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First details of Arsenal’s 24/25 kits leaked

The first details of Arsenal matchday gear for the 2024/25 campaign have been made public by kit aficionados @ArsenalShirt.

Home shirt

Unsurprisingly, it’s red (better scarlet, to be precise) with white sleeves and blue used as the accent colour. Footheadlines reckon the design will follow the new Adidas template being rolled out for national teams – inspired by the 2006 World Cup Teamgeist jerseys – which could mean a contrasting wavy line motif down the side of the body. We’ll see.

Away shirt

The body of the shirt is set to be black with red and green used as accent colours. The colour combination was recently used by Adidas on the ‘Honor Oak’ ZX trainer which was launched last year to celebrate the friendship between Ian Wright and David Rocastle. Adidas’ last black Arsenal shirt (22/23 away) proved hugely popular so it’ll be interesting to see the final design.

Third shirt

The third shirt will be aqua with light purple and navy blue details. On first read that sounds similar to the toothpaste-like Puma kit from 2018/19.

Interestingly, next season Adidas will reintroduce their classic Trefoil logo for the third shirts of all their elite teams. The famous logo hasn’t been featured on an Arsenal match shirt since the Bruised Banana kit was worn in 1992/93. Since 1997 it has been solely applied to heritage products, stylized as ‘Originals’.

It’s unclear whether Arsenal Women will get another exclusive kit. We suspect they might given how popular the Stella McCartney away shirt has proven.

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Left Testicle

Red shirt, white sleeves! Who’d have thought?


3 new shirts every year. I love my Arsenal, but I’m not going to buy a new jersey every year, and certainly not 3. I’m perfectly happy with my two shirts, a JVC one from 92/93 and a .. newer one. 10 years old now, I guess. It’s gotten a bit silly. I know.. that’s just the way the world works, and I don’t have to buy them, but the “need” to come up with increasingly ridiculous designs and colors just to make new ones every year just leaves me numb. Still, I’d love to find that black one from… Read more Β»


Wholeheartedly agreed, this is getting ridiculous and the overflow of new designs every couple months is watering down the quality (and feels predatory towards fans but that’s a different topic. )


Fully agree, it’s been forever since I bought a jersey! I have the 1998 home, the Invincibles away, and the 2007-08 home, but I am gutted I didn’t get last year’s black and gold and can’t find one anywhere anymore. If anyone knows where to get one please share.


Whats your size?

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I never bought a shirt for 7 or 9 years until the black away kit, then got this season’s 3rd kit (which I wore once and can’t wear it again).
I’m the opposite of you, I’m just getting back into the buying shirts phase


Imagining going back in time to the 90s and telling your old self about the new kits

90s me: what colour is next year’s kit gonna be
Now me: aqua
90s me:

Crash Fistfight

I quite like the colour combinations for the away and third shirts. And the trefoil is a nice inclusion – I think it would look better than the three stripe logo for all the shirts.


It’s getting insane with the ‘next season kits’ leaks. Who gives a fuck when we are 12 games into the current season?

Give it a rest.


It’s madness, Madness.


Arsenal away shirts should be yellow. Do what you like with the third away kit.


I always expect a mix of yellow and blue and am disappointed when it doesn’t happen.

Does anyone else think the black/red/green kit will look a bit too Christmas? Or is my mind just already in the season.


The lads will be running around looking like a load of Lynx Africa canisters.

Crash Fistfight

It seems like they’re doing a yellow away kit every other season.

The thing I don’t like is that none of the yellow kits have been a good old-fashioned canary yellow. You had the bruised banana knock-off (which was a decent yellow, but I thought it was a half-hearted attempt) – should’ve gone much harder with the bruised banana design), a really pale all-yellow (!) one, and this season’s horrid neon-yellow number.

A Different George

So, my annual pet peeve: the red and white shirt should not be just the “home” kit. It should be the normal kit, used except when the other team’s kit requires a change. We should be wearing the “home” kit at Chelsea, City, Everton, Wolves etc. We still do this at Spurs–a recognition by the marketing department that some traditions override even the sale of merchandise.

timorous me

From my recollection, we still do wear the red “home” kit in those away games. Checking now…Everton from September? Yes. Chelsea last month? Yes. City from this past spring? Yes. Wolves from….last November? Even that one, still red.

A Different George

I may have gotten it wrong about this year, but I am absolutely sure we wore “away” kits in those fixtures in the past. If so, it’s a welcome change (though it is a bit disturbing that I remember this year wrong). I wonder if Arteta has had an influence.

Crash Fistfight

I remember us wearing yellow away to those teams in the past, as well. Sol Campbell scored a great goal away to Portsmouth, whilst wearing a bright yellow shirt, if I recall correctly.

Gervinho is Driving

Aqua, what is this, taking the piss out of City? It’s shite.


Can’t say I’m much of a fan of any of these colour palettes. Why do we need blue on the home kit? IT would look better with just the red and white. What’s the purpose of green on the away kit? That black and red combo is actually pretty hot by itself. And why any of those colours on the third kit? They’d make a fine ballet class outfit, but not a football jersey.

nombre de cambio

Speaking of David Rocastle, his banner seems to have been removed but other old players like Wrighty and Reyes are still up. Anyone know why?


Wouldn’t be so bad if they were Β£25 a shirt. You can buy hookie ones, very good reps from china for 15 to 20 quid. I suppose it’s to recoup the clubs for the ridiculous money they pay.

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