Friday, March 1, 2024

Arsenal 1-0 Norwich – player ratings

Was it a very good performance? No. Was it much fun to watch? No. Are the dusty bits of cereal at the bottom of the box horrid? Yes, yes they are.

Here’s how the players rated today.

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We can all agree that this season was a disgrace and that finishing behind Leicester and Tottenham is unacceptable. The fans have one final chance to cause the change needed for this club to become great again. However, to do so, the fans must unite. What has divided Arsenal fans for so long was finding the person responsible for the state of the club and that is the problem. In most football clubs, the board, the manager and the players are all responsible for results on the pitch. At Arsenal, the board is responsible for not putting enough pressure on… Read more »


This manager wil never change. Why keep Giroud on the field when has not done enough to help the team. He has done damage by removing Alexis to the team morale. Many occasion I noticed that Giroud could not perform to the level of his team mates.


Don’t get me wrong, Giroud was utter tripe for the entire game. But his assist was good, and for that reason you can’t say it was the wrong decision to leave him on (as much as I was in the “why aren’t you taking off Giroud for fuck’s sake!” camp when Iwobi’s number went up)

An Ox-sized Coq

I imagine you’ll protest by watching the match on television, in your home, that’s not even in the UK.


So whether or not I like the manager or have a view about the club is invalid if I don’t live in the UK? Fuck off with that bull shit


I want the Coqney axis back in midfield 🙁


I miss Coqzorla even more.

Steve Bould watches you sleep

Would Coqneny work?

Steve Bould watches you sleep

Would Carneny work? Or Elzorla?

Darth Wenger

That’s the fear this team needs to impose on our opponents.. Carneney – the meat devouring duo, or Elzorla – the raging midfield pandemic


I miss having the Coqzilla in my midfield 🙂 Francis, Mesut and Santi are amazing together :p

Stuart Steele (@Stuart_Ten)

It’s okay, Blogs, you can say it-Alexis had a stinker today.

No one stood out though, apart from Welbeck, baffling he didn’t start today.


Playing with the handbrake on – fearing a potential loss – instead of confidence is painfully obvious. Sure you can blame the manager but the players are not rising up to the challange either.

Wizard of Ozil

Can it not be argued that its the managers job to motivate the players to rise to the challenge and if he can’t is he failing in his role as manager? Obviously not as simple as that but it has to at least be considered.


Playing with the handbrake on – fearing a potential loss – instead of brimming confidence is painfully obvious. Sure you can blame the manager but the players are not rising up to the challange either.

Gunner pundit

I want DA GUY starting up front against Man City


Giroud is shite and we will never challenge for a title with a clown like him leading the line

Darth Wenger

When Giroud’s head is in the right place (both metaphorically and literally) he is almost unplayable, a sublime beast. But he has such a strangely predictable mental fragility that kicks in every year, usually initially through complacency, followed by fatigue, followed by immense pressure to score..

He’s not shit. He’s just not reliable for a whole season, I hate to say.


6% conversion rate at home ,that is some beast all right, I should not have referred to him as shite ,he is a mid table player playing to his full potential for a team which we all agree should be challenging for the title but with stats like that we haven’t a chance of challenging , look at Leicester who have a 25+ striker , the spuds also have 25+ striker and he couldn’t hit a barn door from 2 yards for the first 10 games , also man city have aguero , but we have the beast Giroud ,… Read more »


I wonder if we will see Campbell again this season? If not, my guess is that he’s on the move over the summer. What a waste of talent.

Darth Wenger

Poor Campbell, losing his bench spot to Theo. My theory is that Theo is only even making the bench and the odd cameo, purely to try to keep his value vaguely worth investing in for other teams this summer. Theo is not looking like a very appealing puppy in the window right now though unfortunately.


Drab performance, even worse protest coordination.

The “One Arsene Wenger” was a nice touch from the fans who showed that just because some social media buffoons (Mr. Morgan) make a lot of noise doesn’t mean all of us have eggs for brains.

That’s top four pretty much secured.


The fans who chanted “one Arsene Wenger” are the ones with eggs for brains,

Wakey wakey time we just threw away the easiest chance of winning the league in its history and it will just get ten times harder next year

The core of this group of players are like their manager – spineless – and they only start playing when his 4th place payday is under threat

The ones with heart will leave

Ickenham gooner

Theo should be the bonus rating so I can give him a 1 again.


Still can’t quite believe Campbell being left out in favour of Theo. Generally speaking I’m in the Wenger in camp but I find his treatment of Campbell hard to defend.

Mr. G

Coqneny back please. Arsene stop letting certain players walk back into the startng eleven..*cough* Ramsey -*cough*


I watched every painstaking second of this.
I appreciate Petr.
I am off to sleep now…….I think I will sleep ok…..but not peacefully.


Will Ozil be banned for the game against Man City for picking up his 5th booking?


No. He who’ll be awarded the Cross of Shearer, for services to ignoring fucking idiot referees.




SkySports showed 5 yellow cards on screen when he picked up his booking but online stats seem to suggest he’s only picked up 4 so far.


How many times has Sanchez continued to dribble rather than release the ball to a player in a better position? I love the player, and he should be played to make something special happen when things are not going our way. But today he was clearly a hindrance and subbing him after 80′ makes the message pretty clear: you are lucky to be talented enough to play for such a long time, but you are not untouchable so you must perform consistently.

Wizard of Ozil

As much as I love Sanchez I feel like it would benefit him and Arsenal (next season) if we gave him a complete break for the rest of the season. He’s got the Copa America coming up and we have nothing to play for, a bit of R&R now could work wonders for next season.

Clock-End Mike

Something seriously wrong here…

Swedish gooner

Really don’t understand why Giroud plays ahead of Welbz. His attitude on the pitch is so bad. Does Wenger want to increase his value before a (possible) sale in the summer? Is it a “compensation” of some sort?


Wouldn’t mind seeing them together more often, could make a nice wee partnership. Go classic 442.


Elneny was good – again. The more I see of him the more I like.

But we still need two summer signings : a classy versatile defender and an out and out goal monster in the Ian Wright mould. That and keeping our players fit – Ha Ha !!!! – and we might just make a title challenge that lasts.


He did shoot intelligently which is welcomed.

Him and Alexis are the only threat we posses from a shooting distance.


to all those people thinking we should give arsene one more year i say this…we are just scrapping our way into the top 4 after another epic failure to compete for the title. given the changes coming to the prem next year, are you comfortable that arsene is going to compete for the title or even top four again? look at the body language of the players on the pitch. what if ozil or alexis leaves? what if we don’t make top 4 next year and wenger leaves? who will want to manage arsenal if we’re not in the champions… Read more »


Given the changes coming to the Premier League next year, are Chelsea, Liverpool, United comfortable that they are going to compete for the title or even top four again? What if Özil becomes the average Özil of the last two seasons and Sanchez continues to be inconsistent? What if Wenger leaves and we don’t make top 4 next year? Who would not want to manage Arsenal even if we are not in the Champions League, like the year Wenger arrived in 1996? Wouldn’t it be better to secure another top manager when one becomes available rather than taking the first… Read more »


The bigger problem is giroud leading our line


There are a couple of problems with this analysis. The first is the simple fact that it’s not down to us whether Wenger gets another year or not. We all know the board isn’t going to fire him one year before his contract ends. The other problem is that both Sanchez and Özil have been very clear that Wenger is the main reason they came to the club. They may well be more likely to leave if he goes than if he stays. Plus, I think – after 25 years at the helm – the club will need to use… Read more »


you must be kidding. you think ozil and alexis are more likely to stay if arsene stays? when fabregas, nasri, and rvp (to name just a few) wanted to win titles they didn’t stick around because of arsene…they left because of him. wake up. have you been watching this team in 2016? we look like chelsea at the end of last year when they forced mourinho out. arsenal is offering ozil and alexis 180K per week and they’re not signing…that says it all.


those players left when we are in financial shackles, which is not the situation now. Having said that, of course, we need tro move up the PL table. But I am not sure the next manager in would find it wasy to do so


I guess we’ll find out because there’s no way Arsene’s getting fired with one year left on his contract.

My guess is that if there’s promising activity in the transfer market, both will stay another season. After that it’s going to depend on who comes in. Which is precisely the thing everyone conveniently ignores: exactly who is going to take over from Wenger and do a better job that he is currently?


Sanchez is riding a bit with his first season performances. If for example Ramsey would dwell on the ball or pass so badly he would be slaughtered after the match. He really needs to find the team player in him and stop trying to make so much happen on his own.

Also thought Giroud had a pretty good second half, some good hold up and linkup play and a fine assist. Those assists count for other players too, not only for ozil. Still hope welbeck starts against City.


Alexis really was surprisingly poor, and he seemed to slow the game down quite a bit. He just kept taking an extra touch or two whenever he should have been more direct, which pretty much stopped several counter attacks. That being said, he’s fantastic when he’s on fire, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Arsene's Coat

Was really happy to hear the fans sing Wenger’s name today. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely think that change is required, but whenever it happens, I think he deserves to leave the club with his head held high and not under a cloud or torrent of abuse. Hasn’t brought the success that we have all so dearly desired but I genuinely believe he cares about AFC and has tried to act in the best interest of the club. Just think the game has evolved a lot since his more successful periods in the late 90s / early 00s and… Read more »


SDB – which manager guarantees you a better performance than Le Prof after he leaves? I also hope for change for the better but side with Wenger when he feels that consistency is seldom recognised by people hungry for instant success. True Ranieri and Poch may be flavours of the season but lets wait and watch for another couple of years to see whether they are capable of lasting the distance. As with many other Arsenal fans, I do hope the team shows more steel in the coming campaigns


We’re the Genesis of the Premier League – commercially successful but fucking boring

Scott P

You’ve gone too far now!

Toure Motors

Point off giroud for the ear cupping thing and the bambi on ice impressions


Happy to see someone finally call out Sanchez for contributing mightily to the overall slow buildup in the final third. And it’s been going on since he returned. He can be really effective when he DOESN’T have the ball at his feet by making those darting angled runs into the box, and he’s also very effective at heading the ball at goal or in knock down situations. Maybe his best position would be as a fox in the box advanced striker.


Can we form our own protest to ban Piers Morgan from any and all Arsenal related events as well as talking about our beloved Arsenal? I could get behind this one


I wish piers wasn’t an arsenal fan. Prob the worst part of supporting Arsenal is having to listen to the garbage that spews from his mouth


“Do you ever worry that some days he’s more hindrance than help?”

It was the issue Barca had with him. A reason why I prefer him as a CF; less temptations to take on the man in front and centrally in a less dangerous area.

Also, how and why did Rasmey sneak back into the starting position?


Ozil gets a 10 from me just for style of the dissent. Cool and casually keeps walking away.


I wonder if we will ever see Campbell again? If he doesn’t play again this season, my guess is that he’s on the move over the summer. An inexplicable waste of talent.


Giroud cupping the ears to the fans that pay his wages. Classy.

Yankee Gooner

I guess you’re content to let whoever pays YOUR wages berate you when you’re busting your ass trying to do your job?


Busting his ass , don’t make me laugh , he strolled through that game the average player that he is and fell over and any given opportunity , the only thing he improved today was his awful conversion rate of 6% of chances created at home and not for the better I must mention


I know it was a dull game but it was also the third straight clean sheet. What do the center backs have to do to get a 7 or 8? Don’t think either did much wrong.

He's the soup

Sanchez just needs a break. But summer is coming…

Scott P

Copa America Centanario! Hooray!


Wenger has his favorite players, players who he place his trust in to win a game, players he basically made, so they are like his children, he has better players, but the ramseys, wilsheres , walcotts, girouds and chamberlains are given games until they fine some sort of form, while making a hundred mistakes and costing at least 20 points, while others suffer for it. Ozil and Sanchez have shown their brilliance, but in truth we have seen better players in the league, players who were present for their team physically, but also mentally in a high percentage of games.… Read more »


Well to buy players like Ramsey and Ox and developing them along the talents form the academy (wilshere) was the club’s strategy for a long period. Think Wilshere and Ramsey have easily justified their positions in the squad (also, both have suffered injuries that have affected their form). It would be stupid to give up on them now when they are approaching their best years. Though Wilshere must prove that he can keep fit for one whole season. Ox and walcott are probablly sold in the summer as they haven’t delivered constanly during the last few seasons. Both have also… Read more »

Donegal wizard

I don’t think adding a player or two would significantly change the way this team is playing. The buildup was slow and predictable and we lacked any spark.
I worry for next season , what will change with Wenger in charge ?


We need Alexis, and he needs Arsenal. The talent is there and it’s been proven.
He needs a rest. The guy has been non-stop. After all, I found out he is a human.
He’s done plenty. The guy is a midfielder-winger, and he’s got more goals than a striker.


He had 10 weeks off injured this season including a mid winter holiday in Chile. Poor baby he must be exhausted.

Die Hard Gooner

Guardiola, Klopp, Mourinho, Pochettino, Ranieri, Bilic, Benitez, Koeman etc… These are the managers Wenger is gonna compete against next season. We can kiss champions league good bye let alone the title. Wenger used to be good but he has lost it. There is nothing fickle about want him out. We need change. We need better.


But who? I’m seriously asking because the only name I see raised is Simeone & I am not sure he’d be either interested or a good fit for the club.

Dixon's Awesome Own Goal

Maybe the current manager of Grampus 8?

Die Hard Gooner

I would totally take koeman. I think he would be a better manager for us than pochettino is to tottenham. he has been working miracles for two seasons now in the premier league. He was also great for feynoord too. I think he would be a great fit given stability and a bit of time. He isnt too flashy but it would work. Klopp was my first choice but I would take koeman too.


This team is painful to watch. So methodical and lacking any directness. Wish Bellerin would go wide more than playing it back inside. He can outrun anyone to the touchline.
Not sure why we played the same lineup that looked so bad last week? The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results.

Alexis was rubbish today. A play that typifies us is in injury time we try a no look back tap and lose the ball rather than take it to the corner and kill off the game.


I’m not sure what all the criticism on GIroud is about. Firstly the media likes to play up his ‘goal drought’. He hasn’t started many full matches till recently. Cos he is going to have a more fallow period with goals. He is the sort of player that needs to be playing consistently to build up any form in front of goal. Secondly, he was isolated most of the game with us electing to go through the middle and Norwich crowding shorts around him. Granted he could have moved to meet the ball more but his work rate was good… Read more »

Blitz Bailey

Sometimes i wonder if our players all just have individual training sessions and only get together on match day. Anyways, happy with the win and now i just hope Leicester beat United tomorrow so i can stop worrying about spurs potentially winning the title. I personally think this club probably could do with hitting the reset button the way things have become, But im also fearfull of what mug Kroenke would bring in to replace Wenger. The odds are things will get alot worse before they get better. Based on Kroenke’s interview we know he cares fuck all about trophies… Read more »


I’d love to see Eddie Howe take over from Wenger after next season. I really think he’s been outstanding with Bournemouth and they are exciting to watch. He’s a great example of a manager getting more from a team than they really have to offer.


IF Wenger out one day, i prefer MoPo to be our manage, he is the real wizard of football manager, just look what he done.. he change a middle-bottom team (Southampton) into middle up team, and he changed a little team into UCL team when that little team is building their old stadium… he also always promoting the youth in his team… so MoPo for next Arsenal manager !!!


Arsene has clearly stated the prob this its not the’s the tactocs used by allthe small teams..they lay deep when they play against us and we are not able to penetrate that..we can complain its due to lack of creativity or lack of good strike..but then nobody has actually found a way to beat a team who lays low..just ask those who play against athletico Madrid. .it’s like every team becomes Athletico when they play against arsenal. for me i personally think its cause of sanchez and ozil (yes, ou 2 great players) , they slow down the… Read more »


I’m calling Blogs out as the dude promoting the ridiculous idea there is no coach out there good enough to do better than wenger. I see several fans have also bought into it.

we have reached a point where we need to change wenger for the sake of change and to move forward as a club. whoever said the graveyard is full of people who thought they were indispensable should give blogs a nice talking to


Ratings : Fans – 0 Completely classless.This is the man who built the club up. His early success (several doubles and an unbeaten season and continuous CL qualification (2 decades now) secured loans/financing to build the stadium that has afforded the club its current muscle and independence.This he did with MINIMUM finish of top four not to be confused with key aspiration. Someone should remind these fans that we have not been static in recent seasons and that they should not feed or buy into the media nonsense. We just won 2 FA cups back to back and are now… Read more »


Fans 0? In a ground still containing 45000, about 1000 held up bits of paper asking for some change. No abusive placards like we’ve seen elsewhere, no abusive chants for the manager/board/players to get out. In fact, the noise supporting the team was raised and chanting in support of AW followed. Those of us who actually pay for season tickets, travel long distances, suffer weird kick off times, arrange our lives around AFC – all at a minimum cost of £1100 do not deserve to be classed as Zeroes. We do deserve to have our voices heard, be it in… Read more »


Alexis was the worst player on the pitch today … It’s happened more than once this season (Bayern at home I think too) … Barca must be trying to level the scales after Hleb, Song, Vermaelen, Overmars, etc …


Cech – got back into stopping shots from range Full backs – allowing too many crosses; don’t think they should both attack at same time Centre backs – assured and confident until opponents attack in force, then panic DFs – do we need 2 of them against Norwich at home? Whatever happened to the free roaming, shooting Aaron? Elneny would look really good in a winning team, a la Drinkwater. Ozi – love the skill, hate the covering back Alexis – love the effort, hate the cul de sacs he keeps going down Iwobi – young and skilful, don’t let… Read more »


Giroud is wearing the wrong pair of boots or probably roller blades. With his built (I know defenses do pull and push) how is he falling down whenever you have the ball at your feet for 2/3 seconds unless he flicks it straight away?
I always fear that he is going to fall over the ball whenever he has the ball at his feet and he does not disappoint most of the time.


Ramsey injured, and the team scored heaps. Ramsey back in the team and there’s the all-too-familiar struggle to score.

What would it take to make the obvious even more effing obvious?

I want Wenger to stay. I want Ramsey, Walcott, the Ox out.

PS Joel Campbell … I feel for the guy. Wherever he ends up, I wish him the best, and for him to score whenever his new team plays Arsenal. Karma and all that.

Greh Greysh

That volley pass from Ozil was amazing and deserved a goal!! The protest was pointless in my eyes but fans deserve to be heard, especially if the club is underperforming. The performance today was frustrating as we were very predictable in the first half and could’ve been behind as Norwich created better chances. If they were a better team we may have been in trouble! Arguably the subs Welbeck and Gabriel had a great impact in us securing the win. It’s a shame because an arsenal side of many seasons ago would have battered them 4 or 5 nil. Ramsey… Read more »


Due to financial restraints, I got to my first game at the Emirates against West Brom. Great day, beautiful stadium and a real privilege to see the deft touches of Mezut and the spins and turns of Sanchez. However, what really saddened me was the fans around me. The constant criticism and vile name calling/boo-ing of Giroud. I appreciate he’s in a bad run of form and we all wouldn’t mind having a better option at the club, but he’s who we have and he’s trying out there. So call me crazy, but I tried actually supporting him. A notion… Read more »


Watched the “fans” singing about being happier if arsene dies in May. Why would you do that. I think his time as manager is coming to an end, I think he needs to move on but I firmly believe he will be there at least one more year. I defend everyone’s right to protest like I did on the north bank calling for terry Neil to be sacked. But protest with a bit of dignity and show some respect. Those are two qualities that the club is built on and I suspect the reason so many of us support Arsenal… Read more »


Perhaps a small minority? Must have been very small; I was there and never heard any of it!

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