Friday, March 1, 2024

Wenger’s message for protesting fans

Arsene Wenger says he respects the opinions of those who displayed signs calling for change at the stadium this afternoon during the 1-0 win over Norwich.

The planned protest took place in the 12th minute, but that was followed up by a chorus of ‘One Arsene Wenger’. The 78th minute saw a few more signs displayed and obviously he was asked about it after the game.

Pressed by the BBC what message he had for the fans who displayed banners at the Emirates this afternoon, Wenger replied, “That we respect the opinion of everybody, and that we give absolutely the best.

“I’ve shown my commitment to this club. I care for the club and the fans.

“I’m really sorry that I cannot make them all happy, of course, but we’ll continue to work hard to achieve it.”

A decent response, especially as some of the most vociferous protesters showed a distinct lack of class before the game.

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Wenger is a great man, and I love him for what he has done for the club over the decades. He put us on the map. But it feels more and more like its unraveling for him now.


Third place and it’s all unravelling? What is wrong with people…perspective please


You can understand the frustration. Every season the pundits say what we lack and the fact we won’t compete and they are always right. We don’t buy the right players and when we cry out for what we need we don’t get the response from the club. Yes, we shouldn’t go nuts but you can’t be happy with the way things always seem to happen for us?


I don’t usually comment on these sections, but the fact people like you will even allude to what pundits say, not to mention stating “they are always right” sums it all for me. Fans are allowing their opinions to be formed for them as opposed using their own faculties. Is it any coincidence that the game is now seeing more displays of fickle fans compared to 10/15 years ago at the same time football pundits get more media coverage (most are just trolling for headlines)? Newcastle/Stoke/ManU just to name a few clubs where fans have forced changes to the detriment… Read more »

JJs Bender

Beautifully put and agree wholeheartedly


I for one will would never be ashamed of being an Arsenal supporter,but that’s just me I guess,Wenger calls for supporters managerial experience as do you,but was it pundits that made us call for a striker for how many years? or how about the CDM position was it pundits that made you think how much one was needed but ignored time and time again,I put it to you that it wasn’t and you’d have been correct….the manager was wrong then was he not?,even with your zero hours experience in football management you know he was wrong. This holier than thou… Read more »


Wenger has repeatedly proven the pundits wrong,when it comes to them saying we don’t have what it takes to win the league,Funny enough most pundits predicted we’ll win it this season and wenger proved them wrong,for me it all depends on what you think the club should be aiming for,if our main targets are the top trophies,Then i don’t think Wenger is the man anymore,But will let him see out the one yr left on his contract for what he’s done for th club,I don’t even expect Arsenal to mount a serious title challenge next season,As long as Wenger is… Read more »

Andy Mack

But the ‘pundits’ also recommend players that go elsewhere and fail. Many of them said Benteke would be the answer for us but… I’m sure he wants more players but he’s obviously much more selective than the pundits (most of them have never managed a team and the few that have, have failed at it).


And what did the pundits say about Leicester at the start middle and even with 8 games to go of this season


He’s bought 3 world class players and we still haven’t improved. The same deficiencies are not being rectified


JJs Bender

We literally won the FA Cup as soon as the first arrived, is that not improvement?


Everything that has to be said has been said – for and against, the manager, the board, the players.

Wenger will be around next season, beyond that no one knows, not even he, I think.

The one thing I hope that changes this summer is our transfer activities. A swift and early action in the market rather than a waiting game will be a big step in the right direction!

Dan Hunter

I would like to apologize for losing us the title.


A fan

Alex Nagy

In my opinion we should back the manager for one more year and let him finish his contract with the dignity he deserves, and work on recruiting his replacement, no need to rush into an appointment, we have to ensure we get the right man for the job!

Lord Bendtner

Best reply ever!! Very well said and I couldn’t agree more. Spoken with wisdom Sir Gooner


Thank you. I would understand people’s extreme limit of their frustration more if Arsenal board had offered Wenger a new contract.
– This current team has been built since summer 2012
– They have improved every year up until end of last season
– This season is the first bad season; not improving on the previous year.
– There should be no problem in giving another year to man of Arsene’s experience one more year to the end of his contract.


I agree about it being right that Wenger is allowed to see out his contract with dignity – the moronic thugs chanting that they’re looking forward to him dying was a sad and horrible sight – but the difficulty is, if there aren’t any more protests, isn’t there a danger that the board will give him another three years? While some fans would obviously be delighted to keep him for many years yet, there are others who think that a change is long overdue. @ SB: I disagree that everything that needs saying has already been said, because it seems… Read more »

Danger Mouse

The man’s in the last year of his contract. Let him see it out in peace.


100% agree with you. Let’s get behind the team and cross our fingers again. It is so clear we need a positive response to this season from the club. Let’s not give them an excuse and support them 100% for the full season!

Ex-Priest Tobin

A 1-0 win against one of the poorest teams in the league and the Wenger apologists come out in force.

JJs Bender

…poorest teams fighting for their lives. I hate using examples as you’re the living entity of useless comments but Leicester, one of the worst teams last year, still dicked everyone this year haven’t they?! Apart from us.

I’m up for differences in opinion but I dont respect or acknowledge anything you ever contribute. Please stop.

Yours sincerely

A True Gooner


If people knew this to be the case I think the “Arsene out” crowd would be a tiny minority. It’s the uncertainty, and the persistant rumors about him getting a renewal, that drive a lot of the opposition.

Andy Mack

They are a tiny minority.


You don’t know that. Nobody knows what the entire fan base thinks. All we know is that not everyone in the stadium took part in the protests, just as we know that the vocal support for Wenger was equally muted. Some people there clearly weren’t aligning themselves with either camp but we’ve no idea why they abstained. Perhaps they don’t want to associate themselves with the sinisterly named Black Scarf – I wouldn’t myself – or perhaps they just do protests, not ever, about anything, just as they don’t – as we’ve often observed at the Emirates – do much… Read more »


Day by day Peirs Morgan is turning from an exception to a typical Arsenal fan.


you are a prime example of the power of media manipulation

Dan D

And what the fuck does Piers Morgan know about football?

Yes, he’s a celebrity but don’t be fooled by the fact that just because someone is a celebrity that they know what they are talking about regardless of the subject.

The man knows fuck all about footie, lick his arse at your peril.

Yankee Gooner

I think the point of the post was that recent displays by supporters make Morgan seem mainstream instead of aberrant, not that Morgan is right.

Andy Mack

only a tiny proportion are complete twats like Moron.

JJs Bender


Dan D

Yes see that now. I was pretty sozzled and don’t actually remember writing that post (few beers and shots in the Coronet on Holloway Road after the game).

Although I stand by my view on Morgan’s view on football.


Piers Morgan is a season ticket holder. Are you special that you can cast such abuse. Do you have a season ticket. I think Morgan’s comments (as pertaining to The Arsenal) are valid

JJs Bender

Yes 23 years and no he’s a moron

Dan D

Yes I do have a season ticket. Not sure why the ‘special’ question was asked either.


Arseblog don’t you think such fans should be found and banned from every ground in the country football is not ugly and that’s what they are trying to do to the beautiful game


I am glad that the protests were shot down by the vocal majority today. Bit disappointed that Arseblog promoted the protests when than should have been left to the two groups who were orchestrating them. Why give them any credence in the first place?


I think you have a bit more responsibility here. As you yourself had to admit on your podcast this week after Tim Stillman had pointed it out, the vocal presence of these groups on the Internet is misleading. In reality, they are a relatively small minority of the overall fan population that just likes to give it large online. Reporting on the protests the way that you did gives the impression that they are an important event representative of the mainstream and imparts a credibility that they don’t deserve. It would be as if the media reported on a NF… Read more »


They were an important event from an arsenal point of view. Please shut the fuck up or go complain elsewhere.


Spot on Mark.

Mark McLaughlin

Something that was picked up live on TV and has been the subject of newspaper articles and press conference questions was rightly covered by Arseblog and any other online fanzine. What I think is questionable is while the protest may not have been as large visually there were once again vacant sears scattered around the stadium.


As an outlet that does not usually sit on the fence, you did not really do much to condemn the protests during the match or have a view. It looked like you essentially advertised what they were doing. If that’s not the case then fair enough but that is how it appeared from your article on it.


This Wenger out stuff is now spilling into “let’s tell Bloggs off” ffs you do the fucking Blog then mate!!


Today showed what a small minority of fans actually want him out. Kick up a big fuss online to get ‘popular’ while the majority sit silently and back Arsene.

He’s one of our greatest managers of all time. He won’t stay forever, so why not just let him to it? Sure he has his flaws as every man does, but we do compete to an extent ever year, and judging from the last 3 years, the team is heading in the right direction. Hope he adds a couple more quality players this summer and we can go again!


Well said, my friend


Jesus! there was clearly 10% who failed to turn up. Alot out of respect for him didn’t react. Don’t confuse people’s inaction for support

You talk like it’s his club! I don’t get it


It is his club, just as much as it is mine or yours. The Wenger Out lot have made him out to be this incompetent fool who suffers from delusion. The board who are in charge of our club, who are paid millions in salaries and an owner who is worth billions must all be deluded fools too?

He’s always said he’d respect his contract and see it out. After all he’s done for us, the classy thing is to afford him the time to see it out.

The ice man

You say let him see out the last year of his contract. Hmm, who’s to say another fa cup isn’t won next year and we again struggle to come third/4th. Can you be sure that he won’t sign another 3 years? Where does it end? Or does he get the leeway to stay without pressure for as long as he chooses because he is the “one arsene Wenger?” Just an honest question.

Andy Mack

And what if he wins the PL or the CL?
Just an honest question?

And none of them can be answered as they’re dependant upon events that haven’t happened.


Wenger won’t win the PL or anything. He is not able to motivate the team. It’s time for a fresh approach. Manure 3 Arsenal 2 is a prime example. The players have heard it all. The players need a slap and a kick, not intellectual discourse at half time

The ice man

You just made my point, will he win the league or champions league next season? Will he win the fa cup? None of us know but the fa cup example was used because thats what he has managed to win in the past few seasons. And again it was a similar situation with a expiring contract that he did so and signed a new one. So finally the grand point is that we can’t say let him enjoy the final year of his contract because in no way has he confirmed that it’s really gonna be his final year and… Read more »


Let’s face it, even if he won the league next year you’d want him gone and it has been like this for years now. Just like you call Wenger in fans biased, aren’t you biased too?


Agunner, I think you will find the majority of fans feel it’s time for a change however they don’t wish to protest with such a lack of class. Don’t be deluded into thinking only a small percentage want Wenger to leave.


The “One Arsene Wenger” very loud chant would make you wrong on that Stonroy?


I personally beg to differ. I believe the majority of the people chanted at the disrespect not at the concept of him leaving gracefully.


Stonroy just as you claim that I don’t know what the majority are thinking, surely its only fair to say you don’t either? I wouldn’t chant for a man if I didn’t agree with him.. so regardless of ones position, the majority did chant for Arsene and it speaks volumes of the respect we all hold for him.

Dan Hunter

As Arsenal fans, we are the most disunified bunch I have ever seen. Every fan has a responsibility to hold up the sign demanding change. The sign said TIME FOR CHANGE. Nothing about Arsene Wenger. To not hold it up is to say the opposite – it is not time for change. Which Arsenal fan believes there should NOT be change at the club whether that is the manager, the board, the working environment, the way in which things are done, the demands put on the manager? I am hugely disappointed at the fans. If we were to show real… Read more »


Let’s be honest…the “time for a change” message was very obvious and pointed. It’s clearly a wenger out message

Dan Hunter

I think if you ask every fan feeling disillusioned if they want either Wenger out or Kroenke out, if you had a choice and could pick one, 9out of 10would say Kroenke. Secondly, if it was a Wenger out, it was just as much a Kroenke out, just as much a change of policy – change can mean whatever you want it to mean. This is why I am saying do you believe there needs to be change at Arsenal? I don’t think any fan would want things to stay as they are,.hence the need for the protest. As for… Read more »


Can we have a protest until Kroenke and Walmart fuck off?


if i don’t know what the majority are thinking, its only fair to say that neither do you Stonroy. Judging on what was on display today, its obvious that its a minority, and if you can’t see that, then perhaps you’re more deluded than I!


How do you know @ Stone of?


Classy! I like your style.

Nadav Rotem

You got to be a fan that do not watch the games and only watch the highlights, how can you say we are heading in the right direction ? Our football was poor most of last season and for the most of this season had gotten worst ! Arsenal footbal club right now is showing a very poor football game, I enjoyed watching djouru and squilachi more then I do this team, and not because I dont like the players but because Our gameplay is allways the same thing, we play a very predictable football and I feel Wenger just… Read more »


Actually as far as competing for the title we are not heading in the right direction, we aren’t heading anywhere. I think that’s what frustrates people.
I’m all in for a new manager, I think that’s what the club needs. But I don’t think I would protest at the match like that.
I mean were not in decline, just not improving

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Godawful singing about his death, jesus christ what morons.


A very small minority were making those disgusting chants. Most of the protesters were respectful and just help up a small signs.


Protesting inside and outside the stadium is stupid. I do mine on here, fucking it helps a great deal. This fickle fans should rise above this pettiness. We’re not some shit club. To me it serves no purpose but unrest to the players and it’s much more evident on the pitch like today, ( shouting expletives at and raising arms.)

That is my two cents on the matter.

Fuck off.


He is being courteous to the protesting fans, but for what I know about this man is he doesn’t give a…t about them. .that’s why he is what he is and they are what they are


Great insight


I thumbed up your sarcasm Greg!?


Thanks paul I’m trying to catch up on yours 🙂

Andy Mack

But you actually know nothing about him.
You may read a load of stuff in the papers and on ‘The Net’ but you really know very little facts.

Thierry Bergkamp

That “protest” was laughable. Only at the Emirates. The few that did couldn’t even get the timing right, the majority of idiots think the 12th minute starts after 12:00 mins have passed.

JJs Bender

Haha! I thought I was the only one who noticed.. You don’t see The Netherlands getting it wrong for the touching Cruyff dedication v England

…utter morons


Every single person single in that video is absolute scum. Season ticket or not. Go away.


Loved the gooners who stood up for Wenger today, chanting his name and that. Positive atmosphere breeds positive results!


Firstly apologies for yesterday

The players and the manager knew what was happening today in the 12th minute. Me, if I was playing or managing (only a matter of time) I would go out all guns blazing and put on a show. What did we get? It was awful. We didn’t even have a shot on target in the first half.

There is alot wrong there and you can’t pretend there isn’t


We were on the attack just before and after the “protest” actually. COYG!


I appreciate your apology. I think me and you fundamentally differ in our opinions of Wenger, and which we just have to accept and respect 🙂 Anyway, I see your point in terms of going out all guns blazing, but it was very difficult to do that against a team who sits as deep Norwich. There is simply no room to play like the way we did the first 20 minutes against man utd at home, which is a perfect example of “going out all guns blazing”. In games like yesterday, we just have to keep patient, not lose our… Read more »


Wenger GTFO!

Stringer Bell

Fuck me that is embarrassing. They look like a collection of hobbits, orcs, descendants of Herman Munster and cunts to be frank. I wonder if they comment on le grove the blog for cunts everywhere


Put your family photo album away if it upsets you so much

Stringer Bell

Haha one of the cunts appears on cue


And so close to the anniversary of Shakespeares death a new wordsmith appears! All hail stringer


Bob's Mexican Cousin

Fuck off to Chelsea greg, it seems to me you’ll fit right in


Love how the recent request by blogs is so respected on here

But bob by your reaction to any different opinion I simply say no. Grow the fuck up

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Right, let’s all grow up and pretend you are an intelligent person making reasonable arguments and not a wankers who is working hard at increasing the divisions between fans. You missed the opportunity to condemn the singing and chose to continue mocking people at this forum and indirectly defend the morons that were singing. You my friend are, in my opinion, a terrible human being.

Please fuck off to Chelsea, I’m sure they’ll have you.


There’s alot I don’t agree with that I don’t comment on. You clearly regards yourself as an intellect so no need to say what the green tick is for. I personally don’t see the point in stating exactly the same thing someone else has said. I agree with it and move on. I’ve thumbed up those condemning that I agree with. i don’t agree with the way stringer made his point. We’re all arsenal fans here so chill out

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Pretty sure you are number 1 for red ticks two days running. I’m just pointing out that you would make a great Chelsea fan given the number of arsenal fans that disagree with you.

Please consideread fucking off to chelsea


Superb point bob! Those red ticks are so so important and im delighted that you keep a note as to who is garnering the most.

Go me

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Seriously, fuck off to Chelsea


…”and the results from the Premiership today…
Keyboard Warriors nil,………The Arsenal 1″


I think it is time for change, Wenger moving into the boardroom for example, but the morons chanting that sort of shite need to go do one!!! Wishing someone would die is a total disgrace and these cretins should hang their head in shame!!!


I would like to thumb your first sentence down and your second sentence up.
It’s difficult on here at times…:-)


Won’t be surprised if it turns out Sanchez’ reaction after he got subbed was as a result of the so called protests! What are we turning ourselves into for crying out loud???? Big up to those who stood up for Arsene, the players and Arsenal football club!


What kind of people can sing that about a manager of a football club? What has gone wrong in these people’s lives, that they think it acceptable to enunciate such words about someone they have never ever met, and whose only impact on their lives is vicariously through a common bond of a sporting organisation?
It is sick. Mentally sick. I don’t know whether they are more to be pitied than blamed. But they need help. And society needs to be protected from them.


We have the worst fans. The other stupid poster was the one that compared Wenger to Ranieri. Never make decisions when you’re angry.


Angry grown ups on the internet print some text on A4 paper in real life. What a protest. Even if I don’t approve, I respect the initiative by the organizers. That much I cannot say for some fans, with the way they were “protesting”…

Little Mozart

Anybody who sings about being happy if Wenger dies should buy a Tottenham shirt, roll it up and slide it firmly up their backside.


Yeah, but some of them may like that though?…:-)


I can barely think of a better place for a sp*rs shirt.


Just wanted to say that some of the ‘protests’ before the game, in particular one of the songs being sung, were a disgrace. It looked to be younger fans who perhaps don’t remember what Wenger has done for the club.
Yes, it probably is now time for him to move on, but for goodness sake let him see out the last year of his contract peacefully.
It’s the least he deserves.


1-0 to the Arsenal.perfect result.Who says we have to entertain and win every match?? especially in these chaotic times.Always moaning and crying, us Arsenal fans.I appreciate the potential our club has for the future and thank Wenger for it.Notice no board member commented on the so called protests?? I respect Wenger for taking responsibility no matter what eventhough I don’t agree with his decisions sometimes .


So, we all like him again? Ok. I’ll wait for the next poor run of form to have all the Wenger Out comments get the most thumbs up.


We always liked him. There’s a difference between wanting change, preferably controlled change where we sign the right manager ahead of time, and going ballistic on the greatest manager our club has had in the modern era.


And, how do you expect change to come about, when we know full well the only time it’s ever happened is when the fans were vocal about it? Why is everyone mocking those who protested about things we have been calling for for years? While the chants about him dying are horrible, it seems like everyone wants him to stay now. Will you all just decide?


Moot, it may be that the dissenting fans have had a slight re-think about their ability to affect the loyal fan base?
I loved it today! COYG!


I consider myself a loyal fan. I have been an Arsenal fan for over 27 years, however I cannot attend any games, as I am from Malta. Watching the game today, it was hard to watch those fans express their distress with the ongoings at the club, however I completely understand them. And sympathise with them. I think it is unfair for us to tell them they’re wrong and should show respect to the manager. I respect him highly, however would like him to go as soon as possible. Arseblog is one of the only, if not the only, online… Read more »


He’s 66, he’ll be 67 this year. Change is coming. None of us can do anything about that. As for letting the board know that we want some change: That’s fine. We do. There are quite a few things we need to change: 1. More focus on the youth team. We’ve always prided ourselves with not being a “buying club”, but we currently are. Where are the prospects that get the fans excited over what’s to come? Our youth team is struggling to even get into the top division of youth football; it’s certainly not about to dominate it. All… Read more »


How the fanbase feel about Wenger is pretty complex and not just a pristine divide between in and out I guess. I’m Wenger out myself, but I’m mortified by the some of the absolute morons that have loudly taken up the cause. There’s a good section of supporters who believe it’s time for change, but would want no part of a gentleman like Arsene being hounded from the club by a crew of the purest knuckle draggers going. The grass could be greener under new management for sure, but it’s a fairly healthy and consistent shade of green where we… Read more »

Ahmad Sabo

My problems with WENGER he is always stubborn with his ideology at thesame time a lier, am now beleiving that he is a BUSINESS MAN not a COACH so let him try other places


Ahmed go finish pre-school and come back to edit your post.


You never know what you have until it is truly gone

SoCal Gooner

Wake me up when he’s gone


“Wake me up when Arsenal win guaranteed trophies every year. Delivered to my door. In Narnia.”

Arsene will leave next year and I assure you now irrespective of results we won’t have a manager with a more pure ambition to play good football in the right way. I think Arsene has suffered because of the void between ideals, the hype machine and pragmatism in the real world.


Absolutely spot on mate. I’m leaning towards Wenger out myself but like you say, change is coming wether we want it or not. The question is, are we ready?

Wenger is an idealist and a man of principles (not bad things per say) in an increasingly mercenary and cutthroat footballing landscape. Wether you’re happy with him or not at the moment I think it’s fair to say he’s stuck to his guns and is the last of his kind really which I find a little sad.


Most of us sang when the protests happened. To much disrespect if you ask me.


The frustration is easy to understand. The thinking of the Wenger Outs less so. 1) Be careful what you wish for. Just because you have the next ‘hot shot’ manager does not necessarily guarantee you move upwards in the table. You may just as easily fall further back. What Arsene has continuously done for 2 decades is guarantee a MINIMUM finish in the CL even when we were restricted financially and bleeding top players. Are Arsenal fans seriously that patient to with stand say a potential 3 seasons out of the CL? 2) The media would have you “as always’… Read more »

Rob Fuller

I’d like to think the scum that were singing that song were Spud trolls but unfortunately, what was once considered a fan base of classy, intelligent, football savvy Gooners, has been infected by plastic, fickle, Orc like neanderthals. It is clear that most of us want change for the better, be that a new manager? quite possibly and quite likely but not until Wenger has completed his contract. Mistakes have been made, decisions have been poor at times, that is clear to see, but it is a collective issue. The players we have were never going to guarantee a league… Read more »

Gervinho is Driving

Zero point to the so-called protest. It’s like protesting that sun will come up tomorrow. When Wegner chooses to retire, the club will enter an era of much greater volatility. Instead of banking on 3rd or 4th, we could finish 8th. Or 1st. We could win a European trophy — in the Europa League. We could spend a few years knocking around mid-table in our Moyes era. We could play some nice football. Who knows? I, for one, find the diverse prospects of that volatility very attractive. It’s a much wider range of results and experiences, both good and bad.… Read more »


Its funny how the people with decision making powers are “delusional” whereas those who only pass judgement are spot on. Logically the WOB, Piers Morgan & the pundits on Sky should all be in mgmt, seeing as to how brilliant their hindsight judgement is…

Amaechi Osegbo

Pro Wenger fans are the worst bunch of pansies I have ever seen. Seriously did someone say we are third lol if Wenger had any class he would resign. A majority of fans want him gone and this seeing out a contract crap will only add more misery next season.


You seem to have a remarkable tablet for rejecting the factual in favour of the patently untrue.
“Seriously did someone say we are third..”. Yes, we are. Your refusing to accept it doesn’t make it not so.
“A majority of fans want him gone….”.. What is the basis for this statement? Certainly it can’t be on the evidence of the poorly supported “protest” at the game.
You can help to raise the level of the argument by not making patently untrue claims. By saying these things you just come across like a meths drinker shouting at pigeons in the park.


Did you just say a majority of fans want him gone?Where have you got your stats from?

Andy Mack

By far the vast majority want him to complete his contract.
Although it would be a difficult vote for him to extend his contract…
The loud minority want him out now, but as they’re mostly younger and internet ‘savvy’ they sound like a majority on some forums.
Of my 20 odd Gooner mates, 3 want him out now whilst only 5 want him to renew his contract.
The 3 are the youngest ones, but not one of the 5 would ever consider coming on a footy forum with the “fifa 17 “brigade.


There are a lot of fans who call themselves fans but are just a bunch of glory hole hunters, there are a lot of teams that have a bad run and when they do, these so called fans are straight into the managers back. Just fuck off and support hockey or something! I am a gooner win or lose and if other teams are having a better run than us then fair enough but I garuantee that if we have a good run the same so called fans will be calling him King Wenger! Get a life and back our… Read more »


Apart from a decent partner at the heart of the defence with Kos, Per, Gabriel and Calum as backup, coupled with someone to put away our chances created by Mesut, I feel our squad is as good as any in the EPL. What we lack is a real leader on the pitch and off it. Since xmas the players have been lacking in confidence and someone to grab the bull by the horns. I hate to join the “Wenger out” brigade but somethings have to change, transfer policy, tactics and attitude towards underperforming players. From messages coming out of the… Read more »

Dan D

I witnessed arguments, somebody being led out cuffed by the police (assuming for fighting). The atmosphere was strange but far more positively towards Arsene then I expected. We even had a chant of “one Arsene Wenger”. The fan base is fractured massively but what we need to remember is we all want the best for Arsenal. I’m confused myself really – on the one hand I feel Wenger isn’t getting the best out of the team anymore and while he’s clearly not awful, I do think somebody could be getting more out of that squad of players. But at the… Read more »

Andy Mack

Who’s the “somebody”? In the last 10 years we’ve had people championing guys like Owen Coyle and Paul Jewell as the next great manager. Ranieri (who I always liked) was kicked out of Chavski for under achieving after spending big money and has run ‘Hot and Cold’ results-wise over his career. If he’d come to us last summer then half the ‘fans’ would have been complaining about him being old. Klopp (who I like and think will become a very good manager in a few years time) hasn’t set the world alight at 7th placed Liverpoo and if they reach… Read more »


I wonder how many of the WengerOut keyboard experts have ever been to a game?
Looking at the pathetic number of support tjey got..not many

mason hayat

Ok, he should have won more titles and should have won a champuions league, but once he is gone, we will miss him big time, like no other. Always remember that.

Yankee Gooner

After the final whistle on the U.S. television broadcast, the camera showed an away section loudly supporting a team stuck right in the middle of the relegation zone and then cut to a bunch of dour-faced sign wavers who support the team who just moved into an automatic CL spot. Whether or not the protest was “justified,” the contrast just looked bad.

CHIGBO Anichebe

Should we really be protesting against Arsene Wenger or against Stan Kronke? Arsene works with the tools given to him. A typical American is all about the bottom line and to hell with fans and football. Usmanove must be encouraged to takeover. Arsenal has no future with American investors.

Crash Fistfight

Nice bit of xenophobia there.

Az Ahmed

Arsene Wenger says fans are to blame for losing the title. One of the most disrespectful shit ever said by the manager yet the fans turn around and start chanting One Arsene Wenger… What the actual FUCK


Guardiolas contract depends on Champions League, Pellegrini will deliberately sabotage Noel Gallagher Fc.
Guardiola takes over from Wenger in 3 weeks.


“A decent response, especially as some of the most vociferous protesters showed a distinct lack of class before the game.”
there was also a distinct lack of class shown toward me when holding up my Time for Change poster.
the main culprit a finger wagging, head shacking verbal rant at me left 10 mins before the end.
to wenger and his prawn sandwich disciples – TIME FOR CHANGE

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