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Bellerin happy in London, thanks teammates

Hector Bellerin says that he’s happy in London and at Arsenal, despite purported interest from Barcelona, and has paid tribute to his teammates for their part in his development.

The young Spaniard was named in the PFA Players Team of the Season after a campaign of progression and consistency at right back. And although he’s yet to make his full international debut has been called up to the Spanish pre-tournament Euro 2016 squad for some upcoming friendly games.

Asked about his future last week, he said, “I say it every day, for me my home is in England.

“I’ve been there many years now, my family is there, I’m living with my girlfriend. I’m very happy there, and I just don’t see myself anywhere else but Arsenal.”

On being named in the team of the year, he continued, “I’m very happy because it’s a prize voted for by the other players and trainers. These are people who know a lot about football and that they’ve chosen me as the best right bacj of the season gives me a lot of pride.

“Because of that I have to say thanks to my teammates who have made everything much easier.”

Bellerin is a former Barcelona boy, of course, and was asked what it was like to play against them at the Camp Nou this season.

“Barcelona was the club where I grew up from a very small boy, from the age of 8. My dream was to play for Barcelona and at the Camp Nou. I ended up playing there in a different shirt!

“It was very special and very nice.”

They haven’t yet started prattling on about his DNA, but we’re sure that will come in time. In the meantime, he sounds perfectly happy in England and at Arsenal, so let’s hope that’s the case for years to come.

And when you look at his Instagram, he looks like he and his girlfriend and his dog are having a good time.

#familytime ❤️

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Let’s quit for the usual suspects (Pique and other assorted twats) at UEFA FC to start their “Barca DNA” campaign on young Hector.

God I’d love for us to knock those smug bastards out of the CL one year.


Quit? Damn predictive text.


This is what I want to hear. He had the potential to be the best rb in the world. Who better to learn the defensive aspect of the game than Steve bould??


Happy for Hector:) This season he has grown from his debut season. Will be exciting to see who is the backup RB next season


Let’s just hope Barcelona won’t steal our Flash any time soon

Toure Motors

Had the same dog (weimaraner) as hector. My one was off her head, I hope he has a big garden

the american

Dear Hector,

Please play right back for us for the next 15 years.

That is all,

Arteta's hair

Next 20 even. Man will still be quicker than most mortals at 40 years of age.

A Gorilla

Top lad – Arsenal DNA


Cesc and Merida are good examples of what happens in the big bad world beyond the walls of Emirates and Colney!

Super Joshi

Cesc must have had wonky DNA. The slag. Fran was never going to be given a chance really.

In hindsight no surprise that RVP and CF4 were best mates.


Off topic:

If Man City’s treatment of the managerial change was handled badly, then ManU have out done the noisy neighbours!

Lord Bendtner

So glad current crop of players are more dedicated and share the excitement


hahaha. Faceswap of the year. genuinely disturbing. you win the internet today

Walcott's left footed curl

A thought that hit me: Barcelona is increasingly made up of non Academy players, such as Rakitic, Neymar, Suarez and Turan and the likes of Iniesta and Pique is getting older. So perhaps the “Barca DNA”-effect, which must have been very attractive to youngsters who’ve wanted to play with their childhood heroes, will have a lesser effect in the future. Although Barcelona obviously still being a very attractive side to play with anyways.

Mustrum Ridcully, Unseen Academicals

NahPhilio Lahm or Gary Neville would be better tutors for that position!


You mean the Neville who talks much better than he can coach / manage? That Neville?


Get your filthy hands off our boy.
Oh wait…they’re celebrating a goal.


Hector’s missus though… Phwoarrr


This goes back to one of the many myths perpetuated by media and some of the more simple minded : 1) Wenger is poor in bringing through young talent – LIke Coquelin, Bellerin, Iwobi and Campbell all deemed by a number of people as not good enough. 2) Wenger has bought poor players – Like many other managers too but the critical difference is when he has made poor selections, he generally spends way lower than most (see Liverpool) with less impact to the club particularly as we are self generating in income. 3) Wenger panic bought Ozil. So the… Read more »

Dixon's Awesome Own Goal

Could you fit any more straw men into one post? There’s enough terrible media coverage and opinions around without having to make stuff up so you can knock it down.

On this actual article, I love Hector and his wonderful cockney accent. Long may he sprint up and down the Emirates turf.


Come on mate, don’t take blog’s job!

dress barn near me

I love all the attire – but I am form of amused
by the green one that resembles a head of lettuce.

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