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Bellerin: I’ll cancel holidays if Spain need me

Hector Bellerin says he hopes Dani Carvajal can recover from the injury he sustained in the Champions League final on Saturday night, but that if the Real Madrid man doesn’t make the European Championships he’d be happy to take his place.

The 20 year old made his full debut for the national side yesterday, and with concerns over Carvajal’s fitness, Vicente del Bosque hinted he could stay with the squad for next month’s tournament in France.

Speaking today, Bellerin said he has summer plans but obviously they could go by the wayside for the chance to play at Euro 2016.

“Firstly, I want Carvajal to recover well and quickly,” he said. “He’s a teammate and that’s most important. As for me, I’m here until the Coach tells me otherwise.

“I’m available for whatever the Coach needs from me. I’m delighted for the experience. I had planned a holiday with my family but I’m happy to cancel it for the call of the national team.”

A decision is expected on Carvajal later today, as Spain have to submit their final 23 man squad tomorrow.

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Nasris wallet

Stay away from those Barca players Hector!


I read “Bastards” instead of “Barca”


Potatoe, potatoe


Jon Snow might want to have a word with you..

Bob Davis

Sounds like Hector wants to play in the Euros and good on him for wanting to go. It’ll be great experience for him. Just stay clear of any injuries!

lovely arse

Give him an 8 year extension @ 150k/wk. Pronto.


Buy out clause: one messi and £50 million cash


or just no buyout clause


Infinity pounds


Infinity plus one.

Anonymous Physicist

Anyone who thinks that putting a high buyout clause on one of our players is in any way a good/useful thing doesn’t understand what a buyout clause does. All a buyout clause means is the maximum another club will have to pay to sign a player. It doesn’t say anything about the minimum (offers below buyout clauses are regularly accepted), and not having a buyout clause doesn’t make it more likely that someone will be sold than having a buyout clause. Or in other words: someone with no buyout clause doesn’t have to be sold at any price, someone with… Read more »

Bendtner's Ego

So, set the buyout clause at 3 Messi’s.
Done. Sorted.


No, the reason everyone has a buyout clause these days is that the arsehat lawyer who forced the Bosman business pointed out that, under EU rules, any contract without a buyout clause could be voided in court.

Or, in other words, if the contract doesn’t have one, any duration printed on it isn’t worth shit.

A Different George

Or Neymar. Or Suarez. Not Vermalen.


I hope Hector isn’t reading this stuff. Keep your feet on the floor mate. x


Still can’t believe we sold Vermaelen to Barcelona for £15 million. ..makes me so happy.


I will make you a tad happier than that.

We sold Song to those cunts for 15 million quid…hahaha


This is something many critics of Wenger seem to not understand. They would point to the fact that Wenger has made his fair share of poor signings. But Wenger has always spent far lower than most top tier managers thus minimising impact to our bottom line if the player should not achieve potential. For a self generating income model, this is extremely important. Where he has risked big money in recent seasons (Chiefly Ozil and Alexis) he has thus far been spot on. BOTH should now enjoy even higher value than before when they were seen as rejects from their… Read more »


Well said. ..couldn’t agree more.

Tasmanian Jesus

Exacly my thought too when I read the post about Verm. Hah!

Evang Simon

I want Hector to participate but its hard seeing him around those bitey


Look what happened to Fabregas and his defective Catalan DNA. They chucked him out unceromoniously when not needed. Arsene has done well bringing through players from academy in recent seasons. Bellerin, Coquelin, Iwobi and to some extent Campbell are good testament to the fact that the gaffer knows a bit more than many would deem to imagine. ‘Get out while you can’.;) With Wenger having a steady stream of potentials to bed into the team (Gnabry, Zelalem maybe Jeff), I would think that he now needs to break the habit of bringing in players with high potential/low cost but may… Read more »


Are you trying to say that Flamini is better than Elneny? Just ruined any point you were trying to make.


Always says that in every comment he makes.


They certainly helped pay off our stadium debt all the sooner.

Arsene must have been laughing up the sleeve of his jumper the whole time.


Most of the players we sold them didn’t work out either …


Without those sales they’d never have been able to bring ticket prices down – oh, wait a second, they never did!


Part of me wants Carvajal to recover and play the Euros, so Hector gets his holidays and comes back refreshed in July.

Another part of me wants Hector to play the Euros, set the tournament alight, and then tell those Farcelona cunts to fuck right off with their inbred DNA.

Decisions, decisions.

Lord Bendtner

Hope he can contribute to the Euros

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