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Video: Arsene Wenger post-match interview

Thanks to our pals at Arsenalist, here’s Arsene Wenger’s post match interview following the 1-0 win over Norwich.

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God he’s handsome


Much prefer this statement to the one he gave in the presser before the game!


I love this man. Yeah, he has his faults but who doesn’t?
I remember the state we were in before he arrived. I felt so bad for him during the game because he loves Arsenal. He didn’t deserve that.


Nice to see Arsene smile again.


I was delighted to hear the crowd sing “there’s only one Arsene Wenger”
The man is an Arsenal legend and always will be.


Can’t understand thumbs down on this comment. How is that controversial?

Third Plebeian

It’s easier to soften towards the man after a win, but honestly, it’s excruciating for me to watch this great man look like’s defeated by the expectations he also helped create. Will always love him, no matter what happens and no matter how I feel about his effectiveness right now.

Jay Song

Arsene, you were the reason I started to support Arsenal. I know you have flaws like we always do but I will support you because I know you are arsenal through and through.

One Arsene Wenger


Urrrggghhh We struggle to a win against a very shite team and the Wenger love in brigade comes out in its droves. Stop feeling sorry for the man. He’s on £8m a year, he’s not Arsenal through and through like we are. It’s his bloody job and a job rewards mediocrity very handsomely.


With your logic non of the players is Arsenal through and through. What makes you think you are Arsenal through and through??


Because from the day I was born and my dad draped my cot with Arsenal flags and scarves all I have thought about day in day out is Arsenal. Attending matches I can just about afford to go to and spending thousands upon the thousands of pounds I dont really have. That’s what Arsenal through and through is.


Arsenal through and through does mean that you will always love the club right? No matter what, right?


Love the club and appreciate what players and managers do but always remember there’ll be other players and managers to take there place who we think are the best things since sliced bread. We were a great club before Wenger and we will be when he goes.

Jay Song

I do agree with your statement that Arsene is not everything about Arsenal but then if you say only people who attended games through their generation is Arsenal through and through then only handful of people will be Arsenal through and through. What about the people who love Arsenal from other countries? You can share your opinion that something needs to change and I want Arsenal to be succesful but I think values such as respect and humility is bigger values that football club needs more? I would not support Chelsea because they lack class like we have. I clearly… Read more »


I agree with you that things were shitty this season. We should have won. We look like we make the same mistakes every year. But now think: Do you think this manager is not Arsenal through and through? Do you think he doesn’t want to win? He is earning a lot of money but I am pretty sure that he could have earned doubleof it somewhere else. I am agreeing with you that the ticket prices are too high. But you love this club and work to make it possible to buy ST and attend games. That is great. But… Read more »


That “cot” stuff is a bit weird imo…:-/


Of course he is “Arsenal through and through” ffs mate!


I think you are not proper Arsenal cause you can’t even support the club through the current mild failures(of not winning the title but being above Chelsea, Manu, ManC, Liverpool).

What will you do if Arsenal get relegated? Try to kill the manager at that time?


Be bullish before the game, get the result, stay humble afterwards. And that’s how it’s done.


I was on the verge of turning until today. Fuck you minority of fans.
I like, love Arsene. He’s my football dad/ nerdy uncle/ doc brown. If mourinho is right then I don’t wanna be not wrong.

One Arsene Wenger.


I wish the focus was off of the protests and on to the blatant toupeé 🙂

Dial square

It’s clear he will never break a contract, he believes in complete loyalty, and expects it in return.
We fully understand the financial restraints during the building of the new stadium, what is completely baffling to most fans is why he absolutely refuses to use the considerable financial resources available to him now.


Well it is actually only last summer he didn’t spend. The summer before was a spending spree never seen by wenger and in january now he brought in Elneny and Gabriel the january before. People tend to forget them because they didn’t cost 30 million but are still quality players. We also don’t know what happened backstage last summer, if there were promises that weren’t kept or last minute refusals. Still would hope the club to be more rutheless on the transfer market.

Andy Mack

We came 3rd last season. The two clubs above us then bought outfield players so they must have really kicked on then…. How did that work out for them?

Tounge in cheek comment as I do think he should have bought at least 1 player but transfers don’t always work out…


Arsenal fans want change.

Wenger made a tactical substitution in the FIFTY SIXTH minute.

We have change!

Wenger is the man

Seriously I had my tear dropped when I watch this interview, no one loves Arsenal more than wenger does. You can feel that he is hurt by the protester’s comment. At the end of the day, I would like to see wenger win the epl n uefa before he retires. He deserves it. #onewenger


Comment:I don’t know what’s fascinating about the interview, nothing new, just one message for Asene apologist, everything that has beginning must have an end. Twenty years is prettie long and enough for Asene, yes good history to remember but now a clog in the wheel, stubborn.,monopoly of wisdom,recalcitrant,all shitttt. He didn’t do anytin free for arsenal, he was handsomely paid for every thing so why all these arsenal through n trough? could any club had paid for failure for the past twelve years?can real madrid, barcelona or even chelsea or Manchesters? pls save this stories for post Wenger period.


The man didn’t go any where else because he knows that if he had fail you would have been sacked so all you stupid arsenal fans that think he stayed because of the love of arsenal are just fooling themselve,managers have won league and champion league for big big clubs and still got the sack when things are not going well so alway honour his contract is just a myth the man left his contract in Japan when the arsenal job came up so he is not leaving arsenal because it’s the club that can put up with failure that… Read more »

Kampala gooner

@ esmaell did you say stupid Arsenal fans. You are what’s wrong with the generation today. You must have been that cunt that was holding a signpost wishing Arsene death. Much as most of us didn’t agree with the protest yesterday we felt still those individuals had the right to be heard it’s such people like you that spoilt it for then making them look like morons. Arsenal is class let’s keep that way and beside don’t think any Arsenal fun is stupid just because he isn’t on your band wagon of Wenger out.

Andy Mack

He completed his contract in Japan actually.


Fuck this season. I’m happy to be an Arsenal fan. Yes, we have underperformed (maybe all of us: players, Arsene, board and fans) but it’s nice to see a discusion going on about Arsenal and Arsene and to see the protesters as well as their counterparts. Hell, even the early sub, the fact that Wellbz and Ollie were on the field and Arsene’s small statement about being sorry for not making the fans happy. Small changes, but maybe this whole “Arsenal in crisis”-theme will make us stronger. We are all with our faults, there are pros and cons for everything… Read more »


I am amazed that some fans can even stand up for Wenger despite the nonsense he has inflicted on them such as pain, disappointment, lack of ambition,tactical naivity, arrogance, lies etc. He doesn’t deserve any sympathy. He has earned so much money it’s a fraud for him to still be at Arsenal. I wouldn’t support those wishing him dead but I just want him out of the club so that a modern manager can take over. Surely the next manager will be judged based on the results unlike wenger. whoever thinks that wenger will do anything different next season is… Read more »

Loo Roll Messi

You do realise that all but one team gets eliminated from the Champions league every year?

It’s been Wengers terms for 20 years not just 12, seems strange to for get the fits you 8 years…. Why would you do that.?


The stadium you sit in (or watch from your armchair) is a result of the work Wenger has done for our club. Do any of you remember what kind of football we played before Wenger? Wenger’s not billet proof, but giving the man respect for the work he does (and has done) is the very least we can give him. There’s a lack of realism amongst some supporters, but I don’t subscribe to ‘you’re not a fan if you wish the manager off’. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but perspective is needed. Leicester are on the brink of winning… Read more »

Alan Lamb

Arsenal’s problems : an older supporter’s perspective We’ve reached the conclusion of a very interesting campaign, far removed from a procession behind the richest 2 or 3 clubs that we are conditioned to accept each year. …….. But what’s changed from our viewpoint as untreated Arsenal addicts..? I turn back the pages of my personal history book in my mind and alight upon a cold, misty night at the start of May 1971. I am standing on the upper tier of the White Hart Lane terrace – they called it “the shelf” – in line with the edge of the… Read more »

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