Thursday, July 18, 2024

Giroud starts up front, Cazorla on the bench: Arsenal v Norwich teams

It’s Premier League action today as we face Norwich at the Emirates. It’s a game which means something for our European qualification hopes.

Here’s how the teams line up.

Arsenal: Cech, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Elneny, Ramsey, Ozil, Alexis, Iwobi, Giroud

Subs: Ospina, Gabriel, Coquelin, Cazorla, Wilshere, Walcott, Welbeck

Norwich: Ruddy; Pinto, Martin (c), Bassong, Olsson; Redmond, Howson, O’Neil, Brady; Hoolahan; Jerome

Subs: Rudd (GK), Whittaker, Naismith, Mbokani, Jarvis, Dorrans, Mulumbu

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where is Campbell? why giroud again??? am not gonna watch this!


My thoughts exactly. WTF does Wenger have against Campbell?


Dont watch then lad. Read the report in 2 hours. Your choice. Not as easy as fifa16 manager mode to make those calls about who starts and whose to come in, rip into me after the 90 minutes is done. Until then COYG!!


Campbell, although very active and defensively willing, isn’t the type of player Wenger fawns over. He doesn’t contribute nearly as much on the build up as Iwobi, whom can play all across the final third of the pitch, and is not the gifted 1 footed maestro (a-la ozil, robben) to warrant a place over Alexis.

But he sure as hell deserves a spot over the aimless Walcott.


Wenger is trolling! LOL

Third Plebeian

No Campbell on the bench, but instead Walcott is rewarded for his total lack of bottle.

Jim Buttitta

Because Wenger has completely lost the plot


i reckon he’s going sell him in the summer. put him on the bench to make him seem more attractive. It gives the impression he’s good in training so he deserves a place on bench…. Which might be true who know, us fans dont have every perspective.

Belfast Gooner

Giroud? Again? He has been rubbish these past two games. I hope to be corrected but from what ive seen recently, I cant see him scoring. Welbeck should be starting.


Girouds place in France Euro squad is in danger. Wenger is trying to secure him his place. This is the reason why giroud is playing and wenger is a weak manager! Hes lack of ruthlessness is clear to see…


Campbell not on the bench and Walcott instead? Giroud starting? Unreal. Its like Wenger is trying to antagonize the protesters. Not watching, but proud of those of you who stick it out.


Top Wenger banter


Here we go! COYG! Giroud hat trick today!


COYG….I hope the hat trick achieved today isn’t 3 weekends in a row being ruined. Giroud to score…in the 12th minute 😉
…would be just typical no?!


Only wenger can explain this starting line up


Yes, and he has way more informed than anybody else to do so. Get behind your team for now. You can complain after the game if you like.


Per, fuck off.

Dale Cooper

I assume the decision is to play Giroud into form, but surely Welbeck would be the better choice? Unless his knee is playing up still, but it hasn’t been mentioned at all, as far as I know.


Welbeck hasn’t been too effective against deep lying defences tbf so choosing Giroud at home makes sense, especially if Welbeck has some minor fitness issues.. its a bit of a gamble to choose the same eleven again as they played well against west brom but we’re pretty toothless at Sunderland ..

Dale Cooper

I do appreciate that but Welbeck’s link up play with Iwobi has been better than anything Giroud has done recently, but I hope he proves me wrong, he’s been better the post RVP seasons than people give him credit for.

Petits Handbag

Giroud into form!?! We’ve two games left after this!!


The answer…. put Sanchez as striker


Never realised Arsene was this stubborn. I’m impressed by the levels of stubborness. Anyway let’s get this win


I’m gonna go watch superheroes fight each other instead of the game. I hope we do well. I have MOTD set to record. That’s all I can hope for at this point, doing well.


Wenger is intentionally provoking fans with Giroud surely !

Jamaican Gooner

Ffs why is Giroud starting??!!?!??


Wenger enters banter hall of fame. Would rather wind up fans than win a match.


I cannot understand this man anymore

someone's something

What cruelty Campbell must have put Wenger through to deserve this I have no idea.


So you would bench Alexis or Iwobi? Can understand the issue with Walcott before Campbell but Alexis and Iwobi have been good the last month or so

Crash Fistfight

You’ve answered your own question.

someone's something

Walcott ahead of Campbell had me looking at Wenger like


Why is that donkey starting upfront did I miss his hattrick against Sunderland or something.

Coq/elneny was better than Ram/elneny. Everyone could see this but as usual we are the blind ones and Arsene knows.

COYG. 4-1


I’m starting to the only reason I still support Arsenal is because I’m a maschohist in disquise, the only form of pleasure you could have received in these last couple of weeks, or months, or years, whatever…


Just give me a win, I can’t handle the toxic atmosphere any longer. What’s happening to Campbell hurts me deeply


I’m starting to think the only reason I still support Arsenal is because I’m a maschohist in disquise, the only form of pleasure you could have received in these last couple of weeks, or months, or years, whatever…

He's the soup

Campbell? 🙁

He's the soup

I may need to change my pseudonym to
“trips over ball and skips tackles”


Come on you rip roaring redddds!

Uba Ngenegbo

His love child Ramsey also has to start in-spite of being crap in the last game.


Can’t believe apparent Arsenal fans say their not going to watch !!!
When u SUPPORT a team u are supposed to watch as much as it might pain you that’s what support is !!!!




Too be fair they haven’t missed anything so far.


How Walcott makes the squad and Campbell does not is beyond me.

Time for change poster just picked up in the rocKet.


Crash Fistfight

That place is minging.


Honestly what am I missing with Walcott? Why does no one ask Wenger about Campbell in interviews?

Neil #2

I was about to post the same question. Where is Campbell? Iwobi has loads of potential, but for matches that we must now win, Campbell surely would have been the better choice?


I hate Wengers choices, I hate that Giroud is out of form, I hate that spuds are above us, I hate that the fans are split but I’ll always love Arsenal. COYG Finish this bitch of a season strong and we can all move on.

Steve Bould watches you sleep

Joel got out while he still could

Bergkamp 3:16

Wenger is seriously trolling us. There is no other explanation.

Franko Nero

You guys be ready for another season of despair and hope that Wenger leaves after his contract. I have resolved not to sweat over Arsenal as long as Wenger remains the coach


Giroud? We are doing charity again?


Lol that was supposed to be the mega protest we were sold? More like a big wet noodle.


Gutted about what has happened to Cambell. The boy deserves better. Arsene should sell him and use the proceeds to fund a world class player he fancies.

Given his performances this year, Arsenal can potentially get above 10 million, which would be a 10x profit from the amount spent on Campell 4 years ago.


What happened to the protest? Too many bum kissing Wenger too!!!!


Ramsey starting CM, Giroud starting striker, no Campbell, Coquelin on the bench… just cannot understand Wenger. I hope we win but every game that goes by with these kind of selections, no matter how often they lead to underwhelming results, is convincing me that change is needed.

The Gooch

This has now gone beyond ridiculous..
Might as well play without a striker for all Giroulds movement

Arteta Fan

I was talking to my boss the other day. I told him that I could close my next 3 sales and finish second in the company for the year. He said…you haven’t finished first for 12 years. I don’t care if all the other salesman finished below you. He held up a sign that said ” Thanks for your service…You’re Fired!” I guess I really suck!

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