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Usmanov: Arsenal need Arsene Wenger

Arsenal’s second largest shareholder, Alisher Usmanov, says that Arsene Wenger must remain at the club despite discontent with the manager after another Premier League season looks like it’s going to end without the title.

The Uzbeki oligarch has always backed the Frenchman, and says that he has to stay in charge of football matters, and oversee the succession to a new man when that time comes.

Speaking to Rossiya24, he said, “Arsenal’s results are stable. They are always among the leaders of the English Premier League. This is a good and large sports business project, and I am pleased with it.

“The only thing is that today such situation occurred, like in any sport, there are ups and downs. The club must retain its major symbol and main asset – manager Arsene Wenger.

“Failures have been haunting Arsenal for many years now, they cannot become the EPL champions. This has led to some discontent with Wenger’s position as a manager.

“I believe that Arsene Wenger is a great coach, and Arsenal have to give him the opportunity to plan the succession process and leave his legacy when he deems it necessary.

“It is very important for the football club to maintain the principles that were established by those people who created its victories. Arsenal need Arsene Wenger.”

Usmanov owns 30.04% of Arsenal via his Red and White Holdings vehicle, and became the sole owner of those shares after partner Farhad Moshiri sold his stake to purchase an interest in Everton.

Despite the large shareholding, he does not have a place on the board, and remains very much on the outside with Stan Kroenke’s KSE calling all the shots.

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Usmanov says so, it must be true.

Andy Mack

Pretty much everyone that knows anything about football says that as well.
It’s just a loud minority of ‘fans’ including Piers Moron that say otherwise.


#Usmanov2016 #MakeArsenalGreatAgain

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Made my day

Daft Aider

This whole Arsene made Arsenal bullcrap, is beginning to get annoying now

Arsene-al fan

He didn’t obviously.

Though compare the 50s 60s 70s 80s and most of the 90s with Wenger’s reign and try to convince everyone that we haven’t stepped up massively and he wasn’t a major part of that.


Have we really stepped up ? In terms of infrastructure and and adding three league titles we certainly have. In terms of introducing a playing style that was not always us, sure. But in terms of non domestic trophies? No – not as Wenger has never won one and doesn’t ever look like doing. In terms of making the Club somethings that supporters relate to – as opposed to an attraction for day trippers, tourists and hangers on ? Hardly. In terms of making Arsenal a Club that is measured by it’s on field success, as opposed to it’s balance… Read more »

Bould's Eyeliner

Are you serious? Ok, Wenger may have never won the CL, but this isn’t achievement hunting in football manager. Some thing haven’t happened (yet, I hope), and some of it is due to many factors, not just Wenger, although he is largely responsible. Regardless, just because we don’t have a non-domestic trophy, it’s absolutely inane to say that means we haven’t ‘stepped up.’ It’s undeniable that Wenger’s tenure has improved Arsenal. It’s in the numbers, it’s in the history, everywhere. If it wasn’t for Wenger, I probably wouldn’t even be an Arsenal fan. On field success isn’t measured by non-domestic… Read more »

Bob's Mexican Cousin

So are you apparently…

Woolwich Peripatetic

If people thought following Ferguson was hard, wait till some poor sod has to follow Wenger.
I’m struggling to name anyone who has as keen an eye for talent and has the man management skills who would be an upgrade on him tactically.
There are better tacticians and better motivators out there, I think everyone has to acknowledge that but few are both and none of them seem to show a better eye for talent.


But you would have struggled to have named him when he came, so there is someone out there to replace him; you just don’t know he is?

Romford Pele

(And Johan Cruyff was favourite for the job….)

I’m not sure an unknown could really take on the Arsenal job now. It was different back then. The English league was still pretty naive, and there was a ton of dross playing the in it. It is infinitely more competitive now. And Wenger was a major catalyst in making it what it is now (which is why I cannot stand the disrespect he gets from other managers and the media).


We hit the jackpot when we pinned the tail on the donkey last time. That doesn’t mean we’ll do it a second time, especially with far, far less talented people charged with making the choice.

I mean, seriously. Look at that board. Do you trust them to pick the next Arsene Wenger? They’re more likely to pick the next Tim Sherwood. It is a bunch of utterly clueless marketing types plus Ian Gazidis. When Gazidis is your “football man” you know you’re in a spot of trouble.


We pinned the tail on the donkey last time around; doesn’t mean we’ll do it twice in a row. Especially with the current crop of people we’ve got responsible for doing the pinning. I mean, look at the board. Do you see ANYONE you think might be able to pick the next unknown great?

Unless Arsene himself is involved in the decision on who to succeed him – which he obviously wouldn’t be if he gets sacked – it’s going to be a complete disaster.


Unless the great David Dein comes back and picks out another diamond from the dust, I don’t see it happening.

George Lane

Lighting doesn’t strike twice.

Andy Mack

It does but the odds are amazing.


And there you have it. The complete definition delusion. Why compare him to Ferguson? Fergie was winning league titles on a regular basis. We’ve been waiting 12 years, which for the most part we’ve barely competed. Alot of fans are still stuck in the past.


At least Usmanov recognises the ‘failures at Arsenal for many years’.

Andy Mack

Who doesn’t?
It’s self-defeating to discuss in public for the team.
The issue is that it doesn’t always look like they learn from the failures…

Two footed flamstamp

David dean sold his share to this guy, didn’t he. Usually I don’t really bother with what the 1% have to say, nethier do I believe usmanov’s. But better him than shady stan looking down on loyal fans and making us look like idiots for being passionate for our club.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Agree with you mate. We would be miles better off without a majority shareholder.



it seems many of the kroenke out are ignoring Usmanov’s comments that echo Stans comments that Arsenal are a business, and a long term investment. Also those that want Kroenke out and usmanov in so at to remove Wenger from his managerial role, don’t seem to notice that Usmanov does not just want Wenger to remain, but he wants Wenger to be heavily involved in appointing his replacement too Surely these things can not sit well with all those who only last week on here were begging for Usmanov to buy out stan. by the way where is all the… Read more »


Which (realistic) replacement manager would you all want at arsenal, assuming Wenger leaves after his contract is up next year? My top three (no particular order) would be Simeone, Low, or Allegri.

Wow, this is exciting. It’s just like transfer speculation, but with managers instead of players! And since this is Arsenal, it will probably end with the status quo, just like rumors about players.


I’d like to see the Ajax model of ex players. Bould at the top, assisted by Thierry/Viera , Dennis coaching the strikers, Adams/Keown coaching the defence. They know what the shirt means.


Cos it’s working so well for Ajax?

Two footed flamstamp

There are many factors responsible for things to work and not work. It may not necessarily work at Ajax coz all top players follow money. England and arsenal has loads of it, but what is lacking at the club is a passionate group. I think we all can agree Invincibles where broken too early, which is why very few following players know what it means to put on that shirt!
Get them boys in and let them work under low or some other top manager and we might see a start of a new era.


Did I miss something ? Did they get relegated? You miss the point completely.

Petits Handbag

We know better than Usmanov or Kroenke. They’re in it for money, we’re in it because of love.
There’s no divorce in Arsenaland

Matt K

Spoken like a true businessman Alisher


Exactly…a true businessman, (like a true supporter) has the long term future of the club above his own short term wants…..

Bould's Eyeliner

By that logic, Kroenke is a true businessman. Which is fine with me, so long as he’s getting the proper opinions behind his decision making. As long as Wenger has input with Kroenke, it’s likely that he does.

Wenger should join the Board after he retires from management. It’s a logical choice and one which let’s him ease the ‘transition,’ and also covers our football knowledge.


I dread the day a character like usmanov buying the club out. Korneke seems bad enough.


Bad as Silent Stan is, he’s better than Jabba the Hutt.

Walmart Heiress

Fuck,it’s like being at work with all the ‘asset’,’business project’ and ‘legacy’ bull shite!It is Arsenal Football Club not Deloittes!

Wenger's love child

When you read a story on sky but just have to read it again on arseblog for that inside out perspective. There are few things in the world that could make me stop bleeding arsenal, one of them is not religation. One of them is certainly hiring the “wrong one” after firing Wenger. I’d rather forget the game all together than support a team coached by Mourinho.


Relegation would be pretty bad. Mourinho would be worse. Neither would stop me bleeding Arsenal. Nothing would. I think we are at a really interesting time. Wenger has been our best ever manager, but as Blogs discussed on Arsecast Extra the other day, the continual disappointments are so frustrating that any change, even a change resulting in failure looks appealing. In other words, to go through something like the Manure fans have experienced since that c&%t fergie left would be bad, but at least it would be different than the continual teasing of being close to winning the league but… Read more »


Bravo! Spot on

Andy Mack

Would you really prefer us to fail even more?
I remember mid-table as a really depressing place to be and going back to the days of there being only a 50% chance of St Totteringhams day would kill me…


I bet you would not say that if he won the title in his first attempt

Eric Blair

In a parallel universe where Mourinho becomes manage of Arsenal FC Eric Blair gives up with football entirely.


I would say that compared to Kroenke, at least Usmanov seems to have some semblance of interest in whether the club does well or badly on the pitch – not just on the balance sheet.

Bellerin fan

We are tired of being “among the EPL leaders” Usmanov, we want to be “the leader”


And we’ll never be that under Wenger. Everyone knows it.
And if you can’t name the next manager who everyone agrees will win the league, then you better support Wenger or you’ll be sorry. Wenger stays on because he doesn’t fail hard enough and what if the next one does. What a sorry way to have the support of the fans


well said!


nothing will change until wenger goes all the time he has his health he will stay so get used to him being around a lot longer he will i believe sign another 3 year contract after this one, when he goes i reckon the main board will have changes and i see Kronke son coming onboard, usmanov will maybe change his stance when wenger goes, i still think its gonna be big shoes to fill when he does. there may be many managers how ever great they are will not come if they cant spend loads on the team and… Read more »


kroenke’s son is already on the board.


the game has evolved and change is necessary. big teams are changing managers and winning all the time: barca, real, bayern, city, chelsea. why do people think it can’t work with us? it would be painful to watch Man u fall and rise again leaving us with our 4th ambitions… Wenger must go


…your name says it all……sorry….

Bob Davis

I’ll never forget what Wenger has done for Arsenal football club. Does Wenger believe he can create a team that can compete for the league and win the Champions League?

With this current squad he can’t. Regardless of adding players or not, if he fails to win a trophy I think he should go.


Let me guess, BOB…….american ????

Bob Davis

No Danish Gooner I’m not American, I’m from London and have been supporting Arsenal since 1987.

Coq au Vin

How Usminov, with 30.04% of the shares in the company, can’t get on the board or have any meaningful influence is quite amazing. Good old Stan has quite a grip… Not to my liking.


Picking between this guy and Kroenke is like picking between Ted Cruz and Trump.


Shame we can’t have a Bernie Sanders to come in and sort things out!


Usmanov has his problems, but he has a point when he says the reason we couldn’t win anything for a decade was that the owners refused to invest in the club to pay for the stadium. For all his faults, he has always expressed willingness to put money in; Kroenke instead takes money out.

Andy Mack

Usmanov also always made it perfectly clear that he’d want his shares to pay a dividend, and a proper dividend would be a lot more than the questionable 3m for services supplied.

George Lane

I just can’t wait for everyone to eat their words when Wenger wins the league and CL in the next few years.

Keep the faith.

Eric Blair

Incredible, I think that could be the most beautiful photo of a football stadium I have ever seen.

Arsenal hurts

man i loved highbury. it had sth special about it. it had soul. why didnt we just upgrade/expand highbury again? even the pitch size suited our style. which i think was one of the many reasons of last decades downfall.

Andy Mack

Unfortunately we couldn’t get Planning permission to make it anywhere near big enough.

Man Manny

Arsenal needs Wenger; Wenger needs the fans; the fans need ambition. So in the final analysis, Arsenal needs ambition.

Arsenal hurts

stan is making his fat profit. at least we know this guy wants the fame has the blood money himself. at least he’d let us use our own resources i mean we wouldnt even ask more than that. just our own yearly income being injected in market for us fans have suffered enough for like forever. i know ppl may say its all kroenkes and not wengers fault but 1.if its stan that doesnt give a shit to pay for whoever wenger needs and arsene really gives shit so why doesnt he ever says anything about that to fans, if… Read more »


Nothing is permanent. Wenger will go one day for sure. But if he goes now then the board will hire someone reputed to be the best manager ever, with a magic wand. Then he will spend £150m on new players and fail to qualify for champion’s league then they will sack him. I can see 3 managers in the next 2 years just and end up like Liverpool and man United. Take my word it, those with banners will rewrite it against the new manager saying WE NO LONGER PLAY THE ARSENAL WAY this will be inevitable


Or we hire a tactically astute manager who works on protecting the defence. Spends money on the players we need and wins the title. We go further in the cl instead of just accepting the pay cheque

Andy Mack

Which one?

Gooners & Roses

Of the current coaches in the ‘top’ clubs now, I think Thomas Tuchel deserves some serious consideration.


The board & fans need to get out of this mindset that we can’t do anything without Arsene Wenger. He has done fantastic things for the club, real things that will sustain this club for years but at some point you have to marry up previous achievements against what we are & have seen on the pitch over recent seasons. The comments above sum up the malaise in the club. ‘Arsene is a great coach’ ‘failures have been haunting the team for years’ this is contradicting. Arsenal won trophies and a double without Arsene and will again after he leaves.… Read more »

Andy Mack

Yeah, bring in Owen Coyle!


Can arsenal get what Barcelona got with gardiola? I believe we can. There are young talented ex players very passionate gooners around who can be the next big thing. It all about transition. One of them should be assistant coach, to shadow Wenger and facilitate a smooooth transition. Putting stupid banners won’t achieve anything than showing to the world that there are twats amongst arsenal fans. Wenger hasn’t won the champions league and he is dreaming about it. If it was just for personal glory, he would accept the offer from Real Madrid and achieve that. Or even recently could… Read more »


Arsenal needs Wenger! To make a nice fat profit…

Bob Davis

…for Stan. £3 million for Stan’s advice!



All the numpties who want Usamov because they think he will sack Wenger.;)



Involved owner like Mike Ashley at Newcastle. Sacks Sir Bobby and has celebrated coming back against 10 men Arsenal to “draw” a game and now relegation. or perhaps you’d like the next football maverick manager. Enter (not a couple of seasons past) one of the fav top up and coming young gaffers in the league reputed to be ‘tactically astute’ with an exciting brand of football and every pundits shoe in to replace Arsene. Roberto Martinez please stand up …so we can see you lot at the bottom half of the table. Everton are more erratic than when Moyes was… Read more »

Niall Shannon

While I agree on the first two points, the last point still has to be seen at Liverpool since Klopp did take over a mediocre side after the summer transfer window. If Klopp gets 3 or 4 players in the summer for Liverpool, I think they could be a surprise in the league next year. Arsenal will need to buy this summer. I don’t think anyone would argue against that. Clean out for some of the older players and buy in some younger better players as well as upgrading on certain positions. If we got a defender, a Cazorla-esque midfielder… Read more »

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