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2016/17 kit picture leak

For those interested, it looks as if pictures of the 2016/17 home kit have emerged. There’s always huge interest in what we’re going to wear for the new season, as fashion conscious Gooners get ready for a new campaign.

You can see it here:

Of course, next season this shirt will be sported by:

– World Class Striker
– Midfield Hatchetman
– Exhilarating Winger
– Stout Centre-Half
– Captain Mathieu Flamini

All to look forward to!

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Arsene-al fan

White across the shoulders. not good.


The whole thing looks badly photoshopped.

Neil The Llama

Handily avoiding any sign of possible blue shorts…


Thank fuck!


Someone on r/Gunners on Reddit made a mockup based on the leaked kit, and if the shorts and socks look like that, it’s not half bad. Would like white/red hooped socks again though, and the bike track over the kit is a tragedy.

Here’s the mockup btw:

Gunner From Another Mother

If I remember correctly, we started the season with red/white hooped socks. Those socks went away, and so did our form. Coincidence? I think not…

Bring back the damn hooped socks.

Yanno, to be a gooner and that

As long as our away kit isn’t aids.


It will become a classic when we lift the league trophy in it


Take away the stripe down the middle and I think it’d be a lot better.

Bob Davis

What happened to a normal loose-fit top? If I buy that it will be so tight on me that all my curves around the middle will stick out like a sore thumb!


For the players a tight top actually brings a competitive advantage, as defenders can’t pull on their shirt and they have less air resistance, especially on a windy day. For the supporters there will probably be a looser fit shirt again as in previous years. Also, I made up the part about air resistance so don’t quote me.


It’s OK but what’s with the stupid line down the middle?


it says a bike ran over it.

Arsene-al fan

They can sell more if it looks different to this season.

Don Cazorleone

I like it.


I don’t.
call it even?

Don Cazorleone


Le Jim

A diplomatic Internet discussion?! No way!

Crash Fistfight

I disagree with your point of view entirely!


No, no, no. This the internet so you can’t just disagree with someone’s point of view.
You must swear at them and then call them a Nazi.


I hope the skid mark down the middle is a sign that the ‘happy trail’ in becoming cool again. I am so sick of shaving my chest every day.

Who the F*ck Are Sp*rs.

With a new away and third kit as well no doubt which will take their tally to nine kits in three seasons and at nearly 100 quid for a shirt as well. Let’s hope all this money is spent on something or someone special next season.

Who the F*ck Are Sp*rs.

BTW I forgot to mention that of the three puma home kits so far, although only an early leaked image, this one is my least favourite.


Very precise bit of dribble down the front.

Le Jim

It’s so when we choke and splutter later in the season, it doesn’t stand out as much.

Lightening Pace

Do puma do any market research? You know maybe get a smidgeon of fan opinion….


That line is there to give you a precise measure of how out of shape a player is when he comes back in July… and of your beer gut.


Whoever designed it with the stripe down the middle is just dumb, as is whoever approved it. The only justification would be if Pogba had demanded it as a precondition.

Tony Hall

Why not keep the same shirt for a second year. Oh no couldn’t possibly do not, we need to fleece the fans for another £70/80 per shirt before the race for 4th place has even started next season 😉


I thought we’d only just got a new home strip for this current season. Are we having a new kit every year now? I wasn’t a fan of the first Puma home shirt, the current one or this leak but then I only buy them for my son now so my opinion hardly counts. As long as the badge is on there I’m happy enough.


What’s with this black shit!?


Just plain weird.


Very 90s. Like it (without the pointless line down the middle)…


All of you need to stop moaning and do something by making a statement by not buying this kit, hit them whee it hurts…

Crash Fistfight

Don’t worry everybody, I think the stripe down the middle might be wear the photocopier has printed it out wrong.

Somebody clean the transfer roller goddamnit!

Jamie Vardinho

This is minging, bring back the 2005/06 kit! Absolute beauty, that Roma Maroon is just great.


If the socks are red and blue (why/when did we change to white socks) it will be okay.
The away kit will be another variation on yellow and the 3rd/cup/pointless kit will be some awful blue stripey number (sound familiar), both using a generic puma kit template.
I’d like to see THAT blue/green kit return.

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