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Wilshere: we must be more clinical

Jack Wilshere may have spent most of the season sidelined through injury, but the midfielder has shown he’s got a connection with the fans by declaring this season ‘tough to watch’.

Most of us have found it hard going too, and the midfielder says he felt this was going to be Arsenal’s year but for a wastefulness in front of goal.

Speaking to Arsenal Player, he said, “I was obviously watching as a fan for most of the year so it was tough to watch. I think of the games that didn’t go our way like Swansea at home.

“We start quickly in the first 20 minutes and have chances but we need to make them count.

“There are a lot of chances we create with the likes of Ozil, Alexis and Welbeck, we just have to be a bit more clinical.

“We put up a big challenge this year, and OK it didn’t work out, but after we beat Leicester at home we thought this was our year and we have to push on.

“Unfortunately we didn’t, but we put up more of a fight than previous years.”

I’m not sure we did really, but there you go.

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Getting thrifty with the words, eh Blogs? Is that because Trump took the best ones?

Jamie Vardinho



Is this the guy who did the erotic art from yesterday’s podcast?


Fair enough. When I posted it only the title of the article appeared on my phone – with no text below. Then I made a reference to Trump claiming he has all “the best words” and … never mind. I like turtles.

the american

Sad to say that i do… *sigh*

Crash Fistfight

Don’t get too down, he’s not in the White House yet.

You’ve still got time to emigrate before the wall goes up.


The #askjackwilshere responses on Twitter are fucking hilarious… Worth a read!


I think the last thing he mentioned (in connection wit Leicester) was equally important…
“They all worked as a team… something that we can pick up on… and take into next season.”


Look at him – a typical British arsenal player. He is back from a year long absence for one game and his all over the media!!! He learned this, we learned that…Just fuck! Shut up!!


He was talking to the club’s website, not sure that really counts as being ‘all over the media’.


I mean, it is a little bit stating the bleeding obvious.


Wether we admit it or not, that’s what most of us do. Stating something unnoticed is very rare.


Hard to argue with that


I would suggest there is a bit of grey area between ‘obvious’ and ‘unnoticed’.


…or was that too obvious a thing to point out?

Anonymous Kumquat

Still baffles me why Wenger didn’t give Flamini a go up front.


Would’ve killed the plans for Theo to be our striking hero.

In the words of The Highlander, “There can only be one”.


I thought he did….that’s where he seemed to play whenever he was on anyway.


I’m not sure we fought more at all. I think we fought a lot harder a couple years ago when we took the last qualifying spot away from spurs on the last day of the season.

This year we finished a bit like a wet towel. We’ve just been saved by the fact that the two Manchester clubs were even more disappointing than we were.


Our attack, especially C. F cost us the title. How Wilshere it seeing this now I don’t know.

Personally I saw this coming ever since Giroud shagged that model. Way way before the season even commenced.
Arsene has to throw caution to the wind now dammit, spend!


I agree with you. the stats show we had the 4th best defensive record in the EPL. I am not buying into the argument we are a poor defensive team. Certainly the goals we conceed are comical, but we are conceeding less then 16 other teams.
Clearly the problem is in attack, the players we have just cant convert Ozil’s effortlessly prepared and delivered tasty chances riding shotgun on a silver platter.


Clearly the problem is BOTH.

We need to tighten defensively as well.

Jack did not say he just had an epipheny.

Clearly you misunderstand.;)

Mr. White

Tell that to Giroud. With welbeck out, my hope of him leaving is defo gone. With welbeck available, I was hoping we’ll sell him but defo stuck with him for another year. Hate watching him play upfront for a club like Arsenal. Aston Villa level player, yet he’s first choice for us. Absolute joke


Well Jack, this has been the problem with the club for a while now. Yes we have defensive problems, but we lack the killer instinct to truly be a world class team. I remember back when I’d say this and get thumbed down because it meant admitting giroud was average.


Think Jack should play higher up as alternate to Ozil. There was an interview with Liam Brady last summer where he mentions Jack should be encouraged to shoot more. For all those on GIroud’s back, Welbeck hasn’t exactly been that much better in front of goal. Walcott has gone anonymous and does not contribute when not scoring where Giroud acts as a node for the rest of the team. That said, with Welbeck out, we will IMO likely get a striker in. IMO we need a creative striker who can work space and dribble in tight confines. Maybe take a… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

Why all the down-votes? He didn’t mention Flamini once.

You made some decent points, I thought.


Funny, “more clinical” is exactly the terminology Arsene uses. Just saying.


hey jack, although i agree 100% that giroud and theo have been absolute shite this season, it’s worth noting that delle alli has scored more goals this season than you have in your entire career…so maybe you should shut up about taking chances and being more clinical

Malaysian gunner

Watch how WH scored the first goal against MU. If it were Arsenal
it will mean at least one more pass before shooting.By then the
chance of a goal would have gone.
Arsenal’s attack always fizzle out in the final 3rd.This is due to Wenger’s obsession
with keep ball at all costs.
Until this changes,Arsenal will play catch up.Wenger had said the gunners need
to be more clinical years ago. Its the sos.


I agree. We need to be more clinical and less in the clinic.





the only thing Arsen didn’t do to make Giroud and Walcott is bribing other team. I wish I have boss like him


Sorry for incomplete sentence (u can guess why i need Arsen as my boss)…The only thing Arsen didn’t do to make Grioud and Walcott top scorer is bribing other team.


Clinical tests have proven that teams which score more goals than the opposition win more games. No animals were harmed during the trial process. Just saying


Lads…. He said ‘clinical’, not cynical…

Tony Hall

And in the rest of todays edition of *stating the bleedin obvious*

Sometimes I wish some off our players would do less talking off the pitch and more talking in it.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Yeah … how long have been a professional for Jack, and the rest of the squad and manager?

Still trying to sort out the basics like be more clinical.


Too Drunk To Be Offside

To be fair Jack Wilshere is clinical enough … always in a doctor’s clinic over some injury of the other.

Welbeck has joined that list …

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