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Arsenal unveil new PUMA home shirt

After months of leaks, Arsenal have officially unveiled their new Puma home kit.

The shirt is red and white. The shorts are white and red. The socks are red and white. All of which comes as a relief. There’s also a marketing tagline – “We are THE Arsenal”

Puma say of the design: “With renowned red body and white sleeves, this season’s kit remembers the transformational years of Arsenal Football Club, inspired by players, managers and moments from the 90s.”

We think that translates to: “A celebration of those years when Arsenal were god-awful in the league but won a load of cup competitions thanks to Andy Linighan, Steve Morrow and Alan Smith.”

There’s a weird dark red stripe on the front of the shirt; a detail we suspect represents the split in the fanbase.*

AFC home kit 2016If you have a six-pack (LOL), you might like the ‘player performance’ version of the shirt, it’s really skin tight and will show off your muscles.

If you don’t have a six-pack, you could always sport is as a Spanx-like undergarment – a sort of corset for our age.

If you play in goal for your pub team, you might want to swerve the shirt that Petr Cech will be forced to wear. It seems to have been inspired by the BBC test card.

AFC Keeper kit 2016

The Arsenal Ladies team will debut the new home kit on May 26 in the United States when they play a friendly against Seattle Reign at the Memorial Stadium. The home replica kit is available for pre-order now via the official club shop.


*This is total speculation on our part.

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Bob Davis

A nice top, but not sure about the vertical stripe in the middle.

I’ve seen the away kit that was leaked. That looks great!


Ozil's brother

I’m glad Sanchez is now in the TR7 shirt. Hope he makes it his forver as Lexy7.

Third Plebeian

I often have a stain there anyway from the beer that dribbles out of my mouth. So this design is kind of perfect for me.


Does look a bit like someone has ridden their bike over it

Arsene-al fan

Who’d have thought that – red with white sleeves!

Good to see Sanchez has number 7 now, I’m taking that as a sign he is happy at Arsenal.

Arsene-al fan

Encouraging that Santi appears to have grown since his injury and that Pires, Henry and Freddie have their backs in the picture above.

ospina's thumb

Pretty sure that’s their faces.

Shire gooner

The one of the right has nicked his beard from Roy Keane, not a good look really…

broken red army

that ugly stripe though :))


What the fuck is up with the dark red stripe in the middle.


The stripe representing the split in the fan base theory is both hilarious and plausible


Is this part of a new sponsorship deal with Red Stripe? 🙂


I think they’re cleverly made so the sweat flows in a straight line although it does flow to an unwanted place.

Ingenious by Arsenal and Puma.

Merlin's Panini

There’s the new common injury for next season then. Cock eczema.

Super Joshi

ROFLMAO. Brilliant.

The Car2n Goon

*Coq eczema

Merlin's Panini

It’s a great shirt apart from the stripe in the middle. Looks like they’ve been dribbling down themselves. I’ll give this one a miss.

Wenga Boys

When the rest of the shirt is the same colour as the stripe the player is to be substituted.

The Car2n Goon

A “pregnancy test” of sorts… when the shirt is the same colour as the stripe, the player has reached the fabled *red line” and will spend the next 9months with the medical team… cue hours spent doing pilates, lamaz classes and (in the case of RvP) horse Placenta treatments…


Is Igor Stepanov in that picture?

Anonymous Kumquat

I’ve been told the stripe was a specific request from Wenger, a kind of ‘laser sight’ to help the players line up their shots properly.

Le Jim

God damn Robert Pires is sexy as fuck.


I thought that was Chuck Norris.

Le Jim

Have you ever seen them in the same place at the same time??

David Crosweller

I say bring back the blue and white socks!

Martin Finley

I see Giroud will spearhead our attack next season aswell. 😛

Not sure about the stripe, But I think the away kit looked really good this time around. Those Gold shirts of last season wad beyond horrible.


“Divide in the fanbase”. Well said. ?


Could do without the stripe otherwise it’s a lovely kit.

Toure Motors

Lets hope we get an alternative to Giroud to lead the line in an arsenal jersey.if only those lads behind him were still playing…


The stripe reminds of St George’s flag, it’ll grow on me.

Third Plebeian

Yeah, except that without the requisite horizontal bar, it’s just…a line.


Looks like the designers were well boilked when they came up with this one. Still, I suppose I’ve got to give credit to Puma, they’re certainly consistent with their boilky designs.

Mate Kiddleton

The stripe probably represents Wenger’s eternal battle with his zipper

Crash Fistfight

Am I the only one that likes the goalkeeper’s shirt?

Super Joshi

No. I like it too.


You are both the same person…

Crash Fistfight

No I’m aren’t!


I think I just found my new wallpaper

Norwegian Gooner

When is the ACTV technology going to be introduced for condoms?


If you don’t have a six pack but sport a two litre or a mini keg what should you get?

If you do have a six pack and arent a professional athlete, what the hell are you doing with your life???…. theres beer and food and women and you wont have energy if you starve and ponce around in the gym infront of a mirror…

Magic Al Gooner

Not sure about it to be honest because of the vertical stripe. Looks like someone’s dribbled down the front of it

Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

When the stripe in the middle turns blue, the player is pregnant.

Cliff Bastin

One day I will have a six pack.


I just finished mine.


There’s always one or two small things I don’t like about these puma kits.

Kind of like how we’re always one or two players short. Can’t be coincidence…


Hadn’t noticed the stripe in the leaked picture…all disappointed now

Third Plebeian

The stripe is a leak.



What great players we had . Makes me feel warm and happy inside , great memories .


Bad the odd Stripe idea , I like this . I also love the red socks . Just a personal preference of mine

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