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Wenger: Ozil & Alexis keen to stay + we’re not chasing Mahrez

Arsene Wenger says Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez are keen to stay at Arsenal and that talks about contract extensions have begun, despite reports to the contrary.

The Times reported yesterday that the Gunners ‘face a battle’ to persuade the high-profile duo, who both have two years left on their current deals, to commit their long-term future to the club; a claim we decided to dissect. 

Addressing the matter at -West Bromwich Albion press conference on Tuesday, Wenger remarked: “You know these two players have two years contract to go at the end of the season. We’re not in a hurry.

“We are talking. The players are very keen to stay.”

As expected, Wenger was also quizzed on potential transfer targets. The boss, who has been coy on links with Borussia Moenchengladbach’s Granit Xhaka in recent weeks, also played down suggestions he could try and sign Leicester’s Riyad Mahrez.

“I wouldn’t speak about at this time of the season, because it wouldn’t be respectful to Leicester,” said the boss. “And anyway, that’s not the case.”

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Leceister won’t even let Mahrez leave anyway.


Yup. If Leicester do finish first (and since we can’t I’m hoping they do), they would be seeded for the Champions League draw. I don’t think any of the Leicester players would want to leave, at least for the next year! I do hope we are able to keep our 2 best players, and add some top-notch players for next season. Hope springs eternal….


Further to that, why would he want to leave a club that just won the PL for a club who hasn’t gone above 3rd place in…how many years?

It’s not to be Fatgooner about things but let’s be realistic, why would he want to come to us?


Actually, If I can be un-Fatgooner, Arsenal would be a good prospect for a young player with ambition. Let’s face it: this is a freak season. If Leicester do win the title then the only way is down. Mahrez’s long-term future would be much brighter at a massive club like Arsenal. Sure, at the moment we’re garbage, but with a new manager we could be a different club in two or three years’ time. And we can provide him with a very competitive wage. But it’s depressing and frustrating hearing Le Prof preparing for next season: why doesn’t he just… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

Too right – I’m sure any team seeded 2nd in the draw for the CL next season would be licking their lips at drawing Leicester.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them in the bottom half of the table come next season. Playing 2 games a week will take a lot out of them, especially if they don’t have 2 players supplying 90% of their goals between them.


From what I’ve seen of him I’d be thrilled to have him at Arsenal.


you say this has been a “freak season”.
I agree with you.
In this “freak season” we are very likely to finish above the usual top four teams.
Has “Le Prof” done well then??


Great comment!


Because Leicester would be battling relegation next season.

The Wizard of OZ(il)

Mahrez is physically very weak player with an amazing skill set. We need more physical players with excellent defensive awareness and with confidence and authority, although we could benefit from his creativity.

As for these two, well, I won’t believe that they are going to stay until I see those signed contracts!


Why is a “physically weak” player flourishing at Leicester? Why do we need a mega muscle ‘destroyer’ in our team?
Simply because different rules apply to arsenal and rugby tackles and choke holds are allowed on our players by the ref. Don’t buy into the media BS arsenal aren’t that physically weak a team.


One of my favourites:


I also think his success this year has been brought about partly by being in the right team at the right time. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s an incredibly talented player, but I suspect it’s probably similar to Sterling at Liverpool in Suarez’ s last year, who’s since proven himself to be thoroughly average. When a team (or in Liverpool’s case, a single incredible player) all hit form at the same time, it can often elevate them to levels they’d unlikely be able to hit usually. I don’t think we’re going for him, nor would I be particularly… Read more »


I think you’re on to something here. Leicester on attack have a lot of space and a long-ball transition. What does Mahrez do when 3/4 of the clubs park the bus and kick him off the pitch, or when he’s got nobody making that open run to the post?


Except he’s the Suarez player for Leicester. It can’t be a coincidence that when they brought him back last year in Jan there season turned around and he’s helped them to the position they are in now.

David C

I wish there were more trades in footie, like North American sports. Walcott and Ox for Mahrez! That’d be a fair trade.


Griezmann, pls. But why would he come to Arsenal when he’s potentially going to win the UCL and La Liga at Atletico lol.


Because he wants to join up with his old boss Simeone at Arsenal?

Can dream cant I?


So if you already know he won’t come to Arsenal, why make the shitpost?


He didn’t say he knew. He was expressing an opinion.
Have a think about what it is in your life that is making you so angry. Is it really a post by someone else on Arseblog? There’s just no need for such an outburst.


Well said and nicely put.


Please tell us what his opinion was, maybe he needs someone else to express it better than he can.

Also I’m not angry, no was there any outburst. I was merely ‘expressing’ my opinion on the quality of his inane post. But nice psychoanalysis regardless.


Keep your opinions to Arsenal mate rather than whether you think someone else’s post is “shit”…


Aka”the angriest man on Twitter”
Everything is shhhhh


I like you and would buy you drinks. No strings attached…


Greizmann would be one heck of a signing. I think he’s the French aguero. I’d spend 50 million on him. Forwards for Spurs and Leicester are performing and it’s why they are the better teams, of course it’s much more complex as to why they are performing better than us. Efficiency in front of goal wins you titles and we have lacked this since Henry.

Alan Jazeera

Can we get Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen in to do a whole first team squad refurb?

He can do it in 60 minutes for less than £450. (excluding VAT)

Silent Stan would love that.


I thought it was Claire Sweeney who did things over in 60 minutes? Might work wonders if she did over the entire team in that time frame.

Crash Fistfight

Yep, Alan Jazeera deserves a down-vote for that – they had 2 days on Changing Rooms (I probably deserve multiple down-votes for knowing that).

Jamie Vardinho

thumbs up for that username though


Why exactly would they be keen to stay? Doesn’t make any sense at all. They are in their prime and big clubs will happily sign them. Just read abouy Vidal talking about playing with Sanchez. Wenger is in his own delusional world again. As long as he stays we’re headed nowhere. Never thought I would say all this but seriously enough is enough. We Arsenal fans have become a bloody joke now


“I just read an unsubstantiated story in a tabloid newspaper and saw the good sense to warn everybody, whereas Wenger chooses to remains in his own delusional world!” Yeah, can’t think why some Arsenal fans might be viewed as a joke.

Parisian Weetabix

HA savage


Ummm Vidal himself said it in a press conference. So it’s not some tabloid news. Besides that’s not the point. What I meant was that they can easily leave if they want to. Many clubs will be happy to sign them. Get away from this mediocrity. We show no ambition whatsoever with a manager who has lost his mind. Everything hes been doing baffles me now. Right from not signing any outfield player, his weird subs, preferring Theo over Campbell who’s done nothing wrong. Finally back to our favourite 4th spot then confidently saying I am definitely staying for another… Read more »


Bob, maybe Sanchez and Ozil actually believe that with a few new names we can become great again? Just like I do.

Yankee Gooner

How does this post, taking down Sideshow Bob, get massive thumbs up when Jet’s comment above–which is directed at someone slagging off Arsenal, btw–is described as an “outburst” and subject to armchair psychoanalysis?


I said this yesterday but I’ll say it again…… Vidal and Sanchez have never been the best of friends and haven’t been on speaking terms for at least the last 2 years. Have a look at the chilean press online and if you don’t understand Spanish, use google translate to read their well documented fall out. Having said that, any player can leave at any time and for whatever reason, that’s life. Arsenal is a big club, even if you don’t believe it, many players would love to join the club. Granted we could, and should, have done better this… Read more »


Vidal and Sanchez don’t even like eachother.


They were individually valued less at those ‘bigger clubs’ and sought Arsenal to better realize their own abilities, feel valued, and play regularly. Sanchez didn’t see the way to a key role he wanted at Barca. Ozil was increasingly being criticized by the then manager and fan base, and watching his role wane. They made very smart individual achievement decisions to better their footballing rather than accepting a lesser and lesser role or move to another mediocre role at a giant club just to get handed a chunk of metal at a place where it is easier to do. They’re… Read more »


The players that would have cost us £30m couple of seasons back, now have a value of £50m.
For someone with an degree in Economics, that’s a pretty dumb move Arsene.


Can you predict the future can you? Which player will next have a breakout season like Mahrez?

I’ll take the lotto numbers while you’re at it.

Doctor Who

I can predict the future.


I am in the future
These words already aged
In but a fleeting moment
I am fool or sage


I’m not talking about specific players. I’m just commenting on the general market price of players. Clubs have more money due to new Sky deal etc so transfer budget increases. Hence, if you’re miserly and keep your cash in your bank, you are not only weakening your playing squad but you are also actually losing money. Look at someone like Mata for example, Chelsea bought him, benefitted from him on the pitch then when they didn’t want him anymore they sold him on for a profit. If they had not bought him and kept their cash, they would have been… Read more »


On the other hand Chelsea also bought Torres, “benefited” from him on the pitch & then when someone finally agreed to take him of their hands, sold him on for a loss.
If they had not bought him and kept their cash, they would have remained equally strong on the pitch and financially been better off in the end.

John C

By “benefitted” from him, do you mean won the Champions League? because that’s what happened


I’m going to the West Brom game on thursday!


Honest question – does anyone actually care anymore about what he has to say? I’ve actually lost all interest in my beloved Arsenal now after this season and the way it’s gone (sad to say), I had a couple of tickets for the next couple of home games and have sold them all. Can’t be bothered to waste my time and money on a team which ultimately always going to let you down. Even if we were to sign Messi & Ronaldo in the summer, I wouldn’t be excited as i know that under Wenger we would find a way… Read more »

Ox in the box

Boo hoo hoo yadayada.

Life really is soooo hard for you, isn’t it?


Did i mention anything about life being hard? Just wish we had a manager who could motivate the players enough to win a few games… any team who comes to the emirates knows exactly how to play us now, and it’ll happen more and more. Need a fresh new approach. We don’t even play good football like we used to!

I bet your one of these people who retweet Ozil’s ‘on the way to training’ selfies…


Agreed we haven’t been great at home. However we’ve still managed 9 wins, 4 draws & 3 losses in the PL this season so I don’t buy the “everyone will beat us now” bit.

As for the “good football” bit we average 1.7 goals per game this season compared to 1.9 in our unbeaten season & 1.8 in our first double winning season so not a huge gap


You’re really going to use stats to make your point? And stats from the unbeaten season?
Lord help us.


He’s allowed to be depressed/upset by how things are going. Many agree. Don’t make it personal just because of some irrational love of Le Prof. None of us hate the man, we just accept he’s no longer able to win the league. The league has changed, he hasn’t. Time for Arsenal to move on.

Next year with him at the helm and the fans THIS on his back is going to be so, so depressing…


I have to disagree. The atmosphere at home isn’t poisonous. Nits ground down and apathetic, but not poisonous. Not where I am anyway.
Where do you sit?

Monkey Nuts

He sits on his arse.


East stand block 14. I probably feel like it’s poisonous as most the people I sit with feel the same as I do…

To all the people disliking this… sorry for voicing/having an opinion! Seems like most are happy to continue the way we’re going!!


No, what we are doing is voicing/having an opinion. Sound familiar?


We are just expressing oppinion on your oppinion. Fair deal.


I agree about what Wenger says rarely being interesting or believable, but it would be daft to blame him for that. It’s just a press conference, a tedious PR obligation, which he’s hardly going to use to say that he’s worried that the better players are pissed off and looking to leave. I wouldn’t even expect him to know if it were true. If they get good offers, I imagine they will; if they don’t, they won’t, regardless of the current contract discussions. Same goes for signings. No club broadcasts who it is after, though almost all of them make… Read more »


Apart from hoping for a change of management, you make very good points about spending and gazidis.
Fuck it, let him have one more year, why disrespect now.
But know this: we will have a new approach at some point, but we’re a kroenke franchise now. The glory days might already be gone. He’s a fucking leech.


@Kafka: is it that much more disrespectful to sack him this summer rather than next (for being refused another contract amounts to being sacked)? I’m wondering too whether respecting Wenger’s feelings for as long as he fancies the job is really a larger moral obligation than respecting the best interests of the club. Do you feel that no manager should ever be given the sack? If not, what’s so special about Wenger that the normal criterion on which he ought to be judged – his performance – shouldn’t apply? Managers are sacked all the time without this concept of respect… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

Turns out the definition of insanity isn’t doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result – who would’ve known? Definitely not the countless commenters stating the above on this message board, in any case.

Bob Davis

A decent player capable of coming into the first team is going to be expensive. Mahrez would cost a lot, but I don’t think he has a physical presence we need. Yaya Youre would be ideal.

Wenger will have his targets. Just look at what he did with Elneny!

Couple of them in the right position and we’re on to something.

I see Sanchez and Ozil staying for the last year of Wenger’s contract.

J Bird

Do you watch Yaya Toure? Heartless and lazy. Exactly the type of player we don’t need.


Toure is too old now. We need someone in his prime.

Post January Blip

I reckon the chances of Ozil AND Sanchez leaving in the summer are quite low. Having said that, if we don’t make a genuine statement of intent in the transfer market, this will probably turn into one of those lovely sagas that we all love. As for when silly season arrives, I’ll be in France for the Euros and upon my return I’ll take up a new hobby -gardening perhaps. The day after Purple Dildo in the Ear day, I’ll pluck up some courage and allow myself to be genuinely excited about who we’ve actually signed – only to discover… Read more »


Well you’ve got six green thumbs at the time of this comment, so the gardening should be a breeze.


Well played sir


We will continue to underachieve as long as Arsene is in charge. The little effort players put in to win trophies only to end up with fuck all is eventually perceived as the managers shortcomings. Because let’s face it, we have good enough players to atleast reach the UEFA semis and win the league but we fail each year why? Players are reluctant to punch above their own weight or just dig in dip and get a job done and all this is down to this. We have had a tendency to underachieve under ARSENE WENGER therefore they feel no… Read more »


Good enough players to win the league? So do Chelsea, City, United have too but only one can win it. There is also about 8 teams in europe who are good enough to reach the semis of the CL, only 4 can do it and it depends a bit on which teams you draw and the fixtures in your home league, if you must rest players. The point is that you can’t expect a team to win a league “by default” (well maybe Bayern). Also, can’t totally agree that arsenal has one of the best squads, would Coquelin, Iwobi, Elneny… Read more »

Stuck on repeat...

Wait…What? You honestly believe that AW has “…gotten so much out of walcott who obviously is more an athlete than a football player” & that he has turned Giroud into a leading PL striker”???


In other news, Serge Gnabry’s is an absolute TANK :

Not sure if he was over weight at some point, but it’s clear that he is training hard. Hopefully he can contribute to the first team next season!


Wenger is the one that must improve the most for the next season, if he want to retain best players(not only Alexis-Mezut). He have to give instructions to Monreal, Coquelin, Elneny and Ozil, to be more agressive on attack situations, shooting to net more often that they have done this season. Is a waste to have Sanchez running all over the field, and rotating, with no continuity, the strikers.


Will anyone want to join the club when they know Wenger has only 1 year left and is unlikely to get a new contract, (please God No.) Even next season his position is almost untenable if the players and fans think he will be just running the clock down. He should have left after one of the Cup wins, on a high with his dignity intact. Now we just face a messy break up with lots of tears and humiliation for a once great coach.

Joel Carter

What the hell was that awful pretentious post from Arseblog this morning?

We drew a game because of a terrible goalkeeping mistake from a Cech. It happens.

How about this one:

When arseblog was readable.

And now this.


I disagree strongly with your comment

Ex-Priest Tobin

Agreed that it was an unusually poorly written article for this site, but the sentiment behind it was reasonable.

Scott P

If the fans’ attitude and the atmosphere at the club were ‘eh, it happens’ then you might have (more of) a point. But this is the latest in a string of results that has wrung many supporters dry of emotion.

Can you blame Blogs for helping us to remember what makes us love our team? This is one of those times when we need that reminder most.

Let’s be honest, we’re not in a devastating position, but where we are is still resoundingly disappointing.


Get out.


You clearly failed to open the link to the Luzhny celebrating with Seaman


Yea lets all boycott arseblog for him daring to have an opinion….I for one prefer honesty, if I agree with it or not I want a blogger to air his views ,better yet we even get a chance to voice our disagreement
Chill Bruh


The biggest problem at Arsenal is mental strength – Wenger blithers on about it and bigs up his players to the extent that they believe that all they have to do is turn up!!! Ozil said as much regarding lesser teams and, quite frankly, its not good enough!! Next season don’t talk at all about being a team that can win the title just shut up and let your feet do the talking!!!


Wenger is like Walcott, performs only when he needs to sign a new contract.:) Remember he got the FA Cup before he signed his last 3 year contract…


this team has always been 2 or 3 players short of being ultimately competative with Arteta, Rosisky & Flamini leaving we need experinced players back in ? there lies the crux of the matter Wenger will do what he has others years and stay with his format not pay more than he thinks there worth even if it definatlely improves the team only bring in one player and play the young ones hoping they click into form, its just a season upon season repetative syndrom so dont expect any thing different next year or 2

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