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Details of Arsenal’s 2021/22 kits emerge

Thanks to, we already have the first details of Arsenal’s three adidas kits for the 2021/22 season.

According to the well-connected kit aficionados, we can expect a (sort of) yellow away kit and a predominantly blue third kit. Surprise, surprise, the home shirt features red and white and a dash of blue.

Details are thin on the ground at this point, but we know you love kit stories, so we had to share the following details while they’re fresh…

Home shirt

Colours: ‘Scarlet’ red, white and ‘mystery’ blue.
Details via Adidas stripes set to be blue, socks will be white.

Away shirt

Colours: ‘Pearl Citrine’ – sort of pale custard, like this AC Milan shirt.
Details via Apparently inspired by the 71 away shirt. Crest could be just a cannon rather than our full badge.

Third shirt

Colour: ‘Mystery’ blue
Details via Adidas are planning 90s-inspired third shirts for 2021/22 and will feature a two-tone adidas logo

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Ross Leach

I refuse to be sucked into more nostalgic kit propaganda, whilst the team struggles and recruitment is below par….

Take my money!!

Johnny 4 Hats

Any kit that won’t be worn by Ozil, Laca, Mustafi or Xhaka is just fine by me.


Little harsh to lump Laca in with those 3 but I can see why you might. End of the day he gives 100% for the shirt every time he plays. Yes he misses a fair few chances, but at least they’re being created when he plays!


Can that kit score a hat trick?


Scoring a single open play goal would be more than enough. )


The more important question is how much money we’ll be getting from our shirt sponsors for the next season (as well as the current one). You can bet your bottom dollar that our much publicised sponsorship deal is performance related and if so it doesn’t take a genius to deduce that we won’t be receiving the maximum payment.


Here we go again – Biggles is about – ‘raising funds’ 🤣👍


More likely to be related to TV exposure which in theory is performance related. But conversely the TV companies may take a perverse delight in seeing just how bad we can get. Roll up ladies and gentleman, watch how gentle giant Arse is goaded by abso-fucking-lutely everyone.



Toure Motors

‘pearl citrine’ definitely has more of a marketing edge than ‘pale custard’. Pale custard would be a good reflection of our form lately.


‘Hangover Bile’ would be a suitable shade for our current form.

Ray's ice cream Parlour

I think they should just wear all black kits until the team start performing to the standards we expect. It should be a time of mourning until we are competing at the top of the league again….. Forget “Sweet Caroline” – this is what should be playing for now –



Merlin’s Panini

Deflection tactics from the club in releasing this info. We are a mess. Sort it out on the pitch first before releasing fluff news.
But in response to the content of the news (I’ve been sucked in) there’s no way we’ll see just a cannon on a shirt instead of the full crest (as much as I would prefer it).
Corporate branding is so fucking inflexible that they’ll insist on the whole crest.


Yep. Well said.


I really hope the “cannon only” badge on the away kit is a test for changing our current badge. Hated it as an 8 year old when it was announced and hate it now.

High gooner

Hate surely is a strong word????! Sure the old one was bbbbrilliant, but come on, hate?


I really do. It felt like such a step down. Even as a kid I was taken in by the grandeur and heritage of the club, and to see our beautiful detailed crest replaced by a tacky cartoonist imitation was horrible.


‘Mystery Blue’ We’ve got a couple of those already. Former Chelsea players – the ‘mystery’ being why the fuck we signed them in the first place. That yellow has also got fuck all to do with our ‘71 away kit. But I’ll tell you what it does look like, if that AC Milan shirt is anything to go by – Tottenham’s ‘81-‘82 away shirt. I really thought things would be different with Adidas – but – excellent first-season-back kits notwithstanding – they’re turning out to be as worryingly crass as Puma. Pinks, lemons, mystery blue – I mean WTF…….? Red… Read more »


Bring back home kits one year and away kit the next


Far easier on the finances for people with kids wanting the latest must-haves. Or, alternatively, go back to the Home and Away kits lasting two seasons before being changed together. That was certainly the way back in the early 80’s and it worked out quite well. The only exception to this that I can remember is the (in)famous ‘Bluebottle’ away kit of 1982/83, lasting only one season, because so many people moaned about it. (I have to say – in spite of my traditional views about maintaining our yellow and blue for the away kit – that I actually quite… Read more »


Roll on next season. These new colours will win us the league.


Whilst I admire your optimism, it’s going to take a bit more than a Spursey Lemon away kit to win us the title, sunshine.


Viva la France

J to the C

At this point, I’m just in it for the kits.

Hail Gus!

Cannon only badge?! 🙏 Praise the Lord 🙌


Screw the kits, put some proper footballers in them.

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