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Bolton boss: It’s been difficult for Wellington

Bolton’s caretaker boss, Jimmy Phillips, says that Wellington Silva has found the loan spell at the Championship club difficult.

The 23 year old Brazilian showed some flair and end product at times, but was unable to perform consistently enough as the beleaguered Trotters ended up in administration and relegated to League One.

It’s been a big culture change from Spain, which is where he’s played most of his football,” he said.

“There’s no doubting he has ability and skill on the ball. But where he fits into a team which is struggling at the wrong end of the table has been more his problem – which formation a manager plays him in.

“He’ll be going back to Arsenal with a bit more experience under his belt and hopefully that will do him good, but it has been difficult for him.”

It’s very difficult see him making it Arsenal at this point of his career – even bearing in mind the Francis Coquelin revival that surprised us all – and a move away from the club is the most likely outcome for him this summer.

Listen to this week’s Arsecast – The Francis Coquelin dimension


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Anything positive with the club? Arteta leaving, mertesacker injured, ox not going to euros and now this. How about some goodly news


Season is over, none of it matters.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Can’t wait to see us finish third on sunday. Finally something to be happy about.


We’ll beat City and Villa so Wenger will be ending the season on a high and looking forward to his next contract – if you see that as a positive. Most people who comment on this site apparently do. As for Wellington, it’s hardly a surprise that he found Bolton difficult and didn’t get very much game time, any more than what happened to Gnabry under Pulis was a surprise. Why it is whoever arranged these loan spells couldn’t see this when everyone else could is a mystery, but I’m guessing Wenger just says ‘Fix loan’ to whoever does this… Read more »

Clock-End Mike

A thoughtful comment, with some good insights. Nice to read something like that for a change.


We are in need of tricky players who can cross or shoot..we only have Alexis, ox who’s out of confidence, Wilshire and rosicky.

Only one is in the team. We need two or three in our line up at any given time

That’s where iwobi, willock n Wellington come in

Arsene-al fan

I think Wellington will get the boot.

David C

I thought that was a great one! Why the thumbs down? haha

Arsene-al fan

What’s the beef, Wellington followers?


Waterloo going to do about it?

Toure Motors

There’s a lot to worry about at arsenal at the minute but this is not one of them


I was really hoping Wellington would a Coqualine – ignoring any individual preference of a player, I think we need a genuine winger to add variety to our attack.

While Sanchez does a wonderful job on one side, on the other we don’t have a regular. The closest we have is Campbell but the manager doesn’t seem to trust him for whatever reason.

We need someone who would hug the sideline, is tricky to get past players and deliver some good crosses in.


Alexis isn’t even really a winger. He’s the most frustrating

Andy Mack

Wellington has had a difficult season. New country/league/weather etc and playing in a team that’s been poor since the beginning. You wouldn’t really expect a 23 year old in that situation to be a regular team leader but he has had a few games where he’s been their best player by a country mile. With Gnabry, JC, Alexis, Iwobi (Theo?) and DW all covering as wingers on top of others who can play the role slightly different (tactical reasons – Santi, Ramsey and jack etc) there’s a lot of competition for the position but I hope he stays in the… Read more »


” even bearing in mind the Francis Coquelin revival that surprised us all” I am sorry Blogs it wasn’t us all. Coquelin was more in Joel Campbell territory. He always looked good in the games he played but would be out of the team for periods mainly because of the crowded midfield options. Ramsey, who was struggling terribly at the time, Jack, Frimpong ( when he was still eligible for England) and the senior midfielders at the time. what made Coq look bad was luck of playing time at freiburg NOT his first stint at Arsenal. A few of us… Read more »


Hi Blogs, You must know a bit of me by now, I’m the guy who’s been quick to defend Silva in the past as I did And Campbell in the past too. You won’t be surprised to know that I disagree with your conclusion again, as I did with him before and also Campbell. You’ve extrapolated your own conclusions and this whole post reads as someone who made up his mind regardless of whatever is said. The caretaker’s comment are obvious; he is not talking about his potential or even about his inconsistency, the boss makes it clear it was… Read more »


He’s always had massive potential; his weakness was that he was emotionally flakey (prone to tears, extreme religiosity and pigging out on junk food), but as he’s got older he seems to have toughened up and got his head down. Any physically fragile Brazilian who goes to Bolton and does his best without complaining deserves to be given a chance for at least a full season. Whether Wenger will give him one I doubt very much. Completely agree with Stillmatic about Coquelin. He’s been a favourite of mine since I watched in the youth team. Sad to see that like… Read more »

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Me too, I have the feeling Wenger will go after Studridge. He is injury prone so the Arsenal DNA is already there. He is better than Giroud and Welbeck imo.


Isn’t Sturridge also an arsenal fan?

I think he would be a perfect fit, including in the medical room. With a bit of belief, and with Ozil and Sanchez, he would smash it.

I’m actually interested in seeing how Campbell does at he Copa at his preferred striker position; a position it seems Wenger not once did he even consider him as an option, even though he’s been day and night better than Theo in all aspects and areas.

Stringer Bell

Why don’t you apply for managers job. You clearly are a font of knowledge who can also read the future.


I’m I off your “to watch” list now? 😀


Won’t that also be the third humble recently (Coq and Campbell being first two)?

You’ll be fat(ter?) at this rate.

Mesut eyes

I would have him ahead of Theo.He has the ability just needs the right coaching


You may have mesut’s eyes, but you clearly don’t share his intelligence!!!!

Mesut eyes

I’m more intelligent than you

Big Rob

Lets hope he doesn’t come back with a beef


No, he is going to get the boot.


..Wellington boot. Oh come on.


Someone beat you too it above

Andy Mack

They’ve all been beaten to all the ‘wellington’ jokes years ago when he first joined us, when the jokes where mildly amusing, but now they’re just old old jokes.

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