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Details emerge of Arsenal’s 23/24 home and away shirts

Arsenal will return to a yellow away shirt in 2023/24 and next season’s home kit could feature a gold club badge, according to kit-leak specialists Footy Headlines. 

As usual, Arsenal’s home kit will be red and white although the exact shade of red is yet to be determined.

There are also suggestions it will feature ‘raglan’ sleeves, which is just a fancy term for sleeves that run all the way to the collar. Pretty much all the Puma kits had raglan sleeves whereas, up to now, our most recent Adidas shirts have had traditional sleeves that cut at the shoulder.

It’s not clear at this point whether Adidas will forego the standard full-colour crest for a gold monochrome version or if they’ll go for a simple cannon motif, something that has proved popular on recent away shirts.

Arsenal home kits feat. raglan sleeves

The away kit is going to be bright. “Team Semi Solar Yellow” is more fluorescent than anything seen on standard outfield shirts in the club’s history. It will be complemented by black logos and sponsor.

Adidas items using ‘Team Semi Solar Yellow’

From next season, all Arsenal’s kits will also feature an amended Adidas ‘Icon’ badge. The German sportswear company has further simplified its existing logo to remove the word Adidas. See the example in the header image.

We don’t know anything specific about the design of the third shirt but Footy Headlines claim Adidas are planning to sell fan replicas without shirt sponsors for all their main teams.

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Can’t we just keep the ones we have?


We could, but it’s all about kit revenue now sunshine.

Only a matter of time before clubs like Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, PSG – and, because it’ll be a particularly Spursy thing to do, Tottenham – will start introducing a 4th kit.


1971 Red and White & the ’71 Blue and Yellow FA Cup shirts can never be bettered for style and simplicity.




Hard to argue with. As a 6-yr-old, must have been the reason I chose them over Liverpool in that cup final!


I’m no marketing genius, but it’s glaringly obvious that if Adidas used their heads for once and brought out the red and white home and yellow and blue kits with as damned near the design – and colours – of the ‘71 strips – ie classic Arsenal – then the clubs coffers would benefit enormously. I’d additionally give these kits two seasons on the peg as well – they’d sell even more if they were still current. All these pastel shades of lemon, pink and the black and bronze and blues are interesting and have their place – they can… Read more »


The ‘no sponsor’ thing is interesting. Haven’t bought a shirt since the Sega/Dreamcast years but an option to buy sans sponsor could be tempting


I’d be tempted by the option to insert my own sponsor. Arsenal sponsored by Weyland Yutani, or Duff Beer, or Los Pollos Hermanos or something.


It’s the reason I have not bought any of the modern replica kits, I don’t agree with paying for a shirt and then providing advertising for the sponsor… heightened by the fact that an airline has been the main sponsor for so long now

Cliff Bastin

This adidas run has been excellent to be fair but that highlighter pen might be a blemish.


Agree, hate that highlighter hue. Been hankering for a classic golden-yellow and blue.


Yep. It’s the sort of thing Puma would do. I thought we’d left all that crap behind.

Obviously not.


Never knew they were called raglan sleeves (the lord raglan is a pub round my way), but always knew I never liked them on our shirts, be a shame if the next kit brings them back.


Agreed. I really like when the white stops at the shoulders. You can work it down the side with some nice effects if you’re looking for more flair.


Get rid of the fucking sleeve sponsorship and they could reinforce the classic Adidas three stripes down the sleeves. I’d have the Adidas trefoil logo back as well.

(Anyone too young to remember I would refer them to Google the designs for the Arsenal kits between 1986/87 and 1990/91 to see how nicely that worked)


How will the officials decide if it’d shoulder or hand ball when there is no seam?!?


Hahaha as if the refs would give us anything anyway xD

A Different George

Wasn’t he the guy who lost the Battle of Balaclava. Seriously. Well, sort of.

Eric Blair

According to Wikipedia he perished due to dysentery and depression, so funnily enough not too dissimilar an experience playing for Sp*rs.


Amen, I like my shoulders red.

Man Manny

Gabriel Jesus still on my mind, sadly. I am just so angry with the injury. Unfortunately, he can’t heal himself; that would be abuse of power, I guess.


His powers were capped after the last incident. He now needs an executive order from above to pull such moves.

Sad times indeed 😔


Gold trim on the home kit is just about passable.

Wearing garish yellow and black and looking like fucking Watford isn’t.

I’ll reserve proper judgment on the kits until they come out, but to say I’m underwhelmed at the moment is putting it mildly.


I have been been longing for an arsenal plain yellow Jersey, hoping next season away jersey will be “yellow” and a “white” (both plain white & yellow) one with champions league logo on it. arsenal please it has been long overdue now 🙏


As long as there is no blue kit, it won’t matter to me if the team are playing well.


The gold badge will be a nice addition to the gold badges on our sleeves! wink, wink

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