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Arsenal confirm 9-month absence for Welbeck

Arsenal have confirmed that Danny Welbeck has undergone surgery to rectify ‘significant cartilage damage’ in his right knee and is not expected back for nine months.

The England international appeared to twist his knee in a collision with Bacary Sagna in Sunday’s 2-2 draw with Manchester City and was taken off after a failed attempt to continue.

It means the striker, who has only been fit for four months since spending ten months sidelined by ligament damage to his right knee, will miss Euro 2016 and a significant chunk of next season.

It’s a devastating blow to the player who immediately took to social media to announce his determination to comeback stronger…

Arseblog News wishes Danny all the best with his recovery.

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Absolutely gutted for him, genuinely cannot believe he is out again for that amount of time.

Wenger has to sign a striker now. We cannot go into a season with Giroud as our only option up front.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Wenger will cancel all plans for letting Theo go. Akpom will get his chance.

Bloody hell. I think we’re bloody cursed or something. Wish him all the best and a speedy recovery.


It’s hard to believe we’re not cursed. I could understand him being out for 2 or 3 months – in other words the closed season. But to come back from 9 months out and then find you’re looking at another nine !!! You just don’t know what to say……


It’s almost like there’s this forever injured curse that sticks to one player in the squad. Once we got rid of diaby, the curse just passed on to another squad member. lol

And next year someone will take rosicky’s place.


I thinks it’s about time Wenger sold his soul to the Devil. Like Fergie, Mourinho and Vardie


He’s not gonna a striker especially because we need exactly that.
Sanogo our new messiah.


Such a shame, he really is a nice fit for our forward line. Wish him all the very best.

chopra gooner

It’s very disheartening, I still can’t believe it, he’s powerful and has pace, scores goals, why does it always happen to us?

First Coquelin, then Cazorla, now Welbeck again.

I just hope he comes back a lot earlier and is ‘ ahead of schedule ‘
We’re jinxed, honestly.


Oh, FFS…


At this point, I don’t give a shit about “our injury problems,” how this is somehow Wenger’s fault, or what it means for the transfer market…I’m just absolutely fucking gutted for Danny Welbeck. What a shit piece of luck, the poor lad must be heartbroken.


This just sucks…have we offended the gods or something?? This is just plain ridiculous. Perfectly fit players come here and gain ridiculous long term injuries.
Really feel for Welbeck. He obviously had improved a whole lot and I felt he might maybe score 15-17 in the league next season. Hope he comes back stronger than ever.
This does change our transfer plans by a long shot. We definitely need a striker now. No two ways about it.


We needed one already, now we need two.

Luis Boa Muerte

Hopefully it doesn’t mean Walcott staying…

Regardless of whether Welbeck is good enough to be our starting striker (he isn’t), he’s an excellent versatile squad player with a great attitude. I just don’t fancy Giroud as our 2nd choice striker quite so much, let alone the support he gives on the wings. It’s genuinely a shame.


One very good striker needed plus I think someone like Akpom deserves a chance. Or some other youth player. Hunger and desire counts for alot. So by my reckoning, it’s 1 striker, 1 wide man, 1 cm and possibly a cb. Possible LB if Gibbs moves on. Busy ain’t the word.

Luis Boa Muerte

A right back too as we’ve only got Bellerin if you consider Chambers a centre back

Romford Pele will return


Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Debuchy not sold yet sir.



Silent Stan

Just not normal how we get these injuries all the time. Best sign a new striker…


Make it two strikers


Maybe 3….y’know, just to be sure.

Danger Mouse

Make it three.


Three for three


It was all so innocuous when it happened!

He did look in severe discomfort after though, I didn’t it was going to be this long. Not that I’m any expert but like I said the incident looked innocuous!


Sometimes, the most innocuous-looking incident can be devastating. The way Welbeck’s knee bent sideways, I knew it must be bad (I’ve had my knee bend that way, and it’s not fun). It’s a crying shame, too, he’d been playing so well since he came back.


Get well, Danny! I was hoping your return would create the competition needed for the striker position. You’ll be a welcome sight once we get to the top of the league by New Years and you’ll help us push on to finish as champions.

Can’t wait for another wenger beach frolicking adventure in France. We remember what happened last time he was covered in sand ?


Firstly good luck and speedy recovery for Danny, he’s an all round good guy. Secondly no more pussy footing around in the transfer market. If we don’t significantly improve the first team with proven winners then the ambition that Alex is talking about is 3rd/4th place and possibly a cup. That’s good enough for the money makers, not good enough for fans. Leicester, respect to them, is a one off. The big teams will invest heavily, maybe not on the whole wisely, but they’ll invest enough for success. We have to invest this time round. I’m not sure about Xhaka,… Read more »


We have had, and will continue to have, plenty of opportunity for transfer strategy debate, complaining etc. Right now how about just a kind word for Danny?


Because Welbeck definitely reads this… He did leave a kind word for Danny, why shouldn’t he talk about transfers if he wants to?


To be fair, Chuffy did start with some good words for Danny.
Dont worry, Danny wont be reading these comments, so there is no harm in also expressing how he feels this injury impacts our transfer business in the summer. This isnt a get well soon card. its a website for Arsenal fans where they can say what they wish about Arsenal FC and football, as long as it isnt abusive or lunatic.

King Kolo

You’d be surprised. What do you think Danny reads? Nothing? For all we know he could be all over it with a pseudonym…


Perhaps he’s Santori?


Kante wasn’t “proven in the premiership” when he signed for leicester. Xhaka is what we need. He suits our style of play better than kouyate or kante. He’s an alonso/schweni type of player.


Trully gutted for him.

Me So Hornsey

Wow! Gutted for him. Sincerely hope it’s not career threatening. Good luck Welbz.


OMG what the heck?! I knew it was going to be bad but I was hoping for 3 months. If we feel angry and sad about this injury, imagine what Welbeck feels. The worst is, it is highly probable that we won’t even buy a striker and we will play Giroud to the ground again.

Mr White

I literally put my head in my hands when I read the headline. A guy like Danny Welbeck who’s such a nice guy and a decent player doesn’t deserve this. Can’t even imagine what he’s going through right now.


I’ve been critical of our medical team in the past, particularly of Wenger and his own management of players and overusing them, but f*ck-a-duck this is ridiculous now. It’s like we get almost NO LUCK at all. Whenever an injury happens to a player, and there’s a chance it’s a minor injury or a significant one, in our case, it’s almost always the worst possible outcome. How can us arsenal fans ever hold any hope of an early stage prognosis ever being short? Even Jack’s relatively straight forward hairline fracture which would normally be 6 weeks, turns into essentially the… Read more »


You, or we, aren’t the ones who have busted our knee and will miss an international tournament and another half of a domestic season, ripping our dreams to shred. The consequences for Arsenal as a FC pale in comparison to his personal consequences


Your name fits your personality.

The fact that I’m lamenting the affect on the club doesn’t somehow mean I am not lamenting the pain he’s enduring.

Stop being a white-knight.


I just think it lacks a bit of compassion when your first thought is about how bad it is for Arsenal rather than him


Everyone wants him to get well soon and they are compassionate but in the grand scheme of things he has hurt his knee, he will get better and have a great life as a player and a person. He is a lovely guy I’m sure, but if you did your knee in I doubt he would care very much because people get injuries. It’s not like he has a serious illness. This is an Arsenal forum not a bleeding hearts website.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

I agree 100%. Next injury some fans (we need to find them a a name) will say Arsenal must get rid of him and point to his wasted salary.

A Yank

Save for maybe Giroud, also can’t think of a time when someone was out for less than the preliminary diagnosis. In the immediate aftermath, was hearing roughly, “It’s bad so 3-6 month.” So of course it’s 9. Baffling.

That’s to say nothing of the fact that at month 8, there’ll be a setback. Basically, if you sign for Arsenal you could save yourself a few steps and just volunteer to become Soylent Green.

On the plus side, Diaby is healthy and played 90 minutes a couple of weeks back.


Didn’t Wenger say Rosicky would be back in about 3 weeks, last August?

Monkey hands

Really feel for the guy. Such a sharp, bright player.

That’s 2 strikers we need now.


feel absolutely gutted for Danny, does not deserve this bad luck one bit. Hope he comes back stronger if anyone deserves he does

The Wizard of OZ(il)

I truly believed that this lad could be so big for us. Well, he was for a time… And with this news and it’s so tragic that it hurts. Either Arsenal is the unluckiest club in the world, or there is something really, REALLY wrong with our training and medical methods. And if it’s the latter, they need to do something about it NOW or no one will sign with us in the near future…

So sorry for the guy, hope he makes it back really strong!


Gutted for Danny, he seems a good guy and always gives his all when he plays. From a selfish Arsenal point of view though, we have to learn from the past and sign a player to take Dannys place in the squad or have a youngster ready to compete.

I genuinely hope this doesn’t open a window for Theo to stay with us another season…


Opens the door for Theo again, for Arsenal and England. For the love of god theo please just take your chance we know there’s a cracking player in there waiting to come out


Waiting. Still waiting. Oh he’s 27 now. Yup, still waiting.

Injury god

CRACKING you say. ..hmmm


Theo is gone, its Giroud the one who is going to stay one more year because of this. Striker options for next season: New guy, Giroud and Akpom. That new guy better be excellent.

Wellbeck to be Well back

Absolutely gutted for the lad. One player who was actually decent for us in the later part of the season faces another lengthy injury two years in a row.
Hope he comes back stronger.

I pity the fool

Fuck. Totally undeserved. Get yourself better Danny.


That’s 12 months all day.


Definitely our most important player outside of In form Coquelin based on the energy and effect on a game. Such an unlucky guy. Come on Danny prove the recovery time wrong

Petits Handbag

Why doesn’t whoever keeps picking on Diaby,Rosicky whoever else we had injured like this just fuck off.
It’s never been an Eboue, Senderos or Silvestre. Not that I’d wish this on anyone.
Good luck Danny, you can do it.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Obviously feel for the guy and its never good when a player is injured. However the larger picture is that Arsenal have suffered because they have had too many always injured players and Wenger has taken a LANS to their recovery for far too long. I know there are a bunch of people who feel finishing in the top four is the be all and end all for Arsenal and there is nothing better than that. They are welcome to enjoy the mediocrity stagnation if they enjoy it so much. However those of us who feel that finishing in the… Read more »

Tony Hall

By your reckoning we had better sell Wilshere as well …
Sorry but you do talk some gonads sometimes … I guarantee not a single person on here thinks finishing in 4th is the be all and end all.

Too Drunk To Be Offside Not a single person, okay here are some comments for you form this thread. Ross May 11, 2016 at 12:20 am Take your anger somewhere else mate. Showing yourself up. I would ask you which ‘successful club’ you were talking about, considering our considerable lack of success pre 90’s but I’d probably just get abused. —————— DB10’s Air Miles May 11, 2016 at 1:32 pm Don’t you remember the 80s? I think you should sober up a bit and think about what your typing. 10 years without a trophy is nothing new to our club… We were just spoiled,… Read more »


Poor bloke, what a pisser for him. Hope he recovers soon.


We need three first team players in every position, these injuries are ridiculous

Tony Hall

You have got to be fucking kidding me ?
Poor sod, he did the same thing 12 months ago, bad injury in May 2015, out for nine months 🙁

No excuse not to get a world class striker now, Danny out, Theo out (the door), Oli back up and impact sub.

Niall Shannon

Wow 9 months, was expecting maybe 5 at the very worst. Such a terrible thing to happen to a player who looked like he could push on well next season. If there is any positive (feels wrong saying that) it should be that Wenger will 99% most likely act in the Summer Transfer market to get a new Striker since our only option will be Giroud, Sanogo and Akpom (provided the other two stay at the club after coming back from loan). Once again, really feel for Welbeck. Wish him the very best in his recovery! Hopefully he can come… Read more »


Get well soon Danny boy!

On another note, what is happening with Rosicky? Didn’t he play a reserve match recently and come through (relatively) unscathed?

Niall Shannon

My guess is he is being saved for this weekend for one final appearance and a brilliant reception.

David C

yikes, the same knee too I think.

Oh Danny boy…get well soon! Such a likeable guy.

Giroud, Walcott, and Welbeck need to be covered/replaced. At most you keep Giroud as an option on the bench, wait for Welbeck, and sell Walcott. We must be thinking 2 strikers/forwards now.


Shame – he really doesn’t deserve that after what he’s gone through over the last year.

‘Come back stronger’ – we’re Gunning for you.


While he recovers earning £100,000 a week, I’m aware that every single Welbeck performance is described as, “He didn’t score a goal, but he put himself about well, had good link up play and really contributed to the team’s overall performance”, but really, for a guy of his speed, not scoring more goals is criminal. And now Wenger’s hand will be forced in the transfer market, which is a good thing. Yes, I know people abhor this way of thinking, but I guarantee you I’m not alone in this thought. I’ve injured myself too, and my friends have and yes… Read more »

Greh Greysh

I wonder how this effects the summer plans of the club, it may mean keeping hold of Campbell for an extra season, if he was going to be sold. Damn shame for Welbeck though.


It probably doesn’t as we were in the same position last season with danny.we have giroud, theo and Campbell wenger thought it was enough for last season despite the protestations from fans and pundits alike no reason to believe he will think any different this time round.


Feel gutted. But on the bright side: we still have Sanogo!

Jack Action

Holy shit… next March? I guess we won’t be selling Giroud after all…. or Walcott.

Arteta Fan

Wenger thoughts: I wanted to get a central defender, midfielder and world-class forward, now that Danny is injured do I need two forwards? How was the mob going to react to these decisions? Do I get The best forward available and have the team adapt to them or do I get the best forward who fits our team? Does this mean that I have to keep Theo for another year? Is Chuba good enough, will the mob chew him up and spit him out? Do we put Sanchez into a forward position much like Suarez, have we lost Sanchez emotionally?… Read more »

Lord Bendtner

When he came back from his previous injury he had this sense of hunger and aggression and that’s why he was being chosen ahead of Giroud, despite only recently coming back from that injury. I feel so bad for the poor lad.


Defintely will be in the market for a striker now.


Neither GIroud nor Welbeck are complete strikers. Welbeck offers obvious speed but GIroud is a better node for the team and a physical presence (plus adds heading threat particularly against teams who sit deep) So it is rather disingenuous to say Welbeck is better or Giroud. Both have strengths and weaknesses. I simply do not understand why people are always on Giroud’s back. It isn’t exactly like Welbeck was putting them in that much and GIroud has 20 goals plus added two assists and a goal in last 2 matches. Walcott if anything I feel does not add much if… Read more »

Abou Diaby Institute of Medical Science and Technology

Heart broken for the guy.

You could tell watching the game, when a knee is hit from the side and thrown out of position and then having the foot land on the ground with the full weight of your body – there is going to be damage.


I am so shocked. It seemed innocuous at the time.


My bet is that he won’t be involved at all next season. What with all ‘setbacks’ our players suffer. We need 2 strikers now and no one should despise Walcott as an option.


Gutted for Arsenal and England, but most of all gutted for Danny, he’s been brilliant since returning and seems like a genuinely nice bloke


Can we go and dig up our own King from some carpark somewhere in NL !! This hoodoo is taking the piss now.


9 MONTHS?!?!?!?! That is terrible and I’m gutted for him.

Someone must have tossed in and thereby buried a cursed voodoo doll as they were pouring the concrete for the Emirates. There’s no other way to explain the terrible injury luck the team has had since leaving Highbury.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Firstly, like all my fellow mighty Gooners, I wish Danny a speedy recovery.

However, whilst this is another massive huge shouty red siren of sign that we need to sign a proven top, top, top striker, I have zero faith that Wenger will do so.

Don’t get me wrong, he’ll say “we’re short in that area” with Danny out but he’ll do nothing. Sigh.

Lord Hall

That’s damn back luck Danny – good luck for recovery


He will certainly be out all of next year as 9 months assumes no set backs and he “returns to full training” typically which means a month or more of building up fitness. May feature in a match or two late like Wilshere, but will have no impact on the squad next year unfortunately. Horrible timing for him of course (and gutted personally for him), but for Arsenal it is fortunate timing as at least Wenger can bring someone in at striker to fill his spot (and hopefully become the lead striker we’ve been waiting for). Can’t even begin to… Read more »


Hopefully this doesn’t affect Welbeck’s style of play when he returns. On a side note, who starts on Saturday? Per, Welbeck, Ox, Arteta, Flamini out. Question marks over Rosicky, Wilshere, Cazorla lasting 90 mins. No news on Özil yet. Don’t think fans would like to see a midfield trio of Elneny, Ramsey, Coquelin against Villa at home…. Fun times


Ah, good lord! Not again! One of our best players since his return from injury, and that goal against Leicester a the Emirates! Wish him all the best.

But hey, think about it. 9 months on from May is February 2017. Which means his comeback will be like having a new signing!!


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