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Giroud admits confidence issues

Olivier Giroud had admitted his confidence is low at the moment, but that he was pleased with his contribution to Arsenal’s 1-0 win over Norwich yesterday.

The French international is suffering his worst spell of form in his time at the club, and hasn’t scored in the Premier League since January. He looks like a broken man at times, and his overall performance yesterday wasn’t great, but it was from his knock-down that Danny Welbeck broke the deadlock and got the winning goal.

Speaking to the official site after the game, he said, “It is always nice for a striker to score or assist a team-mate. I’m pleased to be back, not on the scoresheet but on the assist sheet.

“I’m used to playing for my team-mates and I try to help them when I can. If I cannot finish the work, I try to play for them. This one reminded me of another goal, it was like Theo’s against Leicester.

“I try to play with my first instinct and be efficient, but even if I didn’t score I’m pleased with that assist and I will try to keep working.

“I will work hard to get the confidence back and the goals as well.”

If it helps, that’s good news, but ahead of next weekend’s game against Man City, we’d like to see a return up top for Welbeck.

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Am sure he also has issues keeping his balance. His falling down all the time has become chronic…


I agree, but it’s mostly to do with confidence. When you’re playing with confidence, your legs feel light and you feel like you can take on their whole team. But when you’re confidence is down and you’re playing with a bit of anxiety, your legs feel heavy. He falls because he doesn’t want to make it look like he lost the ball, so he falls and tries to make it look like he got fouled (it’s stupid, i know), but its more of a desperation move.


My legs feel like legs no matter how confident I am feeling, but I will bow down to your professional experience Manny. 😉


haha, maybe he’s wearing ankle weights?


Thumb me down all you want for this, but Giroud isn’t good enough to lead the line for Arsenal.

With Mesut behind him, creating more goal scoring opportunites then any other player, and he has less Premier League goals than Igahlo from Watford, I think that somes it up.

We need a top drawer striker, and Giroud sadly isn’t it.

Az Ahmed

Someone with the bollocks to say it as it is. Giroud is a plan B at best. How far we have come from Wright, Bergkamp, Anelka, Henry, RVP, Eduardo to Giroud.


And Podolski, Park and Walcott… oh yeah he is more effective to the team than they are. Just playing here. Do not take this seriously.

Dan Hunter

Wright, Bergkamp, Anelka, Henry, RVP, Eduardo, Adebayor…. we have been reduced to Giroud and Sanogoal


Sanogo is world class mate.
We don’t need a new striker next season, just need to bring Sanogoa back.


I think we can all realize that Wenger wanted Giroud as an option for when RVP wasn’t fit or needed a rest but then he pissed off to Manure to satisfy the little kid in him. Giroud is clearly not your typical Wenger forward and he’s tried to buy Suarez, Benzema and Higuain but the posts were moved at the last minute on Higuain and he abandoned Benzema when he was fed info that Suarez was available but Liverpool didn’t sell. Should have just forked 60 mil for Suarez and then boom, all of our finishing issues would have been… Read more »

Dan Hunter

I don’t understand the hate given to RvP. He played brilliantly for this club and got shown little ambition from management. He wanted to win the league and he went. Yet, Arsene Wenger is labeled a hero even though he was the one who sold him to his biggest rivals. That was a sackable offence. One blunder of many… yet Wenger comes out smelling of roses


You put players above the club. And your definition of sackable offense is laughable. Plastic. Get lost son and come back when you’ve learned something about the world.

Dan Hunter

But you think Arsene is above the club? He sold or best player to our rivals who subsequently won the league because of him. If that is not sackable i don’t know what it is

Andy Mack

Suarez was available for 40m +£1 but the Liverpoo owner made some bullshit comments to buy time whilst Gerrard convinced Suarez to stay 1 year and then go to Spain (Where he really wanted to go for his Spanish wife). It was Suarez that decided not to come to us for 40 + £1.
John Henry (months later at a business conference in the states) and Suarez both confirmed this.


At least Danny Weibeck appreciated the the brilliant assist! He didn’t fall down before, during or after the assist!


Yeah he has not scored for so long but i would love to know how many assists and chances he has created for others. Because otherwise he has been contributing especially with the poor service he has been getting past couple months. And strikers are there to score but what has been the contribution of the midfielders, supporting strikers and wingers on scoring. When we see the likes of Mahrez (17), Payet (9), Arnautovic (11), Deeney (11), Sigurdsson (11), Alli (10), Coutinho (8), Ayew (10) and Barkley (8); most of which, if you were to believe our fans, would not… Read more »

Le Jim

This is very tenuously related, but can anyone Photoshop Oli bald, and without a beard? Just want to know what he’d look like, and it would ease all the pain i’ve felt this season.


I wouldn’t do that. Something tells me he would look like Scott Brown. And we don’t want that, do we?

Le Jim

There definitely are risks, but we won’t know til it happens! ?


Bugger off Giroud (blimey I said it!)

Reality Check

Had the audacity to taunt fans.. what a twit. over four years, he’s successfully proven he’s a bang on average striker, not fit to be the first choice at arsenal.

David C

I saw the Hulk Hogan hold your hand to you ear move as well…

I think he’s just a bit soft, a view shared by Blogs. He could still be an option from the bench if he’s willing to sit. Upgrade needed!

I’m wondering if Welbeck is 100%. That could be the reason for him starting on subs bench.


he was completely right to taunt the fans who booed at him not being taken off, only those idiot fans who booed would find fault with him giving some back at them.


accidentally pressed down instead of up – so at this time should be 6-3

Reality Check

So after paying in gold for the sh!t show, fans should put up with the crappy attitude too.. They should answer fans with the quality of their performance rather than taunting them, be a bit more understanding about their frustration as they are the reason he could afford pretty much everything in the world.. less than 1% people can do that you know..

Dan Hunter

erm… what???


goons, obviously quick to give flack but cant take it! and they have the audacity to slag off Giroud!


Yeah he should leave the team after all he is the worse striker we have, right? Why not complain about the other players that do not come up with the goods game after game. When Giroud stopped getting proper service and stopped scoring the team started on the downward spiral. Wonder where we would have been if we had to count on Walcott, Sanchez and Welbeck at the start of the season. Yes he is off form and i am making no excuses for that but based on the other options, seriously. You can see Welbeck has loads of pace… Read more »


I think I’d have confidence issues if I’d been as shit as he has for the past few months


you are shit!


HFB Hardly fucking bothered!


Should get his nasty steak back and stop complaining like a spoilt child !!

They're building and Bendtner

Filet Mignon?


Lol !!! I really should have read that back before pressing the send button. Stupid fat fingers!!!!!


As mentioned, the media is all too eager to spew nonsense about us and some fans are all too eager to help them because of their own agenda/issues/pet peeves. This mini ‘goal drought’ is another construct of the media. Sure Giroud needs to score more but he has barely started since Welbeck has come back in. He is the sort of players that needs a good string of games to build momentum and confidence. And I’ll say this, even when NOT scoring goals, he provides us something as a node to bring others into the game as with the assist… Read more »


Oh no! The media is out to get us! Media constructs everywhere ! Aliens !
1 goal in 21 games – fact, not construct.
Unless he scored a dozen goals in those 21 games which the media cleverly cut away from and showed some cute girl in the stands. Illuminati confirmed.

Unyoke The Ox

It’s his inability to stay on his feet that really baffles me. You don’t see any big men on their arse as often as him. How hard is it to stand up?

Yorkshire gunner

::cough:: Drogba ::cough::

Crash Fistfight

There’s a difference between diving and falling over. Giroud looks like he has vertigo at the moment, what with him constantly falling over.

another yank

*stands and applauds*

Dan Hunter

don’t fall over

Dan Hunter

Are you seriously comparing Giroud to Drogba. Yes he is a diving bastard but he was a world class striker we have been missing. Giroud is a mid table striker who only performs when his place ids under serious threat.


I would be surprised if Arsene can’t find a better striker than Giroud, with the “war chest” at his disposal.

Finsbury Park Gooner

You must be new here




Well… we got Sanogo coming back.


It will be like a new signing…


Does anyone have any footage of Giroud getting the ball, having a defender infront of him and him doing a skill and taking the player on and out foxing him/ going past him to score.


Last season, at home against Liverpool. The goal he got us then was pretty good. Not good enough this season though and not good enough to keep for next

Glory hunter

This tells you everything we need to know about Giroud. I’ve never seen an arsenal striker that suffers loss of confidence as much as Giroud.
To be fair it’s a reflection of the club, theres a total lack of confidence from top to bottom

Yankee Gooner


Reality Check

Gervinho wasn’t a striker I think but did have same issues.


Gervinho’s main issue was that not even Gervinho had any idea what he wanted to do with the ball when he got it. He was like an idiot savant footballer or something. Sometimes he would do absolutely brilliant things but you could tell afterwards not even he knew what he just did and if you asked him to describe it he wouldn’t be able to.


He just complains all the time . He wants the most ridiculous of free kicks. I really wanted him to prove everyone wrong this season but he proved he ain’t good enough. Ozil should have had 30 assists this season if had a good striker up front. Him, ramsey, walcott and mertersacker – I am fed up of listening to there off form and confidence issues. They have been at arsenal long enough they are 25 years old above . Them 4 players cost us the title this year. I do feel for walcott. Everytime he seems to get a… Read more »


Selling Ramsey is just silly. And he’s done alright really, don’t know why he gets blamed. I’d keep Walcott to though he’s obviously been very poor in the second half of the season


Serious (non-rhetorical question): Who should be the club’s striker targets this close season?


My Gran


Is she a blackmailing bitey racist?


No she’s dead.


Inanimate wooden coffin would be better at blocking shots than inanimate carbon rod…


Paul’s Gran



Arsene-al fan

His great grandmother?


Now she could put a shift in in her day! Shit hair though.

Jamie Vardinho

Aboubakar, Griezemann or Lukaku are the only realistic targets imo but Aboubakar will be the cheapest.

Arsenal fans should stop with the delusion we are getting world class players


Griezmann is pretty close to world class. Which is probably why he wouldn’t come to us anyway even if we would pay the 45 million for him.


Our first choice striker shouldn’t be one that has such issues with confidence. The top level players never stop believing in themselves even after 6-7 scoreless games.
Giroud is a much better player than he is given credit for, and he should’ve hit 25-26 goals this season. But this run of form has been atrocious. He is a very good back up striker, but we really need an upgrade.


I’d rather have Ollie with his confidence issues, who still tries and also helps us a lot defending corners etc, than players like Walcott who float around doing nothing and live in a little bubble and don’t even realise they’re playing like rubbish. I don’t want to get rid of Ollie because I think he contributes a lot, but I do want somebody to share the load. Also playing Welbeck alongside helped and it would be nice to play two strikers sometimes and mix it up a bit. Opposition defences know they can gang up on Ollie and they can’t… Read more »


Let’s back him sing his name even when he is performing poorly coz as fans that’s the most we can do to help him get his confidence back and hope that when the summer comes we get a better striker coz we all know neither him nor Danny are good enough to lead the line for us


He’s starting to fall over like Sanogo.

Think he needs to go out on loan next season.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen any arsenal player (while still signed with the team) receive such vulgar criticism. The things said about this guy can be so ugly it’s not funny.

We know there’s a player in there with great link/hold up play and a decent poacher/header. It’s been a real struggle to watch him lately though, not gonna deny that… But I feel for the guy with the toxic crap a lot of ‘supporters’ are giving him. Hoping he bounces back from this terrible spell soon

Martin Finley

He has dry spells every season though, im not so sure this actually is the worst yet if you look at minutes played. Previous seasons he played pretty much every minute of every game and personally I thought his dry spells we’re more noticeably then. Most players playing at this level has a very high top level, and that goes for Giroud aswell whom is very good when playing to the best of his ability. What often set players apart are their consistency, And when it comes to consistency Giroud got ample room for improvement. But that being said I… Read more »


“His finishing could use some work but that is a positive to work on”???
Lord give me strength!


*thought you were talking about Giroud! Sorry.

Tony Hall

On a more cheerful note Southampton 3:1 up at the moment, if it stays like this third place is in our own hands again.

The Gooch

Have said before if he played in a 2 uptop formation he would be a great foil for someone but as a lone striker his inability to get in the channels and stretch teams kills the flow of the team.

Stringer Bell

And if me Aunty had bollox


Anyone remember when this site published a puff piece article using stats to prove to us that Giroud was a world class striker or near it?


Think he had pretty identical stats to Benzema 1 or 2 seasons back


Yep. When people tried so hard to convince themselves benz and Higuain weren’t an upgrade over him. Some even went as far as saying he was as good as aguero. I mean, it’s like saying defoe and Bent are world class. They have had better numbers in the league than Giroud.

Dan Hunter

There’s lies, there’s damn lies and then there’s statistics


Pretty sure it was Tim Stillman with his usual statmagic, and the guy has the gall to recently come up with a new article mentioning how he’s always thought Giroud was intended to be no more than second choice.


Probably was.
Imo that was the best example of how stats can be misconstrued for any agenda.
Sure st one point or another, Giroud’s stats were the same as Benzema, but no man alive with 20/20 vision could look at both and claim they were equal in ability.

I also remember the comments section in that place full of people thumbing down anyone who didn’t line up with the mantra that Giroud wasn’t world class.

Yankee Gooner

Is there a site that tracks the distance players cover over time? I ask because I feel like I see Giroud in our defensive half, sometimes right around or in the box, quite a bit this season compared to previous seasons. It certainly seems like he’s been tasked to have greater duties tracking back and to distribute more (and I think he still does quite a good job with the latter). I just wonder if his lack of goals is due to being all over the pitch more than he has in the past. (I’m not trying to be an… Read more »


I love Olivier Giroud. He has never given less than his best.


To be fair to Giroud he is not responsible for the shit show at Liverpool. I never understood why we keep conceding stoppage time goals at Afield.

Arteta Fan

Arsenal…where below average fans ridicule above average players and call for the resignation of world class manager. Good thing those fans are the minority


Would like to see a 4-4-2 with Giroud+Alexis or Giroud+Welbeck, or even Welbeck+Alexis as strikers. If athletico and Leicester can defend so well with that formation why couldn’t Arsenal? Some of the best teams Wenger has had played the 442. The only problem would be where to slot in Ozil

Dixon's Awesome Own Goal

Early Wenger would have Ozil in the second striker role in a 442. But then we had big, robust midfielders behind them smashing everyone. I miss those days, including our poor disciplinary record.


I agree. Poor disciplinary record correlates with right attitude.


Flamini starts the next game no? 😉

Merty BFG

He is the absolute embodiment of Arsenal, only decent for half a season 😉

Bob Davis

Clearly Giroud is struggling for form and putting his hand to his ear after his assist will do him no favours. I think he knows he’s annoyed a lot of people.

Hopefully he can knock a couple past City who by the way lost 4 – 2 today.

All we need now is Sp?rs to lose their next two games ,and we win ours, and we finish above them lot!



Fact is he has never been good enough to be our first choice striker…simple as that. A lot of people have made silly excuses for him eg “oh he plays as a false 9” or “his game isn’t based on scoring goals” or whatever. He has had average stats for us and if people think he’s great, then we might as well have bought defoe, bony,dzeko, heck even bent who have similar stats or even better. We won’t win the league with the striking options we have…it’s as simple as that. We have freaking mesut ozil and santi for 3… Read more »

Greh Greysh

Emile Heskey!


Worst striker we have comparing to all the top ten team and we talk about winning the league. SIMPLY HILARIOUS


How the fuck can he have fucking confidence issues? He has the physical attributes (maybe not pace, ok), he is paid crazy money, what 50 of us here earn per month he earns in one week… Has a great wife, a kid, lives in elite part of London, plays for one of the best clubs in the world (at least looking at the global appeal, not accomplishments lately), has a legendary manager supporting him and giving him a chance after chance after chance…. Some people are just born under a lucky star.. This is his 4th season at the club… Read more »


Ya know… he may not be having the best time at the moment, and it takes courage to say what he said so publicly when clearly he is a man who feed’s off of confidence. Weather you love or loath the hierarchy, manger, certain members of the team, we all have to agree that we want Arsenal to do well. And if that’s the case it shouldn’t matter who Wenger fields, you may not agree with him, but you still want the team to succeed. Why don’t we, as ‘supporters’ sing his song throughout the next game, over and over,… Read more »

Franko Nero

Giroud can’t dribble a standing pole. Bring Sanogo back and with Walcot we don’t need to buy any top top quality striker. I hope that Wenger signs another contract (5years) and continue with the beautiful football.


Giroud has been playing like an extra from The chuckle brothers of late.

Time to splash the cash and sign the likes of Aubameyang for 60 Mil.


Just curious.
Did Giroud’s (start losing his confidence) loss of form coincided with return of Theo from his injury?

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