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Fans groups plan protest at Norwich game

Two of the main Arsenal supporter’s groups, REDaction and Black Scarf Movement, along with The Gooner, have announced details of a protest to take place at the Norwich game this Saturday.

They’re urging fans to download, print out and display a sign which says ‘Time for change – Arsenal is Stale – Fresh approach needed’.

REDaction say on their blog, “We have an absentee owner who takes money from the club whilst not engaging with fans.  We have a manager who won’t use the resources available to him, to strengthen a squad which everybody can see needs investment.

“Throw in some of the highest ticket prices in world football.  And, all of the Groundhog seasons, where it’s clear that the fans’ ambitions are not matched by those in charge.”

While Black Scart Movement’s statement says, “Whether it’s the manager, whether Stan Kroenke has to go and whether the Board needs shaking up and reminding that we’re a FOOTBALL club, change is needed at Arsenal. A fresh approach to bring some excitement back to this great club of ours.”

It’s asked that fans hold up their signs on 12 minutes (to signify 12 years without winning the title), again on 78 minutes (12 minutes from full time), and at the final whistle.

The other main supporters organisation, the Arsenal Supporters Trust, who were originally involved at the beginning, told the Evening Standard, “AST agrees there is a need for change at Arsenal, and support the plans to raise this issue at the game.”

Arseblog News asked all three groups about their position on protesting during the game, rather than just before or after.

AST: “We are urging members to read the REDaction and BSM statements and decide what’s best [for them]”.

REDaction: “We are encouraging the most vocal protest to be after the final whistle, so no suggestion that this should affect the team. And it goes without saying, during the game please give your maximum (and loud) support to the players on the pitch.”

BSM: “Marches pre-match have been done before and got some decent coverage. Big banners & flags are just a few people but we wanted to get all people involved who felt passionately about these issues.

“Post match, most people have pissed off already before the match finishes! Therefore it’s a simple way to protest, a chance to get numbers (assuming people have the balls) and of course the game is live on TV.”

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Oooh Ahhh Ray Parlour!

I can’t wait for this season to be over. Mind you, the summer news reports are even more tedious.


It will be a welcome break for me too.


Formula 1 time.


Every Arsenal fan is surely very unhappy for the way the Club is run for the past decade. It is very understandable to want Wenger out but who is going to replace him? Make no mistake. Wenger is a very successful manager for the money he grudgingly spent on the players he signed. In 19 years, 3 League Titles, 6 FA Cups, Runners up for both Europa League and Champions League and playing in CL year after year and mostly managing to qualify for the knockout stage. Is there any manager that we can lure who can deliver so much… Read more »

David Sherwin

Yep, some good comments there fella. I have been pro-Wenger right up this year. But….sorry AW, you have given me the best football years of my life, and I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart. But if you really do love Arsenal, then listen to what needs to be done and do it, or leave while the love is still there….. because how awful would it be if by the time you left only bad feelings were left in us. Not a nice thought at all. Sorry, got a bit carried away there. But it really… Read more »


Even our protests are civil and mild and designed to create as little disruption as possible.

Clock-End Mike

No, they’re not. They’re designed to disrupt.

Protest before or after the match if you must. For 90 minutes, support the club, support the team, cheer and encourage the players. Stop moaning.

Ex-Priest Tobin

About time. Get the old man out!


I think ‘old man’ is a highly reasonable description of a near-70 year old. I wouldn’t be too protective of Wenger Mr Mangan, trust me he doesn’t give a flying fuck about you.


“Old man” was obviously intended as a disparaging remark. It’s a real shame fans like you exist in my opinion. Wenger brought many great years to this club, and now the majority of us want change, there is a respectful and dignified way to go about it. You don’t insult arguably the greatest Arsenal manager of all time. In my opinion he shouldn’t be hounded out of the club – the board should be hounded into recognising the blatant need for change.

Eric Blair

Maybe he meant Kronke?


You mean “either way” surely Blogs??

Ex-Priest Tobin

Sure, will do.


Comment:@66, is wenger not old enough to by called an old man? wenger apologist!

Raoul Koot

I wonder if you walked about referring to anyone over the age of 70 ‘hey old man’ how long it would be before you got a slap from an old man.


You’re a good old koot Raoul … age is just a number. Wenger is not old, he’s still middle aged you young whippersnappers.
Kroenke is the problem, but AW must spend all that cash like a cocaine-addled Sarah Jessica Parker and her horny old mate Samantha at the Sunday markets in Camden.


Really… A sex and the city comment?


Wenger is the problem not Kroenke. Do not make make any mistake about that.


I agree that his age is irrelevant. How old is Ranieri?


Well, you could say “Dennis.”


Haha, made me smile on a rainy day in Stockholm.


Mr. Wenger is only one year older than the guy who won the FA cup last year and two years older than the guy who did the same the year before.


And now that Manure are somehow in the final its suddenly a major trophy again. Palace can win. We would be fucking there


Fair enough, this is the only way things will change. As a club we haven’t moved forward at all, if anything we have regressed since moving to the new stadium. I am guessing this weekend there will be thorough pat downs and confiscations of any banners. We know how Pravda like our club can be. It is a real shame they, and Wenger treat the fans with such disdain, but I guess it has been a long time since any club cared about anything but money. No doubt these protesting fans who want the best for the club will be… Read more »


If the club don’t allow banners then the fans should walk in after 12 minutes, or abandon the team 12 minutes before half time.
It’s not as if The Arsenal are going to change or do anything exiting during the twelve minutes.
Wenger! Wake UP! Get ANGRY! FFS, kick someone, Alex Ferguson used to do it and look how they ended up.

Crash Fistfight

Well said, Patches.


“Post match, most people have pissed off already before the match finishes!” yet these are the very same people they ask to protest against our “absentee owner”… I can’t attend matches as I live hundreds of miles away but from the outside it seems our home support is a good representation of team. Good on paper, lack enthusiasm but tend to disappear before the final whistle blows.


As a fan that does attend matches your right!!!
Since the move to the Emirates there is a new age fan this is a fact,even when we was playing well at the start of the season they moan and groan boo and hiss like a local panto audience, there’s at least 20k of them made up of tourists and posho wankers! There’s not even a recognised home end, the place is pretty soulless more like a shopping centre than a football ground!


I believe this is a broad and sweeping generalisation to make.
When I made the journey from India last year, it was once in a lifetime stuff.
One of the biggest reasons for visiting England is to watch Arsenal play.
Regarding not singing, I have been a fan long enough to know the songs, but I didn’t know how to start the singing. Once others did, our group enthusiastically joined in.


don’t many fans treat wenger and the club with disdain


I hope they ban them from the stadium


How petulant! I am an Arsenal supporter and my team should be top of the league cos all the other teams are shit. I want it! And I will scream and scream and scream until someone makes my team top of the league. I don’t care if you’re trying dad, just make my team top of the league or I will scream until I am sick. I will, I will, just you watch me…….. You don’t care about me, I don’t care that you have been working all day, you’re just lazy, get me that mobile phone, sorry champions trophy… Read more »


Well put. I agree with everything you say, especially about the fans draining the confidence of the players. The atmosphere was toxic BEFORE we started our decline from the top of the table. That is the worst part about this season. People look at it as 12 yrs of frustration but forget 2 FA Cup wins. We were told “wait until 2014” – money will be available. We waited, Ozil and Sanchez came and 2 trophies came in 2 seasons. The team were starting to play proper football again in 2015 (We were by far the best team from January… Read more »


“why on earth are we busting a gut for this bunch of twits”……lol they get paid more in a month than most of us will see our whole lives. 🙂


It’s a real shame… I backed Wenger over and over against the ‘Wenger out’ faction. But after what this season has been; the clear strengthening in certain positions that didn’t happen, staying loyal to players who don’t perform and picking them over ones that do perform when given the chance (eg Joel Campbell), the same disappointment… I’m finding it hard to continue backing him as our manager. I think what he’s done has been great, style of play (until recently), consistent top 4 and all… And believe me I want him to succeed and prove people wrong. But it’s got… Read more »

Mr. G

I think a big name manager with umpteen major trophies to his name is unlikely, but there are good options put there if we put a little effort into our search.

Frabk De Boer of Ajax would be a good pick. Someone ready for a bigger challenge after a few years at Ajax, and would have good experience with bringing young players through. Plus Bergkamp as his assistant would be a big positive for a number of reasons.


Joachim Low?

Crash Fistfight

What evidence do you have that he has what it takes in club management? We’ve seen with Luis Felipe Scolari that managing a team to the World Cup doesn’t prove they’re a good manager.


Low has clear tactical nous and a real desire to win. He’s also been involved in grassroots German football. I think he could be a great option alongside De Boer and Tuchel


I might get crucified for this but anyone reckon we could pull a reverse George Graham and nick Poch? If he can get sp*rs playing, imagine what he could do for us…

John C

What evidence was there that the manager who had just take Grampus 8 to second place in the Japanese league had what it takes?

Crash Fistfight

Said manager had won Ligue Un, the Coupe de France, got to the Cup Winner’s Cup final and Champions League semi-final (losing to the eventual winners in Milan) whilst managing Monaco, but yeah, clearly he was untested in club management cos nobody had heard of him here.

John C

Luis Felipe Scolari won 6 titles in 3 years with Gremio, including the Copa Libertadores. And in three years, Scolari led Palmeiras to the Copa do Brasil, the Mercosur Cup, their first Copa Libertadores title and was named South American Coach of the Year in 1999, which is quite a bit more than Arsene had managed before we hired him.

You very much used the wrong example to make a poorly thought out point.

Crash Fistfight

Fair play.

It doesn’t detract from the fact that Low has no significant experience in club football, though. I’m not sure what tactical acumen others see in him – he just replicates Bayern’s game plan of passing the ball to death.

He’s also had some shocking results as manager of one of the best squads of players in the world in the last 2 years.

John C

Personally i don’t know who we should get as manager, some form of experience is important and i certainly wouldn’t want a Thierry Henry/Bergkamp sentimental choice with no track record.

Low does have experience and has won the world cup but i don’t know enough about him to make that judgement.


Phillip Cocu?

1) No prior connection to the club is arguably a good thing.

2) Highly intelligent footballer which is a good omen.

3) Has already led PSV to titles in his young managerial career. Involved in a neck and neck battle with Ajax this year which shows character.

4) Knocked United out of CL and brought Athletico to penalties in the last 16, suggests he has the mettle for top game management.

5) Part of a wave of talented up and coming Dutch coaches.

6) Looks the part, slick as fuck.


Fans are of the notion that anything but a flashy name won’t cut it at our club. I disagree and I think you are right about Cocu. But there are more managers like him than people think. Limited by the resources at their respective clubs they might have trouble achieving their potential but there are many smart and ambitious managers in world football.


Giovanni van Bronckhorst, with Arteta as his assistant

Dave A.

Cocu, i like him as potential Arsene replacement, he has done wonders with PSV. Lot of managers out there who could come and do a job, and not all of them are flashy names , Cocu being one of them. Also was always a fan of him as a player


Frank would be a good choice, but I’m not sure he would move. He likes Ajax and he had turned down offers to move to Liverpool in the past. Perhaps Bergkamp could influence him?


Why would De Boer be a good option please? Or Bergkamp?


Or Diego Simeone?

He’d get us defending again!


I am 100% exactly where you’re at on this issue.


I am in the same boat. I would like nothing more for him to win the league and retire on a good note.

I am just scared Wenger is the smaller part of a bigger problem. What if he leaves and we end up with a moyes or LVG? Scared our next manager is signed arsenal style. Cheap and unknown.

someone's something

Last time fans boycotted the home game we won. So yeah keep boycotting, my legs will not be complaining about that extra space.

Johnny blowfish

People like yourself encapsulate all that’s wrong with the club.

This kind of demonstration is long overdue. Gooners have been exploited for too long. Any other team would have done this years ago with more vitriol to boot too.

Wenger and the board won’t care. However the sponsors will. No company wants to be associated with constant turmoil. Our actions will make them take note and when they do, change will occur.

someone's something

All that’s wrong? Fuck you know about whats wrong!? There are teams out there that would literally KILL to be in our position. Every since cash was released Wenger has won the Fa Cup and CS back to back. He has one bad season and all of a sudden people wants his head on a plate and you have the nerve to tell me I encapsulate all that’s wrong with the club when I’m here supporting the man that threw away one offer after another to make us a top team!? If anything your greedy, self-serving, ungrateful attitude is what’s… Read more »

John C

Absolutely, teams would kill to have over £100m in bank to spend on their team, but we have and don’t! Apparently you can’t buy a better striker than Giroud, or better midfielders than Flamini and Arteta. Arsene Wenger nailed his colours to the mast when he kept that money in the bank in the summer and said that this squad could win the league. It was quite clear it was never going to be good enough to many and now many of the fans are, quite rightly showing there displeasure. We’ve got worse this season and the managers been found… Read more »

time will tell

He’s here for another season, live with it.
I also think there is more to it than we know, if you can see it, so can he…..I think that when his memoirs come out…If, it would make interesting reading, just maybe he ddoesn’t have this massive war chest, maybe after going big last 2 windows he was told, ok you can have cech , but no more.
All I’m saying is respect the man.

John C

If there’s more to it why doesn’t he quit out of protest? For such a principled man who can apparently go wherever he wants and is regularly turning down job offers why does he put up with such a restrictive work environment?

I think we both know thats not the case and he gave it away with his programme notes last week against WBA when he told fans to come for “the process”. It’s been clear for a while he’s here for the journey not the destination.

Jack Action

I feel you, but I think any rational person would recognize that some kind of shake-up is needed to break the stagnation. Yes, consistent 3rd/4th place finishes are remarkable and worthy of praise, but ultimately you have to aspire to more than just runner-up status and nobody sees a sudden surge forward next year with the same manager and roster.

someone's something

Fair enough. It’s not that I don’t understand where you’re coming from. I kinda understand to a certain degree even though I don’t support the protest. My somewhat heated comeback was directed toward the comment saying my stand encapsulated everything that is wrong with the club. That’s just proper bollocks.

Dan Hunter

Acceptance of mediocrity… that’s Wenger supporters for you

Clock-End Mike

You really think Le Prof doesn’t aspire to more than just runner-up status? His ambition is there for everyone to see. You may disagree with his philosophy, but there’s no doubt he has a passion for success. Sadly, the players who he trusted in for that success have been injured (Wilshere, Cazorla, Alexis), or have failed to deliver what we know they have been capable of in the recent past (Ramsey, Walcott, Giroud). One or two losses like that we have the depth to cope with. We were top of the league after the first half of the season. He… Read more »

Tony Phelan

God, does nobody remember what it was like before Wenger ! Trouble is you all got spoils.

Dan Hunter

Things change. Wenger was once a great manager. Now he is way past his sell by date.

Ozil's brother

@semeone’s something.
Johnny’s comments still holds. Are you serious that ‘the has had one bad season’? Unbelievable people accept being humiliated every season.


“Literally kill”?

Jamie spandex pants Redknapp? Is that you?


Fucking turmoil!! Are you sure ???


You will have lots of extra legroom next season


It won’t change anything. Silent Stan has a manager that is keeping the money rolling in without spanking loads of cash. Why would he change it? It would not make any business sense and Arsenal is a business investment to him, pure and simple. He is not an owner that chases silverware as is evident from his ownership of American sports franchises. He paid a fortune for the club and sadly whether we as fans like it or not it is his prerogative what he does with it. He is unlikely to be influenced by disgruntled fans while they keep… Read more »


Kroenke is a cunt, pure and simple.
He doesn’t a shit about the fans. Arsenal FC is a financial investment to him. The previous shareholders should hang their heads in shame for selling out to him.
The minimum requisite for them was to sell their shares to an Arsenal supporter. Not some distant yank who had never heard of Arsenal 10 years ago.


You’re right about Kroenke not giving a fuck for fan opinion, but the point about sponsorship above is a good one. Sponsors don’t like unrest and empty stadiums any more than they like clubs that are achieving a lot less than they’d expected at the beginning of the deal. Our Puma sponsorship runs out in a couple of years, I think, so Gazidis must already be busy with the next one. While there’s not a chance in hell of ousting Kroenke – even United couldn’t manage it with their much bigger and better-supported protests where even the media was behind… Read more »

Gunner Sore Arse

I’m a long time season ticket holder and a fan since the 60’s, that doesn’t make me a sucker but just a fan of Arsenal FC, in good times and bad. That’s what being a fan, is not someone who just joins for the ride when the club is winning.


Sure, that’s one definition of fandom, but there are others. Virtue takes many forms. One method of protest – virtually the only effective method provided it’s backed by the majority of fans – is to withdraw financial support if you believe that this is in the best long-term interest of the club. I took this route when Kroenke looked like becoming the sole owner. I’m not in favour of the Glazer profiteering model of ownership or of single ownership at all, so I wasn’t prepared to put a single penny in the coffers and prop up an impending catastrophe. I… Read more »


In my country (Slovenia) the fans of NK Maribor recently came to first team training and things got pretty heated up between them and players, to say at least. At the weekend, the same fans came on the pitch after the final whistle and pulled off players’ jerseys.

I’m against such violent conducts, but some action is needed to show the board that we have had enough.


I am sure the message will be received loyd and clear. Very trying times ahead for the club management. Either change or ship out…


Ship out….to some luxury resort. On your personal yacht. While watching the money pour in from next year’s season tickets.


Thumbs up….


No doubt that the protesters will get bo5h barrels from Wenger of we fail to win. Because, it will be all their fault, obviously.


The more we keep them away from the ground, the better. We can do without them turning our home matches into away ones. So, yeah, boycott all the games. Fine, go ahead. You’ll not be missed.


Out of interest, do you even have a seasons ticket?

Thierry Bergkamp

What a waste of time


“Supporter’s Groups”. What a fucking joke.

Saigon Jack

Think of the long term, young Geefive.


As a long distant Gooner. I fully support the protest (If I could I would be there) and its high time the club felt and understood what we fans go through season after season.
As a protest from my living room, I will be sure to switch off the TV at the 12th and 78th minutes in solidarity….

Boilermaker Gunner

Rather you keep the TV on, print off the poster Keeping the TV would help you see how the protest was received.
I did make a slide and printed it out for 2006 UCL final to support the club.
Nostalgic times

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Just for what it’s worth (and that aint much) but I hope this protest is a success- however you’d measure success in this case. I will ALWAYS have a very soft spot for Arséne, what he has given us over the years is something that can’t be done justice in a single comment on here, but I fear his time has come. I also feel he has played a part in, or at least became an integral part of, the alienation between the upper structures of the club and the fans. As an overseas fan it would be easy to… Read more »


Underperforming to our standard is above average to others because we have a team that is capable of way more, not because Arsene is some miracle worker. He’s been building this team for 4 years now, and it’s worse now than when he started. That says a lot.

Squillaci assault

Big difference in how those 3 come across from their quotes there , Blogs.

AST & REDAction – professional & supporting the team

BSM – cunts

Crash Fistfight

BSM seem like the embodiment of that bloke that has screaming rants on Arsenal Fan TV (not Claude, the other bloke with the woolly hat).

Bank of friendship

Wenger out !
Long overdue,this is not the way most fans wanted arsene to end his days.
But trying to put pressure on to try and force him out seems like the only way.
Been watching arsenal for 37 yrs.
Last Thursday evrening seemed like a chore .
Never felt like that before .


So you thought a 2 0 win was a chore to watch. This was against a team who spurs were expected to spank last night but didn’t. Do yourself a favor and give up your season ticket so my son who is over 65000 on the season ticket waiting list may get a ticket in less than 40 years. In fact whilst you quit your season ticket get all the other pricks protesting to do the same. The atmosphere at the ground would be a lot better and the team might actually respond to good support rather than the wankers… Read more »


Fully agreed mate. One misplaced pass three minutes into a game and all the moaners start effing and blinding and it pisses me off. Probably makes the players have a ‘don’t mess up’ mentality over a ‘try and be exciting and dangerous and actually create chances’ mentality. Yes they’re paid a lot but they are human. I’d love a ST before I emigrate in 2-3 years and I’m 18k in the queue. I just want one season….


This year if the protesting pricks opened their eyes and saw the bias against by referees they should be protesting against them. It’s only in England where myopic fans cannot see how every week we are getting fucked over by the referees. Think so far over 100 wrong major decisions against us versus 12 for us. This seems the worst season by far and we’ve had some shit ones since game 50. #pgmocorrupt

John C

Why should he give it up, and why shouldn’t he expect more for his time, effort and money?


You are saying those who are willing and ready to turn on the team, just because they pay for a season ticket, are correct?

Liverpool had Brendan Rodgers as manager yet their support and atmosphere was always far greater than ours at home matches. I am sick of this “i ain’t supporting until we are winning” attitude.

Some people need to sit through a session of Rocky I, II, IIV and IV! (forget the rest, although Creed was good!)

John C

Yes, do the results suggest they’re not right?


I, II, III and IV*



Thanks Benriz! I did actually wonder for a moment which way was correct!

Mark J

oh great, just what the soulless bowl needs, another fawning feckless deluded Arsene FC acolyte. I’m going to bet the vast majority of people against wenger now are the same ones who sat through Terry Neil, Don Howe etc whereas I bet you and your son are post 1996 am I right ? Its not about trophies, its about pride, playing the Arsenal way with organization, discipline and flair, and its about value for money – we do pay the highest ticket prices in WORLD football you know, and for what ? scraping 4th place every year…Wenger Out of The… Read more »


Well tbh my son was born in 98 so that’s true but I have been going since 75 and a season ticket holder since 86. I think you have a very short memory if you thought the arsenal under neill howe and Graham were better and that was without a doped premiership

Mark J

that’s my point, under Howe and Neill we were mostly crap – and you will remember many of us sat through that too with little complaint, paying our 50p for boys for 1.50 for adults with the hope of better days.

but then, even under Georges later years and under Coneman, tickets were a six quid and there was a hope of progress, now its 35 quid a up and we get worse every year.

John C

Arsenal are the most financially doped team in the league but whereas Chelsea and City are on steroids, were swallowing handfuls of sleeping pills!!


Of I remember rightly done we’ve been at the Emirates my season ticket had only gone up 10 percent where were these pricks when pre Emirates our season tickets actually went up 500 pct


Calling other people pr*cks makes you one!!!

Bank of friendship

Won’t be quitting my season tickets any time soon.
15000 empty seats tell the true story.
Wenger out.
Supporters like I are deluded.
I put my son on season ticket list when he was 1.
Maybe you should have done same.


Spot on ! These wankers are. No better than the owner. Never had this bollocks at Highbury!!!

John C

Yes there was, George Graham was hounded out to chants of “get your cheque book out!”

Incontinentia Buttocks

I’ve never been a vehement Wenger out person. But I think there is no one who doesn’t think he has to move on. It reminds me a lot of the last days of Clough. Hopefully we won’t end up like Notts Forest. But the bottom line is no one is bigger than the club.


Welise Bwian!


Wenger out… And replace with who? People desperate for change need to look at what’s available. The best managers are happily managing, minus Chelsea ex boss, and I just can’t see that happening and being a good thing. Voting Wenger off the island is essentially a vote for anarchy and perhaps the loss of top flight football. Not saying Wenger can’t do better… Just saying we don’t really have options in regards to replacement. Perhaps a Director of Football Operations sitting over top to run transfers could fix the situation. But it could make him quit or worse. Joel Campbell… Read more »


Pep wanted to come with Thierry as his no 2

Aw refused to step aside for the good of the club


Wanted isn’t wants… He’s off the board, so is Klopp… Who do we bring in? Martinez might be available this summer, though I would suggest Wenger is better than him. We could pull a manager from a lower BPL club, but that won’t mean success. Pardrew or Howe perhaps… See how bleak it sounds? Wenger is Arsenals best choice for manager. A year ago maybe Klopp or Pep, but a year on… LVG, Martinez, Howe, Pardrew… Yeah I’ll stick with Wenger and top flight football.

Boilermaker Gunner

Koeman is the only decent option in EPL mid table clubs at present. Where did you read abt pep wanting to join the club?
The Wenger criticism is being taken to disproportionate levels with an aim to use every statement against him without assessing its validity

Mark J

anyone. anyone is more competent than Wenger – Ranieri has shown that – we have the talent, the money and the stadium, we just need someone to build the team from the back, organize them off the ball, and train them to keep their discipline in possession.

anyone could do it from the Championship upwards – George Graham proved that.


Did Ranieri show that when he lost both games to Arsenal?


Get a grip, your making yourself look silly, man.

John C

@Rob, by winning the league!!

Mark J

@Rob but under your logic, the odd loss doesn’t count right ? – like us losing 4-0 to Southampton, or West Ham ? or Watford ? or Swansea ? or West Brom ? or Olympiakos ?

Dave A.

De Boer
Possibly Low
Jupp Heynckes (yes i know he is retired, but worth the try to give him a great offer that could make him come back for a few)
Unai Emery


I would be furious if that story were true

John C

Who cares who, and thats for the board to decide.

Joel Campbell’s has to learn to play the position that Wenger puts him in?!? Do you watch any Arsenal matches? Since when has the need to be able to play in the position Wenger puts you in have anything to do with his selection? Wenger constantly plays players out of position, and continues for long periods even though it clear the player doesn’t know what he’s doing


Inside forward or winger is different from striker… Joel Campbell encroaches on the strikers space often. I like him, I wish he would play more… I might of started him as a striker though as Giroud is constantly being easily marked when Joel is near him.

John C

Nonsense, does that mean Wenger tells Ramsey to run around like a headless chicken and Walcott to look invisible?

Not playing Joel has nothing to do with tactics and all to do with his hierarchy


Whatever not playing Campbell depends on it’s wasteful. The lad can really play and every time he comes on he makes things happen. I wonder what it’ll take for him to get the substantive slot he deserves.

broken red army

why would Kroenke or Wenger care for a protest and turn their backs on such a profitable business? at the best senario wenger wouldnt sign an extention and whoever the replacement is, Stan makes sure our policy never changes. maybe a big name signing in a position we dont necessary needed reinforcement… last year this time we had more than 240 million reserves more than any other club. in business that is worth more than 350 millions in a year time. let alone the yearly income of the club itself. hey tv deals means we dont even need CL spot… Read more »


Comment:am in solidarity with the English gooners back in Kenya @Wengerout


You probably wouldn’t even support Arsenal if it weren’t for Wenger. The last thing this club needs is more shit fans

broken red army

how this comment is being praised by your thumb ups defines being shit people!


Cue huge steward presence to prevent the signs getting in the ground


I think Wenger should have spent money, he needs to stop being stubborn and spend when a player of quality is available rather than wait for the next one. This summer is so important, the playing field between clubs in financial terms, is level and if any summer called for reinforcement it is this one. I agree with protesters on ticket prices too.

At the same time, I want Wenger to stay on the condition that he spends and is ruthless this summer with his transfer activity.

John C

Who cares who, and thats for the board to decide.

Joel Campbell’s has to learn to play the position that Wenger puts him in?!? Do you watch any Arsenal matches? Since when has the need to be able to play in the position Wenger puts you in have anything to do with his selection? Wenger constantly plays players out of position, and continues for long periods even though it clear the player doesn’t know what he’s doing

Bob Davis

It’s sad that it’s come to this. I think we’ve all had enough of this situation and most of just can’t wait for this season to finish.

Wenger and the board has to expect the negativity surrounding Arsenal at the moment.

Hopefully Wenger will get the message and move some players on and bring in some real players capable of doing big things in the summer.


My biggest criticism of Wenger has been that he is way too protective of his players. If he had a little more ruthlessness about him (as Fergie did) then we wouldn’t be relying on players that were past their best or likely to be injured.

At the same time I think getting a new manager in is like a game of Russian roulette. Protesting to force the issue will load the gun with more bullets. Rushing this board into recruiting isn’t a good idea.


so they literally said that they are protesting that we haven’t won a league title in 12 years. and they actually want to be taken seriously? of course no one’s happy about the results this season, but is horrible form really protest-worthy? the delusional entitlement is unreal. and before you point to the owner, the ticket prices, the manager, etc. just think would this protest happen if we actually had a good season but everything else was the same? of course fucking not! so it’s purely something borne out of frustration and the incessant need to scapegoat rather than anything… Read more »

Mark J

CJ , its about value for money and results and its not just this season is it – losses to Swansea, Bradford, Blackburn, Schalke, west ham, stoke, very poor united sides, losing 5-1, 6-0, 8-2, etc etc all in recent years. last season 2014 – 2015 we won on HALF our home games, this year is less. basically, Wenger given all the money in the world and the biggest stadium, still couldn’t organize a team to defend and keep its discipline, or build one from the back, as well as play with attacking flair as George did, as Ranieri is,… Read more »


Any manager is better than Wenger? Now that’s patently not true, is it. Making daft statements really undecuts your argument, you know.

Mark J

any decent manager, you know what I meant – we don’t need Klop, Guardiola, Simeone etc as we already have the money and the stadium and the talent too.

we just need someone half decent – a warburton or a George Graham type, who can build a team from the back.


Mark, we are fourth place in a crazy season.
We will probably finish above most, if not all of our usual rivals!
We are not fighting relegation, no need for pitchforks surely?

Mark J

Paul – all our usual rivals were in transition this year. the fact that we are behind sp*rs and Leicester is worse not better.

we were 3rd last year, 4th the previous 5. in a normal year we’d be 6th.

why are we paying the manager 8 1/2 million quid a year and the highest ticket prices in world football every year to not compete ?

why are we getting worse ? – its because we can’t defend and he can’t organize us – won’t organize us.


It won’t happen but I would like someone to come in along side Arsene for his final year and take over from then.
It would be perfect for so many reasons but what the hey!
In my opinion Wenger should be able to see out his contract, he deserves that.
As an Irish singer once said…”what’s another year” I bet Jonny Logan’s a Gooner!

Dan Hunter

Delusion – an idiosyncratic belief or impression maintained despite being contradicted by reality or rational argument, typically as a symptom of mental disorder. The reality is our club is one of the richest in the world therefore having shortages in the squad is clearly negligence or naiive or both. Rationally one can argue the one who has the power to address shortages in the squad, the tactics and mentality of the team and the way the team plays in times of difficulty, is the one who is most responsible for failure when his decision making is refuted by results and… Read more »


It’s our club, it’s our voices, it’s our way of letting AFC know that were not content with this in any shape or form. Something needs to happen now and hopefully this is just the start and to stop the rot setting in.


On another note…..Justice for the 96!!!!!!

Dan Hunter

Why would anyone thumb this down?


Arsenal fans are becoming the most Entitled bunch of fans in the world. This is what we will all be remembered for in the coming years.

Mark J

bullcrap. we left Highbury on the promise of competing, and we pay the highest ticket prices in world football on that promise too. in six years – not runners up once. not in the last 8 of the CL once. that by any definition is not competing at the highest level. Wenger is done. he hung around using the stadium as an excuse, but his early success was built on the Famous Five, Bergkamp and Parlour and a couple of good signings – Thierry, Vieira and Sol. since 2010 he has done nothing to justify his salary or the ticket… Read more »

Adams Jnr

So you weren’t pretty chuffed when we lifted the FA Cup two years in a row?

Mark j

Chuffed about scraping by Hull and Wigan each time in extra time ?

Really ? That’s what we are reduced to with a 60,000 stadium, a manager on £8.5 million a year and the highest ticket prices in world football ?

Should we be chuffed with that ? – we came 4th that year. Coming 4th this year. I’m not chuffed about that are you ?


Never go full retard. You made a half decent case until you started bashing our recent FA Cup success.

Adams Jnr

What I’m asking is if you felt any joy whatsoever when we lifted up those trophies? Who gives a fuck who beat in the finals (I see you conveniently forget who we beat on the way to those trophies). Yes we’ve been average for a team of our stature in the league (a stature created by Wenger I should add) but to say he’s done *nothing* since 2010 is bollocks. I know you’re angry, but seriously, how unhappy must you be to not celebrate two consecutive cup final wins.


My Spud mate laughs at our Wenger in/out vitriol…it’s embarrassing 🙁

Mark J

and we laughed at them when they wanted George Graham out.


I think you may have missed my point Mark.

The Ox, The Ram, Willy & Wally

I’m not sure exactly it is they want. Other clubs have won the league with just as ‘uninterested’ owners as we have. Aren’t our crappy owners more a symptom of the world of football these days? I feel like mostly they are just protesting us not winning the league. Or to get rid of our loyal, hard-working but not perfect manager. Which is a level of entitlement that is ironically also a symptom of modern football. Which other clubs have had wide-spread, well organised protests from the fans to the club and manager? And how did their situations compare to… Read more »

Glory hunter

@cj what exactly don’t you understand?
The last 12 years we have all made excuses for Arsen3, new stadium, financial doping etc.
But this season the truth has finally hit us in the face. All we want is for our club to get better, Arsene has been adversed to signing players for a very long time but last summer took it to an all time low. do you think we are getting better?
I’m honestly curious and I hope you reply but what exactly will it take for you to want change?


Your name says it all really. In the last 3 years we have signed ozil Sanchez and cech. If you are a glory hunter I suggest your real team should be Chelsea and they have been even worse than us this season

Mark J

great, so he signed three admittedly world class players and we finished 4th, 4th, 3rd, likely 4th; and out in last 16 of the CL every single time. isn’t that further proving our point that its the manager’s failure to organize rather than the talent of the players that are at fault ? what exactly do think he’s done to add value ? – we haven’t progressed have we ? if anything we get worse every year. are you happy to get worse next year too ? or are you gullible enough to believe that he’ll ‘splash the cash’ again… Read more »


so now it’s a crime for arsenal supporters to want our club to aspire to greatness?

broken red army

so only chelsea fans are entitled to seek glory these days huh?
league title? champions league? naah I’m a gooner. we love 4th place. our lovely owner needs the money we give him year in year out for our club so his mustache will stay pretty.
pfffft. I vividly remember leaving Highbury Stan and Arsene giving us fans promises. being up there with Bayern and Real Madrid. winning CLs let alone league titles…
now? they take fans for granted. our money to be more specific.


What a bunch of dicks.


The Black Scarf Movement. Why are they a fucking political party? They’ve been around for years now. Why were they not supporting the team. They’re like the ISIS of this club always waiting in the shadows for the slightest hiccup so they can trot out their usual tripe. This has been going on for years. Fair enough this has been a shit year but the BSM have played their part in our downfall.

Mark J

what a bunch of rubbish – so the BSM didn’t sign an outfield player last summer ? the BSM constantly bombs forward and loses possession out of possession, the BSM can’t organize a back four at set pieces, nor practices them ? does the BSM take off six weeks every summer Danny on a paid French TV gig while the other clubs are lining up new DM’s and CB’s ?

you’re really stretching there sunshine. a mile in fact.