recently and i hate the iphone app because I am not able to read the comment. Is it just me?


Excellent! Been disappointed with the iphone app for ages, have tried safari and the site works a treat. Thanks.


Wait? There’s an app?


Lets start with rating for handsets then. 5 for htc m8.

Disillusioned Gooner

What? No Xperia Z5???


Would be fab if it worked on an iPhone – it used to but alas no more. Also great if the mid page google ads could be removed – usually right across Ramsay’s rating 🙁


Spot on… This is maybe also why Rambo gets so much flak on this site ?


which one, ad in the middle or Rambo’s rating! 😛

Anonymous Kumquat

Love how Arseblog is ever growing in popularity and repute. Surely now just a matter of time before you’re the special guest alongside Lawro in his weekly predictions! #blogsvlawro


What about windows phone! Let’s not forget the 3rd most popular platform ;-p but seriously…..

Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

I wished Apple phones were listed, alas I have stopped using androids. Except for CP3O / C-3PO.

Also a note to our blog owner; I will quote him from “Big Black Helmet” first:

“The sky is the same as it ever is. It’s not filled with fire or brimstone or spaceships. etc…”

And I beg to ask; Are you sure the sky is not filled with marmalade?


Android – phhh!


People may mock me for having the Samsung S5, but who’s laughing now.
I am laughing. Ha ha. Sarcastically.

Oh yeah, I’m also available to be a guinea pig. And for a great cause too!

Naija Gunner

Any hope for Blackberries…? Ehmm Naaah. I’ll Ajust make the switch to Android just for Arsenal’s sake

Merlin's Panini

What? No Nokia 3210?

Ex-Priest Tobin

This is all rather vague.

Lord Bendtner

Three months ago I lost my very new HTC One M9, I loved that phone. Now I have a Sony M4 and thanx for reminding me how much I miss my HTC :'(
*sob sob…


As long as the ratings still work properly on an actual computer, I’m happy.

Pony Tulips

I am not able to check the comments in the iphone app. Is that a bug?




I can be a player rating tester.


Hey ,I want in too.
Says limit reached.Cmon Andrew Squeeze me in ….?

Naveen Kumar Boggarpu

If you want to test on Xiomi, I am here.

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