Friday, February 23, 2024

Drag nets new deal

Arsenal have confirmed that teenage midfielder Vlad Dragomir has signed his first professional contract with the club.

The Romanian youth international, who turned 17 yesterday, was signed by the Gunners in July 2015 from hometown club ACS Timisoara and has made 18 appearances this season for the club’s under-18s.

Yep…an entire article based on a bad pun and awful attempt at photoshop.

That’s why you love us right?


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Yes, that ‘s why we love you.


I have a nice willy


Mikey the Impaler!

Arsene-al fan

What a Drag (we hope he becomes)!


Lets hope this lad doesn’t turn out to be an utter wrong ‘un as per

Honestly, who could have foreseen such a thing happening?

Forgive them, Nik, they know not what they do……..

Scott P

Didn’t even have to click the link to know who this was about haha


Bad puns and Photoshop is all we’re clinging to. You carry on. *thumbs up*


But the bad play on words and graphics are all I come here for!!

uncle D

Terribly funny I have to admit!


I think we should immediately promote him to the first team, based on him having perhaps the best name ever for a central midfielder.


Nothing excites me about the club anymore, being an Arsenal fan is the most depressing thing in my life. But i just keep hanging on to hopes each season, my hope now is i hope Wenger is managing his last few games for Arsenal. Its time for big changes, but who am i to decide, there’s still thousands of deluded fans still wanting Wenger in charge. And as long as they keep doing so, Wenger will once again be in charge, get our hopes up for a month or two, and leave us in deep depression once again. Enough is… Read more »


Last week he said that playing on Thurs/Sun was fine. After the game it said it wasn’t fine and we lost because we were tired. Today he’s decided it’s fine after all and we’ll cope easily with the Europa and Thurs/Sun fixtures next season. It’s nothing new to hear him contradicting himself three times in three days, but does anyone else find the negativity about finishing fourth slightly startling? I used not to buy the stuff about the players not trying but the tunnel cam at Sunderland wasn’t pretty to see. The whole lot of them slouching around, Merte picking… Read more »


Once again, somewhat reluctantly, have to say, completely agree. Do hope this kid comes good though.

kianangi from Nairobi

drag-nets new deal. what a pun! and while still at it, i wish he were a shot stopper for the pun to go full circle

Man Manny

Can he singlehandedly drag the team forward?

On Arsene, I have lost all confidence in the man. No matter what he does in the summer, I don’t think he has what it takes to sustain a title challenge anymore. Give him a combination of Barca and Real teams, and watch him contrive to make them fourth.
I have given on the title until I see the back of him…sigh!


“Only the names of the innocent have been changed…”


Just the facts Blogs, just the facts.

Danish Gooner

Mr. Wenger should concentrate on signing players available for his first team squad and blow all his competitors out of the water instead of procrastinating like he always does.

Danish Gooner

Seriously ,if Ranieri can win the pl Arsene can but he must reinvent himself and stop being such a pussy on big transfers,Pep will come in like a juggernaut for some big players and we will have to match it this season and we have the funds available.



TR7 > CR7


“Boooo” I say.

You don’t do enough articles like this.



It’s been a shite 6 months but that result put a smile on my face tonight.


Damn right bro.
55 years and counting.

Arsene-al fan

Off topic but…
Come on the Baggies! FOYS


Tonight is the happiest I’ve felt about football in weeks
Now to think about Chelsea…. Ahhhh

Hope Leicester beat United and Sp*rs lose to Chelsea, then we are 2pts off second.

Even if it means Wenger gets another chance, I’d still like to see us finish in the top 3


With you hank. How sad we’ve become!


You mean how Vlad we’ve become, surely?


Oh not sad Greg! My brother is a bloody spurs fan and has been becoming an even more insufferable cunt than he normally is. Enjoy these moments they only come around every half century.

Dial square

No offence to the lad, but a 17 year old Romanian, just what we need.


A slight tangent but does anyone have any idea of what kind of wages this kid will be on? The first team salaries leak out – and they are astronomical – I just wondered what a talented 17-year-old living a long way from home in a foreign country can expect to be earning in the under 18 side?


So in light of this shit cuntingly disappointing season, what are peoples highlights?

An immediate one that springs to mind was our win against Bayern Munich. That was a good night.


Ah, not many at all to choose from! What a horrible season it’s been. I guess I’d pick the 3-0 against United, what a performance that was.


25 minutes at home to utd..and i.ll give you bayern home and olympiakos away…the rest, meh?


City at home, no?


Dat goal by dat guy! With seconds to spare. If he never did anything in his Arsenal career again he’s still done enough with that goal.


Spurs … hahahahahahahahahahahah … if we’d bottled a game like that against West Brom, with the title on the line, we’d get called all sorts of names. A ray of light in a dismal 2016 for the Arse.
At least we won the Charity Sheild, I think.
The faces of the Spurs fans, the death hush over the stadium, oh dear. Tk you Craig Dawson


I never feared that Spuds would win the league but the ever increasing likeliness of them finishing above us is a bigger issue. I’ve said it before so forgive me if it gets tedious but they’ll never let us hear the end of it. How did we allow that to happen?


Well we did…more than 3 times. Don’t think this is the best time to laugh at spuds

Hank Scorpio

While I take great pleasure in watching Spurs demolish an extra large plate of metaphorical lasagne it has occurred to me that we have reached the same depths as they have. We’re too shite to win anything & the only consolation we have is watching them bottling it. That’s largely all they’ve had to look forward to over the past 20 years.

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