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Boss concerned over Alexis’ Copa America commitments

Arsene Wenger has admitted he’s concerned about the impact of another summer tournament on Alexis Sanchez. He played at the World Cup in 2014, and last summer helped Chile to victory in the Copa America.

This summer there’s another Copa to mark the centenary of the tournament, meaning Sanchez will be away once more rather than having as much time off as we might like.

The manager was asked if he was concerned the physical effects of that might influence his performance, he said, “It had an impact on him this season. Because of course Chile won it as well so after a big achievement like that you always have some decompression.

“And I think he suffered physically this season from that.”

The club do have to take some of the blame for that though. We knew he was going to be away and could have given him more time off to relax and have a more gradual pre-season, but instead our injury problems and lack of transfer market activity saw him back into action on the opening day of the season.

If there’s a lesson to be learned it’s that international tournaments don’t take into account a player’s club commitments, so it’s up to the clubs themselves to build squads that can cope.

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Well, buy a WC striker this summer. That should cover it.


Genuinely worried he might leave this summer.

He looked so annoyed when he got subbed last weekend. I’ve read loads of reports that suggest City are starting to sniff around, and Pep is trying to lure him to the Middle East-lands.

I would be devastated to see him go, but it is starting to become a genuine concern given our form, and the general atmosphere around the club at the moment.

Andy Mack

We don’t have to sell anymore, so they’d have to offer completely mad silly money.


City would offer us a wad of cash for him without question, and I’m sure Stan would love the extra dollar bills to throw around his newly acquired ranch.

Arsene-al fan

Replacements for Rosicky, Arteta and Flamini (I’m assuming he’s off) plus a striker that scores well in both halves of the season.

And if we can steal anything from Leicester (eg their gas-based ice-baths) then let’s do it.

Fosk Goooc

Why have people downvoted this? It doesn’t seem like an aspiration that those players are going. Just an expectation. I will be sad to see each of the 3 leave, but not distraught. The rest is common-sense.

On a separate note I read that Arsenal had used the equal third fewest players this season. Is this correct? It didn’t sound right.


Time to give us a break with Sanchez: he is not the only players who participated to the Copa America but others did well this season! Last season when Özil was back from the WC and his injury, he did tremendously well. Sanchez in the same context has been average the whole season long.
He is just average… Running like a stupid chicken may be enough to please some fans, but it doesn’t make you a world class player.


You sir are full of crap. 🙂


This is the most extreme case of the team performance altering people’s perception of individuals I’ve ever seen. Congrats. I have to presume you’re trying to wind people up, but Alexis has played more football than almost any player in the world, what with the Copa 2013, WC 2014 and Copa 2015, and still has the Copa 2016 as it’s a centenary to look forward to, as well as the Confederations Cup next year, followed by.. you’ve guessed it, another Copa. That’s seven years without a pre-season, which is obscene.

Crash Fistfight

You missed out the World Cup in 2018, but that does make 7 years without a pre-season if Chile qualify.


Bloody hell. I was thinking that was a crazy schedule before you mentioned the Confederations Cup and Copa America.

The lad needs a good holiday, hopefully he gets one soon!


You know nothing, pe! pigeon eater

Indie Gooner

Well, I thought people named Alex would’ve been proud on our Alexis but… nevermind.


No, if he is a Pe


Sorry, completely OT, but I just read this, many of you live this. I thought it was very eye opening about the Arsenal Cultural Loss/Changes and BPL Cultural Loss/Changes. It’s about us, but I was pointed to it by a Yank Chelski fan:

dr Strange

Who gives a fuck about Copa? Alexis will be off this summer so that´s that problem sorted. The rumours are in the papers for a reason and the reason are his agents. He want´s to leave.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Following Wenger’s theory, himself had decompression after the big achievement of invincible campaign. We’re still waiting for him to recover, Just for lol….


Less useless internationals please.

broken red army

why? at least he has a realistic shot at a title with Chile, as they did last time in the same competition. I dont believe him being 110% would win us PL or CL. what about the board and yourself Mr.Arsene Wenger? what if you invest the incomes entirly and see what takes us to? ffs

Iwobi's sock suspenders

Ive been saying this every close season for the last 10 years but it deeply feels like the club is at a crossroads this summer… Questions over the manager (he’ll see out the last year of his contract no matter what Wenger camp you lie in) IMO probably best to get behind the team for a year and see what happens with the manger next summer (protest if he gets another contract) and stop the negativity, thats my two pennies worth on that one. Will we keep our star players with the rumour mill gathering pace about their unease? Can… Read more »

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