Saturday, May 25, 2024

Arsenal 4-0 Aston Villa – player ratings

It was a hilarious day. No two ways about it. We did our bit, winning 4-0, and then Sp*rs did their bit, by collapsing like a house of cards.

A deck of cards where they’re all the jokers. Here’s how our players rated.

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Death, taxes, and Arsenal finishing above Spurs.


Anyone remember that really old laughing policeman song? Cos its what me and my grandson have been singing all day. Goes like this
Totten ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaa
Totten ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa
They do say the simple pleasures are the best

Le Jim

Ratings for everyone:
Happy St. Totteringham’s Day/10

Greg Bush

Mind the gap anyone?


Hilarious day.

Footballs ace again.


Ohhhh Enzo Cazooorla!

Crash Fistfight

Sign him up! (He’s got a cool name, as well)


The kid’s already better than me! I’d have broken an ankle trying some of the stuff he did.


After such a disappointing season what a satisfying last day! First time football made me this happy in months.


If you see me smiling to myself don’t ask why. Love this club.

The Lawyer

Santi’s son is gifted. Next Messi


Definitely the 2nd best of all possible outcomes this season.

The best bit is all the Spurs club stats that pale into insignificance.

Pochetino ” This is my worst day in management”

Fucking brilliant !!

Ex-Priest Tobin

Good to end the season on such a hilarious note. Well played to the Arsenal ladies on winning the FA Cup over the chavs as well.




Curious, anyone know if there was a particular reason Rosicky didn’t get subbed on instead of Campbell?

Crash Fistfight

I’m going to stick my neck out and say it was because Rosicky wasn’t on the bench. I know what you mean, though. What difference would it have made if Rosicky was on the bench instead of Campbell? Personally I don’t see him as more likely to create something than Super Tom in any case (despite all the love-in for him on here). I would’ve been nice to see him on the pitch one last time, but they made a really nice gesture by having all the players wear the number 7 shirt at the end (apart from Cech and… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

*It would’ve been nice…


We beat them in the league cup; we went further than them in the FA cup; we played in the champs league, while they played Europa; and we beat them in the premiership. How have they closed the gap on us, when we bettered them on all fronts?

He wants his own song

Best St Totteringham’s Day ever

Ronaldo's Paunch

10/10 for everyone today. Have had a shit week but this made things all better.

Indian Gooner

And then they were talking about some ‘Shift in power’ nonsense.


What a day it was to be a Goober.

Worst season but a terrific final day.

Indian Gooner

*Gooner. Fuck my autocorrect.


Still sad Ozil couldn’t break Henry’s assist record.
Elneny can become a goal threat; gets into good scoring positions…he just needs to come down.
Thought Jack would play 90 mins, but he was starting to get tired. Hope he makes the squad.
Good to see santi back. Had some nice touches and you could see we clearly missed him.
Will miss Arteta…wish I appreciated him more over the last 2 seasons. Certainly has been a great captain and has won more for us as captain than henry, rvp and cesc.

Red Cannon

Uh… More than Henry?!

Crash Fistfight

More as captain.

Shuaib Musa

Just finishing above Spu*s makes my day.


By all accounts a pretty poor season – yet we end up with the best position in the league in over a decade. What a funny old season. Farewell to Arteta but also to Flamini & Rosicky. The later one of the unsung heroes of the squad. Sad to see them go. Here’s hoping for some quality replacements over the summer.


It happened again… it happened again…

My wish list for the summer:

We only need four additions.
Raphael Varane or Daniele Rugani, N’Golo Kanté or Blaise Matuidi, Alexandre Lacazette, Zlatan Ibrahimović or Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

We need a lot of departures to make room for the rising youth players coming up.

In my opinion, these players should go
Thomas Rosicky, Mathieu Flamini, Mikel Arteta, Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey, Oliver Giroud, Mathieu Debuchy, Wojciech Szczęsny, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Luxury buy:
Jame Rodriguez or Mario Gotze

David C

Think Giroud was worth a 10 today.

Very impressed by the love shown to Arteta/Ros. Shows that this team has great spirit and togetherness.

Spurs, hahaha. Downward spiral…


Blogs, why did you photoshop the picture? Something’s wrong with Arteta’s hair…


Bonus rating 7/7 for Rosicky.

Ronaldo's Paunch

St Tott’s day bonus rating: 5/1 for Sp*rs

Little Mozart

What an emotional day! Great to finish 2nd but mixed feelings as I suppose I will have to retire my name now. What a depressing thought.

Back on the brighter side: WE’VE DONE IT AGAIN…

Cliff Bastin

For tomorrow’s blog, instead of the usual one match summary blogs should do two match summaries.

Arteta Fan

I will retire my name sometime in the future. I will be looking for another player who oozes class, gets everything possible from their ability, shows leadership and loyalty, makes others look good and is sometimes overlooked or under-appreciated. I won’t hold out for impeccable hair…farewell Mikel you classy SOB! I am rooting for you next year Ollie…you handsome devil!

Arteta Fan

Let’s not forget Monsieur Flamini…that man fought his butt off for this club and accomplished much more than he gets credit for. Our fans could have been full voice and should have been from the very first moment the game started given the quality and commitment of the players who were leaving…they earned it. I hope this serves as a reminder that next year should be about supporting the team, manager and players no matter what. Just a goal or 2 here or there due to the quality of fan support could make a difference…do your job and sing! Save… Read more »


The Arsenal No.7 jersey is a very special thing. It has a massive legacy, just like our fantastic club. Injury often robbed us of Rosicky in his prime, but he was worthy of the Arsenal No.7. A wonderful footballer, a pleasure to watch every time he took the field. I hope you get to the Euros Super Tom, every Gooner would treasure getting to see you play again, even if its not in our No.7.


10/10 for EVERYONE on St. Totteringham’s Day.

And 10/10 for Tomas “Little Mozart” for 10 years of loyalty, skill, class and heart.


In France the headlines are “Giroud offers 2nd place to Arsenal.” Hmmmm… He was brilliant but this is so chauvinistic.


2014- 4th
2015- 3rd
2016- 2nd
2017- …..*wink*

Butter my Arsenal

I don’t get it.


It must mean Vedant likes the cut of your jib.


Alexis got an extra 0.5 from me for his pass to Arteta in the final minute. He’s about four metres from goal, and have tried to score all day long. But with a minute to go, he buys time for Arteta to run into the box and find him with a pass.

That’s team spirit. And it makes me want to forgive him for all the off-stormings in a huff that’s been happening lately…

Georgy Charles

A bonus 10/10_to the Toon surely ?

How many footballers does it take to roast some spuds on a Sunday afternoon ? – answer 10.

sixteen swans over ainola

Our Saint James’ disaster was a 4-4 DRAW. What would Sp*rs give to be only that unfortunate?


Very happy 🙂
Spurs are the gift that just keeps on giving!


Only regret is that I didn’t get to watch Rosicky play one last time otherwise a brilliant day. Also there should be more mentions for Flamini as well. Has put in a decent shift for the club whenever required.


This is my 3rd attempt to get this posted: Because this is St. Totteringham’s Day, EVERYBODY gets 10 points.

And 10/10 to Tomas “Little Mozart” Rosicky, for 10 year of loyal service, skill on the pitch, class, and heart.

Kenyan Gooner

Bonus Bonus Bonus rating: Szczesny singing ‘It’s happened again…’


The team looks so much better with Santi in the middle, just a lot calmer and more poised. Farewell to the three brilliant midfielders, who have broight so much joy and happiness to the club!

Merlin's Panini

I’m glad we can still think the same thing of Tottenham.
Shame we didn’t get to see Rosicky but we did get my favourite Arsenal captain moment since “Tony Adams put through by Steve Bould. Would you believe it!”


I loved the midfield today. Okay it was against Villa but Jack and Santi work so well together.

I didn’t miss Rambo at all.

There could be a few surprises this summer.


If we want that squad depth, we should keep Ramsey. I mean, if we ship Theo off to wherever, there’s a place on the right open, and why not have him as an option there?


Yes fair enough, just wonder if Ramsey would be happy to be a squad player


Couldn’t be happier for Arteta to get a “goal” today after being such an amazing captain, even though he hasn’t been on the pitch for a while. It was always a pleasure seeing him play a tidy pass, put his arms out pointing to where other players should be, or making a perfect intervention robbing the ball and then unleashing a rocket against Man City in 2012. I sincerely hope Arteta, Rosicky, and maybe even Flamini* come back in some capacity in the future.

*subject to change since he’s a billionaire

Dan D

Yesterday was fun and I suppose every cloud has a silver lining. But we all know ultimately this Arsenal team massively underperformed. However, that inquest has been done, over 38 games you finish where you deserve to finish and we finished runners up. Is it good enough? No. But it could have been worse and at least the stadium was united yesterday and loud for the first time in ages when we were able to sing that wonderful song, “It’s happened again…” Now I said on here last week we shouldn’t obsess over Spurs, and we shouldn’t but if you… Read more »

Arshavin's fake moustache



Begs the question where does Ramsey fit now that Xhaka and Cazorla AND Elneny AND Coq all look quite good at football.


The entire crap ridden season was almost worth it for that moment yesterday, almost.

Added to the endless memories of us mugging off the spuds in a variety of comical ways; sol Campbell, winning the lge at shite hart lane etc

Now let’s buy some good players and win the bloody thing next year, please!


great that spurs got egg on their faces but Wenger really needs to get his finger and improve this team that have underachieved!


anyone got a clip on cazorla junior? missed out that and people’s comments are making me dieing to watch it myself.


1) Petr Cech – For all those who say he is a waste of money (and there are some), Golden glove candidate. Clearly our defensive end isn’t the main issue. 2) Bellerin – For all those who think they know better than Wenger, clearly Coquelin, Campbell, Iwobi and Bellerin are “not Arsenal standard”. 3) Gabriel – He is a developing defender and like Koscielny has a difficult start. Those who think Per lacks pace should bear in mind better positional know how than extra pace but no sense of space. 4) Koscielny – Solid performer but there have been periods… Read more »

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